New Overwatch Short Story: What You Left Behind

Overwatch Developer Update - June 2019
Game Director Jeff Kaplan sat down to give another Overwatch developer update!

  • The community has been asking for more story, more character development.
  • Recently released a new short story for Baptiste.
  • Some characters in the story may become bigger parts of the Overwatch universe in the future.
  • Baptiste Reunion Challenge is coming. Unlock an epic skin for Baptiste by winning 9 matches in any mode.
  • Some additional rewards available to unlock. Similar to the Anna & Diva challenges in the past.
  • A big patch is on the horizon with new features.
  • Replays are coming, they will live on your career profile.
  • Replays will show your last 10 played matches.
  • Full suite of spectator tools will be available, watch your replays from any point of view.
  • Replays will help players become better by learning from their past matches.
  • When the game is patched, old replays will be cleared. If you really want to save something be sure to record it.
  • On PC you can watch Overwatch league replays shortly after the match happens.
  • Minor balance changes coming, they are on the PTR.
  • Assault mode has had one minute removed from the time you have to capture point B.
  • The goal is to speed up the pace of Assault mode games.
  • Respawns will be better. If you die as the enemy team captures point A you will be more likely to spawn at B to stop snowballing.
  • New competitive season is coming.
  • There will be a brand new competitive free-for-all deathmatch season as well.
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  1. Lurker1's Avatar
    Really cool info!
  1. Kharadin's Avatar
    Replay system looks fantastic. Gimme some of that.
  1. NoiseTank13's Avatar
    Christ, took them ages to change Assault respawning.
  1. ThatsOurEric's Avatar
    Poor Baptiste. Still Overwatch's most boring character.
  1. jkq's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    Poor Baptiste. Still Overwatch's most boring character.
    hows he less boring than mercy
  1. ThatsOurEric's Avatar
    His whole backstory as well as him being introduced as a character was so lackluster and without
    any strong promotion outside of a comic and some minor tidbits.

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