Developer Content Update Preview
Patch 8.3 is coming to the PTR later today and Dire Maul is coming to Classic on October 15th/16th.

  • Dire Maul is coming to World of Warcraft Classic on October 15/16th.
  • The Honor System and World Bosses are still coming with Phase 2.

Battle for Azeroth
  • Patch 8.3 - Visions of N'Zoth is coming next.
  • For the first time, we're going to see an Old God, unleashed in their full might and dark fury.
  • Ny'alotha is the domain of the Old Gods and their minions.
  • Ny'alotha is all around us, on the other side of a thin veil. N'Zoth is tearing that veil and bringing horrible nightmares and dark visions in which the forces of the Old God are in our world.
  • Titan facilities across Azeroth are the key to containing, controlling, and understanding the power of N'Zoth.
  • The minions of N'Zoth are assaulting the Titan facilities. We will have to venture through rifts into the world that N'Zoth's minions inhabit.
  • New Feature - Assaults
    • When active, a zone will be overcome with N'Zoth's forces. There will also be treasures and puzzles.
    • The team took everything they learned from previous assault features and recent major zones.
    • Uldum will come under regular assault by minions of N'Zoth.
    • The Vale of Eternal Blossoms - Corrupted again, only when N'Zoth is assaulting it.
  • New Feature - Horrific Visions
    • 1-5 player content, centered around Orgrimmar and Stormwind, that show us an alternate reality of what might come to pass if we don't succeed.
    • When you first enter a Horrific Vision, you aren't going to make it very far. Your mind will succumb to N'zoth's relentless assault.
    • You'll begin to experience cosmetic and serious mechanic hindrances as your sanity is drained by being in the vision.
    • You will retreat, taking with you the things that you've learned along the way.
    • You'll be working with Wrathion to create a legendary cloak. Initially it will provide some shield against N'zoth's attacks.
    • The cloaks will allow you to venture further into the visions, earning more rewards and unlocking more of the mystery behind his power.
    • The cloak will also come in handy when you face off against N'zoth further down the road.
    • You'll bring fragments out of the vision to allow Magni to research, giving you new tools for the battle.
    • Titanic Research will help you in future visits to the Visions.
    • Ever since the Mage Tower, the team has been looking for a solo progression experience that provides challenge.
    • You can do this entirely solo or bring friends with you. The experience will scale from 1-5 players, regardless of your role.
  • New Raid - Ny'alotha, The Waking City
    • 12 boss raid that showcases the full splendor of the Black Empire.
    • N'zoth is the final boss.
  • New levels for the Heart of Azeroth, bringing passive benefits and a new essence slot.
  • The new essence slot can be filled with new essences from Patch 8.3 content.
  • Assaults on the Titan facilities could affect Titanforging, with a new system that is a little bit more twisted and corrupt.
  • New Allied Races - Vulpera and Mechagnomes
  • Vulpera requires completion of the Vol'dun quests and Exalted with the Voldunai.
  • Mechagnomes require Exalted with Mechagon.
  • New Heritage Armor - Goblin and Worgen
  • Auction House Redesign - Faster and more performant, no single stacks.
    • People can now purchase portions of a stack
    • You can favorite items and create a shopping list for yourself.
    • No need to undercut anymore, as auctions posted later (at the same price) are sold first.
  • Heroic Darkshore Warfront
  • New PvP season
  • New Mythic Keystone Affix - Corrupted: Black Empire Obelisks that you can interact with. Pulls you into an alternate world, defeat the Lieutenant and return to reality wherever you are standing when he is defeated. This allows you to do some interesting skips. If you don't take care of the obelisks, the minions will come find you at the final boss of the dungeon.

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  1. RobertMugabe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by keymil View Post
    And how does it prove its not legit? Its a preview of 8.3, while the leak is about 9.0. If anything, with nzoth out of the way it makes even more sense for the next expansion to be about shadowlands, since some people speculated we wont face nzoth / travel to nyalotha in a patch and they will make a full expansion about it.
    Because the Shadowlands leak showed that Ny'alotha is 9.0 content and it was something totally different than what Ny'alotha actually is gonna be and totally unrelated to the actual shadowlands.
  1. Zentail's Avatar
    So shadowlands could be accurate, but we’re not going there—it’s coming to us.
  1. Cyram's Avatar
    I'm sorry but did Ion just fucking say "Alpaca not included"?
  1. pewpmeiser's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ilnez View Post
    Wow, I'm one of the last ones to hate on BFA but this is just about as fucking anti-climactic as we can possibly get.

