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Crucible of Storms - Blade of Xal'atath Follow Up Quest
Upon completing the final encounter in Crucible of Storms, a follow up quest will be offered to the Xal'atath quest chain provided that you completed the previous parts of the chain. *SPOILERS BELOW*

  • If you are Horde, the empty blade of Xal'atath will appear on the ground in Uu'nat's room after killing him. You are then given the quest The Black Blade which has you bring the blade to Sylvanas. She says that the blade will be the compass that guides the Horde to victory and that the Alliance has no idea what it's up against. She claims that with the blade, they will shift the war in the Horde's favor once again.
  • If you are Alliance, you will only see the image of where the empty blade of Xal'atath sat, and this gives you the quest The Missing Blade to warn Anduin of what happened in the Crucible of Storms. He is concerned that the blade has fallen into the hands of Sylvanas, and says it is clear by her actions that she doesn't fight for the Horde, but death itself. He says that they must stop whatever madness she plans to use the weapon for if there is to be peace between the factions.

Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - April 18, 2019
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Dungeons and Raids
  • Crucible of Storms
    • The Restless Cabal
      • Fixed a bug that prevented players from dispelling Promises of Power on Normal difficulty.
      • Fixed an issue where players were unable to leave the room after defeating The Restless Cabal.


  • Lost Alpacas have returned to the deserts of Vol'dun for players to wrangle in “Alpacas Gone Wild” and “They Have Alpacas Here”.

Vision of Perfection - Azerite Essence Feedback
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Thank you for all of the feedback on Vision of Perfection—it’s an idea we’re also very excited about. As always, the first iteration of new abilities on a PTR have tuning that is somewhat preliminary. That’s especially true for this ability, due to the complexity of the effect and the large number of interactions it has. Our goal is to make it an interesting choice among the other available Essences, while preserving the concept of it. For this and the other Essences, there will be ongoing tuning updates in the coming weeks.

On the specific issue of interactions between Vision of Perfection and other effects that trigger from or buff your cooldowns: part of what makes this Essence exciting is the opportunity to explore things like that. At the same time, if they occur at full value every time Vision procs, that may be far too much.

Our initial plan is that, as a standard approach, the added effects or bonuses should be reduced in value, in the same way that the cooldown itself is reduced in duration. For example, if Recklessness is proccing at 40% effectiveness, Reckless Abandon should also provide 40% of its normal Rage value. There are some cases where this doesn’t work because there’s no way to “scale down” an effect—Summon Infernal will either stun or not stun when it lands. We’ll have to handle those cases individually.

You’ll see adjustments to this (and likely some other items) in a future build of the PTR.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Druid Travel Form and Mount Equipment
Anyone seen anything or read a blue post that lets us druids know if our travel forms benefit from that new slot?
Druid travel form (and things like it) do not benefit from the mount equipment. Only mounts summoned from that collection do. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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  1. Malrune's Avatar
    Sylvanas will probably pull an Admiral Holdo at the end of this expansion, Blizzard has been building up this Garrosh parallel for awhile now just so they can have a gotcha moment right at the end where we all learn a lesson about doubting female leadership.
  1. Alcsaar's Avatar
    Less and less reason for druids to use their class-unique travel form as a mount
  1. Disen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosweaver View Post
    She and Illidan are the two characters who actually make WoW lore worth following. If she was killed as soon as the 14 year old virgins wanted her dead there would be literally no reason to follow the lore.
    Why would her fanbase want her dead?
  1. Sigxy the Lemming's Avatar
    So given how my character has been into the idea to start a rebellion... and when I did the -last- dagger questline, Talanji clearly stated "Don't listen or trust evil daggers again."


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