The War Campaign Finale Cinematics
The war campaign comes to a thrilling conclusion with the new patch! Be warned, these cinematics contain HEAVY SPOILERS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    What are you even talking about? Do you even know what Sylvanas is?


    This is a masterpiece, it is really interesting. I am sad to think that Sylvanas might have her days counted, but I have the feeling that this is not the case.
    Vaguely. She keeps getting new powers to push the plots.
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    As always, Blizzard's cinematics are gorgeous, nothing to say about it.

    As for the story, it's as mediocre imo as the rest of BfA really. I was suprised by... nothing, just bland. The dialogs were cliché as usual, "you can't kill hope" "lol you failed you failed you failed" "you are nothing"... urg. WoW was never a masterpiece in term of writing (just look at the plan of Deathwing), but at least it was epic on some parts. But nothing was that epic in this one sided fight, and it served no purpose. I mean seriously, they pulled out the overused "I will taunt the villain until he spills out his evil nature to the public" tvtrope. And COME. ON, the FORSAKEN of all races are taken aback by her claim ?? The WHOLE race has a hate boner for the living, just look at all their questlines.

    Sylvanas was sacrificed on the altar of villains. Just like fucking Garrosh (he had such potential back in Cataclysm... I was kinda proud of playing Horde under him. This quest when he executes himself the general who ordered innocent elves to be bombed... my boy Garrosh!). She was a nice character back in the day, sorrowful and vengeful, sassy but down to business.
    Now what do we have ? A mess of a character. She changes of character to make the plot advance now : you cant' depict someone to be this calm 4D chess mastermind and each time she's angered she does something stupid.

    ALSO ALSO, what the fuck is that shit about power levels and stuff ? I was taken aback when they said "you can't win against her". I... I thought "wait guys it's not that obvious... we saw Saurfang snap the neck of a forsaken assassin like 1 cinematic ago, he might have a chan-" SHE BLOCKS HIS BLOW AND OVERPOWERS AN ORC IN PURE MIGHT ?????????????????????????????????? What ?
    I thought she was going to cheat, use her cunning... but no, she was for some reason faster and stronger than a warrior veteran in MELEE !!! SHE'S A RANGER !!! SHE DID A POWERSLIDE INTO FROSTMOURNE, he did not look that flattering for her melee skills.
    As for her shadowmagic, it was no surprise, Xalathat thingy etc.

    And to all the people saying "blabla she has a smoke form because Banshee, she's the BANSHEE QUEEN after all"...
    She was named the banshee queen BEFORE SHE TOOK BACK HER CORPSE, when she was ACTUALLY a banshee FFS. She's NO LONGER a banshee since fucking WARCRAFT III TFT !!! It's just her nickname, her old title staying with her. She always had undead powers, but NOT "oh lol I'm smoke I can fly" bullshit. And IF she does, then she should leave her fucking corpse on the ground.

    I'm so sad for Sylvanas really. She turned into a "ur ur Death is all" "ur ur nothing lasts" "you will all serve me ur ur"... she's just a cliché villain punchlines vendor machine now. What a waste.

    To Blizzard, what a huge pill of shit. Morally grey ? Fuck you. It was "the Sylvanas Horde is evil" 100% of the time. Mist of Pandaria was way more subtile. Even if you pull the shitty Kerrigan 2.0 "Lol Sylvanas' plan was to bring togethere Alliance and Horde, what a genius she is" BUUUUUULSHIIIIIT, Alliance and Horde were ALREADY nearly at peace after fucking saving the UNIVERSE from SARGERAS ! She started the war for NOTHING, she's again just a plot device for the writers to create an other xpac.

    This xpac is trully MOP 0.5.

    The raids were okay tho. So gratz I guess.
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    They are forced to unite the factions... There is no progression on the alliance side. They f*cked up in BC and everyone told them: " be warned the factions are getting out of balance" They ignored it for a decade! Now they have to do this because there are almost 0 good players in the alliance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LedZeppelin View Post
    They had to do 1v1 because otherwise its just SoO all over again
    So true. There is just so much Garosh 2.0 copy. You can see how incompetents are the leaders of the dev team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhru2 View Post
    They are forced to unite the factions... There is no progression on the alliance side. They f*cked up in BC and everyone told them: " be warned the factions are getting out of balance" They ignored it for a decade! Now they have to do this because there are almost 0 good players in the alliance...