    You took a myth of incredible proportions (Ny'alotha) that you've been hyping for YEARS and turned it, not into a zone, but into a fucking raid? Better yet, we're going to legitimately and unironically kill a full power old god in his own nightmare? Like, is this for real? This could have been a whole fucking expansion easily. N'zoth was fucking hyped up as Arthas 2.0, I was so so SOOOO looking forward to an expansion where he teases and mocks us and we finally fight him at the end after weakening him all expansion.

    Instead what? Instead we get to do single player content that will be trivialized through titanforging or whatever you're calling it now and we get to build a cloak that magically will let us kill a god? Give me a fucking break. As cool as this all sounds on paper, it gives me roughly 0 hope for the next expansion and is super fucking anti-climactic. Hate to say it but... just like the rest of the story of BFA.

    No nuance, no intrigue. Just straight pipe rushed story content. Big fucking rip.

    It's getting the fucking Argus treatment, feels fucking bad man.
    It's not their fault that you and others conjured up this grand idea of what Ny'alotha actually is! Get over it and just be happy.
  1. Raugnaut's Avatar
    Even more expanded Azerite traits, but no mentions on making them more obtainable for Alts. /sigh.
  1. Rothulean1's Avatar
    I really hope we don't kill Nzoth in 1 patch cycle. They've been setting him up for years. To kill him in 1 patch would be.... Weird.
  1. rionalgaming's Avatar
    looks like crap. sounds like crap.. is crap
  1. Paetolus's Avatar
    I'm happy the Auction House is finally being revamped. The old mobile one was more intuitive than the one in the actual game.
  1. Dakhath's Avatar
    Here I thought we might have to wait until Blizzcon to laugh at the clowns that said there was no raid forthcoming for the rest of the xpac.
  1. Doffen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Skirdus View Post
    Do we know N'Zoth is the final boss? I know Ion said we'd be facing him, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the final encounter, even if it's the most likely scenario

    Yes, may these people who have been in denial finally stop the nonsense.

    No Stormwind Raid, but Stormwind Scenario, fine! Maybe that's where the "leaked" pic of dead stuff from the Shadowland Leak is from?
    Rest is pretty awesome I'll say. Nice big patch, with what sounds like an awesome theme.

    Vulpera was fine too, Mechagnomes though? Not so much. I'll race change my Belf Hunter to a foxy lady.
  1. Shelly's Avatar
    Sounds nice, but damn do they need to raise their cameras. Feels like their camera person is 3'5".

    Also shouldn't Wrathion have a spear that we made for him in Pandaria as opposed to a sweet sword that should be a two hander and given to my warrior?
  1. Lustrick's Avatar
    It really is too bad that Ny'alotha is just a raid. Makes you wonder if that really is all there is to it or if there is more planned. I have no idea what they will go for after this expansion. It makes me appreciate Garrosh in how long he was around and developed into a raid boss. Not just introduced and killed off in one setting.
  1. TickTickTick's Avatar
    You'll be working with Wrathion to create a legendary cloak. Initially it will provide some shield against N'zoth's attacks.
    LMAO getting end of MoP vibes.

    You'll bring fragments out of the vision to allow Magni to research, giving you new tools for the battle.
    And Kairoz vibes...
  1. Djaye's Avatar
    woot, end the expansion with yet another grind for gear that will be useless in 6 months... a cloak again?
    i couldnt be less excited...
  1. Grimalkin of Old's Avatar
    What a waste of good lore.
  1. Thalassian Bob's Avatar
    Vulpera and Mechagnomes allied races? Biggest unsurprise of the expansion!

    Kinda lookin' forward to rolling some furries though!
  1. TickTickTick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMugabe View Post
    Because the Shadowlands leak showed that Ny'alotha is 9.0 content and it was something totally different than what Ny'alotha actually is gonna be and totally unrelated to the actual shadowlands.
    Ah, yeah. Tbh the idea of nyalotha being part of the shadowlands was bullshit to begin with. And lets be honest, most of these leaks are fanmade, not actual leaks. The idea about 9.0 being about shadowlands is now more legit than ever.
  1. MORGATH99's Avatar
    now that its a patch
  1. Rothulean1's Avatar
    We can't possible defeat a fully powered old gold in 1 patch cycle... Right?
  1. Venziir's Avatar
    Oh lord that Worgen Heritage set.... Good God that is just terrible

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