The shadowy protectors of Pandaria's temples, the Shado-Pan are wrought with mystery.


Level Type Spec Slot Name Required Rep Cost
450TrinketTrinket Shado-Pan Dragon GunHonored1750 x
450FingerTankFinger Thunderstone RingHonored1250 x
450FingerMeleeFinger Signet of the Slumbering EmperorHonored1250 x
450FingerSpell SpiritFinger Sorcerer-King's SealHonored1250 x
450FingerPhysical DPSFinger Mark of the Dancing CraneHonored1250 x
450FingerSpell DPSFinger Etched Golden LoopHonored1250 x
450ClothSpell DPSChest Robe of Quiet MeditationHonored2250 x
450ClothSpell DPSChest Robe of Eternal DynastyHonored2250 x
450LeatherPhysical DPSLegs Tough Mushanhide LeggingsHonored2250 x
450LeatherSpell DPSLegs Brambleguard LeggingsHonored2250 x
450MailPhysical DPSHands Brushcutter's GlovesHonored1750 x
450MailSpell DPSHands Gloves of Forgotten WisdomHonored1750 x
450PlateMeleeHands Wall Breaker GauntletsHonored1750 x
450PlateSpell SpiritHands Gauntlets of RestraintHonored1750 x
85Other Stack of Wooden BoardsHonored10
85Other Stack of BambooHonored25
85Other Stack of Stone BlocksHonored50
90Enchanting Formula Formula: Enchant Weapon - River's SongRevered40
90Enchanting Formula Formula: Enchant Weapon - Jade SpiritRevered40
90Enchanting Formula Formula: Enchant Weapon - Dancing SteelRevered40
489TrinketTrinket Lao-Chin's Liquid CourageRevered1750 x
489TrinketMeleeTrinket Iron Belly WokRevered1750 x
489TrinketPhysical DPSTrinket Hawkmaster's TalonRevered1750 x
489TrinketSpell DPSTrinket Scroll of Revered AncestorsRevered1750 x
489TrinketSpell DPSTrinket Blossom of Pure SnowRevered1750 x
489BackTankBack Yi's Cloak of CourageRevered1250 x
489BackMeleeBack Cloak of the Dark DiscipleRevered1250 x
489ClothSpell SpiritHead Yalia's CowlRevered2250 x
489BackSpell SpiritBack Sagewhisper's WrapRevered1250 x
489BackPhysical DPSBack Blackguard CapeRevered1250 x
489ClothSpell DPSHead Firecracker CoronaRevered2250 x
489BackSpell DPSBack Cloak of Snow BlossomsRevered1250 x
489LeatherSpell SpiritHead Snowdrift HelmRevered2250 x
489LeatherPhysical DPSHead Red Smoke BandanaRevered2250 x
489MailSpell SpiritHead Nightwatcher's HelmRevered2250 x
489MailPhysical DPSHead Hawkmaster's HeadguardRevered2250 x
489PlateTankHead Yi's Least Favorite HelmetRevered2250 x
489PlateMeleeHead Voice Amplyifying GreathelmRevered2250 x
489PlateSpell SpiritHead Six Pool's Open HelmRevered2250 x
90Mount Reins of the Green Shado-Pan Riding TigerExalted1500
90Mount Reins of the Red Shado-Pan Riding TigerExalted2500
90Mount Reins of the Blue Shado-Pan Riding TigerExalted500
1TabardTabard Shado-Pan TabardExalted10
90ClothHead Replica Shado-Pan HelmetExalted18 69
90LeatherHead Replica Shado-Pan HelmetExalted17 73
90MailHead Replica Shado-Pan HelmetExalted17 80
90PlateHead Replica Shado-Pan HelmetExalted17 87


Name Side Points Reward Category
Defender of Gods Complete the Shado-Pan finale, "Surprise Attack!"
Dog Pile Defeat 10 Shado-Pan Trainees within 10 seconds.
Getting Around with the Shado-Pan Complete 15 Shado-Pan daily quests with each of the following Shado-Pan heroes.
Know Your Role Complete each of the Shado-Pan Blackguard daily quests without taking any damage from monsters.
Loner and a Rebel Complete each set of the Shado-Pan daily quests without a Shado-Pan companion or leaving Townlong Steppes.
Proven Strength Earn the company of each of the following Shado-Pan heroes at the Shado-Pan Garrison.
Silent Assassin Complete a full set of Shado-Pan Wu Kao daily quests while only killing the exact number of mantid required.
Spreading the Warmth Kill 60 Krik'thik Hivelings with a single Shado-Pan torch.
Shado-Pan Earn Exalted status with the Shado-Pan.
The Shado-Master Prove your worth to the Shado-Pan elite by completing all of the achievements listed below.
Title Reward: Shado-Master <Name>

