Patch 8.3 PTR Recap

Patch 8.3 PTR - Worgen Heritage Armor Quest Preview
The quest chain to receive the Worgen heritage armor is now available for testing on the 8.3 PTR for max level worgen players exalted with Gilneas. The quest chain starts from Courier Claridge outside the Stormwind Embassy. Spoilers below.

LevelTypeSlotNameModel Viewer
1CosmeticHeadGreyguard Tophat
1CosmeticShouldersGreyguard Ceremonial Shoulderguards
1CosmeticChestGreyguard Formal Overcoat
1CosmeticChestGreyguard Formal Robe
1CosmeticWaistGreyguard Buckle
1CosmeticLegsGreyguard Formal Trousers
1CosmeticFeetGreyguard Stompers
1CosmeticWristsGreyguard Wristbands
1CosmeticHandsGreyguard Dueling Gloves

  • The chain starts with "Shadow of Gilneas." Tess says that she has asked her parents to speak with her about the future of Gilneas, and wants you to meet her in the gardens of Stormwind Keep.
  • You arrive just in time to see Genn forbidding a request Tess has just asked of them. She responds by saying that if she is to one day lead her people, then she must understand their hardship and it is the only way.
  • It is then made clear that Tess has asked her parents to give her the Worgen curse so that she can understand her people. She gives the ultimatum that she will have you do it for her if her parents don't oblige, and Genn responds by saying that she knows not what she is asking for, being forever torn between rage and reason, fearing for loved ones anytime they are near. Mia intervenes, saying that the Worgen curse cannot be undone, but there might be another way to gain the understanding she seeks.
  • Mia gives you the quest "Into Duskwood", saying that she met a night elf in Teldrassil, Vassandra Stormclaw, who might be able to help Tess without resorting to an extreme measure. This is the same night elf that originally helped the worgen deal with their affliction. She asks you to seek her out in Duskwood.
  • When you arrive, Vassandra is busy explaining to Tess that Goldrinn's curse is dangerous. She says if her words alone do not suffice, then she knows another path to wisdom.
  • You then receive "Bane of the Nightbane", which tasks you to subdue a feral worgen named Bloodeyes. Upon finding the mound and placing some meat to lure her, you use a sedative and drag her back to Vassandra, who explains that the Worgen curse affects some worse than others. She then explains that she sent Tess on a task that she has yet to return from.
  • You then receive the quests "The Spirit of the Hunter" and "Cry to the Moon" in which Vassandra says she might be able to summon the spirit of Goldrinn to give Tess a taste of what she craves, but she needs bloodstained fangs from the leader of the pack at Manor Mistmantle, and a rare bloom called Elune's Grace from the east side of Duskwood.
  • You bring the items to Vassandra and Tess at the Twilight Grove, and then receive "Waking a Dreamer." You protect Vassandra as she summons Goldrinn. He appears and places Tess's essence into a section of the Emerald Dream he has twisted into her thoughts. He then requests that you enter the dream and help guide her with the quest "Let Sleeping Wolves Lie".
  • One inside, you begin a scenario that takes place on the day Gilneas fell. You wake Tess up, who is a Worgen in this Emerald Dream vision, and are tasked with clearing out the Forsaken and slaying Dark Ranger Thyala. You then pursue Nathanos's scent but fall into a trap and have to take out several phantasmal guards as Nathanos keeps fleeing. You then finally get to fight and kill vision Nathanos, but Tess is losing control and runs off. Vassandra shouts for you to chase after her.
  • You chase her down as she mows down Forsaken to find Sylvanas killing Liam while fighting Genn. As Slyvanas leaves, an essence of rage erupts from the rabid Tess and you must kill it to free her from her madness. She then learns that all the rage and fury of the Worgen curse was still not enough to save her brother, and in the end she became nothing more than a rabid beast lost in rage. She learns that her people are not defined by the curse, but that they have held on to who they are in spite of it. She then asks Goldrinn to end the vision and you leave via portal.
  • Tess wants to speak to her father, and gives you the quest "The New Guard" before returning to Stormwind Keep. Upon arriving, Tess explains to her parents that she was mistaken and that her people are not merely Worgen, but Gilnean. She then inducts you into the Greyguard and gives you the Heritage of Gilneas, which has a jacket version or a robe version.

