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by Published on 2010-06-10 01:01 AM

Priest Cataclysm Talent Preview
Blizzard sent a preview of the talents of 4 classes in Cataclysm: the Druid, Priest, Rogue, and Shaman.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Discipline Talent Tree
Tier 1 (Left to Right)
  • Unbreakable Will (5 ranks available) - Reduces the duration of stun, fear, and silence effects done to you by an additional 6/12/18/24/30%.
  • Twin Disciplines (5 ranks available) - Increases the damage and healing done by your instant spells and the damage absorbed by your Power Word: Shield by 1/2/3/4/5%.

Tier 2 (Left to Right)
  • Penitence (3 ranks) - Increases the critical effect chance of your Smite and Penance spells by 5/10/15%.
  • Improved Inner Fire (3 ranks available) - Increases the effect of your Inner Fire spell by 15/30/45%.
  • Focused Power (2 ranks avaialble) - Reduces the cast time of your Mind Control spell by 0.3/0.5 seconds, and your Mass Dispel cast time is reduced by 0.5/1 second.
  • Martyrdom (2 ranks available) - Gives you a 50/100% chance to gain the Focused Casting effect that lasts for 6 seconds after being the victim of a melee or ranged critical strike. The Focused Casting effect reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting priest spells and decreases the duration of interrupt effects by 10/20%.

Tier 3 (Left to Right)
  • Atonement (3 ranks) - When you deal damage with Smite, you instantly heal a nearby low-health friendly target within 40 yards equal to 15/30/45% of the damage dealt.
  • Inner Focus (1 rank available) - Instant - 1.5 min cooldown - When activated, reduces the mana cost of your next spell by 100% and increases its critical effect chance by 25% if it is capable of a critical effect.
  • Improved Power Word: Shield (3 ranks available) - Increase the damage absorbed by your Power Word: Shield by 5/10/15%.

Tier 4 (Left to Right)
  • Evangelism (2 ranks available) - When you cast Smite you gain Evangelism, increasing the damage done by your Smite, Holy Fire, Holy Nova and Penance spells by 2/4% and reducing the mana cost of those spells by 3/6% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Mental Agility (3 ranks available) - Reduces the mana cost of your instant cast spells by 4/7/10%.
  • Improved Mana Burn (2 ranks available) - Reduces the cast time of your Mana Burn spell by 0.5/1 seconds.

Tier 5 (Left to Right)
  • Archangel (1 rank available) - Consumes your Evangelism effects, instantly restoring 3% of your total mana and increasing your healing done by 3% for each stack. Also allows you to channel Penance while moving. Lasts 18 seconds.
  • Enlightenment (3 ranks available) - Increases your total mana and total health by 2/4/6%.
  • Power Word: Barrier (1 rank available) - Requires 2 points in Improved Power Word: Shield - 13383 Mana - 40 yd range - 0.5 sec cast - 3 min cooldown - Summons a holy barrier on the target location that absorbs 293 damage done to party or raid members within it each time they take damage. While within the barrier, spellcasting will not be interrupted by damage. The barrier lasts for 15 seconds or until it absorbs 1955 damage.

Tier 6 (Left to Right)
  • Reflective Shield (2 ranks available) - Causes 22/45%% of the damage you absorb with Power Word: Shield to reflect back at the attacker. This damage causes no threat.
  • Soul Warding (3 ranks available) - Requires 1 point in Power Word: Barrier - Reduces the cooldown of your Power Word: Shield ability by 1/2/3 seconds, and reduces the mana cost or your Power Word: Shield by 5/10/15%.

