WoW Classic Hotfix - Raid Party XP Bug
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Thanks to player reports and feedback, we’ve identified a bug affecting how XP was calculated for parties of 6 or more players.
We are rolling out a hotfix right now, to all realms, that should correct this. Going forward, XP awarded should be significantly lower for parties of 6 or more players.

Again, thank you very much for your feedback.

Barron's - Activision Stock Potential Price Increase
Reuters recently cited a Barron's report that pointed to a potential stock price growth due the positive reception of World of Warcraft classic.

Barron’s cited reports of hours-long wait times to log into the game, and quoted Blizzard Entertainment, a subsidiary of Activision, as saying World of Warcraft Classic set a record for launch-day concurrent viewers on Twitch, a platform which hosts live-streams of gamers playing which people can watch.

“The business model for World of Warcraft is highly profitable, with a subscription costing $15 a month. If World of Warcraft Classic drives a couple million new subscribers for a few quarters, it would boost the company’s earnings significantly,” Barron’s said.
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  1. Xjev's Avatar
    More money for Blizzard to make cool next-gen mobile games
  1. ssjgohan4life's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by twothe View Post
    #1 reason for me to play Classic instead of BfA: if you do something wrong people don't flame and kick you but instead kindly explain the issue, give you advice on how to do better, and help you to get along.

    I play this game for fun, and BfA community is the exact opposite.
    Community between vanilla and retail has not changed, not one bit. Vanilla guilds forced you to raid a certain spec and sat you if you didn't perform, same can be said today, all depends on the people, not the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dipzz View Post
    You make it sound like it's 200,000 new subs, it's not, it's people who already had a wow sub, it's not "new money"
    Simply not likely.

    Classic can draw current Live players, sure, but to think it didn't pull any new people back is just... well, it's void of any sort of logic, considering Classic was literally demanded by players no longer enjoying the live game.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by twothe View Post
    #1 reason for me to play Classic instead of BfA: if you do something wrong people don't flame and kick you but instead kindly explain the issue, give you advice on how to do better, and help you to get along.

    I play this game for fun, and BfA community is the exact opposite.
    Depends entirely on what you surround yourself with. Applying to a guild that has a more social goal in the game and won't tolerate drama, for example. BfA's community is not some monolith, neither is Classic's.

    Thinking it's some weird magical veil being drawn over people's minds upon entering Classic sort of rhymes badly with the toxicity seen in general chats alone. Strangers are still strangers, players of 2019 are what they are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiwack View Post
    Do you have a link or is this wishful thinking? Although cool, I don't think you'll see something like this before next retail expansion is around the corner and the 'old' one is added to the battlechest.
    A facebook post from the Brazilian WoW page. Most likely a mistake from the guy who made the post. It was quickly removed.

    I say it's an error because Blizzard said they don't want to do cross-game rewards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vegiisan View Post
    I've been playing since vanilla and I've gotta say, 'minimal' effort?

    Top raid content is at least 100x harder than classic raid content, did you not just see Apes clear MC with people not even at the level cap? Try clearing Firelands/Ragnaros on heroic without people geared or at the level cap. Honestly vanilla bosses are loot pinatas, 2 mechanic, tank and spanks that spit out loot, DPS specs spam one button rotations to do top damage. Pretty 'hard'.

    Loot aisde, cutting edge is the pinnacle of rewards, not loot - that's just means to an end. You do not get cutting edge achievements with 'minimal' effort. Unless you're carried.

    So let's not get into comparisons.

    I work pretty hard for my rewards thank you very much.
    the problem with your comparison is that your not comparing Apples to Apples.

    First, yes the top private server guild in the world who have basically had 15 years of practise and access to add-ons not available when these 2 raids were first launched were able to rolf stomp the 2 easiest raids in Vanilla/Classic that had no dps checks / rage timers. Of course, they also benefitted from the fact they were doing the 1.12 version and not the original version of the raid and benefitted from nerfs to the raids, better itemization, an exp bug that allowed them to get there faster and, oh yeah, they totally cheesed most of it by using a quasi-exploit world buff that gave them 225 fire resistance totally nullifying the need for FR gear/potions etc etc.

    Second, there was only one level of difficulty in Vanilla / Classic raids and that difficulty level increased with each new raid in Vanilla. The top Retail guilds rolf stomp Normal and heroic versions of Retail raids in about the same amount of time these 2 raids were rolf stomped. Mythic raiding is definitely harder than anything in Vanilla / Classic but even that doesn't present much of a challenge to the top guilds in the World who usually have few issues with the first few bosses even in the mythic raids. And from a participation perspective mythic raiding in Retail is on par with participation levels of the later single level difficulty but more challenging raids in late Vanilla / Classic (AQ40 and Naxx).

    So, you're right we shouldn't make comparisons and false analogies.
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    This is exactly equally an excellent content I quite really liked checking. This isn't all the time which I possess the potential to work out an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiwack View Post
    How did they miss that bug with all the testing and Q&A beta? So much for the race - they'll never get to live this mess-up down as they themselves only recently stated and elaborated on how fundamental xp-gains were to the game-experience and everyone playing the game.

    Barron - citation needed. Although a true Nostradamus never underestimates petty gam(bl)ers or fools with money. It'll be interesting to see where the museum piece is at by the end of the year or its effect on the next quarterly..
    Maybe it was intentional? This definitely was a bug, it was extremely efficient leveling by far compared to any other method, this never happened in classic. I suppose two weeks isn't really a huge window of error for a fix though? Some people got lucky for sure, but Blizzard has a good track record of banning those who take advantage of exploits, not a single ban has gone out that I've heard of yet, awfully suspicious.

    Thing is a lot of folks here didn't play classic, they assume this was a feature and the Blizzard shut it off because they didn't like it. This wasn't a feature in 1.12. Lot of misunderstanding going on.

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