An Update on the Future of MMO-Champion
We’re excited to welcome MMO-Champion to the Magic Find family and are excited to work together! We're a small independent team of people who worked on gaming websites in the past (including MMO-Champion) and are teaming up to build up new communities together.

Over the next few months we will do our best to ramp up work on the website and work together with all of you to improve performance and work on developing new ideas.

Acquisitions are always a bit strange and come with a lot of questions, so we'll do our best to answer them and we hope we’ll build trust over time and improve MMO-Champion together.

If you have any suggestions or issues you’ve identified on the website, now is definitely a great time to let us know about them!
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  1. Justpassing's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tehdef View Post
    No. This is MMO CHAMP.

    There is only 2 MMO's that have any staying power in todays market, and that's WoW and FF. If you invest time into other MMO's you get no return.

    Why should MMOChamp shift to be more general coverage? So they can be bad at it? MMOC is about WoW. If they start doing other shit, the quality and simplicity of visiting this site will drop, and many will go elsewhere. I don't want MMO-C mucked up with shit from other games. It's been around for over a decade doing WoW, so it should keep doing WoW.
    "MMO-Champion" meant WoW, as in "WoW is champion of the MMOs". It was never about MMO's a genre. I mean it's stupid, but this comes up a lot and they clarified as this is, so.

  1. schwank05's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Railander View Post
    instead of focusing only on a decadent title maybe it's time to spread your roots to all MMOs and be the go-to place for news and information regarding the MMO genre, fitting of the name of the website.
    I wish there was a Like button, this would definitely earn a +1 from me. I agree.
  1. Pratt's Avatar
    Please do something about the campaign of extremist propaganda in the politics and off-topic forums.
  1. Kumorii's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RoKPaNda View Post
    The most illuminating thing in this thread so far is that people read Gen-OT.
    Dude, it's like a zoo... It's fun to see how ridiculous some act.
  1. Machismo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sulla View Post
    Nothing better than coming to this thread and seeing a lot of the people that have been repeatedly banned for trolling/flaming in Gen-OT complaining about the trolling/flaming in Gen-OT.

    @Skroe, I'm looking at you.

    "If I can't have it my way than no one should have it at all" - that's what y'all sound like. How about putting on your big boy pants and not acting like a spoiled toddler every time someone disagrees with you?

    If I were magicfind, I would make this a political forum first and move all WoW discussion to OT.
    That's odd, considering you swore you were leaving the politics sub-forum, and never coming back.
  1. Thage's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    What? We had dozens of expansion leaks for BfA.
    I think people got spoiled by the sheer quantity and detail of expansion leaks for Cataclysm.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by tehdef View Post
    1The best arguement you can make is for Final Fantasy, but what's the point?
    To be fair, there's really no centralized news hub for FFXIV. You have several YouTubers (like Work to Game, Meoni, Speakers Network, MrHappy, and a few others) but they're pretty decentralized, making it difficult to amass news. The FFXIV subreddit is great but, by nature, isn't just a news aggregate and it can be iffy finding news among the other posts. Massively and other MMO news aggregates focus on multiple MMOs, and their search system is clunky at best.

    A 'tab' in MMO-C for FFXIV news would actually be extremely helpful in that regard.
  1. Break The Ice's Avatar
    Make @Thwart a global mod
  1. javierdsv's Avatar
    What about Chaud? I'll miss Chaud
  1. Edgarrin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tehdef View Post
    Okay, so it would report news about WoW and final Fantasy, and it would do Final Fantasy poorly, so you'd be better off going to other sites. Other MMO's don't stick around for your request to even be entertained. It would be wasted resources, because they die within 6 months.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I love how you took the time to quote out plenty of posts requesting better moderation and the removal of bad faith posters, and instead tell us to filter things out so these threads can still exist, so the right-wing nationalism that has populated this forum can live on.


    But it is obviously okay for left-wing propaganda because that is what you agree with. Man, people are so nuts about politics in general that they have lost every bit of rationalism.
  1. McNeil's Avatar
    Does this mean that MMO-C was on the brink of shutting down like with Hearthpwn? If it is then I'm glad to see it saved, I'd rather not go to Reddit of the official forums.

    I do think that this forum could use some changes and improvements. For one I'd like to see them do more news about other MMORPG's. 10 years ago I woudln't have liked this because the game was still blooming with 12 million subs and any other game trying to compete went down fast. But now its a different time where there are a lot of good alternatives (ESO, Guild Wars 2 etc.) and WoW lost so many people that it might not even be the king of its genre by now. It will be very refreshing to see them branche out.