Daily Quests

Level Name Rewards Rep Objective
90The Mogu Menace
250 Kill 12 Shan'ze Serpentbinders or Shan'ze Beastmasters.
90Spiteful Sprites
250 Kill 30 Darkwoods Pixies or Darkwoods Charmers.
90Egg Rescue!
250 Collect 8 Cloudrunner Eggs.
90Onyx Hearts
250 Collect 4 Onyx Hearts.
90Dark Arts
250 Collect 8 Shan'ze Tablets.
90Bronze Claws
250 Collect 20 Bronze Claws.
90Illusions Of The Past
250 Kill 3 Shan'ze Illusionists.
90Little Hatchlings
250 Free 20 Cloudrunner Hatchlings.
90Born Free
250 Free 6 Wild Cloudrunners from their chains.
90Grave Consequences
250 Kill 24 Shan'ze Ancestors. Shan'ze Ancestors may be found inside Mogu Burial Urns.
90In Sprite Of Everything
250 Kill the Darkwoods Faerie.
90Riding the Storm
250 Use the Bronze Claws to mount 8 Shan'ze Cloudrunners. Attack them to free them of their corruption.
90When The Dead Speak
250 Kill the Shan'ze Deathspeaker.
90The Mogu Menace
250 Kill 12 Shan'ze Serpentbinders or Shan'ze Beastmasters.
90The Mogu Menace
250 Kill 12 Shan'ze Serpentbinders or Shan'ze Beastmasters.
90Assault Fire Camp Gai-Cho
125 Kill 16 Gai-Cho Yaungol, Earthtalkers or Pitchthrowers.
90Assault Deadtalker's Plateau
125 Kill 8 Deadtalker Corpsedefilers and 1 Deadtalker Crusher.
90Spirit Dust
125 Return 8 spirits to their remains at the Deadtalker Plateau in Townlong Steppes.
250 Kill Uruk at Deadtalker's Plateau in Townlong Steppes.
90The Deadtalker Cipher
125 Collect a Scroll of Spiritbinding Rites from the yaungol at Deadtalker's Plateau.
90The Enemy of My Enemy... Is Still My Enemy!
125 Use Highly Explosive Yauingol Oil Barrels to kill 100 mantid or yaungol on the Gai-Cho Battlefield.
90Cheng Bo!
250 Kill Cheng-Bo at Fire Camp Gai-Cho in Townlong Steppes
90Sra'vess Wetwork
125 Kill any 15 non-elite mantid near Sra'vess.
90The Bigger They Come...
125 Kill any 4 elite mantid at Sra'vess.
90A Morale Victory
125 Destroy the Southern, Central, Eastern and Western Idols at Sra'vess.
90Destroy the Siege Weapons!
125 Destroy the four mantid siege weapons at Sra'vess in Townlong Steppes.
125 Plant Shado-Pan Gas Bombs within the 5 targeted structures on Sara'vess.
90Friends, Not Food!
125 Rescue a Shado-Pan Trainee in each of the north, central and south Kunchong feeding pits.
90Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Swarmlord
250 Kill the Sra'thik Swarmlord at Sra'vess in Townlong Steppes.
90Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Hivelord
250 Defeat the Sra'thik Hivelord.

