Tides of Vengeance Season 2 - Live Developer Q&A
Ion Hazzikostas is sitting down to answer questions about Tides of Vengeance and Season 2 of Battle for Azeroth!

  • Kul Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls
    • They will release with Patch 8.1.5
    • You only have to get the war campaign achievement to unlock them, which you obtain before the quest to go into the raid.
    • They are not available yet because story wise they wanted the events to play out that solidifies them joining the larger fight.
    • They originally planned to have the Zandalari available with the Dark Iron Dwarves at launch, but replaced them with Mag'har Orcs so that it would make more sense with the flow of the story and to pair them with Kul Tirans.
    • Kul Tiran humans are an entirely new rig and therefore were more time consuming to create.
  • War Mode
    • They don't anticipate the item level 400 reward quest happening every week because there are a lot more Alliance participating in War Mode.
    • The extra rewards were meant to encourage more Alliance to participate but also to make Horde who did not like PvP to turn it off.
    • They agree that item level 400 is a little too high at the beginning of a raid tier. It won't be changed this week, but next week if it is available again it will be reduced to 385 and another form of reward will be added, such as war resources.
    • The War Mode bonus is determined by the amount of players participating on the outnumbered faction. They believe it might drop to 25% next week.
    • The discrepancy between factions in War Mode has been cut in half since the change.
    • The team is working on the issues causing the lag in certain War Mode shards.
  • Character Slots and Alts
    • They might allow the cap of 50 characters total to all be on the same server.
    • There might be a way for you to transfer War Resources from your main to your alts in 8.1.5.
  • Gear Upgrades and Item Level
    • The valor point system to upgrade gear makes the transition between raid tiers awkward as it makes you have less chances for upgrades in the next raid.
    • The valor point gear upgrade system is something that could make sense during the last raid tier of an expansion.
    • The 30 item level increase is the smallest number to make upgrades feel relevant in a new raid tier.
  • PvP Vendors
    • The team has given each slot several options to choose from over the course of earning conquest cap each week. It is different from a vendor, but gives the player more control and options to fill in gaps as time goes on.
    • There isn't a raid vendor where you can just buy a piece you want, and so the team wants reward systems to feel balanced across the board.
    • If there are extremely outlying stats for PvP for a class the team wants to address that instead of making the player feel like they need a piece of gear with that stat.
  • Mythic +
    • There is nothing to announce at the moment, but the team wants to give more unique rewards for Mythic + seasons.
    • The invisibility potion cooldown reduction was meant to lessen the necessity of a rogue's shroud.
    • The team wants to better showcase other classes' unique utility in Mythic +.
    • The team wants to take a look at timers, mobs, and dungeons that seem to encourage needing invisibility.
    • Creating a punishment for keystone abandoners would probably create more problems and there are certain runs that arguably should be abandoned (such as when a group is in over their heads and would take hours to clear the dungeon)
    • The team has talked about social ratings and endorsements in Mythic +.
  • Transmog
    • Tier sets and class themed armor could return in the future.
    • Class specific sets were removed for now to allow more variety and distinct sets from different locations over more iterations of class themes.
  • Heart of Azeroth in 8.2 and Beyond
    • The team wants to move away from unlocking the same traits over the course of the expansion.
    • The traits on Azerite Armor will all be unlocked when you obtain a piece of gear.
    • The artifact power will instead give you abilities on your Heart of Azeroth, many of which are active abilities.
    • These abilities could be earned and distinct based on the content that you earn it from such as raids or Mythic +.
  • Titan Residuum
    • Residuum funneling is only done by the most extreme guilds.
    • The team would rather reduce the gaps between the advantage these extreme methods provide over other players.
  • Development and Design
    • The biggest challenge of WoW is designing for the many different audiences that play the game.
    • The game is richer for having a variety of audiences over the team focusing on designing for one archetype.
    • Catch up mechanics are there to lessen the barrier of having to return to old content for months to help someone that is returning to the game catch up.
  • Global Cooldown
    • The team is not done bringing abilities back off of the global cooldown.
    • The team is discussing how to make dps/healing increasing abilities more interesting to press. An example would be having a burst of healing ring out when pressing Ascendance before you transform.
  • Class Changes and Roles
    • Healer DPS should not be close to damage dealers as their rotations are simple and have a low ceiling.
    • Some healers could use some help with their damage, but they want to avoid a Discipline Priest at the beginning on the expansion situation.
    • There are no major class overhauls planned in 8.1.5.
    • Pure balance will likely happen over the coming weeks through hotfixes after looking at the new raid feedback, specifically for Arms warriors.
    • Complete overhauls of a spec (such as rotation and resource alterations) will most likely not happen in a patch and have to wait for a new expansion.
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  1. Harbour's Avatar
    Dodged the 8.1.5 Date release question still. We knew Zandalari will come with 8.1.5. The question was WHEN.
  1. kamuimac's Avatar
    "We want horde to turn off WM "

    and im done

    fucking amazing game design
  1. Hellal's Avatar
    oh yeah bullshit time
  1. rennatt01's Avatar
    Why not make a item costing resources that is 10 ilvl lower for alts neck levl?
  1. psiko74's Avatar
    They should be encouraging everyone to use wm
  1. Claymore's Avatar
    Honestly, Blizzard seems like a complete mess right now. I'm not even talking shit about the devs or anything; it just really doesn't seem like they know what they're doing. Maybe Blizzard's internal problems are taking focus away from the actual game development?
  1. bloodykiller86's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    "We want horde to turn off WM "

    and im done

    fucking amazing game design
    damn you must be regular news media as it clearly states that it was people are not PvP inclined to turn off WarMode as many only have it on for the warmode bonuses and dont actively participate
  1. Sigxy's Avatar
    "The team wants to better showcase other classes' unique utility in Mythic +."

    Go oooon...?
  1. Nerovar's Avatar
    It's incredible how they dodged the actual question about PvP gear.
  1. rogueMatthias's Avatar
    But what about PvP vendors for S1 gear? Need my cloak still to match the set
  1. Zeph76's Avatar
    How does he manage to turn a 15 word answer to a 1000 word essay ? Just how?
  1. Magicon's Avatar
    boring. And yes, i read through it all.
  1. psiko74's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bloodykiller86 View Post
    damn you must be regular news media as it clearly states that it was people are not PvP inclined to turn off WarMode as many only have it on for the warmode bonuses and dont actively participate
    Now Alliance are turning warmode on only because of the bonus, that would normally leave it off.
  1. javierdsv's Avatar
    Oh, so the Heart of Azeroth will work like Artifacts did in Legion? Just with worse perks (because of course). Seems like they are ditching their whole new BFA Azerite system, omg, they are doing something good for a change.

    And the Mythic + issues of people leaving can be so easily solved I can't believe there are even engineers working for them... Just add a "reason for leaving" option in which if 2 or more players in the same party choose "can't continue" then there are no penalties.
  1. Yunaqt's Avatar
    A new Q&A, quick get your pitchforks!
  1. THEORACLE64's Avatar
    You can always rely on the salty bridge to be ready and present in any mmo-champ post on a Q&A! (or any post for that matter).
  1. Beardedfreak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeph76 View Post
    How does he manage to turn a 15 word answer to a 1000 word essay ? Just how?
    He is a lawyer that's why.
  1. Harbour's Avatar
    Next expansion bois lul
  1. Williamgood's Avatar
    "They believe it might drop to 25% next week". Sounds magically hard coded....
  1. Archmage Alodi's Avatar
    It was way better than any other Q&A they've done so far.

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