Jenafur Secret Cat - Puzzle Solved
Paul from the Secret Finding Discord has discovered how to obtain Jenafur!

  • Talk to Amara Lunastar at coordinates 17.4 49.3 in Ashenvale.
    /way Ashenvale 17.4 49.3 Amara Lunastar
  • Interact with the Empty Dish at coordinates 44.2 53.1 in Elwynn Forest (inside Donni Anthania house).
    /way Elwynn Forest 44.2 53.1 Empty Dish
  • Go inside Karazhan (Legion Dungeon) and pick up the following foods: 2x Juicy Drumstick, 2x Marbled Steak, 2x Fishy Bits, 1x Meaty Morsel, 1x Slathered Rib.

  • Place the food on tiles in the Opera Hall. Food order from left to right: Juicy Drumstick, Marbled Steak, Fishy Bits, Meaty Morsel, Marbled Steak, Slathered Rib, Juicy Drumstick, Fishy Bits.

  • After placing the food, Amara's Wish music plays and Jenafur spawns! Click on the cat and the pet is yours!

  • Thanks to Paul for figuring out the last step of the secret! Even though he doesn't play WoW (or many video games at all these days), he managed to solve this last part of the puzzle. Check his google doc for the explanation!
  • Thanks to Tigger Oni for the Karazhan Interactive Map App and Opera App.
  • Thanks to Raere for the Jenafur Journal and The Meat Key.
  • Thanks to Kruxx for the food images above.
  • Jenafur Secret Cat - Full Guide.

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  1. TyrianFC's Avatar
    Id think its pretty obvious all secrets ingame are essentially out-of-hours passion projects by someone on the team....

    ie they arent taking away from on-hours stuff.
  1. Fluffernut's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kumorii View Post
    Yes, would like to know as well...managed to mix up 2 spots. Maybe it resets after 5 min or I have to reset dungeon, which I don't want to.
    The food is on a timer - once the timer expires the food respawns. Just wait for all the timers to expire, re-gather the food, and try again!
  1. Kumorii's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffernut View Post
    The food is on a timer - once the timer expires the food respawns. Just wait for all the timers to expire, re-gather the food, and try again!
    It's even easier than that... the food despawned idd. But the music played as soon as I placed the 2 pieces that were wrong originally... so didn't even need to finish the last three. Seems like it saves what you've placed even after they despawn.
  1. FuxieDK's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mendzia View Post
    Anybody knows how long ago it was added to the game?
    With renewed Karazhan or later?
    It was added to the game, 24/9-19, so just a few days shy of a year.
  1. trapmaster's Avatar
    I am so amazed how the hell those ppl solve those kind of puzzles in a long run is.........wtfable
  1. Chonar's Avatar
    To save people with a bleedin' heart like mine some trouble; No, nothing happens when you return her kitty to her.

    Sad dwarf noises. But hey, new cat.
  1. Cerus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    I strongly suggest scouting out the locations of the food in Kara before picking any up. All of them are found after the Opera Event. some are located in the rooms leading up to Maiden, some are found in Moroes boss fight room, some are found near Attumen and some are found in the spider rooms.

    Did you even read the guide or look at the food map?
  1. Snorri's Avatar
    Some of the food locations are wrong. They are either not there at all, or there are instead other foods that are not related to the secret.
  1. Pebrocks The Warlock's Avatar
    Has anyone found anything about Uuna in Shadowlands yet?
  1. Tziva's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Snorri View Post
    Some of the food locations are wrong. They are either not there at all, or there are instead other foods that are not related to the secret.
    Try this:

    I can't say for the foods that you don't need, but it is accurate for all the ones you do need, and you can filter the map/foods by area.
  1. jonny888's Avatar
    Be warned: Make sure you aren't at your battle pet cap when you try to loot her. I was, and now even after dropping below the limit, I cannot click her again. Have tried logging out, going into a different version of the instance, nothing in the mail, etc. Doesn't work. I'm guessing I counted as completing her loot trigger without actually receiving her. So time to open a ticket.
  1. Heladys's Avatar
    As always, thanks to the smart people who figure things out so I can get things I wouldn't have otherwise.
  1. Haidaes's Avatar
    For me a only one marbeled stake spawned (way off in the stables) and the first time I didn't manage to get it to lag out and give me to. I thought I bumbled it anyway and just put down the things I had and even made a mistake. When they respawned I did it properly and even before placing the last item again it counted once I placed the previously missing (and wrongly placed) marbled stake. So this seems rather forgiving. If you made a mistake just wait for 5 minutes until it respawns or maybe even just try to place the missing piece after the correct ones have already despawned.
  1. Powerogue's Avatar
    Got it second try. Thanks! I will love this chonky cat forever.

    Notably when I went and did it again on heroic mode to make sure it reset properly (apparently not necessary but whatever) all the items were in fact in the same places.
  1. richiecqc's Avatar
    Took me all of 15 minutes total i cleared the rooms to gather the food so no aggro not there would be but just in case. Make sure you gather the food in in the certain makes placing easier too.
  1. Seikusa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Didn't even get close to collecting half the food ... I did the maths and because of my disability, there was no way I could collect them all in time.

    Was ok to let it go, but then someone offered me into a party.
    You can/could place one food at a time, you dont have to do it all in one go. We were a little slow and placed the food in two goes. The placed food doesnt dispawn.
  1. Halfaheart's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    imagine if devs stop wasting time on idiotic things like that and spend that time for example designing better armour. or tuning the game better
    Imagine crying about flavor games made by maybe one developer compared to the whole team working on an expansion lmao logic doesn't live on these forums apparently
  1. schwarzkopf's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seikusa View Post
    The placed food doesnt dispawn.
    Thought there was a 5 minute timer on placed food as well ?
  1. esjastad's Avatar
    Ha, Nice! Just here trying to his a post quote before you can post links...

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