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    So true. There is just so much Garosh 2.0 copy. You can see how incompetents are the leaders of the dev team.
    Amen I have to say right on point.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sensa1 View Post
    What are you talking about...never made sense from a design was at the very core of the entire Warcraft and Wow motivated people to become highly invested in both their characters and powered several expansion's worth of generated massive amounts of world pvp at a time when there was limited content in the original game...people say Vanilla wouldn't succeed if it was introduced know what would never have succeeded either...the watered down, faction-less hamster wheel that Retail currently is if was introduced back in 2005...without the faction war WoW would never have become as popular as it did.

    You know why their considering removing's mostly because the player base has declined so much they don't have the in-game metrics that head office wants to justify the development time on separate alliance / horde story lines / quests etc. Additionally, with having relented previously and given both faction every type of class they've diluted their own faction identity so much that it leads to people like you saying it never made design sense to begin with. This is a classic case of Blizzard giving an inch that gradually leads to a mile. I also assume they think it will be easier to balance in some way in regards to pvp (no more alliance / horde racial or something like that).

    And here's another thing you can count on. If they get rid of the factions they'll come up with some BS line about why it no longer makes sense and the fanboys will cling to that and forever repeat it just like the BS line they came up with when they said the old talent trees weren't worth it because adding 1% hit didn't feel meaningful etc. That, of course, was just corporate BS for we don't want to work so hard and can't figure out how to balance classes as is, let alone with more lvls, so we'll bake all that stuff into the character and add one talent every 15 levels and call it a day because that should require a lot less work and be easier to balance (though it should be noted they still can't balance crap). It was never because the talent tree idea (especially when tied into the levelling process as it was in Vanilla) was a bad fact it was intrinsically a good idea and why they are thinking of bringing a form of it back in Retail...but rather Blizzard just getting lazy. Yet people fail to see through their corporate BS every time they do something similar.

    Retail WoW is the mess it is because of 2 simple factors 1) bean counting from Activision leading to game design systems that are cheap to implement, repeat and promote certain metrics but are far from entertaining and 2) a complete failure to resist demands for changes to core elements of the game (like which classes can be which faction) that when combined together with other changes lead to unintended consequences and a product that is barely recognizable in many ways. That lack of integrity is what killed WoW for many.
    AMEN!!! this is so true! keep these words up.... since its 200% what World of Warcraft is all about.... Merging factions.... its the most Idiotic idea ever.... "THE FACTIONS ARE WARCRAFT.... AND WARCRAFT ARE THE FACTIONS".....

    you cant remove that... or we just becomes as "elder scroll online" where everyone are holding hands and singing combaja.... so sad

    My Big big hopes are on blizzard... and in my eyes.... I think there will be even a 3rd undead faction, blizzard you have always had my hopes up and always given me the best... keep it it!
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    Indeed these cinematics prove once more that attending Language University in Orgrimmar or Stormwind (in invisible locations) is a prereq to become a faction leader or sit in the councils.

    We are simple heroes and thus after only 15 years we still can’t talk with members of the other faction understanding each other.
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    Both videoes have some of the worst dialogue I have seen in my entire life, especially in the in-game video, with Anduin and Saurfang in the tower.
    Jeez, that dialogue made my toes curl so far back I could tickle my own heels. Like something straight out of Naruto, it even has Anduin giving Saurfang the ol' Talk-no-Jutsu.
    Cinematic had some pretty scenes, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    What are you even talking about? Do you even know what Sylvanas is?
    She did indeed acquire new powers. If you do the actual questline and view the cinematic, Jaina, Lorthemar a and Thalyssra are discussing what happened during the quest that follows. None of them knows the origin of that power, none of them was able to sense it and they are just confused.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayolynn View Post
    She shatters an uneasy piece between the two factions by starting a war the kills countless numbers of forces on both sides and attempts to commit genocide against the Night Elves all to unify the two factions against a common foe down the line? Really?
    Yeah, doesn't amke sense. Especially given who was leading the factions. I mean who was really out there that actually wanted that war? Anduin? Thrall? For that kind of stunt you first would need two factions that really just want to kill each other and where there is no other option to unite them...but the factions just came from a united and won war against the Legion and they got the common goal to stop the destruction of Azeroth. The only one that actually gets them back at war with each other is Sylvanas herself.
    It would really be ridiculous if the writers tried to make that into some genius masterplan for peace.
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    If Sylvanas her true form is a Banshee why doesn't the body stay behind when she escapes?
  1. Mimisock's Avatar
    What happened to her, why did she run away ?? And the Alliance needs to unite

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