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Azshara's Eternal Palace - Raid Finale Cinematic (Spoilers)
The cutscene that plays after Azshara's defeat in the Eternal Palace has been revealed. Be warned as this video contains major spoilers!

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  1. thedreameater's Avatar
    Gul'dan was a tool Kil'Jaeden used to get into the world. Gul'dan was afraid of Mannoroth.

    Azshara willingly sought to bring Sargeras into the world for some of his power. Mannoroth feared Azshara. He's quoted as stating only Kil'jaeden, Archimonde and Sargeras were more powerful than her.

    Anyone who thinks Azshara wasn't ripped off by being a "patch boss" doesn't know their lore.

  1. Chromeshellking's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Casperite View Post
    A corporation purposefully doing things to keep customers playing, how unheard of and evil! They should stop doing what their sole purpose is (which is to make money). Grow up.
    I dont care if they want to make money. Misunderstanding me just to stomp your foot on me and act like that isn't an argument. they spent a good deal of time hyping everyone up and once again fail to deliver. This is why the game is degrading at a alarming rate. the defenders of bad choice run everyone else out of the conversation because for some reason you are completely ok with less and less every time.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Nzoth would easily stomp Jaina and Lor. those two alone would not be a threat.
  1. Tupolew519's Avatar
    So what's next blizzard? where's n'zoth right now?
  1. smithclarkson01's Avatar
    When I'm on an undergeared alt and just go "Hey bud do you need those bracers" and you say "Yes" you know what I say? "Grats". I don't see how that's arguing.. It's obvious why people whisper for gear.. they want to see if you need it or not. If it goes beyond that then yeah they are an asshole but if they just ask that's not a bad thing. It's not rude to ask the question. If I say "yes I need the item" to someone and they go "fuck off" or "aww man" I feel like that's rude because like you said it's my fucking item.. If I didn't need it I would have given it to you don't need to be all negative about it.
  1. Baluki's Avatar
    I hate when people say WoW is too cartoony. It's not Blizzard's intention for it to be a serious novel or a cartoon. It's a comic book. It's full of crazy stuff and impossible scenarios and characters who are basically superheroes, and it's much more fun once you realize what it's trying to be.

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