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Patch 8.1.5 PTR - Magni Quest Chain
There is a new quest chain involving Magni, Brann, and MOTHER in Patch 8.1.5 that provides a 10 item level increase to your Heart of Azeroth.

  • You will receive the quest A Brother's Help in which Magni asks you to meet him at Uldir.
  • Brann flies you into Uldir on his flying machine whilst Magni digs his way in.
  • Once inside, you and the brothers speak to MOTHER, who suggests she be relocated to the Heart Chamber. You must defend her from Old God minions before activating the waypoint and relocating her to the chamber.

Patch 8.1.5 PTR - Feathers the Mechanical Parrot Quest Chain
For those who have read or are familiar with the Before the Storm Novel, a new quest chain has been introduced that reveals the fate of the characters Saffroneta Flivvers and Grizzek Fizzwrench, culminating in the battle pet reward Feathers.

  • The Alliance version starts at Kelsey Steelspark inside the war campaign ship. She asks you to search for Saffy.
  • The Horde version starts with Gallywix on the war campaign ship. He asks you to find and kill Grizzek. Gazlowe stops you before you head out and offers double the reward to spare Grizzek when you find him.
  • The next steps play out the same. When you arrive in Tanaris, you must put Feathers back together by finding parts on the nearby venture goons. You then play a small debugging mini game before he flies you over to the two missing characters.
  • If you are Alliance, Saffy lets you keep Feathers in exchange for telling everyone but Kelsey that they are dead.
  • If you are Horde, you keep feathers for telling Gallywix that Grizzek is dead, but the truth of his survival to Gazlowe.

Luminous Luminaries Micro-Holiday
Another new micro holiday added in Patch 8.1.5 is Luminous Luminaries, once called Vash'jir Diving Day. It takes place on July 13th, and the basic concept of the event is much like the underwater quest during the Horde War Campaign.

  • You will find submarines in certain locations around Vash'jir.
  • Talking to the goblins or gnomes there provides you with a diving helmet to explore the ocean floor. This helmet has an extra action button much like the one used in the Horde War campaign that allows you to turn the light on or off.
  • Using this helmet, you must find tiny luminaries (small glowing white jellyfish) that are attracted to the light. You must collect them and bring them back to the submarine.
  • If the light is left on for too long you have the potential to get the attention of a whale shark that will swallow you whole!
  • Taking part in this event leads to rewards such as Damaged Diving Helmet.

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