World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Submit Your Questions for the Devs
MMO-Champion will be sitting down with members of the World of Warcraft development team tomorrow for an interview.

Please submit your questions by replying to this thread and we will do our best to get as many answered as possible!

  • Many people have asked about soloing old content. It's on our list.
  • General Tank/DPS/Healing Role questions are fine, but we request no class specific questions please.

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  1. Huntaer's Avatar
    Will a player's choice in Covenant be displayed on their character's portrait ?
  1. Enter Name Here's Avatar
    What bosses will there be in the Tower?
    I'd like a random mix of previously slain bosses throughout all dungeons/raids/etc
  1. losstaroth's Avatar
    During legion, some classes lost the ability to play with some weapon type. Will we finally be abble to be free to choose again our prefered weapon type (two handed / one handed)?
  1. matrix123mko's Avatar
    If we are going to get our spells unpruned, what will demon hunter get?
  1. Mett's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Duridi View Post
    Will there be more robe versions of various transmog sets?

    Looking at the curret Covenant sets, they are all pants and 3/4 sets look like plate. This has been a trend through BFA too. I strongly dislike wearing pants as leather and mail caster.
    I honestly just think they showed plate. This is in the concept art for the Bastion sets so I'd just say they arent complete to show in game yet.
  1. Spurious's Avatar
    What will the extra customisation options for blood elves be?
  1. kattarina's Avatar
    With the level squich, how will LFD work? Will all dungeons be 10-50? will you be able to queue for them all as you level?
  1. Cerus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Varitok View Post
    They said you could do it in one expac but there is no confirmation if you'll have to grind.
    They specifically said leveling takes too long especially hurting new players that leveling 1-60 will be faster. 50-60 will be 70% faster as well.
  1. sforzie's Avatar
    Maybe someone already asked this, but, how will flying work now while leveling? If you've got the Legion pathfinder and choose to level there at 10, will you be able to fly at level 10 or will you have to wait until a later level?
  1. Agrossive's Avatar
    Was the question of flying at level 10 asked/answered?
  1. nadiayorc's Avatar
    I realise this whole thing has already happened and they probably won't see any of these but customisations for druid forms such as fur patterns and other accessories would be amazing in addition to the new customisations for all races as you won’t actually see a single one of these customisations as a druid which is quite unfortunate unless the customisations you make to your character will also apply to the druid forms similar to how worgen works when you are in “human form”. That would probably be the best way to make everyone happy.

    Entirely new styled druid form models isnt required, just good customisation of the existing ones. The Night Elf and Worgen forms are just so boring in comparison to zandalar, kul tiran etc. All night elves get is slightly longer ears and worgen just get some sharp teeth. In-depth customisations for the druid forms of all the races would be a very nice addition. The only issue is that kul tiran and zandalar forms are so vastly different from every other races that it may be a bit hard to do that.

    I really do hope they give it some serious thought. It probably won’t happen but we can hope.
    Also I really wish they would change the glyph of stars astral form so you can actually see your character properly.
  1. jadedfuture's Avatar
    When will the interview be posted? Very interested in and glad that the first question in this thread addressed player housing and guild halls.
  1. crissano's Avatar
    Shadowlands look very interesting. Some Player new and old are bit worried about the crunch level.... FLYING. Will the players be able to FLY once they get to 10th or 20th. There are several area that are hard to get which require FLYING. For Example: Sholazar Basin, Icecrown, Storm Peaks.. in Northrend.

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