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Rise of Azshara Cinematic - Safe Haven
Varok Saurfang realizes that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.

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  1. Sorrowseer's Avatar
    Saurfang enjoyed killing the defenseless civilians when the horde attacked stormwind during the second war, he said so himself. He is a piece of shit who enjoyes murdering defencless womena nd children for fun.

    That is the horde.
  1. Rhelyo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fleugen View Post
    I can't help but feel like the writers don't understand that stealth doesn't literally make you invisible.

    Watching the undead slip into and out of invisibility right in front of people was a bit stupid.
    Actually to others it DOES make you invisible if you are out of range of them.

    Also confirmed for next expansion enha shammies and warriors will cream rogues in pvp. j/k
  1. CataclismicSunrise's Avatar
    jesus, thrall is exactly how i feel about my life right now.
  1. Kyphael's Avatar
    Why is it so many people think rogues can't go invisible when mages can fucking go invisible? I know stealth is meant to work differently, but I don't see why it can't be essentially rogues using a bit of dark magic themselves to literally become invisible in dark environments. Yeah, in broad daylight it is stupid to see, but at night or in places like Duskood when they can use the shadows to their advantage with some dark magic aid? Why not?

    Awesome cinematic. I love how people keep bringing up Saurfang's past. Yeah, he was a piece of shit, and he himself has admitted that much, and has spent his older years trying to atone for it. It doesn't justify what Sylvanas is doing. I really hope the story goes in a place where Saurfang and Thrall smash that bitch's face in with a great big hammer.
  1. tripleh's Avatar
    To bad the wow movies couldn't be done this way.
  1. Varleen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drpizka View Post
    "i F0lLowEd tH3M"

    Because a warrior can track 2 stealthed rogues!

    You are both a traitor and a terrible liar.
    The only real traitors are those who follow a crazy undead and unrightful warchief.
  1. Aurrora's Avatar
    Shades of grey guys, shades of grey!

    Also, glad rogues have finally shown up in a cinematic after 15 years.
  1. RichardRoe's Avatar
    Blizzard: We won't do the Garrosh storyline again.
    Also Blizzard: Here's Garrosh 2.0. Enjoy our clever lore.
  1. Leyre's Avatar
    Piece of shit cinematic, Saurfang practically forced Thrall to help in the conflict
  1. styil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DeiviiDavy View Post
    I'm feeling like Rise of Azshara is closer than I anticipated.
    You'd hope so. There hasn't been a new zone added to this game in over 9 months. Even WoD had a new zone released at this point in the expansion cycle.
  1. lockybalboa's Avatar
    This cinematic is pointless and out of sync with the main storyline. But of course Blizzard had to forcibly insert their pet race somehow. Fuck Blizzard and their Orc fetish
  1. Freaking Frumpy Frak's Avatar
    Too bad this will all end with Kerrigan Sylvanas revealing that she was actually the goodest good guy ever and we were all just too stupid to go along with her genocidal rampage.

    Nice cinematic, though. I might have actually cared if the people who work on the actual game weren't creatively bankrupt yes men lackeys of the share holders.
  1. Ielenia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fleugen View Post
    Lore-wise, you're a sneaky bastard. That's how you're not noticed 2 feet away.

    You know how to hide yourself behind cover, and can move silently. The idea behind stealth is to play into the assassination part of rogue, which has NEVER required full invisibility. That way, you simply get close, close the gap, then assassinate the target. And then you disappear back behind cover.

    It has never been about invisibility. If rogues could be fully invisible, what's stopping them from assassinating everyone in their sleep whenever they feel like it? In fact, now that we know it is, why hasn't Sylvanas just sent assassins to murder all of us in our sleep, since they're invisible?

    They could literally wait in our rooms till we went to sleep and we'd have no idea. Because they're literally fucking invisible.
    The idea of them being "just very sneaky" went right out the window when Blizzard removed the run speed penalty for stealth, and added a speed buff to it through a talent.. basically allowing you to move faster while stealthed.

