Patch 9.1 PTR Preview - Intro Quest
Patch 9.1 starts with a quick intro scenario that eventually unlocks Korthia. Here is a quick glance. SPOILERS AHEAD

  • The quest will start immediately upon login. You will be asked to meet with Bolvar and the voice of the Arbiter to discuss what transpired in the 9.1 reveal cinematic. This meeting culminates in you heading up to the Arbiter for a "cool scene."
  • The previous events reveal that Ardenweald is now under attack from the Jailer's forces, who are trying to retrieve the Winter Queen's sigil.
  • The bulk of this quest involves a scenario where you fly to Ardenweald and repel the forces of the Maw. During your time here it is revealed that Sylvanas is leading the invasion.
  • You must fill a bar to stop the Jailer's advance and then save some wild seeds. The Winter Queen allows a few of her subjects to disguise themselves as her as a distraction while you confront Sylvanas. There is another "cool scene" before she leaves you to close a portal from the Maw.
  • The scenario ends with you finding out that the Winter Queen hid her sigil in the Heart of the Forest, but while you were distracted it was taken. You must rendezvous back in Oribos to plan your next move.

Unlocking Mounts in The Maw
  • Here, you are told to find a way to open a portal from the Maw to Oribos. You ask Ve'nari, who conceals you into Korthia, the new landmass that the Jailer has pulled into the Maw. You have a run in with The Eye of the Jailer on the way, but it doesn't see you and moves on.
  • There, the denizens of Korthia are surprised to see you, and perform a test on you to determine if you are the true Maw Walker. Ve'nari actually seems a bit concerned with you safety during this trial! You are given the ability to use your mounts in the Maw after this quest from the The True Maw Walker unlock.
  • With a portal established at a small camp in Korthia, the covenants can now enter the Maw and begin their assault. Bolvar also heads to Korthia to help.

Ridding Yourself of the Eye of the Jailer Debuff System
  • Ve'nari tests out some portal technology that she brought and has you place nodes in a section of the Maw where Helya's forces are massing.
  • Here, you discover some golden feathers and follow them to find a caged valkyr of Odin. You free her and she informs you that Odin had sent a few of them to investigate the increasing threats in the Maw, but they were ambushed and she was the only survivor.
  • She flies you out of the Maw and to the Skyhold to have a meeting with Odin. Odin learns of Helya's threat, and you discover the Eye of the Jailer is actually his missing eye being used for evil. He has had enough of it, and has you and his forgemaster construct a horn to place in the Maw and echo his voice. You also recruit some worthy valkyr to accompany you back to the Maw.
  • There, you ask Ve'nari how to anchor the horn in the Maw, and she suggests collecting tears from the River of Souls and charging its power on the maw beasts there.
  • With the horn anchored, you and the valkyr blow it to attract the Eye of the Jailer and fight it, ending is a cutscene that is not yet implimented.
  • You travel back to Korthia to let the others know what has transpired, and are cleansed of the Eye of the Jailer system upon turning this quest in.

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  1. Lucetia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Syn20 View Post
    Same for me. I eventually opted to just use it as my regular mount, but it definitely got annoying that we had to choose to either remember another bind (or have a separate button), or just stick to using this. I always wondered if there was a macro to detect the zone and pick the right mounr, but never got around to looking into it.

    My Druid on the other hand, just laughed at the fact he never had to even touch Torghast besides the main quest chain, and with certain talents, items, gems and enchants, could still keep up with it even while prowling - with a bit more effort to rep with Ven'ari and enough soul dust to gem all available slots, I'm sure I could bring it to around 198%.
    Quote Originally Posted by Loveliest View Post
    Yes. And the other 2 that did the same. And i don't mind, I had to use a different bind for them and forgot half the time, trying to summon regular mount. They are also ugly and don't match my xmog.
    You don't need a separate bind. Just add it to your macro and you are good.

    For instance I have one that summons Mount A in ground only areas, Mount B in flyable areas then at the end it says /cast <Whatever TC 8 Mount is>

    You'll get an error message on your screen about mount unable to answer the call, but it still summons your maw mount.
  1. dope_danny's Avatar
    "Sir they hate everything about the Maw"

    "What? even the-"


    "...shit, just pull it all out i guess"

    Well that was a real waste of half a year huh?
  1. Darknessvamp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    She's written in a way where that can never happen. If she dies Ardenweald dies with her and they're not going to kill off an entire zone.
    I thought Ardenweald dies if the Heart of the Forest withers not if the Winter Queen dies, at least going by what she said about the fate of Ardenweald being tied to the Heart of the Forest.
  1. Chonar's Avatar
    Odyn! So good to see you back in relevancy again, at least somewhat!
  1. Lurker1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Odyn! So good to see you back in relevancy again, at least somewhat!
    I agree i kind of liked him.
  1. Ghitza's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Weeps View Post
    Does this render layer 8 of Twisting Corridors mount obsolete?
    From what i`ve heard "The True Maw Walker" it`s not account wide.
  1. dayne87's Avatar
    I'll be so glad the eye of the jailer debuff is gone. I just hope it goes away early on for alts too, but really I only care about my main, as he's going to be the one grinding rep for Torghast unlocks.
  1. Oneirophobia's Avatar
    Isn't opening as portal that goes to and from the Maw basically doing the jailer's work for him? He and his forces (other than Mawsworn Kyrian) can't get out of the Maw via the waystone, now they have a portal that does the trick (if they can secure it).

    On that note, how do the forces of the Maw get out of the Maw to attack Ardenweald? Or is it entirely Mawsworn Kyrian + Sylvanas? ...Is Sylvanas a Mawwalker?
  1. frigallo's Avatar
    Does this render layer 8 of Twisting Corridors mount obsolete?

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