The Great Vault Loot Bug
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Okay so I completed a 15 last week on my DH log in to see a 216 as my highest option instead of 226??? Whats this about??

Confirmed – we do indeed have a bug that we’ve not been able to immediately squash.

Fixing it is a top priority for us, and at this time, it’s advisable to not loot the Great Vault until it’s been fixed and is offering the correct items.

We’ll keep you posted here and on our Warcraftdevs Twitter feed.

So I log onto 2 of my toons and get my reward from the great vault then log onto my mage and the vault has disappeared…just invisible stairs there…Ive tried everything to fix it.

While we work to fix a bug causing the Great Vault to present the wrong rewards, we’ve disabled the entire thing.

It will be back soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigToast View Post
    But it wasn't. You sound very confident. How do you handle these situations in your giant 15 year old mmo-rpg?
    No reason to get snippy. Almost my entire 30+ year career is SQA testing, so I've been around the block a few times. It really is the kind of thing that should have been fixed before patch release. The problem is that we're not privvy to the internal discussions about the GV issues. There can be legit reasons they went the way they did. Maybe devs were busy on more critical/urgent problems or devs don't know how to fix the GV issues yet. In both cases, it is perfectly reasonable to decide to release the patch since the GV doesn't block players from making progress in the new content. If it was discovered post-patch, though, that's a likely indication that something was missed in SQA.

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