    I'd also like to see a huge clean up from game subforums that are dead (basically Minecraft and DotA 2) and maybe replace them with ESO and other active MMORPG's. And maybe give WC3 its own subforum now that WC3:R is on its way.
  1. Zan15's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mavfin View Post
    `Let's completely remove politics from the site.

    The record here with the moderators reolitics is very bad. They're not at all impartial, so we need to get out of politics, and back to games. Some are to the right, some are to the left, but they will ban whichever side they don't like, in many cases. Some are good moderators, but a lot of them don't even deserve the name. They're partisans, not moderators.
    Quote Originally Posted by Skroe View Post
    Shut down OT or ban the Russian trolls. Take your pick.
    Quote Originally Posted by Psygon View Post
    People posting in Off Topic like it's their job!

    Close it and send em back to reddit and facebook. They can post like it's their job there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Justpassing View Post
    Why do you guys care so much about gen-OT? What's wrong with tumblr or reddit or whatever shithole there is, can't you go hold your little group therapy sessions there and leave a gaming fansite be about gaming, and not bashing minorities? Jesus Christ, what is this shit...

    lol then you will basically kill half the traffic on the site.
    glad you guys did not take over.

    Just the fact that 70% of the comments in here are about the off topic forums, and details they would only know if they spent hours on those pages....proves the point.

    Are you complainers just too lazy to use the filters and ignore buttons and want someone doing the work for you?

    Takes me 1 minute to check for any updates on wow and blue post and I am gone from the site generating no revenue.
    Forums, bam you got me for a good hour some days with good topic, 2 hours with bad topic.
    From a business perspective they will never get rid of those forums
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    We need some type of black hole forum where people can go freely and shit-post there as much as they like. (and it wont be shown -- only people who visit it will see it)

    Offtopic should also be expanded and new rules added.

    And for god sake, remove the meme rule. Its stupid. And its also part of internet culture. Of cose posting a random meme in thread that doesnt have anything to do with it should be punishable - but posting something that fits the thread is fine:
    Bad option:
    Tread of some person posting abauth shoes. Other posters spam rickroll meme.

    Good option:
    A video game bug/glitch/feature/bad or good news. Poster spamming meme abaut this type of game that fits.

    Wow example version:
  1. thunterman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BurningSkies2018 View Post
    Seconding this.

    I'd like to see this become more about gaming, and expanding to other games as well. Lots of good games that deserve coverage.

    And also agree that it would be nice if there was a dark mode toggle, too.
    So long as it's filterable. IE, when I come to MMO champion, all I see is wow related news because that's what I come here for.
  1. gallamann's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tehdef View Post
    2. If you can't remove political discussion entirely, I would like to request a more formal stance against right-wing political posters, commonly found participating in threads that bait topics regarding sexism, racism, and other forms of general intolerance.
    You need to go spend some time and reflect on this statement. Everything you are accusing those posters of, you are also guilty of with "right-wing political" specification.
  1. Rathwirt's Avatar
    Surprised to see all the hate towards mods here. I've barely noticed them.
  1. RoKPaNda's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kumorii View Post
    Dude, it's like a zoo... It's fun to see how ridiculous some act.
    I used to come to MMO-Champion and the active thread tracker would be filled with ridiculous things from Gen OT. Like supermarket tabloid level stuff, and so I filtered it out and never looked back. Every time I have to login to MMO-Champion though the filter settings reset and there's always something ridiculous from Gen OT in there.
  1. Nixiuz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Puupi View Post
    Out of all the possibilities of MMO's to cover you suggested two dead ones and one niche.

    They are all thriving. Albion Online has received a massive influx of new players recently.
  1. ermik's Avatar
    Every year on my birthday I get a phpbb message from MMO-Champion. Every year it is a cherished moment (for bizarre reasons, I know).
  1. Kyanion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nixiuz View Post
    They are all thriving. Albion Online has received a massive influx of new players recently.
    So it went from 275 players to 282? Let's be real, Albion Online is small potatoes and not worth the time to report on the goings on. Same goes with GW2 if we're being honest. There hasn't been a post in that subforum in over 4 days. Eve is what, still a fairly minor player. There is a Runescape thread somewhere in the video game section, I don't think it sees that much action either.

    If anything the Video game section needs some sections removed for games like Rift, GW2, Dota2, Minecraft and so on. Most of those sub forums are quite useless now.
  1. Kellorion's Avatar
    When you guys interview peeps from Blizz could you actually have the spine to do your job correctly, and not just toss softball questions. Hard hitting questions and call them on things, instead of just letting talk and say they're pre approved answers.
    Stop worrying about "they may not like us, so we wont get to talk to them again".

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