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Warlords of Draenor Timewalking
Today marks the first ever Warlords of Draenor Timewalking Bonus Event week. Here is what to expect and earn during the week! Pick up A Savage Path Through Time from your adventure journal and complete 5 timewalking dungeons for a Cache of Dazar'alor Treasures. This is also a good time to work on those Warlords reputations to unlock flying on Draenor.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Warlords of Draenor Timewalking

Available Dungeons

Vendors and Rewards
The Timewalking vendors' locations and currency rewards are:

  • Alliance: Tempra - Located in southwest Stormshield just outside of the inn.
  • Horde: Kronnus - Located in west Warspear near the entrance path to Ashran.

Mounts - 5000 Timewarped Badge each.


Reputation Commendations - 50 Timewarped Badge each.


Heirloom Upgrades

Azurethos, The Winged Typhoon - Tiragarde Sound World Boss
Azurethos is this week's BfA world boss!

LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
355TrinketTrinketPlume of the Seaborne Avian
355TrinketTrinketGalecaller's Beak
355TrinketTrinketAzurethos' Singed Plumage
355ClothFeetSandals of Rustling Rage
355ClothHandsWindcaller's Down Handwraps
355LeatherChestChestguard of Dire Winds
355LeatherFeetFootpads of the Encircling Storm
355MailHeadFeathered Galeforce Crest
355MailWristsBindings of the Winged Typhoon
355PlateLegsRoost-Defender's Legguards
355PlateFeetGalebreaker's Sabatons

Island Expeditions for the Week of May 28th, 2019
The Island Expeditions for the week are:

  • Molten Cay with Trolls
  • Jorundall with Taunka
  • Rotting Mire with Sauroks

PvP Brawl: Cooking Impossible
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
New PvP Brawl: Cooking: Impossible
Nomi is back, and he wants you to bring your most dangerous pots and pans to The Valley of the Four Winds for a new brawl in the kitchen. Look to your in-game calendar for round one of this cutthroat culinary conflict.

Call to Arms: Drustvar
This week's Call to Arms is Call to Arms: Drustvar or Call to Arms: Drustvar. Head to Drustvar with warmode enabled to kill 10 players of the opposing faction. This will reward you with conquest and 75 reputation for either 7th Legion or The Honorbound.
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  1. Nnyco's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    I love MoP and disliked WoD, but I'd rather WoD timewalking any day of the week over MoP timewalking.
    Three words: Siege of niuzao.
  1. Bhorin's Avatar
    Thank god.. finally got my flying for WoD.. been waiting for Timewalking for a while now. 360 per token (with trading post lvl 3) makes it pretty easy especially if you have some badges already.
  1. redfinale's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by therealbowser View Post

    The only reason I was interested in WoD timewalking was this dungeon, and then they leave it out. What the hell?

    They don't have UBRS, either, which was my second favorite. What a disappointment.
    The original set of TW for BC and Wrath TW was only 5, but when they added in Cata TW, they decided on 6 dungeons instead, and then added Magister's Terrace to BC's and Pit of Saron to Wrath. Cata was also the first xpac where they started introducing revamped dungeons, however none of the TW rotations include revamps. For Cata, they omitted Blackrock Caverns and in MoP list, they're using all 6 of that xpac's dungeons that weren't revamps of previous ones (Scholomance and the two consolidated Scarlet Monastery dungeons). TL: DR, if they had more than 6 dungeons tied specifically to the xpac itself, they had to select which ones they weren't going to use. I agree that they could've chose to use Grimrail and not done Everbloom, but some guild friends were saying they mostly fixed Everbloom's atrocious skip so I guess they wanted people to see that dungeon instead.
  1. Nitros14's Avatar
    No Grimrail, what the hell is wrong with them? EVERBLOOM?
  1. Tarx's Avatar
    WoD was the worst expansion in wows history . But had good raids and some good dungeons.
  1. Onikaroshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarx View Post
    WoD was the worst expansion in wows history . But had good raids and some good dungeons.
    Nah, BFA is way worse... you can have all the content but if the systems suck it's DOA
  1. anveena's Avatar
    Kinda sad there wasn't Grimrail Depot included. That was my favorite dungeon from WoD.
  1. melzas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Greyvax View Post
    Why would they leave out Grimrail Depot. Was literally the coolest dungeon of the whole xpac
    Hear, hear.

    Grimrail instead of bloodmaul slagfest plz. Everone who queues wod dungeons while leveling gets that dungeon anyway, gimme mah train.
  1. Grimbold21's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Why would it not be? The dungeons aren't bad and you have a couple nice mounts added, which I take over the dragonhawk from TBV anytime.

    The alternative is to not at all have it and if it really isn't your cup of tea, you can always give it a pass. I mean..I skip all the pvp weeks, so it is not as if you HAVE to do the weekly events.

    Wonder why we don't get Classic timewalking?
    It's more because it feels so.... soon to have these
  1. Niffo's Avatar
    Finally Dreanor Pathfinder finished.
  1. Domixux's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post

    Wonder why we don't get Classic timewalking?
    Unfortunately blizzard decided to revamp all of the classic dungeons through various expansions. Is there even a single "original" dungeon left? (maybe Diremaul comes closest to it?)
    Regarding raids we had the MC Raid during the 10th birthday. AQ40 wouldn't make a good TW raid (hideous place). Naxx was slaughtered during WOTLK. So there is pretty much just BWL left, which could make a cool TW raid in my opinion.

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