Night Fae Covenant - Soulshape Ability Update
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We’ve seen some questions recently about inconsistencies with abilities that cancel Soulshape and abilities that are usable during Soulshape without cancelling it. This is a work in progress.

The design intention here is that Soulshape should behave similarly to a Shaman’s Ghost Wolf, or a Druid’s Travel Form – all activated abilities should cancel Soulshape, with a few exceptions. When work is complete, Shaman or Druid abilities that do not already cancel Ghost Wolf / Travel Form should not cancel Soulshape. Another example to follow is Glide for Demon Hunters.

As of this latest build of the Shadowlands Beta, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and Druid abilities are set up appropriately, with the exception of some PvP talents. We’ll make this behavior consistent across the remaining classes in future builds.
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    God I hate covenants. Absolute garbage feature.
  1. Nnyco's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS View Post
    God I hate covenants. Absolute garbage feature.
    Didnt take long for a QQ post to show up.
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    this blue post probably had some more patch notes to it, but they decided to launch it half-completed
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    MMOC gets exponentially worse with every extra day of BFA.

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