WoW Classic - Free Character Moves Coming Soon
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We are working to open our Free Character Move service for select WoW Classic realms in the coming days.

When free character moves become available from one of the most highly-populated realms, players will see the option to initialize a free character move on either the character select screen or the queue screen of the realm.

To best prepare, please note that a character cannot move if the character:

  • is a guild leader.
  • has active auction listings or bids.
  • has mail.

We will post full details about the realms available and character restrictions when we open the service.

Thank you!
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  1. Shadoowpunk's Avatar
    Guilds are saved
  1. Niku's Avatar
    Finally! (in the coming days)
  1. myriado's Avatar
    Thanks Blizzard!
  1. Blitzn's Avatar
    Stay off my server, I don't want queues xD
  1. Samuraijake's Avatar
    watch players mess this up... and then complain about high Q times again
  1. Phagelives's Avatar
    Samuraijake I’m betting on it , gonna go make popcorn an snake with a The QQing
  1. xenogear3's Avatar
    My server is dead.
    Please transfer to my server.

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