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  1. Tarx's Avatar
    Terrible armor
  1. Cavox's Avatar
    On one side I appreciate a sneak peak into the new patch, but on the other I think datamining really does spoil the whole "MMORPG experience".
  1. Plehnard's Avatar
    So the Worgen basically replay a story that they've already seen directly after they created their toon? This is really lame, there is no real progress in this.
  1. javierdsv's Avatar
    Yeah, those shoulders are awful, horrible. But without them, and with the jacket option instead of the robe it looks fantastic to me. I love it.
  1. ninthbelief's Avatar
    Just embarrassing all around.
  1. Tiwack's Avatar
    A bit flat and reserved as you'd expect from that theme they've got going on, at-least the tophat is cool.
  1. blacklamb's Avatar
    I can't believe people are crying great big tears of unfathomable sadness over this, it's a wolf in a top hat! It's so amazing it makes me want to roll Alliance!
  1. rogueMatthias's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by javierdsv View Post
    Yeah, those shoulders are awful, horrible. But without them, and with the jacket option instead of the robe it looks fantastic to me. I love it.
    Oh ok, that looks a lot better without them.

    I REALLY think they should change the gold trim to silver though. The gold is too garish and bright for the Worgen.
  1. Jasper Kazai's Avatar
    It... turns into a robe in worgen form? Why? It looks awful. Also, brown boots with a black coat? Who dressed this person? And there's also way too much gold on it.
  1. Talon88's Avatar
    I do see what they were attempting, but this is one of those sets that could honestly use a more grounded approach in color and proportions, a tad less of the warcraft art style if you will. I do like the above mogs that just remove the shoulders though, that does save the set a bit.
  1. Lazuli's Avatar
    Straight up looks like green quest reward gear

    They could have given them a genn coat or at least something similar and fuck does everything look 10x worse on male worgen.
  1. Nevrex's Avatar
    It looks so much better without these ugly looking shoulders. They don't match the set at all. The colors are off as well.

    My main problem with the set however is that it's too...simple. It looks very flat and not that different from leveling gear. Real shame.

    Would love to have something like that instead:

    Even the boots look better here.
  1. Nefastus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by javierdsv View Post
    Yeah, those shoulders are awful, horrible. But without them, and with the jacket option instead of the robe it looks fantastic to me. I love it.
    Can you turn off shoulder armor nowadays?
  1. Gelannerai's Avatar
    Ok, ditching the shoulders is a huge improvement I’ll give you that. I’ll probably try mixing in the chest with the Mistshroud armor for my Hunter.

    EDIT: Just tried that combo in the dressing room and it does look pretty awesome IMO.
  1. Ealyssa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nefastus View Post
    Can you turn off shoulder armor nowadays?
    You can turn everything off outside pants and weapons.
  1. Gratlim's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ealyssa View Post
    You can turn everything off outside pants and weapons.
    Can you hide chest as well?? I remember they would not let you transmog the invisible green chest because reasons before.
  1. Gelannerai's Avatar
    Silly question, how are you guys getting images to appear in posts? Mine only ever show up like long-form url.
  1. Shelly's Avatar
    People asking for ages for a trenchcoat option, instead we get a tuxedo. Go figure.
  1. cocomen2's Avatar
    Seems its not SA easy to Copy Paste Greymane armor from HOTS........ yet they failed to make unique one.

  1. RangerDaz's Avatar
    Those shoulderpads look awful in worgen, especially in the males.

    they should reduce the size and the gold color on them, or else they completely ruin the look of the heritage.

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