BlizzCon 2019 - Diablo IV Unveiled Panel
  • Setting the Stage
    • Diablo IV takes place decades after Reaper of Souls.
    • Heaven has shut its gates and the world has fallen into disarray.
    • Against this backdrop of despair, Lilith returns.
    • Lilith is the mother of humanity and represents the demonic part of our hearts.
    • Lilith is Mephisto's daughter and creator of Sanctuary.
  • Basics
    • Classic isometric RPG
    • Classic camera is returning!
    • Dark non-linear campaign
    • Shared open-world with 5 distinct regions
    • Hundreds of dungeons and legendaries
    • 5 powerful classes, the 3 announced are sorceress, barbarian and druid.
    • Being developed for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 at the same time.
    • The game is inspired by the occult and biblical themes.
    • The character select screen is a campfire.
  • Classes
    • Barbarian
      • Arsenal System - 4 weapon slots and can use one-handed and two-handed weapons in the same build.
      • The barbarian will still have fury.
      • You will automatically pull out your needed weapon for the skills you have assigned.
    • Druid
      • Originally wasn't going to be in Diablo IV.
      • Uses storm and earth magic
      • Pets and seamless shapeshifting
    • Sorceress
      • Elemental magic
      • Lights up dungeons
  • Customization
    • There is a lot more customization for your characters in Diablo IV.
    • Talent trees, skill ranks, and rune wards are in Diablo IV.
    • Play the build that is inside your head, not created for you.
    • Open-world with a non-linear campaign. You decide how to level.
  • The World of Sanctuary
    • Familiar areas of Sanctuary return.
    • Social hubs will be featured in major towns. This is where you trade, look for a group, or inspect other players.
    • The world will have World Events that are tough and require a group.
    • There are areas of Sanctuary where you can opt in for PvP.
    • You can complete Diablo IV completely solo if desired.
  • Mounts
    • Mounts are also in Diablo IV.
    • You can customize the armor pieces of your mounts and equip them with gear that affects gameplay such as speed increases or damage reduction.
    • Classes have dismount abilities that are tailored to the class.
  • Dungeons
    • Dungeons are fully randomized.
    • We will go to Hell in Diablo IV.
    • Fallen are the lowest tier of demons.
    • The Drowned are new undead that come from the ocean.
  • Items
    • The team is really leaning into legendaries this time around.
    • Sets will continue to be there, but they will not dominate.
    • Affixes will include skill ranks and passive ranks.
  • Release Date
    • The game is not coming out soon, or even Blizzard "Soon."

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  1. xenogear3's Avatar
    The game is not coming out soon, or even Blizzard "Soon."

    0 comment. People are learning.

    This game will never be released.
    It is just there to lure Diablo fans to Blizzcon.
  1. Zaflis's Avatar
    Talent trees, skill ranks, and rune wards are in Diablo IV.
    Minor typo there, they said "rune words". It's a system Diablo 2 had but little different and i was hoping they would add them to D3 in some patch. But D4 will do well too...
  1. furydeath's Avatar
    Well d3 took 4 years so mini 2023.
  1. S3r4ph's Avatar
    Then it's stupid to announce the game for PS4 & X-Box One. Do they know we are at the end of this generation of consoles ?
  1. shirre's Avatar
    The game is not coming out soon, or even Blizzard "Soon."

    2030 it is!
  1. Isheria's Avatar
    The game is being developed for pc and current-gen consoles at the same time, which are gonna be completely phased out by the end of 2021. There's simply no way microsoft/sony gonna give the green light for a current-gen console game in 2022-2023, so either development will be shifted towards next-gen or the development process will be sped up to fit the 2021 deadline.
  1. Aquinan's Avatar
    Who was the dude that took lilliths hand?
  1. endersblade's Avatar
    Only 3 classes? What is this, the 90s?
  1. Sophie90's Avatar
    The team is really leaning into legendaries this time around.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Only 3 classes?
  1. Pebrocks The Warlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sophie90 View Post
    Only 3 classes?
    When Diablo 3 was first announced they only showed 3 classes. Blizzard confirmed Diablo 4 will have 5 when released.
  1. DazManianDevil's Avatar
    I think it's silly to classify what we've seen as "Rune Words" as that's not at all how they currently function.
    A Rune Word in Diablo 2 had a total set of stats separate from the runes. So far in Diablo 4 it's "Rune type A affects Rune type B" which is not a Rune Word, more like a Jewel slot.
    Overall I'm hyped for the game, but I don't see this actually being better than D2. If this game focused on Rares being situationally better than a Leggo, I'd be super happy, but as it stands we're looking to end up with "Cookie cutter build 4, the Lightning Strike Fang of Yiff Druid. These 7 Leggos interact and are mandatory wahahaha"

    Wanna play a Frozen Orb Sorc? There's 1 Leggo that makes it do any damage, and you don't have one and since good Leggos are currently slated to being only tradeable once, good luck.

    Lets pray I'm wrong and this game is amazing.

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