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Recruit A Friend Returns - Blizzard Preview
Recruit a friend will be returning soon with a bunch of new features!

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Ready to make memories with your friends and share fantastic adventures with them across Azeroth and beyond? The new Recruit A Friend program is the perfect way to show them the ropes.

What’s New?
The new-and-improved Recruit A Friend (RAF) program retains fan-favorite features, and it introduces a bounty of new rewards—because Azeroth is best experienced with friends at your side. Just like the previous program, you can teleport to each other with Friend-to-Friend Summoning (which works on a 30 minute cooldown) and receive 50% bonus experience when partied together.

More Recruits, More Rewards
The new Recruit A Friend program allows you to be linked with up to 10 friends, and earns game time and other unique rewards—like mounts, pets, and more—the longer they play. Players new to WoW and veteran players who have not purchased game time on their account in the past two years can be enlisted in this program. Each time one of your recruits adds game time to their account, you’ll earn progress toward a new reward. The more friends you invite, the faster you’ll earn the rewards, as one friend adding multiple months of game time earns the same rewards as multiple friends adding one month of game time each. See all the rewards you can get below!*

  • Rikki - 1 Month
  • Game Time – 2 Months
  • Explorer’s Dunetrekker – 3 Months
  • Title: Renowned Explorer – 4 Months
  • Game Time – 5 Months
  • Enchant: Stinging Sands – 6 Months
  • Renowned Explorer’s Tabard – 7 Months
  • Game Time – 8 Months
  • Explorer’s Jungle Hopper – 9 Months
  • Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack – 10 Months
  • Game Time – 11 Months
  • Renowned Explorer’s Attire – 12 Months

Rewards shown from left to right: Renowned Explorer’s full set as shown (Attire, Tabard, and Rucksack), Rikki, Renowned Explorer’s Jungle Hopper, and Explorer’s Dunetrekker. Not pictured – Enchant: Stinging Sands.

  • Rikki—This curious monkey is ready to see the world at your side.
  • Explorer’s Dunetrekker—Traverse deserts, jungles, tundra, and beyond on this two-seater mount.
  • Renowned Explorer Title—Distinguish yourself with a unique title.
  • Enchant: Stinging Sands—Enhance the appearance of your weapons with swirling sands.
  • Renowned Explorer’s Tabard—Don this rugged tabard to show off your adventurous streak.
  • Explorer’s Jungle Hopper—Soar through Azeroth’s skies on this mount for two.
  • Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack—Always be prepared for adventure with this bustling backpack.
  • Renowned Explorer’s Attire—Look the part of a grizzled outdoorsperson with this rugged appearance.

Game Time
Every 3 months after your 12-month reward, you’ll get a game time reward.

Recruiters must have active game time to earn and claim rewards.

Go it Together
Time flies when you’re having fun, and it goes even faster when you and your recruits play together. Conquer Azeroth alongside your friends and you’ll both receive a 50% bonus to experience for faster leveling when partied together. You can also summon each other once every 30 minutes. Furthermore, our new Party Sync feature makes it easier than ever to level with friends. When activated, everyone in the party becomes aligned to the same quest state and phase. You’ll also have access to a “replay quest” feature that allows players who’ve already completed certain quests to replay them with their friends for rewards that are appropriate to their current level, regardless of the quest’s original level. Quests can be replayed for rewards once per day.

If you’d prefer to play with your friend using a current character rather than starting a new one, you now can. By using Party Sync, you can choose to have your level adjusted so you can quest and experience outdoor content with your friends as they level up. And, If you want to queue for instanced content (such as Battlegrounds and dungeons) in their level range, you can choose to join them by having your level scaled down.

Please note that unlike Timewalking, when your level is scaled, you will temporarily lose access to abilities and powers (such as Azerite Traits and over-level spells, abilities, talents, and trinket effects) with requirements that exceed your reduced level.

Lead with Confidence
To help you help your friends, we’ve created a brand-new RAF panel in-game to help you know when to expect your next reward and given your access to Party Sync. The RAF panel also lists special activities available to players who participate in the program. Complete these in-game challenges with your recruits to earn even more rewards.

Start Your Journey
The new Recruit A Friend lets you generate a custom link in-game that you can send to your friends. This link will help you and your recruit connect in-game, and you’ll be able to see if they’ve purchased game time, which will lead to rewards for you! For each month your recruits have active game time, you’ll earn a new reward, such as unique pets, mounts, game time, and more. These rewards unlock each month and scale with the amount of time your recruits have subscribed for. And, of course, with Party Sync, you’ll be able to journey with your friends on any of your characters.

Adventure Awaits
Recruit A Friend returns to World of Warcraft in the next few months. When you’re ready to bring your friends to Azeroth, simply log in to WoW and generate an invite link through the Recruit A Friend interface, then send that link to your friends. Up to four friends can use it to link their accounts to yours. To recruit more friends, you’ll need to generate a new link, which you can do once every 30 days.

