World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Submit Your Questions for the Devs
MMO-Champion will be sitting down with members of the World of Warcraft development team tomorrow for an interview.

Please submit your questions by replying to this thread and we will do our best to get as many answered as possible!

  • Many people have asked about soloing old content. It's on our list.
  • General Tank/DPS/Healing Role questions are fine, but we request no class specific questions please.

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  1. Logwyn's Avatar
    Are the horde and alliance joining forces!?!?!

    Cna my Orc play in a party with my Human friend?

    Where's guild housing or player housing?
  1. tripleh's Avatar
    Will there be a pathfinder and does it really have to take 6+ months just to get to fly?

    Can we just go back to getting flying from a trainer at max level?
  1. Adjatha's Avatar
    Mythic dungeons, particularly Mythic+ always come down to a glorified race. I enjoyed older, harder dungeons that required crowd control and monitoring patrols, not trying to beat some arbitrary timer. Is there any plan on making end game dungeon content something more engaging than yet another sprint to the end?
  1. Codah's Avatar
    How will they balance class and spec identity? I'm happy for de-pruning but my spec is important to my RP.
  1. TheRealDavidTwo's Avatar
    Will there be a world revamp? Seeing as they're revamping the leveling experience, it feels like the right time.
  1. Darkeon's Avatar
    "Is that all..?"
  1. Noraver's Avatar
    Any chance we could get less "full robes" as Cloth transmog? Or a way to cut off the bottom halves?
    I want to look more battle-ready, not like I just stepped out of the shower. We lose out on pants for 90% of our transmogs.
  1. mogrut's Avatar
    Are tier sets back? And how many tiers are planned for this expansion?
  1. Canpinter's Avatar
    Will we be able to change our covenant choice?
  1. raz98's Avatar
    What are the roles of factions going to be in the upcoming expansion? Or will covenants take the new role of factions? Will there be four way World PvP, with world objectives to fight for in the name of our respective covens?

    Will we see allied races continue in this expansion?
  1. Feralheart's Avatar
    Do you intend to sort/merge the server populations at all? Being out in the world feels like a bit of a mess when there's people zoning in and out from various servers, and war mode suffers as it's unlikely I'll come across same players of the opposite faction regularly enough to build a pvp 'relationship' with, unlike on old pvp servers.
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    Will there be a revamp (visuals, narrative, questing mechanics) of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms now that you've changed the leveling system?
  1. mmocfd1b0ab5a3's Avatar
    Will there be new AP grind? What happens to essences?
  1. Ebulli's Avatar
    Will you be releasing more World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition?
  1. SinR's Avatar
    so I can't ask what Blizzard is planning with regards to the promised since Legion spec reworks?
  1. Rbsk220's Avatar
    My question is can we get a update to the in game calendar
  1. Varitok's Avatar
    Will leveling be faster under this new leveling system?
  1. Stormdash's Avatar
    In 8.2.5 a lot of attention was made in the story to the idea that something had really changed in how the factions exist and relate. You have Jaina insist to Thrall that "we are" different from the times the factions have worked together in the past. You have Saurfang, Zehkhan, Anduin, and Jaina all come together on how Azeroth is all their home, and they will "break the cycle". So is there any plan to change the way factions interact in game? Cooperative play or guilding or in-game faction change systems?
  1. BigAinCA's Avatar
    How is the level squish going to affect solo farming old content?
  1. IrukandjiPhantom's Avatar
    How will dungeons work with lower levels? Is it based on where you decide to level or is all older dungeons?

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