    So you now somehow move faster while being as careful as possible to not make a sound while moving or brush into objects or avoiding lights, etc, etc...
  1. Roar-Powah's Avatar
    Eh too bad Blizzard doesn't put effort into the game like this cinematic...
  1. serendipity11's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post

    That says 7.0, which was legion. And 8.2 is dealing with Azshara. Doubt she's getting her own expansion.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarethion View Post
    We already knew Thrall is coming back, so now we know exactly how and why.

    But to summarize this video - Sylvanas sent her assassins after Thrall. Now, as much as I don't like Sylvanas and would love to see her go, it was actually a valid strategic decision to go after Thrall. After all, he most likely still has a lot of sympathizers within the Horde and should he choose to come back, he'd be a legit threat to Sylvanas' rule.
    Actually no. He wasn't remotely a threat to her rule. First off I don't think she's paranoid about losing control of the horde. She just doesn't wanna die because she's terrified of it. Killing thrall would not benefit her in any way. All it'd do is unite all the thrall sympathisers against her and put her life in increased jeopardy she wouldn't even be safe in Ogrimmar. If she were to assassinate him sending rogues equip with forsaken made blades seems like a really dumb idea. It'd be better to send them to poison his ale so it looks like natural causes. Also if Saurfang followed assassins stalking out Thrall why wasn't the very first thing he said was "WATCH OUT I SAW ASSASSINS COMING FOR YOU!!!!" Not say nothing until they show up and are killed so they can't answer any questions. That's sketchy. Though TBPH I don't think he set up the assassins, he may have. Been I see it as more opprotunic. Extra way to convince him is "See how evil she is? She literally sent assassins after you!". I find it more likely that it is the twilight hammer's doing. As N'zoth is gonna want the horde and alliance broken so they can't stop him. So either that really pretty CGI video had some of the worst writing I've ever seen in anything (including most porno) or there is something sketch going on.
  1. Chickat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Snorri View Post
    You are 4 years too late. Proven very very fake.
    Yeah, we will never get Azshara or Nazjatar. Get over it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by DeiviiDavy View Post
    I'm feeling like Rise of Azshara is closer than I anticipated.
    Yeah, maybe early June instead? I was thinking June 25th the whole time, but maybe June 11th? Raid June 25th/July 2nd. I doubt they would launch the raid over the fourth of July weekend. Big holiday in US.

    So maybe June 18th 8.2
    July 9th raid?
  1. Ielenia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    Yeah, we will never get Azshara or Nazjatar. Get over it.
    As an expansion? No, we won't. Because that's what that loading screen suggests.
  1. Logwyn's Avatar
    This cinematic has so hype. Horde going to get set back to the true horde!! Kick those undead players out and make them suffer!!! Thrall gonna punch out that dark lady. Its over!!
  1. Chickat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post
    As an expansion? No, we won't. Because that's what that loading screen suggests.
    I was just being cheeky.
  1. ThatsOurEric's Avatar
    I keep seeing people posting about Saurfang lying to Thrall, yet 2 fucking Undead Rogues attacked him. Last I checked, the Undead
    aren't friends with Saurfang right now, and he has NOTHING to gain from lying to Thrall, so could you guys please not keep harping
    on that? It's beyond retarded.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorrowseer View Post
    Saurfang enjoyed killing the defenseless civilians when the horde attacked stormwind during the second war, he said so himself. He is a piece of shit who enjoyes murdering defencless women and children for fun.
    That was when he had drunk the blood of Mannoroth, and was under a demonic influence.

    There's a scene in Borean Tundra where Saurfang tells Garrosh what happened when the Orcs attacked the Draenei,
    and how once Mannorth's influence was gone, a lot of the old Orcs were horrified and suicidal for committing so
    many attrocities.

    It was Saurfang who helped them, and even he himself says he doesn't eat pork anymore, because it reminds him
    of the sound the children make.

    Of course, if you actually knew anything about the lore, you'd already know this.

    Which you don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ihavewaffles View Post
    "I followed them" BWAAA HA HA HA HA HAA suuuuuuuuuuuuuure you did..
    Yeah because a war veteran like Saurfang who has a lifetime of combat experience in tactics and warfare couldn't
    possibly know anything about stealth, hunting, and/or tracking. I mean what would someone who's had the title/rank
    of General know anything about that stuff?

    Nope. How unrealistic.

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