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Patch 8.1.5 PTR - Build 29352: Kul Tiran and Zandalari Dances
The latest PTR build added Kul Tiran and Zandalari Dances!

This article was originally published in forum thread: Patch 8.1.5 PTR - Build 29352: Kul Tiran and Zandalari Dances started by chaud View original post
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  1. Benomatic's Avatar
    Good grief they are terrible.

    I miss the old school youtube videos that would pair the dance with the source.

    These just seem so.. bad? God awful?
  1. FlasKamel's Avatar
    Oh boo-hoooo, an allied race got a new dance I didn't like.
  1. TheWorkingTitle's Avatar
    I can sort of get down with the KT ones (though that Female Kultiran is so unsightly, what a heffer!)

    The Zandalari ones though, not feeling it. As someone else said, they don't compete with Darkspear whatsoever.

    What even is that male Zandalari one? It could be so many other dances, and not some weird ass flapper female dance from the 50s.
  1. Bane-Thunder-God's Avatar
    The dances are awful but im still rolling Male ZT for my Ret and Feral.
  1. Darknessvamp's Avatar
    Need for dance studio intensifies
  1. The King in Yellow's Avatar
    Well... these are rather, disappointing.
  1. discofleshpot's Avatar
    Of course everyone is going to hate the dances, they hate everything about the game.
  1. Destinas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ramz View Post
    I'm disappointed I wanted for Zandalari to have one of those pre-columbian native american dances. I look at these and I'm "what the hell is that supposed to be?. Darkspear troll has cappoeira which is super cool and troll female has sexy belly dance. Those Zandalari can't really compete with those :/.

    I actually don't mind that the female troll dance is the gwara gwara (which is South African), considering that the Zandalari Trolls have mainland African accents, as opposed to the other Trolls with Caribbean accents. Though, they do obviously have Pre-Columbian architecture and clothing as well, so it could have gone either way.
  1. Waynhim's Avatar
    What's with the expectations. Dance emotes are pretty lame all over in video-games. I didn't think these were particularry bad, at least better then most original ones.
  1. alederys's Avatar
    GOD that female Kul Tiran model is so ugly. They missed an opportunity to make a badass looking model.
  1. Vyncent's Avatar
    Watching the video of the 'origin' of the Zandalari Troll Female Dance, to be quite honest, I don't believe that it does the dance any justice. It looks more like the female troll is going into convulsions rather than doing a proper dance. At least with the other races, the dances have something that is more like a dance, and recognizable as such, instead of the pretty lame movements that they choice for this. I can't say I am much for the Kul Tiran Female dance either. Can't tell is she is trying to exercise, or getting ready to body slam someone... LOL!
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    I am utterly shocked by the negative Nancy crowd and their reaction to these dances. Almost as if they transitioned from fan status to hating trolls long ago.

    At least the Zandalari got unique dances, unlike Mag'har.
  1. Jodmos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hitei View Post
    Hard to say. They are significantly shorter than any standard race dance, but also the other allied races don't even have unique dances.
    The female Kul Tiran in particular has a short dance that just repeats. (Anyone else think of the hippo/croc ballet from fantasia with this?)
  1. RyudoTFO's Avatar
    I expected nothing and I'm still let down
    Sure, it's difficult to come up with funny dance ideas for each race, but this .... even the Fortnite towel dance would have been better ....
  1. Howlrunner's Avatar
    WHat dances are these meant to be?

    I could guess quite quickly with the older ones, but these? No idea. Tbh, the KT male one looks like any drunk ass man in a club flailing around, and the female one like a fat chick in her room pretending to be a ballet dancer.

    Both shit to my mind.
  1. DesoPL's Avatar
    Are you kidding me? Seriously are you kidding me? The main feature allied races, that were announced back with BfA got less dance animations than dwarves and night elves?!
  1. Vargulf the Happy Husky's Avatar
    lol these are all pretty stupid in my opinion
  1. Niovi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Louz View Post
    Each dance animation so far has had different segments that change randomly, these are just one.
    Male Nelf says hello. Not sure about Forsaken female. I think its not that bad if the dance is actually quite good.

    Zandalari troll male dance kinda reminds me of Wildstar (anyone still remeber?) male's dance.
  1. korijenkins's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hitei View Post
    Hard to say. They are significantly shorter than any standard race dance, but also the other allied races don't even have unique dances.
    Because, up until these, the other allied races were just re-skins of existing races.

    These dances are atrocious, and the Kul Tiran female still looks terrible. It's the new female worgen I guess.
  1. Daedius's Avatar
    Just me or are those dances severely lacking in more moves... ?

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