Shadowlands Afterlives: Revendreth
Sire Denathrius, Master of Revendreth, takes a moment out of his busy day to assure his citizens that despite the mysterious drought that plagues their realm, he has taken steps to ensure that they will prosper—so long as their faith in him remains absolute.

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  1. Xlightning's Avatar
    Lol, those screams followed by that music and his tone.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The elite gets anima while the others starve for it. Classic.
  1. Adeptus Astartes's Avatar
    Garrosh is gonna be pisssssssed.
  1. vilememory's Avatar
    Holy fecal matter they turned Garrosh into an anima farm.
  1. Snowflakesz's Avatar
    Wow, this one was fucking awesome.
  1. Fullmetal89's Avatar
    Too short, kinda underwhelming but I liked it more than Maldraxus and Ardenwald.
  1. Inukashi's Avatar was hard to surpass Ardenweald for me.
    I'm still gonna go to the Venthyr.
  1. Easo's Avatar
    Garrosh is a battery. I approve.
    It is funny that he is so fricking pissed and angry that they have been pumping anima from him for years yet there is always more.
  1. TickTickTick's Avatar
    I expected more tbh, pretty forgettable and its sad considering the fact it's the last one.
  1. Crysis's Avatar
    Cool, my main covenant also got the coolest short movie. Now when is the prepatch hitting blizz goddamnit?
  1. Sanguinerd's Avatar
    I will do what I must to free the true Warchief!
  1. RCA's Avatar
    Milking me some Orc, lol Mr. Old Reliable.

    Anyone instantly reminded of Fred the Barber from Courage the Cowardly Dog? Don't want to post a video of it to take away from the this, but idk instantly got a vibe...calm, well spoken but this narrator (is it sire d, idk) is a creepy lying asshole.
  1. Varodoc's Avatar
    I would say that even if this cinematic was not very plot-oriented, Denathrius' VA more than makes up for it. Superb voice, hopefully he is given more work in the future. He should voice a void elf and maybe a san'layn, it's a perfect voice.
  1. faithbane's Avatar
    after Ardenweald.. this was meh. not worth the hype.
  1. Unholyground's Avatar
    Well one more left for the Maw and the Jailor haha.

    I will say I feel like Garrosh is going to be freed and will have words with Thrall, maybe he will have changed some.
  1. Xilurm's Avatar
    I wonder if Arthas would've went there if he wasn't thrown into The Maw.
  1. tromage2's Avatar
    So Revendreth is my enemy in the SL, they have the warchief as a prisoner.
    They better make a questchain for me to free him and make Revendreth pay the price for this.
  1. Eapoe's Avatar
    For not having much implied action or huge lore figures, I really liked this one. Makes you really want to kill him while seeing how the upper class survive and hopefully overthrow as the game goes on.
    The only downside I really have to it is that it comes off as very Suramar-esque. If a rebellion happens then it really will seem like a copy paste of that storyline.
  1. Demsi's Avatar
    That was really good, it really set the stage for revendreth, unlike the maldraxxus one.
  1. Liarparadox's Avatar
    Excellent. I think my fav out of them all.
  1. Ihavewaffles's Avatar
    Who writes this shit?

    "the flow of such hubris-ridden souls has virtually ceased"

    How the fuck can u run out of assholes? How can u run out of hubris-ridden people? Lol??

    That makes as much sense as writing "the vast oceans have run out of water"

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