Patch 9.0.2 Hotfixes - February 22, 2021
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  • Necrolord
    • Fixed an issue where falling off the Maw during Forgeborne Reveries (Bonesmith Heirmir Soulbind) would sometimes cause the player to lose more Stygia.

Warcraft Mobile Game Tweet
@lungjaw, 3D artist at Blizzard, tweeted that they "are indeed working on a Warcraft Mobile game." This is confirmed with a post to a 3d environmental artist job opening at Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshah View Post
    just outsource that mobile game garbo to some literal-who studio in china. they're the ones who want it anyway.

    China isn't the only large consumer of Mobile games on the Play and App stores.. These is no reason to hold a game company back from developing for a platform simply because you hate. Relax, play on the platform you like, and let more joy into your life.

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