*In-game rewards are available to use in World of Warcraft, but not in World of Warcraft® Classic. Free game time earned through Recruit A Friend provides access to both World of Warcraft and WoW Classic.
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  1. Drusin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty123456 View Post
    If everyone wants it and will easily pay the 12 months for it doesn't that mean its worth it?
    Not once does the value of an item cross my mind lol

  1. GreenJesus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drusin View Post
    Not once does the value of an item cross my mind lol

    Lol I'm pretty sure all the things can ignore cash shop and promotional items. I feel so sorry for you that you are forced to literally acquire every single thing in the game.
  1. SteveZaer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Weatherwax View Post
    I got a question.
    Can the friend recruited through RAF pay their sub with gold?

    If so, can I gift them gold for them to pay their sub?
    It should count, yeah.
  1. ecospherez's Avatar
    Wish i had friends, would quite like that airplane.
  1. meowfurion's Avatar
    Ugly boring camel mount.
  1. s0ul's Avatar
    lol retail is turning into one of those Asian MMORPGs if we can even call it a MMORPG these days. This is the type of games players from China love playing--Pay 2 Win.
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by s0ul View Post
    lol retail is turning into one of those Asian MMORPGs if we can even call it a MMORPG these days. This is the type of games players from China love playing--Pay 2 Win.
    Lol you clearly don't know what P2W means. These are all cosmetics, not a single power item. WoW has had the RAF idea for longer than Classic existed at this point.

    And yes, it's an MMORPG for a fact.

    If only Classic was engaging enough to keep you lot playing rather than pestering the forums...
  1. therealbowser's Avatar
    Given that you get 1/3rd of the time back into your account, if you pay for 1 year of 6 month subscriptions, this is what it will cost (and you will not get the items until 6-7 months [depending on if you are starting a new account for this with a trial period, which is probably basically required] have passed: roughly $103.92 (plus tax). If you want it ASAP, you have to use 6 gametime cards at full price. This would be: $119.92 (plus tax). (Keep in mind these are the prices with 1/3rd of the value removed since it gives you 4 free months on your primary account... in actuality it's ~$155 and ~$178 total.)

    I mean that backpack is cool and all, but it's not worth 100 USD to me. I've used recruit a friend in the past with my own accounts, but I did it for a mount and for triple experience and level granting. I got everything I needed from that within the three months the 3x experience lasted, and I would use a gametime card to obtain it. I would basically pay for two months, and get one month free on my account, so it's like I paid for one month (plus a new account, usually gotten at ~$5) for a mount and mega leveling. (I should add that a big reason I did this because this was the only way to get decent two-seater flying that didn't turn you into a dragon.)

    Now I get basically nothing except cosmetic stuff I may or may not want. If I go through the extreme tedium of leveling with a secondary account, I guess I can grant levels to my main account (and it is very tedious at times, your alt account can follow easily enough but you have to swap screens constantly and your other dudebro will get stuck on every damn twig and blade of grass on Azeroth, but was 100% worth it for that sweet, sweet 300% experience)... but it's just not worth it.

    And recruiting a buddy to play with me, for no real benefits for him, just entirely for me? Yeah, don't see that playing out well. "Hey, wanna play this old MMORPG so that I can get a bunch of free shit? " Maybe if I pay for their subscription, and in that case, it's basically the same as paying $100 for a bunch of cosmetic items. Even on shop MMORPGs that sell cosmetic gear at ludicrously inflated prices, they cannot hold a candle to this...

    I mean, for those who like this, more power to you! And hell, if you can find someone who hasn't played this game before and would play it for a full year, congratulations, you just hit a gold mine! For everyone else, welp... pay up 100-120 bucks or gtfo, much love from Blizzard.

    This would be a bit more tolerable if:

    a. You could pick which rewards you wanted in order. (Big wonder why the companion pet is the first reward, lol)
    b. You could utilize scroll of resurrection (i.e., get friends to come back to the game and keep playing), or at least offer this to people who have already started the game, not only people who are just starting the game.

    Unfortunately, these are not options, and most likely never will be. Blizzard wants to squeeze every cent they can.
  1. s0ul's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Hamsters View Post
    Lol you clearly don't know what P2W means. These are all cosmetics, not a single power item. WoW has had the RAF idea for longer than Classic existed at this point.

    And yes, it's an MMORPG for a fact.

    If only Classic was engaging enough to keep you lot playing rather than pestering the forums...

    Sweetie, you can literally buy character boosts and probably allied races next expansion. You can PAY TO WIN.

    You can buy tokens and pay for mythic end game gear/ kills/ achievements as well as pvp carries using real money. You can do all this legally through the cash shop. If that's not P2W then I don't know what is .

    Give me a break lmfao
  1. Phantombeard's Avatar
    All my friends that Like WOW are playing WOW and the Friends I have that don't play WOW isn't going to start. So I have no chance of ever getting any of these Mogs, Pets or Mounts. So my question is, How can I cheese this solo and get everything. If anyone lists a strategy please do it in detail. Much appreciated.
  1. XMD7007's Avatar
    I recruited myself. I have two WoW accounts attached to my blizzard account. One account is permanently active but I didn't pay for the second account for like a few months, I think March 2019 was the last time I played on the second account. For this I bought one month to test it, and it worked... I got Rikki the pet, that is the first reward.

    Then I bough another 6 months for the second account but nothing happened, I suppose I get the rewards once they bill me, and that should happen when the first month I payed for is over. I guess...
  1. mitre27's Avatar
    This shit bugs me, there's no reward for loyalty and long time subs but garbage like this always happens.

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