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Conclave of the Chosen is a boss encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid in World of Warcraft. Our strategy guide will help you to defeat the Conclave of the Chosen encounter and the loot listing below contains all of the loot he drops on each difficulty.


Conclave of the Chosen is the second Alliance story encounter of Battle of Dazar'alor. Horde will experience this boss in the form of a flashback, and will be race changed to Alliance races for the duration of the encounter. This is a council style encounter with four bosses, where two are active at any given time.

Fight Basics

  • There are four aspects that must be killed on this encounter.
  • You will need two tanks that occasionally have to taunt swap, depending on which aspects are active.
  • Bosses must always be tanked ~7 yards away from one another to avoid empowering them.
  • You can kill the aspects in any order depending on what is easiest for your raid group.
  • This guide will only cover one order. Pa'ku > Gonk > Kimbul > Akunda.
  • After an aspect dies, they will still perform their signature Wrath ability on a timer, even in death.
  • As a result, the fight will become increasingly difficult as it progresses, being very hectic at the end.

Phase 1 - Pa'ku and Gonk
  • When one of the bosses dies, it will heal the other to full and give it 15% increased damage.
  • Another aspect will then enter the encounter area. This process repeats.
  • Start the fight by killing Pa'ku first.
  • Each aspect has unique abilities.
  • Pa'ku's Abilities
    • Hastening Winds - each successful melee attack on the same target will increase Pa'ku's attack speed by 8%.
    • Gift of Wind - this buffs all friendly bosses and adds with 45% haste and 75% movement speed. It can be dispelled / stolen.
    • Pa'ku's Wrath - roughly every 60 seconds, the aspect of Pa'ku will appear in the center of the encounter area and jump to an edge. It will begin to channel for 8 seconds dealing magic damage to all players. This damage is reduced if you stand in the 10 yard circle around Pa'ku.
  • Gonk's Abilities
    • Wild Maul - Gonk will go into Raptor Form and cleave with a conal attack for 4 seconds.
    • Crawling Hex - a five second curse that transforms random players into a baby raptor. After five seconds or when decursed, the player will spread the curse to anyone within the green circle around them.
    • Gonk's Wrath - approximately every 60 seconds Gonk's aspect will appear in the middle of the room and spawn several adds. These adds will fixate players and need to be killed. They can be crowd controlled. On Heroic difficulty, these adds will move faster and be immune to crowd control when they are within 5 yards of another one of them.
  • Once Pa'ku is killed, Gonk will gain 15% increased damage and heal to full, then Kimbul will enter the encounter.
  • On Heroic difficulty, when an aspect is killed the raid will take damage from Cry of the Fallen over 6 seconds.

Phase 2 - Gonk and Kimbul
  • DPS will focus down Gonk during this phase, as he is buffed with 15% extra damage.
  • Gonk will continue to do all the same abilities he did before.
  • Pa'ku's Wrath will continue to be cast on a timer.
  • Kimbul's Abilities
    • Lacerating Claws - a frontal cone attack which applies a 45 sec bleed that stacks.
    • Kimbul's Wrath - once every minute, Kimbul's aspect will appear in the middle of the encounter and mark players with arrows above their head. He will leap to each player and damage anyone within five yards, applying a stack of Bleeding Wounds to anyone hit. This debuff lasts forever and stacks.
  • Once Gonk is defeated, Kimbul will heal to full and gain 15% increased damage, then Akunda will join the encounter.

Phase 3 - Kimbul and Akunda
  • DPS will focus down Kimbul during this phase, as he is buffed with 15% extra damage.
  • Kimbul will continue to do all the same abilities he did before.
  • Pa'ku's Wrath will continue to be cast on a timer.
  • Gonk's Wrath will continue to be cast on a timer.
  • Akunda's Abilities
    • Thundering Storm - a cast that deals high magic damage to anyone within 10 yards of the boss.
    • Mind Wipe - a 30 second debuff that is applied to random players. Players can not use any abilities while debuffed. Must be dispelled.
    • Akunda's Wrath - every minute, Akunda's aspect will appear in the middle of the encounter and debuff many players in the raid. After six seconds, this debuff explodes dealing damage to anyone within 5 yards and sending out Static Orbs. These orbs stun players and deal damage.
  • Once Kimbul is defeated, Akunda will heal to full and gain 15% increased damage.
  • There are no other aspects that will join, and the raid should focus down Akunda, while dealing with the various Wraths from the dead aspects.

Strategies by Role

All Roles

  • All players must quickly run to the safe location during Pa'ku's Wrath.
  • Move away from others when cursed with Crawling Hex.
  • Ravenous Stalkers must be kited by anyone fixated.
  • Spread out five yards or more during Kimbul's Wrath.
  • Players must spread out and dodge orbs during Akunda's Wrath.
  • On Heroic difficulty, Krag'wa will join the encounter and jump to the furthest player, assign a few ranged do always be furthest.


  • Multi-dotting and cleaving does nothing of value on this encounter, unless it truly increases your single target damage.
  • Mages can spellsteal the haste buff from Pa'ku's Gift of Wind for a large DPS boost.
  • Melee should focus on staying behind the various bosses due to the conal cleaves that occur.