Tier 7 (Left to Right)
  • Divine Aegis (3 ranks available) - Critical heals create a protective shield on the target, absorbing 10/20/30% of the amount healed. Lasts 12 seconds.
  • Power Infusion (1 rank available) - Requires 2 points in Enlightenment - 3294 Mana - 30 yd range - Instant cast - 2 min cooldown - Infuses the target with power, increasing spell casting speed by 20% and reducing the mana cost of all spells by 20%. Lasts 15 seconds.
  • Improved Flash Heal (3 ranks available) - Reduces the mana cost of your Flash Heal by 5/10/15% and increases the critical effect chance of your Flash Heal by 4/7/10% on friendly targets at or below 50% health.

Tier 8 (Left to Right)
  • Renewed Hope (2 ranks available) - Increases the critical effect chance of your Flash Heal, Greater Heal and Penance (Heal) spells by 2/4% on targets afflicted by the Weakened Soul effect, and you have a 50/100% chance to reduce all damage taken by 3% for 1 minute to all friendly party and raid targets when you cast Power Word: Shield. This effect has a 15-second cooldown.
  • Rapture (3 ranks available) - When your Power Word: Shield is completely absorbed or dispelled, you are instantly energized with 1.5/2/2.5% of your total mana, and you have a 33/66/100% chance to energize your shielded target with 2% total mana, 8 rage, 16 energy or 32 runic power. This effect can only occur once every 12 seconds.
  • Aspiration (2 ranks available) - Reduces the cooldown of your Inner Focus, Power Infusion, Pain Suppression and Penance spells by 10/20%.

Tier 9 (Left to Right)
  • Focused Will (3 ranks available) - After taking a critical hit you gain the Focused Will effect, reducing all damage taken by 2/3/4% and increasing healing effects on you by 3/4/5%. Stacks up to 3 times. Lasts 8 seconds.
  • Pain Suppression (1 rank available) - 1647 Mana - 40 yd range - Instant cast - 3 min cooldown -Instantly reduces a friendly target's threat by 5%, reduces all damage taken by 40% and increases resistance to Dispel mechanics by 65% for 8 seconds.
  • Grace (2 ranks available) - Your Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance spells bless the target with Grace, increasing all healing received from the Priest by 2/4%. This effect will stack up to 3 times. Effect lasts 15 seconds. Grace can only be active on one target at a time.

Tier 10
  • Borrowed Time (5 ranks available) - Grants 5/10/15/20/25% spell haste for your next spell after casting Power Word: Shield, and increases the amount absorbed by your Power Word: Shield equal to 4/8/12/16/20% of your spell power.

Tier 11
  • Penance (1 rank available) - Enemy: 30 yd range - Friendly: 40 yd range - 3294 Mana - Channeled - 12 sec cooldown - Launches a volley of holy light at the target, causing 394 to 439 Holy damage to an enemy, or 1201 to 1354 healing to an ally instantly and every 1 second for 2 seconds.

Holy Talent Tree

Tier 1 (Left to Right)
  • Holy Focus (2 ranks available) - Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting any Holy spell by 35/70%.
  • Searing Light (3 tanks available) - Increases the damage of your Smite, Holy Fire, Holy Nova and Penance spells by 4/8/12%.
  • Divine Fury (5 ranks available) - Reduces the cast time of your Smite, Holy Fire, Heal and Greater Heal spells by 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5 seconds.

Tier 2 (Left to Right)
  • Divine Accuracy (2 ranks available) - Increases the chance to hit with your Smite, Holy Fire, Holy Nova and Penance spells by 10/20%.
  • Empowered Healing (5 ranks available) - Your Greater Heal spell gains an additional 6/12/18/24/30% and your Flash Heal, Heal, and Binding Heal gain an additional 3/6/9/12/15% of your bonus healing effects.
  • Spell Warding (5 ranks available) - Reduces all spell damage taken by 2/4/6/8/10%.

Tier 3 (Left to Right)
  • Desperate Prayer (1 rank available) - 3706 Mana - Instant cast - 2 min cooldown - Instantly heals the caster for 4995 to 5876.
  • Improved Renew (3 ranks available) - Increases the amount healed by your Renew spell by 5/10/15%.
  • Inspiration (3 ranks available) - Reduces your target's physical damage taken by 3/7/10% for 15 seconds after getting a critical effect from your Flash Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, Binding Heal, Prayer of Healing, or Circle of Healing spell.

