The War Campaign Finale Cinematics
The war campaign comes to a thrilling conclusion with the new patch! Be warned, these cinematics contain HEAVY SPOILERS.

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  1. Karei's Avatar
    "Boohoo, the story this, the story that..."
    Whining is all you ever do
  1. exsanguinate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drpizka View Post
    Dead game. Just classic from now on
    tHe GaMe dOeSn'T gO tHe wAy I wAnT. oNlY cLaSsIc.
  1. MrKnubbles's Avatar
    You guys are hilarious. Always complaining about something.
  1. Drpizka's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbselle View Post
    tHe GaMe dOeSn'T gO tHe wAy I wAnT. oNlY cLaSsIc.

    Yooooo Greta, I thought you were at the UN! Do you have time to browse mmo-champ?
  1. Adamas102's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Timotei View Post
    Taking WAR out of WARcraft is a genius move!
    Congratulations writing team!
    Blizzard could literally hire The Last Jedi screenwriter and he still wouldn't fuck the story up this bad.
    How dumb does someone have to be to think that unifying the two factions will mean no more war/conflict?
  1. W1shm4ster's Avatar
    I love people just literally whining about the story, but probably know nearly nothing of it in the first place. Whining was always a strong suit of the WoW community.

    So, the speculations might come true, some fused faction. This would explain why your characters in the log in screen now also show the Alliance and Horde symbole. We might be able to expect to choose our faction in the future, which might be weird tbh.

    Sylvanas might start to represent another, smaller faction in the future.
  1. probert's Avatar
    "This isn't Garrosh 2.0."

    Sylvannas heel turn + escapes to setup next expansion.

    "Ok this is totally Garrosh 2.0."
  1. Azmoden's Avatar
    I'll just keep playing FFXIV if I want a good story.
  1. Selastan's Avatar
    So why the hell did she run off? Did...did the rebels win? I mean, Etrigg is just setting in the throne room like I didn't beat his ass and drag him across half the city. Anduin got to walk through the front gate...Did they all just build a siege just to watch one duel? A duel Sylvanas easily won? WHAT JUST HAPPENED?
  1. exsanguinate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drpizka View Post
    Yooooo Greta, I thought you were at the UN! Do you have time to browse mmo-champ?
    who the fack is greta?
  1. RangerDaz's Avatar
    WTF was that ending... combined with the legion cinematics regarding Vol'jin's death and Sylvanas ascension to warchief.

    It seems writers in WoW change in every expansion now? Or is it the direction of the story changes by every expansion
    What a lost opportunity this is
  1. twothe's Avatar
    Talk about an epic disappointment. Oo
  1. Edgarrin's Avatar
    Came here for the negative comments. Wasn't disappointed.
  1. meroko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    At last, it is over.

    Now... taking bets on whether 8.3 happens?

    N'zoth - Azshara - Sylvanas raid? Or There won't be an 8.3 and they get saved for 9.0?
    8.3 is confirmed, and this questline confirms N'zoth is the final boss. They literally say after you finish that we must now turn our attention to N'zoth and should we succeed, we will then deal with Sylvanas (the next expansion baddie for sure)
  1. Wangming's Avatar
    So Genn and Tyrande are now pals with the Horde, right? Riiiight?
  1. Beazy's Avatar
    Damn, Blizzards writing is just as bad as their ability to make good games now.
  1. Sensa1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hinastorm View Post
    Plenty of baddies to be at War with, does not have to be ally vs horde to be Warcraft. Unpopular, true, opinion, I know.

    Splitting your playerbase in 2 never made sense from a design standpoint.
    What are you talking about...never made sense from a design was at the very core of the entire Warcraft and Wow motivated people to become highly invested in both their characters and powered several expansion's worth of generated massive amounts of world pvp at a time when there was limited content in the original game...people say Vanilla wouldn't succeed if it was introduced know what would never have succeeded either...the watered down, faction-less hamster wheel that Retail currently is if was introduced back in 2005...without the faction war WoW would never have become as popular as it did.

    You know why their considering removing's mostly because the player base has declined so much they don't have the in-game metrics that head office wants to justify the development time on separate alliance / horde story lines / quests etc. Additionally, with having relented previously and given both faction every type of class they've diluted their own faction identity so much that it leads to people like you saying it never made design sense to begin with. This is a classic case of Blizzard giving an inch that gradually leads to a mile. I also assume they think it will be easier to balance in some way in regards to pvp (no more alliance / horde racial or something like that).

    And here's another thing you can count on. If they get rid of the factions they'll come up with some BS line about why it no longer makes sense and the fanboys will cling to that and forever repeat it just like the BS line they came up with when they said the old talent trees weren't worth it because adding 1% hit didn't feel meaningful etc. That, of course, was just corporate BS for we don't want to work so hard and can't figure out how to balance classes as is, let alone with more lvls, so we'll bake all that stuff into the character and add one talent every 15 levels and call it a day because that should require a lot less work and be easier to balance (though it should be noted they still can't balance crap). It was never because the talent tree idea (especially when tied into the levelling process as it was in Vanilla) was a bad fact it was intrinsically a good idea and why they are thinking of bringing a form of it back in Retail...but rather Blizzard just getting lazy. Yet people fail to see through their corporate BS every time they do something similar.

    Retail WoW is the mess it is because of 2 simple factors 1) bean counting from Activision leading to game design systems that are cheap to implement, repeat and promote certain metrics but are far from entertaining and 2) a complete failure to resist demands for changes to core elements of the game (like which classes can be which faction) that when combined together with other changes lead to unintended consequences and a product that is barely recognizable in many ways. That lack of integrity is what killed WoW for many.
  1. RaZz0r's Avatar
    What the fuck is this writing i swear its getting worse whats the point of adding a player choice if the only pay off is trust me you picked X or Y side so your part of those generic background characters i had low expectations but im still disappointed
  1. discofleshpot's Avatar - in case you've missed it. Post cinematic cutscene quest stuff.
  1. un_known's Avatar
    the thing that annoys me more than anything right now. the two thumbnails, one anduin has bushy eyebrows and a massive nose while the other has trim eyebrows and a short pushed up nose! why can't they get them the same even though one is a proper full blown cinematic and the other is ingame?????? XD

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