Blood Elf and Void Elf Purple Eyes Customization
An undocumented change in Patch 9.0.2 is that both Blood Elves and Void Elves have the addition of purple eye customization options!

BoE Cosmetic Transmog Pieces Now Have Pink Corner Visuals
Another undocumented change from Patch 9.0.2 was pointed out by user Grayvves on Reddit. BoE cosmetic transmog pieces now have pink visuals in the lower left and upper right hand corners of their icons!

Soulare of Andorhal Wayfarer's Bonfire Toy
For anyone who hasn't acquired the Wayfarer's Bonfire toy from your Garrison follower Soulare, user gnomesized has reminded us in the forums that Soulare of Andorhal now resides behind King Wrynn's tomb in Stormwind. If you use the /tired emote on him, you will be gifted the toy for free! This was implemented back when the emotes feature came in 8.0.

Updated Curseforge Project Moderation Timeline
Thanks to feedback from the community, Curseforge has amended the timeline for project moderation to the following:

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
We appreciate all the feedback from the community around the upcoming moderation changes for the US holidays and transfer to Overwolf. Based on your feedback, we’ve worked with our moderation team and have amended our timeline to include the following:

  • 11/25 - At 12pm, we will stop new project moderation. This means if you create a project for the first time, you will have to wait until after 11/30 for it to be approved. We will continue moderating updates to current addons and mods.
  • 11/25–11/29 - We will have moderators taking shifts over this time in order to approve file updates for addons and mods.
  • On 11/30 - addons will only be available via the CurseForge app. Additionally, the mods tab will no longer be available in the Twitch Desktop App.

CurseForge will still go into read only mode on 11/30 while we work on transferring things to Overwolf. Our plan is to get the website back online first in order for authors to upload updates to their projects.

Key takeaway: Moderation for WoW addon updates and other game mod updates will continue until we start the read-only mode on 11/30. Overall moderation will resume back to normal by 12/3. The Twitch Desktop and CurseForge apps will still work throughout this time, and they will continue to receive addon updates from any addons uploaded before read-only starts. Starting on 11/30, addons will only be available via the CurseForge app.

Chris Kaleiki Talks About Why He Left Blizzard
Ex-Blizzard game designer Chris Kaleiki has made a video explaining why he left the World of Warcraft team after 13 years.

Time at Blizzard
  • Chris stresses that he really enjoyed working at Blizzard and there are a lot of talented and great people there.
  • This video isn't to elicit any ill-will towards them or the studio.
  • People's reasonings for staying or leaving are all personal and so all employees have different reasonings for their decisions.
  • Chris has been at Blizzard since 2007 and mostly worked on class design and PvP.
  • The class design team he initially joined was a lot smaller than he anticipated in Wrath development.
  • Chris felt it was his duty to the players to make sure all of the classes and specs were viable in as much content as possible.
  • He was the main designer for the Monk class, and worked on PvP talents and War Mode.
  • In Shadowlands he did the Shadow Priest revamp, monk legendaries, and War mode content.

Why He Left
  • His reason for leaving was that he felt a disconnect with the game, but it wasn't until Classic came out that he discovered why this was the case.
  • In Classic, the vision of the game is clear. Big concepts are that the world is the main character, the player is the story, and the community is the content. In the modern game, these pillars exist but in a much less degree.
  • Guilds in Classic are almost needed to be successful. This creates community that isn't as needed in retail.
  • The story is a much bigger part in retail, where the drama and the characters soak up most of it instead of the players being the main story.
  • The modern game seems to miss a lot of this human element and player drama.
  • Chris loves the current story and knows that many players do too, but this shift changes the game.
  • Chris feels there is too much focus on progression systems and engagement when the focus should be on core systems like guilds and features that only MMO's can do.
  • This is all not a problem with the game as much as it is a disconnect between the modern game and what it used to be for him.
  • The vision of the game has changed over time, and he has heard from both players and people on the team that the current vision is not as clear as it was in the past. Others feel the vision hasn't changed.
  • Chris believes the main challenge for the WoW team going forward is to figure out what the modern vision is, and how it differentiates from Classic.
  • Blizzard is a much different company than it was 13 years ago and is much bigger. This isn't a bad thing as it shows the company is successful.
  • The challenge of scale is what Blizzard has going forward, much like any big company.
  • He ultimately thinks WoW and Blizzard will be totally fine! There are a lot of talented and good people there.
  • Despite its flaws, WoW is still the king of virtual worlds and will be for a long time. He believed that Blizzard would hold this crown forever, and eventually create the next one, but he isn't so sure that it is true these days.
  • This is one of the reasonings for his leaving. Chris wants to be a part of creating that next big virtual world.
  • He is rooting for Shadowlands and knows it will be a massive success. He will definitely be playing it with War Mode on!

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  1. Fleugen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Yriel View Post
    I have to disagree. We help each other with all kinds of stuff. We fly out when someone has problems with a achievement or a rare, we fill empty spots in dungeon groups, we craft for each other for free, we give each other all kinds of stuff for free, like island expedition pets or rare drops. And we have a very lively guild chat. We had several RL meetings, we have a TS server where someone is always hanging around if you want to talk or do something.
    We are just not very good raiders. Never were. Thats because everyone can come to every raid. Raids were most more social events where everyone is cracking jokes and some alcohol is consumed. If we didn't down the boss then no one cares really. You can see the story in LFR and we are happy with all the drops we get. Yeah there has been drama now and then but it mostly got resolved. Not everyone likes this type of guilds so more ambitious members tend to leave after some time. Thats ok.

    So i do think it is a communty, in fact much more than the more progress orientated guilds where every member is not more than his raidstats and equipment.
    Which is great. But you're probably the only community like that left in the game. Maybe there's one other, but you'd be hard pressed to find it.

    And that's because it's unnecessary. Necessity creates this style of play. Basically all of what you've mentioned is ENTIRELY soloable by most players who care to learn even the slightest bit about their classes and how to play the game. It's not about "where every member is not more than his raidstats and equipment," it's about realizing in group-styled content, you are expected to care about more than yourself, and maximizing your output is at the top of the list of things you can do to help out. Not to mention the easiest things to do, and most beneficial to yourself as a whole.

    And all of what you've said, with rares, achievements, dungeon groups, island expedition pet and rare drop farming... (Ok not crafting and giving each other stuff, but you get the point.) All doable in the group finder. This isn't particularly difficult stuff either, and in many cases depending on the class, is indeed soloable.
  1. Charles123's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kallisto View Post
    The social aspect is still there you just have to look for it like you have to in classic or had to prior to cata.

    The thing is people would rather bitch, moan, whine and cry on forums than actually spend less time putting in applications to these guilds. They treat cesspool guilds who are basically green trade chat as the norm when they're not and try to live in the pug world. If they just spent an hour researching guilds then all the crying they put in about social or pug rejections go out the window.

    Well most do, shift workers are still going to be screwed over unfortunately (and no I don't buy if you're a shift worker then you shouldn't play mmos argument that some people push)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here is a simple rule if gaming that has been around since day 1.

    Difderent difficulty levels are different content period.

    This was true in the 80s, in the 90s, in the 2000s in the 2010s. It didn't stop being true because some people are deluded in thinking lfr = mythic in content.
    You didn't have to look for it in classic to cata, you had to do it in order to play the game.

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