One Time Quests

Level Name Rewards Rep Objective
87Unmasking the Yaungol
Pick one:
100 Lure Kobai into the Blinding Rage Trap, steal the Mask of Malevolent Fury from him, and then defeat Malevolent Fury.
88To Winter's Blossom25 Speak with Lin Silentstrike at Winter's Blossom in Kun-Lai Summit.
88A Line Unbroken75 Lay Shado-Master Zhiyao, Liu of the Thousand Blows and Shiya Boldblade to rest.
88Honor, Even in Death75 Kill 12 Kun-Lai Scavengers.
88To the Wall!25 Speak to Kite Master Len at Winter's Blossom in Kun-Lai Summit to take a kite up to the Ox Gate. Once there, speak to Suna Silentstrike.
88Off the Wall!75 Kill 12 Osul Veteran Archers or Osul Fire-Warriors.
88A Terrible Sacrifice
75 Gather 6 Barrels of Yaungol Fire Oil.
Pick one:
100 Speak to the Shado-Pan Monastery Sentinel to gain entrance to the Shado-Pan Monastery.
89Lord of the Shado-Pan
Pick one:
500 Rid Taran Zhu of his possession by the Sha of Hatred.
89My Husband...25 Meet up with Suna Silentstrike at Longying Outpost in the Townlong Steppes.
89First Assault
Pick one:
100 Kill 6 Osul Sharphorns.
89Running Rampant75 Scare 8 Long-Haired Yaks or Steppebeasts.
89Perfect Pitch75 Collect 8 Dark Pitch.
89Seeing Red
Pick one:
100 Kill 8 Osul Marauders or Osul Spitfires.
89Pitching In
75 Use Ban's Explosives to destroy 6 Osul Ballistas.
89Ranger Rescue75 Unlock Drywood Cages to save 4 Longying Rangers and Lin Silentstrike.
89The Exile75 Kill Urang, Ku-Tong, and Battat.
89Jung Duk
Pick one:
100 Plant the Shado-Pan Banner on the Ceremonial Pile, then kill Jung Duk.
89In Search of Suna75 Speak to Ban Bearheart after arriving at Hatred's Vice.
89Dust to Dust75 Use the Shado-Pan Torch on 20 Palewind Villagers.
89Slaying the Scavengers75 Kill 8 Ashfang Hyenas.
89Totemic Research75 Collect 9 Palewind Totems.
89Last Toll of the Yaungol
Pick one:
100 Take Xiao Tu to the smoke trails at Hatred's Vice.
89Spiteful Spirits75 Kill 10 Spiteful Spirits.
89Hatred Becomes Us
75 Use the Totem of Harmony to exorcise sha spirits from 8 Crazed Shado-Pan Rangers. Defeat the Seething Hatreds to purify your allies.
89The Point of No Return
Pick one:
100 Find Suna Silentstrike.
89Gao-Ran Battlefront25 Speak to Lord Taran Zhu at the Gao-Ran Battlefront in the Townlong Steppes.
89A Foot in the Door75 Kill 8 Osul Chargers.
89What Lies Beneath75 Speak to Yalia Sagewhisper to begin the ceremony.

