Trial of Style Season 4 Now Live - March 20 to March 24
The Trial of Style Season 4 runs from today until March 24th! There are 4 new transmog sets to earn in season 4, one for each armor type. They cost 60 Trial of Style Token each.

The Trial of Style Has Begun: How's Your Strut?
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Ladies and gentlemen of the Horde and Alliance, synchronize your wardrobes and prepare to do battle. The Trial of Style has arrived, and it’s time to put your transmogrification skills to the test.

You’re Invited!
When: March 20–March 24
Where: Queue for the 6-player scenario at your friendly neighborhood transmog NPC.
What: Contestants will have two minutes to create transmog sets from items in their collection based on themes presented in the scenario. Two players at a time will be pulled up on stage to strike a pose and show off their creation—leaving the remaining four to vote on just who of the two has managed to capture the theme best.

Collect All the Looks
Collect all 12 Ensembles to keep adventuring in style.

You can also use your Trial of Style Tokens on props to supplement your chosen Trial of Style ensemble. These props are consumable and will only appear when you’re on stage, but will last through the entirety of the competition.

Vendor extraordinaire Nellie Voguesong sells shirts and tabards in the Trial of Style, just in case you forgot to bring one with you.

Get a Little Help from Your Fans
Need a little extra support while you’re on stage? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Purchase a reward Letter from an Admirer, which you can use to recruit a fashion aficianado to cheer you on during the competition.

No peeking! It comes as no shock that you’ll be properly smocked before the competition begins.

Strike a pose and do your little turn (on the catwalk; yeah, on the catwalk).

Once the glitter settles and the votes are tallied, First Place, Second Place, and Third Place winners will be awarded. Don’t worry—even if you don’t win, there’s always the Trial of Style Consolation Prize. These prizes contain Trial of Style Tokens, which can be redeemed for special transmog gear in Dalaran.

Fashion-conscious citizens of Azeroth can also take advantage of transmogrification and barbershop services for free during the Trial of Style. Even if you don’t participate, you can adjust your hairstyle and transmog for no gold cost while the event is active.

Bring it!

Crucible of Storms Drop Tuning
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
When Crucible of Storms was originally added to the 8.1.5 PTR a few weeks ago, we included full drop tables for both Restless Cabal and Uu’nat. We designed Crucible of Storms drops to be somewhat different than items that have been dropping thus far in Uldir and Battle of Dazar’alor – this is a new chapter in the story that takes us to a different, stranger place.

We’ve recently gone through those items and tuned them up to fit closer to expectations, and in most cases, to power up their bonus effects. Here are some examples of changes we’ve made since the items first hit the PTR:

We’ve been making these adjustments via hotfix to the PTR since Friday, and we don’t expect that you’re going to see them via datamining immediately, but know that these are intended changes, and hopefully they’re now quite close to final values.

Tiger's Peak Temporarily Closing
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In order to fix some issues with Tiger’s Peak, we’re removing it from the pool of Arena maps. This should take place during our next scheduled maintenance. We expect to re-open this Arena in a future update to the game.

Dark Legacy Comics #672
DLC #672 has been released.

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  1. Daevied's Avatar
    Why the cloth sets are so awful and plain, its like generic lvling gear every season. And you see how plates/mail/leather gets the best looking ones each season
  1. Venziir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by clinophobia View Post
    Wait a minute, isn't the cloth transmog just a recolor from the MoP greens?
    Nope; it's a recolour of the cloth set from the 4.3 instances in Cataclysm, such as End Times.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by coprax View Post
    Why are the mail items' effects damage only? Useless for healers.
    Well, of the two classes that use mail, only one of the five specs is a healer spec. The rest are damage specs.
  1. dranlord's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rogueMatthias View Post
    Who the heck is choosing these Trial of Style outfits?

    Out of all of the gear sets available, and all the colour variations that weren't realesed, these are some pretty awful choices.

    Personally, I'd LOVE the black challenge mode set -

    OR the full silver PVP season 1 sets - (PLEASE PLEASE release these somehow somewhere Blizzard!!)

    They state when they release Trail of Style that the set they will bring one are more simple recolor of old dungoens sets. Alot of ppl want this simpler version of armor for transmog.
    Plus if they bring the MoP challange set back i will piss alot of ppl that own those. Since u cant get those items anymore.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    Reading patch notes just makes me glad i unsubbed from this shit show. Such a shame that Blizzard was taken over by Activision and is now Blizzard in name only
    activision/blizzard been a thing since the age of WotLK. So stop blaming activision for the state of the game. They just trying new things and it didnt work.
    I mean Leg ion was a really good expansion, and that was last year.

    Is just a cycle that blizzard been suffering with each expansion. I hope 8.2 bring new life with the remake of the neck and the new zone. But we will see.
  1. DeltrusDisc's Avatar
    Can someone explain the comic to me? =/
  1. Sencha's Avatar
    I can barely distinguish plate from cloth or leather. They all look the same. Why do robes have spaulders that look like metal?

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