Tier 4 (Left to Right)
  • Healing Prayers (2 ranks available) - Reduces the mana cost of your Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending by 10/20%.
  • Improved Healing (3 ranks avaialble) - Reduces the mana cost of your Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, Divine Hymn and Penance spells by 5/10/15%.
  • Blessed Recovery (3 ranks available) - Requires 1 point in Spell Warding - After being struck by a melee or ranged critical hit, Blessed Recovery heals you for 5% of the damage taken over 6 seconds. Additional critical hits taken during the effect increase the healing received.

Tier 5 (Left to Right)
  • Holy Reach (2 ranks available) - Increase the range or your Smite and Holy Fire spells and the radius of your Prayer of Healing, Holy Nova, Divine Hymn and Circle of Healing by 10/20%.
  • Spirit of Redemption (1 rank available) - Increases total Spirit by 5% and upon death, the priest becomes the Spirit of Redemption for 15 seconds. The Spirit of Redemption cannot move, attack, be attacked or targeted by any spells or effects. While in the form the priest can cast any healing spell free of cost. When the effect ends, the priest dies.
  • Deliverance [PH] (3 ranks available) - When you heal with Binding Heal or Flash Heal, the cast time of your next Greater Heal or Prayer of Healing spell is reduced by 3/6/9%. Stacks up to 3 times. Lasts 20 seconds. **PH. Will likely need to be replaced or updated**

Tier 6 (Left to Right)
  • Surge of Light (2 ranks available) - Your spell critical strikes have a 25% chance to cause your next Smite or Flash Heal spell to be instant cast, cost no mana but be incapable of a critical hit. This effect lasts 10 seconds.
  • Holy Concentration (3 ranks available) - Your mana regeneration from spirit is increased by 16/32/50% for 8 seconds after your critically heal with Flash Heal, Greater Heal, Binding Heal or Empowered Renew.

Tier 7 (Left to Right)
  • Choir Leader [PH] (2 ranks available) - Your Divine Hymn also heals you for 10/20% of your total health during its duration, and the channel time of your Hymn of Hope is reduced by 10/20%. **PH Name. Will likely need to be replaced or updated.**
  • Lightwell (1 rank available) - 6177 Mana - 40 yd range - 0.5 sec cast - 3 min cooldown - Creates a Holy Lightwell. Friendly players can click the Lightwell to restore 8634 health over 6 seconds. Attacks done to you equal to 30% of your total health will cancel the effect. Lightwell lasts for 3 min or 10 charges.
  • Blessed Resilience (3 ranks avaialble) - Critical hits made against you have a 20/40/60% chance to prevent you from being critically hit again for 6 seconds.
  • Improved Holy Nova (2 ranks available) - Reduces the global cooldown of your Holy Nova spell by 0.25/0.5 sec., and increases its critical effect chance by 25/50%.

Tier 8 (Left to Right)
  • Body and Soul (2 ranks available) - When you cast Power Word: Shield or Leap of Faith, you increase the targets's movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds, and you have a 50% chance when you cast Cure Disease on yourself to also cleanse 1 poison effect in addition to diseases.
  • Chakra [NYI] (5 ranks available) - When you use Prayer of Healing, Renew or Heal 3 times in a row you will enter a Chakra state empowering you for 20 seconds. You can only be in one Chakra state at a time. Prayer of Healing - Increases your area-of-effect healing by 2/4/6/8/10%, and reduces the cooldown of your Circle of Healing by .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. Renew - Increases the periodic haste effect of your Renew spell by 3/6/9/12/15% and reduces the global cooldown of your Renew spell by .1/.2/.3/.4/.5 seconds. Heal - Increases the critical effect chance of your Heal spell by 1/2/3/4/5%, and your Heal has a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to refresh the duration of your Renew on the target. Smite - Increase your total damage done by Shadow and Holy spells by 4/8/12%. Starting at Rank 2 - Increases spell power by 10% of your total spirit. Rank 3 changes the talent to Spiritual Guidance - Increases spell power by 15/20/25% of your total spirit. * NYI. See the descriptions above.**
  • Thriving Light [NYI] (2 ranks available) - Reduces the duration of Wound effects on you by 15/30%, and reduces the damage taken by bleed effects by 10/20%.