  • Mind Wipe must be cleansed quickly, or the raid can spiral out of control. Prioritize other healers first.
  • Watch out for players with multiple stacks of Bleeding Wounds as they will need some targeted healing.
  • Use raid cooldowns when different aspect's wrath abilities overlap.


  • Keep the bosses 7+ yards apart.
  • During Pa'ku's Wrath, you will need to be on the opposite edges of the safe zone to avoid empowering the bosses.
  • Always keep your boss turned away from the raid due to the various conal attacks that are used.
  • A DPS with a taunt can reset the Hastening Winds attack speed buff in Phase 1 if needed. Aim for 20 or less stacks.
  • Taunt swap at no more than 4 stacks of Lacerating Claws during Phase 2 and 3.

Mythic Conclave of the Chosen Strategy Guide

  • On Mythic difficulty, Bwonsamdi's aspect will join the encounter on a timer and cast Bwonsamdi's Wrath.
  • This applies a permanent curse to a player that makes them immune to healing.
  • Dispelling this curse will cause it to jump to the nearest player without the curse.
  • A more detailed Mythic strategy will be available when Mythic raids open.

Conclave of the Chosen Achievements

Mythic: Conclave of the ChosenDefeat Conclave of the Chosen in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.
Walk the DinosaurDefeat the Conclave of the Chosen in the Battle of Dazar'alor without killing all the initial raptors summoned by Gonk's Wrath on Normal difficulty...

Conclave of the Chosen Loot List

Conclave of the Chosen drops item level 340 (LFR), 355 (Normal), 370 (Heroic), 385 (Mythic) loot. Loot can have higher item levels if it becomes Titanforged or Warforged.

LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
21Companion PetsEnchanted Talon of Pa'ku
21Companion PetsThundering Scale of Akunda
21Companion PetsSpawn of Krag'wa
370TrinketTrinketKimbul's Razor Claw
370TrinketTrinketCrest of Pa'ku
370TrinketTrinketCrest of Pa'ku
370BackBackLoa Exultant's Shroud
370ClothShouldersMantle of the Skyterror
370ClothFeetLightfeather Footpads
370LeatherChestVestments of Indomitable Will
370MailChestGonk's Scale Robes
370PlateShouldersRidgeplate Pauldrons
370PlateLegsArcing Thunderlizard Legplates
370One-handed AxeOne HandAkunda's Shocksplitter
370BowRangedPterrorwing Longbow
370One-handed SwordOne HandBlade of Encroaching Death
LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
36Companion PetsEnchanted Talon of Pa'ku
36Companion PetsThundering Scale of Akunda
36Companion PetsSpawn of Krag'wa
385TrinketTrinketKimbul's Razor Claw
385TrinketTrinketCrest of Pa'ku
385TrinketTrinketCrest of Pa'ku
385BackBackLoa Exultant's Shroud
385ClothShouldersMantle of the Skyterror
385ClothFeetLightfeather Footpads
385LeatherChestVestments of Indomitable Will
385MailChestGonk's Scale Robes
385PlateShouldersRidgeplate Pauldrons
385PlateLegsArcing Thunderlizard Legplates
385One-handed AxeOne HandAkunda's Shocksplitter
385BowRangedPterrorwing Longbow
385One-handed SwordOne HandBlade of Encroaching Death
LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
51Companion PetsEnchanted Talon of Pa'ku
51Companion PetsThundering Scale of Akunda
51Companion PetsSpawn of Krag'wa
400TrinketTrinketKimbul's Razor Claw
400TrinketTrinketCrest of Pa'ku
400TrinketTrinketCrest of Pa'ku
400BackBackLoa Exultant's Shroud
400ClothShouldersMantle of the Skyterror
400ClothFeetLightfeather Footpads
400LeatherChestVestments of Indomitable Will
400MailChestGonk's Scale Robes
400PlateShouldersRidgeplate Pauldrons
400PlateLegsArcing Thunderlizard Legplates
400One-handed AxeOne HandAkunda's Shocksplitter
400BowRangedPterrorwing Longbow
400One-handed SwordOne HandBlade of Encroaching Death
Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
Type Slot Name
LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
66Companion PetsEnchanted Talon of Pa'ku
66Companion PetsThundering Scale of Akunda
66Companion PetsSpawn of Krag'wa
415TrinketTrinketKimbul's Razor Claw
415TrinketTrinketCrest of Pa'ku
415TrinketTrinketCrest of Pa'ku
415BackBackLoa Exultant's Shroud
415ClothShouldersMantle of the Skyterror
415ClothFeetLightfeather Footpads
415LeatherChestVestments of Indomitable Will
415MailChestGonk's Scale Robes
415PlateShouldersRidgeplate Pauldrons
415PlateLegsArcing Thunderlizard Legplates
415One-handed AxeOne HandAkunda's Shocksplitter
415BowRangedPterrorwing Longbow
415One-handed SwordOne HandBlade of Encroaching Death

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