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by Published on 2021-10-26 06:17 PM

BlizzConline 2022 Event Cancelled - Reimagining Future BlizzCons
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
To the Blizzard community,

We’ve decided to take a step back and pause on planning the previously announced BlizzConline event scheduled for early next year. This was a tough decision for all of us to make, but it’s the right one.

Any BlizzCon event takes every single one of us to make happen, an entire-company effort, fueled by our desire to share what we create with the community we care about so much. At this time, we feel the energy it would take to put on a show like this is best directed towards supporting our teams and progressing development of our games and experiences.

Additionally, we would also like to take the time to reimagine what a BlizzCon event of the future could look like. The first BlizzCon was held 16 years ago, and so much has changed in the time since—most notably, the multiple ways in which players and communities can come together and feel like they are a part of something bigger. Whatever the event looks like in the future, we also need to ensure that it feels as safe, welcoming, and inclusive as possible. We’re committed to continual communication with our players, and we see BlizzCon playing a big role in that going forward. We’re excited about what we’ll do with the event when we revisit it in the future.

One more thing we wanted to make clear: even though we aren’t holding BlizzConline in February, we’ll still be making announcements and updates for our games. We’re proud of our teams and the progress they’ve made across our games. We have a lot of exciting upcoming news and releases to share with you.You’ll continue hearing about those through our franchise channels, with the talented people on the BlizzCon team playing a part in supporting these efforts.

We’ll miss seeing you, but don’t worry. We’ll be back together soon.
by Published on 2021-10-26 12:22 AM

PTR 9.1.5 Development Notes - October 25, 2021
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Phial of Serenity (Kyrian Ability) and healing potions no longer reset the melee swing timer.
  • Death Knight
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Shackle the Unworthy (Kyrian Ability) from spreading to enemies behind the Death Knight.
    • Unholy
      • Unholy Assault’s (Talent) global cooldown (GCD) is now correctly reduced by Haste.
  • Demon Hunter
    • The Hunt’s (Night Fae Ability) effect can now be removed with player immunities.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Lost in Darkness (Conduit) from improving with higher conduit ranks.
    • Havoc
      • Dancing with Fate (Conduit) damage effect increased by 300% (down from 650%).
      • Fixed an issue where the Dancing with Fate conduit did not increase the damage of the final slash from Death Sweep.
    • Vengeance
      • The Demon summoned from Fodder to the Flame (Necrolord Ability) no longer scales off the 50% maximum health increase from Metamorphosis.
  • Druid
    • Fixed an issue where the Well Fed effect from Born Anew (Conduit) was not increased with the Epicurean racial ability when casting Rebirth on a Pandaren.
  • Hunter
    • Binding Shot (Talent) root effect can now break upon receiving enough damage. Damage threshold to break is higher than other roots.
      • Developers’ note: We recognize that Binding Shot has become part of a Hunter’s utility package and want it to remain a powerful root that has a lower chance to break on damage than other effects.
    • Freezing Trap now removes active Murder of Crows debuffs on the target when it is applied.
    • Beast Mastery
      • Bestial Wrath’s tooltip has been updated to better match its functionality. No functional change has been made to Bestial Wrath.
    • Marksmanship
      • Fixed an issue that caused Marksman’s Advantage (Conduit) to remove stealth from targets when Hunter’s Mark was cast.
      • Fixed an issue that caused a player’s Marksman’s Advantage (Conduit) to be removed from targets when another Hunter applied Hunter’s Mark with the Marksman’s Advantage conduit.
    • Survival
      • Fixed an issue that caused Coordinated Assault to require line-of-sight to your Hunter pet.
  • Mage
    • Frost
      • Icicles damage increased by 12%.
      • Frostbolt damage increased damage by 8%.
      • Flurry damage increased damage by 10%.
  • Monk
    • Mistweaver
      • Fixed an issue where Expel Harm would heal the caster twice when used while channeling Soothing Mist on themselves.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Resplendent Mists (Conduit) from increasing the healing of Bonedust Brew’s Gust of Mists.
    • Windwalker
      • Keefer’s Skyreach (Runecarving Power) now properly increases the critical strike chance of Bonedust Brew (Necrolord Ability).
  • Paladin
    • Holy
      • Fixed an issue where Bestow Faith (Talent) would reset the melee swing timer when cast.
  • Rogue
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Shadow Blades gained from Toxic Onslaught (Runecarving) to not affect certain off-spec abilities.
    • Subtlety
      • Fixed an issue where Flagellation (Venthyr Ability) would always critically strike with Symbols of Death.
  • Warlock
    • Decaying Soul Satchel (Night Fae Runecarving Power) no longer generates stacks when targeting enemies that are immune to its damage.
  • Warrior
    • Fury
      • Auto attack damage has been increased by 43%.


  • Soulbinds
    • Venthyr
      • Battlefield Presence (General Draven) no longer counts nearby Stealth enemies.

