Patch 8.3 PTR Recap

Patch 8.3.0 PTR - Build 32044 Weapon Models
We are taking a look at some of the new weapon models in this patch.

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  1. Puupi's Avatar

    Bulwark of Fleshlight
  1. Zakajz's Avatar
    Not enough eyes
  1. Shambulanced's Avatar
    So are they ever going to design swords and daggers that look sharp and not like chunky heaps of iron/stone?

    I don't know why I didn't give up on that years ago

    TBH most of these look like they could've been WoD or Cata blues. The "savage" style is really played out. Looks like they'll have nifty animations though.

    And what's up with the low-res textures?
  1. Valysar's Avatar
    We need HD models now.
  1. Beatman's Avatar
    Holy shit... They are really slacking in regards to textures. Are we living in 2005 or 2019?
  1. Agrias2x's Avatar
    Darn those are some of the worst looking weapons I ever seen :P All of them just terrible.
  1. LarryFromHumanResources's Avatar
    Until they make this one available to players, I'm not really interested.

  1. Arrashi's Avatar
    Oh look weapons from SoO!
  1. Daemos daemonium's Avatar
    As some one who rather likes the due look I guess I’m getting back into raiding.
  1. ChairmanKaga's Avatar
    You get a Xal'atath and you get a Xal'atath, everyone gets a Xal'atath.
  1. Rampant Rabbit's Avatar
    Looks like quest gear that got the old god treatment.
  1. Uselessrouge's Avatar
    shield yes

    rest no thanks
  1. TigTone's Avatar
    I love the shield and also the weapons/amor always look better in game at least to me they have.
  1. Cringers's Avatar
    Oh look updated AQ40 Items
  1. joxur's Avatar
    "how about a shield... with a huge eye?"

    blizzard art direction meetings must be cutting edge and innovative
  1. korijenkins's Avatar
    The weapons this xpac have been absolutely awful. The lone exception might be some of the alliance warfront ones (horde ones are dull and lifeless).
  1. Firebeast's Avatar
    Hideous crap as usual
  1. Uko's Avatar
    Eye see what they did there.
  1. kornek21's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHR View Post
    Until they make this one available to players, I'm not really interested.

    never seen that one before, in-game npc using it or?
  1. Zelk's Avatar
    someone tell blizzard swords are used to slice things and not whatever these square edged blocks are designed for

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