September 14th Teaser
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  1. Jester Joe's Avatar
    Oh my.

    Is it gonna be like, an LA Noire kinda style cosmetic patch.

    Coz that would be neat.
  1. HighlordJohnstone's Avatar

    We'll have our Kil'jaeden in HoTS.

  1. RadasNoir's Avatar

    Just another skin event.
  1. skorpio's Avatar
    Ooooh, is it next part of Viper Ascendant? Or maybe something new?
  1. Korru's Avatar
    Flapper Girl Whitemane
  1. DesoPL's Avatar
    Moxxi enters the Nexus? Kappa
  1. HighlordJohnstone's Avatar
    Again, is it too much to ask for a Kil'jaeden character, as well as an Antorus (Or Mac'aree?) battleground map?

    That'd be perfect, to be honest. I mean, there are already files for him in HoTS.
  1. ophion1990's Avatar
    If this is for the halloween event, Whitemane is a pretty off choice, since she already has a halloween skin.

    Here's hoping Thrall or w/e get a new skin aswell. Maybe a tux skin for the 3 vikings (who am I kidding)?

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