Then, activate the Totem of Kindness, the Totem of Tranquility, and the Totem of Serenity.
89Behind the Battlefront25 Meet with Taoshi at Dampsoil Burrow.
89Unwelcome Intruders75 Kill 12 Krik'thik Deep-scouts with Taoshi's help.
89Breach in the Defenses75 Use the Shado-Pan Flare to aid in killing 10 Krik'thik Scentlayers.
89Trap Setting75 Rearm 8 Shado-Pan Spike Traps.
89The Restless Watch
Pick one:
100 Deliver return orders to Scout Wei-Chin, Scout Long, Scout Ying, and Scout Jai-Gan.
89Treatment for the Troops75 Collect 10 Violet Citron.
89Back on Their Feet75 Heal 8 Injured Gao-Ran Blackguards.
89The Endless Swarm
Pick one:
100 Kill 12 Krik'thik attackers at the Gao-Ran Battlefront.
89Rummaging Through the Remains
75 Recover 20 Krik'thik Limbs.
89Improvised Ammunition
Pick one:
100 Recover 16 Volatile Dread Orbs from the Ambermarsh.
89Thieves and Troublemakers
75 Kill 10 Agitated Nettleskins.
89In the Wrong Hands
75 Recover Initiate Chao's Sword.
89Cutting the Swarm75 Use a Dragon Launcher to kill 50 swarming mantid.
89In Skilled Hands75 Bring the Shado-Pan Crossbow Bolt Bundle to Hawkmaster Nurong.
89Terror of the Dread Wastes
Pick one:
100 Defeat Norvakess, the Terror of the Dread Wastes.
89Along the Southern Front25 Ride with Taran Zhu and Taoshi to Dusklight Hollow.
89The Motives of the Mantid
Pick one:
100 Slay mantid in Kri'vess so Tai Ho can look for clues on their bodies.
89Natural Antiseptic75 Obtain 5 Full Mushan Bladders.
89Set the Mantid Back75 Use Gunpowder Casks to explode the Kri'thik Weapons and the Kri'thik Supplies in Kri'vess.
89The Wisdom of Niuzao75 Speak with Ogo the Younger at Niuzao Temple in the Townlong Steppes.
89Niuzao's Price
Pick one:
Kill the mantid of the Sra'thik Incursion so that Tai Ho can search their bodies for pieces of Niuzao's statuette.
89The Terrible Truth
Pick one:
100 Investigate the Niuzao Catacombs, then slay the Dread Shadow that dwells within.
89Give Them Peace75 Give peace to 10 Fear-Stricken Sentinels by closing their eyes and placing them on their bellies.
89A Trail of Fear75 Kill 12 Dreadlings within the Niuzao Catacombs.
89Returning from the Pass25 Report in to Taran Zhu at the Gao-Ran Battlefront.
89The Field Armorer
Pick one:
100 Obtain 120 Rankbite Shell Fragments.
89A Proper Poultice75 Obtain 11 Mao-Willows.
89The Sha of Hatred
Pick one:
500 Defeat the Sha of Hatred.
89Enraged By Hatred
Pick one:
100 Kill 9 Seething Fleshrippers.
89Taking Stock75 Gather 120 Shado-Pan Fire Arrows.
89Joining the Fight25 Bring the Quiver of Shado-Pan Fire Arrows to Lao-Chin the Iron Belly at Dusklight Bridge.
89Up In Flames
Pick one:
100 Kill 10 Kor'thik Timberhusks with the aid of Lao-Chin's kegs.
89Raising Spirits
250 Throw 8 Iron Belly Spirits to nearby Dusklight Skirmishers and Dusklight Rangers.
89The Taking of Dusklight Bridge
Pick one:
100 Help Lao-Chin the Iron Belly hold the far side of the Dusklight Bridge.
89Joining the Hunt25 Ride with Taran Zhu, Taoshi, and Lao-Chin to Rensai's Watchpost.
89Grounded Welcome
Pick one:
100 Kill 12 grounded Kor'thik Fleetwings.
89Hostile Skies
75 Shoot down 50 Kor'thik Swarmers and Voress'thalik.
89Devastation Below
Pick one:
100 Defeat Voress'thalik with the aid of Hawkmaster Nurong.
89Heroes of the Shado-Pan25 Return with Hawkmaster Nurong to Taran Zhu at Rensai's Watchpost.
89Taoshi and Korvexxis75 Kill Korvexxis with the aid of Taoshi.
88Do a Barrel Roll!
75 Pick up a keg near Lao-Chin, roll it downhill at the yaungol, and ignite it near them to destroy 4 Osul Treelaunchers and 50 Osul Invaders.
88Finish This!100 Finish the battle for the Ox Gate.
88Where are My Reinforcements?25 Speak with Ban Bearheart outside the Shado-Pan Monastery in Kun-Lai Summit.
88Lao-Chin's Gambit25 Speak with Lao-Chin the Iron Belly at Winter's Blossom in Kun-Lai Summit.
88Into the Monastery25 Meet Ban Bearheart inside the Shado-Pan Monastery.
88Into the Monastery25 Meet Ban Bearheart inside the Shado-Pan Monastery.
89Choking the Skies
75 Burn 10 Kor'thik Fleetwing corpses.
90The Challenger's Ring: Snow Blossom
350 Challenge Snow Blossom and defeat her in the Challenger's Ring.
89Lao-Chin and Serevex75 Kill Serevex with the aid of Lao-Chin the Iron Belly.
89Nurong and Rothek75 Kill Rothek with the aid of Hawkmaster Nurong.
89Buried Beneath25 Look through the spyglass in Rensai's Watchpost.
90The Challenger's Ring: Yalia Sagewhisper
350 Challenge Yalia Sagewhisper and defeat her in the Challenger's Ring.
90Through the Portal
250 Collect 1000 Ancient Arcane Powder.
90The Challenger's Ring: Chao the Voice
350 Challenge Chao the Voice, and then defeat her in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
90The Challenger's Ring: Lao-Chin the Iron Belly
350 Challenge Lao-Chen the Iron Belly and then defeat him in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
90The Challenger's Ring: Hawkmaster Nurong
350 Challenge Hawkmaster Nurong, and then defeat him in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
90The Challenger's Ring: Tenwu of the Red Smoke
350 Challenge Tenwu of the Red Smoke, and then defeat him in combat at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
90Surprise Attack!
500 Meet up with Ban Bearheart outside Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes, and put a stop to the Mogu Invasion there.
89The Path to Respect Lies in Violence
Pick one:
500 Kill the Sha of Violence.
89Thinning the Sik'thik
Pick one:
100 Kill 12 Sik'thik mantid.
89The Search for Restless Leng75 Search Sik'thik Cages for Restless Leng.
86The Cost of War5 Slay 15 Sha Haunts and 5 Sha Harbingers in Garrosh'ar Point.
86Face to Face With Consequence5 Kill 20 Sha Haunts and 7 Sha Harbingers.
90Remnants of Anger
Pick one:
500 Deliver the Claw of Anger to Ban Bearheart at the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.
87The Defense of Shado-Pan Fallback75 Kill 15 Sha-Infested Yaungol.
87Turnabout75 Collect 5 Blind Rage Essences from Blind Rages in Firebough Nook.

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