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The Future of World Buffs in Classic Era
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hey everybody!

We know that there’s a lot of excitement for Burning Crusade Classic, but we haven’t forgotten about the Classic Era servers. One of the defining features of raiding in Classic has certainly been the prevalence of world buff stacking, and while there are some interesting social effects – coordinating turn-ins, leveling alts, world PvP at buff locations, there’s also an obvious negative element – once you’re buffed, you’re incentivized to log off and stop playing to preserve your buffs. If you want to log off to go make dinner or put your kids to bed, that’s completely fine and the timing works in your favor. But if you still want to repair your gear, shop for consumables, or run a dungeon with your friends, then it’s not great to be losing precious minutes on your buffs, or worse, risk dying and losing them entirely. We’ve been wanting to do something about that side-effect, without completely abandoning our philosophy for WoW Classic, so we’re going to try something new in Patch 1.13.7: The Chronoboon Displacer.

What is it?

The Chronoboon Displacer is an item you buy which takes a snapshot of your world buffs, such as Rallying Cry of Dragonslayer, Songflower, etc. and saves them for use at a later time. Of course we don’t want to change things too radically, so it comes with some significant restrictions: While you are under the effects of the Chronoboon Displacer, you can’t benefit from any of the world buffs that it’s holding for you. That keeps you from getting a second set of buffs, and then still feeling like you need to log off. Also, when you release the buffs from the Chronoboon Displacer, it puts the item on a 1 hour cooldown so that you can’t toggle your buffs on for bosses and off for the rest of the raid.

How does it work?

First, you collect all your world buffs the way you normally would – getting your summon to Dire Maul, a portal back to Stormwind or Orgrimmar for your Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, a quick trip to Yojamba Isle to turn in the Heart of Hakkar, or whatever subset of world buffs your raid expects or that you feel comfortable with. Then you activate your Chronoboon Displacer, which creates a Supercharged Cronoboon Displacer in your inventory and an aura which holds the captured state of your world buffs. You can mouse over that aura at any time to see which buffs are stored, and how much time is stored on them. You can then go about your business, secure in the knowledge that your world buffs are saved and ready for use when you need them most. When you’re ready to restore them, simply activate the Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer and it will break apart, releasing the stored auras back onto your character.

Where do I get one?

Well, given the complex temporal mechanics involved, you obviously need to make a deal with a Bronze Dragon, and you can find a friendly one named Chromie located in Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands. Of course she’ll likely want your help repairing the time stream first, but once you’ve helped her out with that, she’ll be happy to sell you as many Chronoboon Displacers as your heart desires.

Why now?

We launched Classic with an intent to keep the game data the same as it was originally, and we wanted to make sure we delivered on that promise, but now that we’ve been through all the content phases we planned before launch, we took a step back to consider what it really means to have the world buff system stay this way in Classic Era. A persistent world where everybody is traveling around for magical items and spells to maximize their power is fine, but one where they then stop playing to avoid wasting them seems wrong. Having an additional stop that lets you “bottle your buffs” seems like a thematically appropriate change to alleviate that problem.

We know this is a change, and any change to Classic is something we want to be careful with, but in this case, the fact that playing optimally literally requires you to stop playing was just too much for us to sit idly by. If you have any concerns about ways this might be abused, please post them here so we can address them. We hope you’ll all find this change as exciting as we do!
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  1. Master Guns's Avatar
    Fix the real issue entirely: World buffs only active in the WORLD. Make them HIDDEN (yet still counting down duration, or until you die) until you exit raid.
  1. Sinaa's Avatar
    Or just remove them altogether.
  1. Askyl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TickTickTick View Post
    WoW Classic is not a remaster. W3 Remastered is. WoW Classic is just copy paste of vanilla code, you literally had the same bugs there which had to be fixed in advance instead of waiting for a major patch.

    But I'll just leave you in your bubble.
    Yes, please do. Since you obviously don't even know what you're talking about. Before you continue any kind of discussons on this matter you should learn the word "Remaster" and also, differences between "Remaster" and other similar words like "Remake" or even "rework".

    When you don't even understand the word you're discussing, there's not much to discuss.
  1. Jasper Kazai's Avatar
    I'd like to get something like this for retail. Save remaining flask buff for raids, and not have it be wasted doing world quests and stuff.
  1. Nite92's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    I think if you store them that way it should make them half effective when you use the displacer. That way they'll feel less mandatory.
    What exactly does this fix? Besides that people would be getting WBuffs the normal way again.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by EyelessCrow View Post
    Christmas is December 25th, doesn't stop people from starting it November 1st.
    Yeah, exactly. I always get my christmas gifts under the christmas tree on the 1st November. /s

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeanix View Post
    not a fan of this. if people want to ruin their own experience then let them.
    The majority (from my experience) does not want wbuffs. What they want is good clear times, fewer consumes needed, good parsers. And Wbuffs require that/make Naxx so much easier.
  1. Drusin's Avatar
    Ha, get rekt griefers

    - - - Updated - - -

    It's called "World of Warcraft"
    Instances are a part of the world
    When you guys go into a restaurant in real life are you no longer in the world?
    It's not called the Outside of Warcraft
  1. WernerCD's Avatar
    April Fools?
  1. EyelessCrow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nite92 View Post
    Yeah, exactly. I always get my christmas gifts under the christmas tree on the 1st November. /s
    I see your situational awareness is rather dim. This coming November 1st. Leave your computer room and tell me what you see.
  1. Nite92's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by EyelessCrow View Post
    I see your situational awareness is rather dim. This coming November 1st. Leave your computer room and tell me what you see.
    My oh my. Can you say that with a straight face? You are trolling right?

    Selling/buying stuff for crhistmas, does not mean that it is christmas.
    Just as preparing an april fools joke does not mean it is the 1st of april.

    But telling it/opening the presents is done on the proper day.

    This is one of the worst comparisons I've heard so far, holy shit.
  1. kiramon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Daemos daemonium View Post
    They use MAU for investor reports not daily or time spent in game.
    They do not. Large because China does not work off MAU.
  1. Daemos daemonium's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kiramon View Post
    They do not. Large because China does not work off MAU.
    Go read the investor reports your self it shows the metric they use and it’s MAU.

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