Player versus Player

  • The following toys can no longer be used in battlegrounds and arenas:
  • The incapacitate from the Pandaren racial ability Quaking Palm now breaks to absorbed damage.
  • Druid
    • Thorns (PvP Talent) can no longer reflect damage to enemies more than 10 yards away.
    • Restoration
      • Floral Recycling’s (Conduit) healing bonus to Swiftmend is reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
  • Hunter
    • Fixed an issue where Hunters could capture flags in Battlegrounds while under the effects of Feign Death.
    • Beast Mastery
      • Fixed an issue where Burrow Attack’s (Exotic Ability) cooldown was unintentionally reduced by Kindred Beasts (PvP Talent).
  • Mage
    • Fixed an issue where Mana Gem could not be used in rated battlegrounds and rated arenas.
    • Fire
      • Fixed an issue where a Mage’s Ignite that was spread by Phoenix Flames could hit a Rogue while under the effect of Cloak of Shadows.
  • Paladin
    • Auras are no longer removed when leaving battlegrounds or arenas.
  • Rogue
    • Subtlety
      • Fixed an issue where the target of Shadowy Duel (PvP Talent) would become invisible if the Rogue is under the effects of a Paladin’s Blessing of Protection when starting the duel.
  • Warlock
    • Decimating Bolt’s (Necrolord Ability) damage bonus to Demonbolt, Shadow Bolt, or Incinerate can no longer be dispelled.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Anima Powers
    • Death Knight
      • Fixed an issue that was causing Rune Hunter to trigger too often.
    • Hunter
      • Petrified Pet Food damage now correctly increases with each stack of the Anima Power.
by Published on 2021-10-25 08:55 PM

Notorious Studios - New Video Game Studio Founded by Former WoW Developers
Chris Kaleiki, former systems and class designer on World of Warcraft, has announced Notorious Studios - a new video game studio founded by former developers of World of Warcraft.

The studio has nine people right now, all former Blizzard developers, many of which were also in Notorious - a World of Warcraft guild of 17 years. Chris told Venture Beat that they want to grow the studio to 12 people by early next year.

by Published on 2021-10-25 08:50 PM

Changes to Molten Core and Onyxia in Season of Mastery Beta
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

First, thank you to everyone who hopped on the Season of Mastery Beta last week and helped us test out our first adjustments to Molten Core and Onyxia.

Going into Season of Mastery, our philosophy was to take a light touch when it came to changes to raid bosses and mechanics, and focus instead on restoring versions of raid bosses that existed in the game at one point or another during the course of original World of Warcraft. As we were peeling back the layers of data from early versions of the game, it became obvious quickly that the list of actual changes to most content in Molten Core and Onyxia was extremely short. Onyxia had a conflagrate/disorient effect on her Fireball attack during the air phase, Golemagg had an Earthquake ability, and Ragnaros did a fire splash more frequently, with a weekly timer to limit the number of attempts a group could make.

Some of these mechanics are more impactful than others, but overall, we suspected that the total impact of the changes would likely not be meaningfully felt by players in 2021 who have an enormous amount of experience in these raids.

Regardless, we were determined to start small and see how it felt first. So for that first round of Beta raid testing, we went with a blanket 100% health buff and that handful of restored mechanics. As we watched Beta testers in-game and listened to the reactions to our changes and restorations, it confirmed what we already thought going into this test – merely raising mob health and restoring a few removed mechanics was not hitting the mark we wanted for a season focused on faster progression and “more challenging” content.

As a result, with the next upcoming Beta build, we’re making some significant adjustments to almost every encounter in Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair.

To be clear, we don’t intend these or any future changes we make to Season of Mastery raid encounters to increase the difficulty of the content to a point where experienced, prepared raid groups will have to wipe for days or weeks to progress on it. We also don’t intend to change the fights so much that they become completely unrecognizable or fundamentally different from their Classic versions. Our intent is to provide something subtle and fresh to go along with the Season of Mastery that feels very much in keeping with the spirit of the original encounters.

We’ll let you know when we’re ready to update the Season of Mastery Beta, and we’re going to open raid testing again on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. PDT, and we’d love it if you could join us to check out what we’ve been working on.

As always, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, and please use the in-game bug reporter (default hotkey: F6) to report any bugs you encounter.

Thank you!

-The WoW Classic Team
by Published on 2021-10-25 03:10 PM

Mythic Dungeon International's 2021 Global Finals
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Soldiers arise, stand, and fight! Bring victory at last to this fallen knight!

Hallow’s End this year not only brings terror and delight to Azeroth but the spookiest MDI Global Finals have ever seen! What tricks and treats will the Casters and Players have in store? Following the culmination of four incredible weeks of MDI competition, the top six teams from the Global Region will join the top team from China and the top team from the Last Stand Tournament, where they will compete in a series of Best of 3, double-elimination matches, on their path to the Grand Finals on October 29. With a $300,000 (USD) prize pool on the line, you won’t want to miss any of the action when matches begin each broadcast day at 10 am PDT / 19:00 CEST, live on YouTube!



The Global Finals determine the most incredible dungeon runners in the entire world, and to put those world-class players to the test, we’ve upped the ante from Keystone level 18 to level 20 dungeons. This is the big time, baby! Catch the live broadcasts where we’ll have live stats, analysis, and gear inspect features to keep everyone up to speed on the final dungeon races of Season 2. The time for preparation is over, and with $300,000 on the line the teams have just one weekend left to prove they’re the fastest dungeoneers in the world! Unless the Headless Horseman has something to say about it…

It is over, your search is done. Let fate choose now, the righteous one! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!

Teams & Players



  • Anuo
  • Qingxin
  • Xybb
  • 小太阳
  • 叶落

Obey Alliance




Team Name

Stay Connected

Tune in this weekend to and follow the brackets on Raider.IO, while joining the discussion on the WoW Esports Twitter for all of the MDI memes you can handle. Good luck and have fun!

Stay connected and on top of the latest World of Warcraft Esports news and content on the AWC and MDI websites, YouTube, and don’t forget to follow the WoW Esports Twitter account! For WoW Esports assets, including logos and photos, please visit:

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