Tier 9 (Left to Right)
  • Empowered Renew (3 ranks available) - Your Renew spell gains an additional 5/10/15% of your bonus healing effects, and your Renew will instantly heal the target for 5/10/15% of the total periodic effect.
  • Circle of Healing (1 rank available) - 10706 Mana - 40 yd range - Instant cast - 10 sec cooldown - Heals up to 5 friendly party or raid members within 16 yards of the target for 1813 to 2000.
  • Test of Faith (3 ranks available) - Increase healing by 4/8/12% on friendly targets at or below 50% health.

Tier 10
  • Divine Providence (5 ranks available) - Increases the amount healed by Circle of Healing, Binding Heal, Holy Nova, Prayer of Healing, Divine Hymn and Prayer of Mending by 2/4/6/8/10%, and reduces the cooldown of your Prayer of Mending by 6/12/18/24/30%.

Tier 11
  • Guardian Spirit (1 rank available) - 1235 Mana - 40 yd range - Instant cast - 3 min cooldown - Calls upon a guardian spirit to watch over the friendly target. The spirit increases the healing received by the target by 40%, and also prevents the target from dying by sacrificing itself. This sacrifice terminates the effect but heals the target of for 50% of their maximum health. Lasts 10 seconds.

Shadow Talent Tree

Tier 1 (Left to Right)
  • Dark Thoughts (2 ranks available) - Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting any Shadow spell by 35/70%.
  • Improved Spirit Tap (2 ranks available) - Requires 3 points in Spirit Tap - Your Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death critical strikes have a 100% chance, and your Mind Flay critical strikes have a 50/100% chance to increase your total spirit by 5/10%. For the duration, your mana will regenerate at a 17/33% rate while casting. Lasts 8 seconds.
  • Darkness (5 ranks available) - Increases your Shadow spell damage by 2/4/6/8/10%.

Tier 2 (Left to Right)
  • Shadow Affinity (3 ranks available) - Reduces the threat generated by your Shadow spells by 8/16/25%, and you receive 5/10/15% of your base mana when your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch spells are dispelled.
  • Improved Shadow Word: Pain (2 ranks available) - Increased the damage of your Shadow Word: Pain spell by 3/6%.
  • Shadow Weaving (3 ranks available) - Your Shadow damage spells have a 33/66/100% chance to increase the Shadow damage you deal by 2% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Tier 3 (Left to Right)
  • Improved Psychic Scream (2 ranks available) - Reduces the cooldown of your Psychic Scream spell by 2/4 seconds.
  • Improved Mind Blast (5 ranks available) - Reduces the cooldown of your Mind Blast spell by 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds, and while in Shadowform your Mind Blast also has a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to reduce all healing done to the target by 25% for 10 seconds.
  • Mind Flay (1 rank available) - 1853 Mana - 30 yd range - Channeled - Assault the target's mind with Shadow energy, causing 501 Shadow damage over 3 seconds and slowing their movement speed by 50%.

