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2019 Season 3 - Changes and Updates

Fan Art - Fall of the Lich King Remastered
Ivan Kuzkin is back with another remastered trailer! You can see the original one below as well.

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  1. Clozer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Th3Scourge View Post
    I literally have no response for his post.
    And yet you responded to my post. How is that even possible?
  1. Alkizon's Avatar
    Mhhh... new models, obviously, moreover - instantly even by gait of poor dummies walking (stupid tossing toes in the air and rag arms waving) along the bridge... Where this traction to outrage history from? *condemnable head shaking* I'd better skip.
  1. Terracresta's Avatar
    I actually like the original better. Sharper image quality often looks worse with outdated graphics, also King Terenas looks bad with his face animations looking worse than the limited ones in the original.
  1. Halefire94's Avatar
    This is one where I think the original is better, and I love IK Edits. Mostly because Terenas looks a bit silly, as well as the lighting being off in the remaster. Still great though.
  1. stigz's Avatar
  1. InfernalDark's Avatar
    Trailer looks shit, original still way better
  1. PollyO's Avatar
    What an incredible raid that was for its time.
  1. showtime7's Avatar
    Nice job. Loved it!

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