Bananas TCG Pet Unlocked
The $500,000 USD donation goal for Doctors Without Borders has been reached! Bananas is now unlocked, and everyone can claim the TCG Pet for free from the Blizzard Shop.

Frost Giant Studios Reach $9.7M in Funding
Frost Giant Studios, a new game studio founded by Tim Morten (Former Production Director of StarCraft II) and Tim Campbell (Former Lead Campaign Designer of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne), have now raised $9.7M to create a new real-time strategy game.

  • Last year, Frost Giant Studios received $4.7M in funding from Bitkraft Ventures, 1Up Ventures, GC Tracker, Riot Games, and Griffin Gaming Partners.
  • In a second round of funding, the studios have managed to raise $5M from the Korean venture capital fund Kona Venture Partners, internationally operating Global Founders Capital, co-founder of RXBAR nutrition bars Jared Smith, and game entrepreneur Eden Chen.
  • Frost Giant have also announced today that James Anhalt, former Starcraft II Lead Engineer, has joined the studios.

Burning Crusade Classic - New LFG Strings
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_IN_PROGRESS - You are still seeking more members through the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_MEMBER_ADDED_S - %s has been added to the group by the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATACHMAKING_MEMBER_STILL_IN_QUEUE - Looking for a new party in the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_NOT_LEADER - Only the party leader can leave the LFM matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_NO_RAID_GROUP - You cannot use the LFG matchmaking system while in a raid group.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_SUCCESS - Your group is complete, you have left the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_MEMBER_STILL_IN_QUEUE - Looking for a new party in the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_OTHER_MEMBER_LEFT - Party member has left. Looking for a new party in the LFG matchmaking system.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_TIMEDOUT - Matchmaking timed out.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_MUST_BE_LEADER - You must be the party leader to use LFM and autojoin.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_OTHER_TIMEDOUT - Matchmaking timed out waiting for other player.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_AUTOJOIN_FAILED - Group no longer available.
  • LFG_BUTTON - Looking For Group/Looking For More
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_PENDING_MATCH_S - The LFG system is waiting to complete the match for %s.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_PENDING_INVITE_S - The LFG system has matched you to a group for %s.
  • DEFAULT_STAT5_TOOLTIP - Increases Health Regeneration by %d Per Second while not in combat
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_AUTOJOIN_FAILED_NO_PLAYER - Matched Player(s) have gone offline.
  • ERR_MATCHMAKING_MADE_LEADER - You are the party leader!
  • CHAT_NOT_IN_LFG_NOTICE - [%s] You must be queued in looking for group before joining this channel.
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  1. woofpup's Avatar
    And for those of us who had Bananas, nada.
  1. scelero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    And you know they are only donate because of the pet how? And calling them "whales" tells me what this pot really is because you are incorrectly using the term. You are trying to say "Look at how much better I am". That is the real selfish.

    - - - Updated - - -

    That is a serious stretch.

    - - - Updated - - -

    THey have to pay for all the Doctors use in those 3rd world countries. Those things are not free. There is also Administrative costs like keeping track of the money ie what they raise and spend.

    The only one twisting things here is you.
    nah. all you're doing is proving MY point. by all means, fall for the scam.
  1. rrayy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by scelero View Post
    nah. all you're doing is proving MY point. by all means, fall for the scam.
    I can't fall for something that is complete fiction that you created.

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