Tier 4 (Left to Right)
  • Veiled Shadows (2 ranks available) - Decreases the cooldown of your Fade ability by 3/6 seconds and reduces the cooldown of your Shadowfiend ability by 1/2 minutes.
  • Shadow Reach (2 ranks available) - Increase the range of your offensive Shadow spells by 10/20%.
  • Empowered Shadow Orbs [PH] [NYI] (3 ranks available) - Increases the damage done by your Shadow Orbs by 2/4/6%, and you have a h/h/h% chance to gain a Shadow Orb when critically hit by any attack. **PH & NYI. Will likely need to be replaced or updated**

Tier 5 (Left to Right)
  • Silence (1 rank available) - Requires 2 points in Improved Psychic Scream - 225 Mana - 33 yd range - Instant cast - 45 sec cooldown - Silences the target, preventing them from casting spells for 5 seconds. Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 seconds.
  • Vampiric Embrace (1 rank available) - Instant - Fills you with the embrace of Shadow energy, causing you to be healed for 15% and other party members to be healed for 3% for any single-target Shadow spell damage you deal for 30 minutes.
  • Improved Vampiric Embrace (2 ranks available) - Requires 1 point in Vampiric Embrace - Increase the healing received from Vampiric Embrace by 33/67%.
  • Focused Mind (3 ranks available) - Reduces the mana cost of your Mind Blast, Mind Control, Mind Flay and Mind Sear spells by 5/10/15%.

Tier 6 (Left to Right)
  • Mind Melt [NYI] (2 ranks available) - Increases the additional damage done with your Shadow Word: Death by 5/10% on targets at or below 25% health, and and when you deal damage with Mind Spike, the cast time of your next Mind Blast is reduced by 11/33% lasting 6 seconds. Mind Melt can stack up to 3 times. **NYI. Will likely need to be replaced or updated. Also removed duplicate word**
  • Improved Devouring Plague (3 ranks available) - Increase the periodic damage done by your Devouring Plague by 5/10/15%, and when you cast Devouring Plague you instantly deal damage equal to 10/20/30% of its total periodic effect.

Tier 7 (Left to Right)
  • Shadowform (1 rank available) - 2676 Mana - Instant cast - 1.5 sec cooldown -Assume a Shadowform, increasing your Shadow damage by 15%, reducing all damage done to you by 15%. However, you may not cast Holy spells while in this form.
  • Shadow Power (5 ranks available) - Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Mind Blast, Mind Flay, and Shadow Word: Death spells by 20/40/60/80/100%.

Tier 8 (Left to Right)
  • Improved Shadowform (2 ranks available) - Requires 1 point in Shadowform - Your Fade ability now has a 50/100% chance to remove all movement impairing effects when used while in Shadowform, and reduces casting or channeling time lost when damaged by 35/70% when casting any Shadow spell while in Shadowform. In addition, spell haste for all nearby party and raid members is increased by 5%.
  • Shadowy Apparition [PH] [NYI] (3 ranks available) - While moving or dealing damage with your Shadow Word: Pain, you will sometimes summon a Shadow version of yourself which will slowly move towards a target which is afflicted by your Shadow Word: Pain. Once reaching that target, it will instantly deal damage equal to 15/30/45% of your Mind Blast’s damage. **PH & NYI. Will likely need to be replaced or updated**

Tier 9 (Left to Right)
  • Psychic Horror (1 rank available) - 3294 Mana - 33 yd range - Instant cast - 2 min cooldown - You terrify the target, causing them to tremble in horror for 3 seconds and drop their main hand and ranged weapons for 10 seconds.
  • Vampiric Touch (1 rank available) - Requires 1 point in Shadowform - 3294 Mana - 33 yd range - 1.5 sec cast - Causes 1000 Shadow damage over 15 seconds to your target and causes up to 10 party or raid members to gain 1% of their maximum mana per 5 seconds when you deal damage from Mind Blast. In addition, if the Vampiric Touch is dispelled it will cause 1600 damage to the afflicted target.
  • Pain and Suffering (3 ranks available) - Your Mind Flay has a 33/66/100% chance to refresh the duration of your Shadow Word: Pain on the target, and reduces the damage you take from your own Shadow Word: Death by 10/20/30%.

Tier 10
  • Twisted Faith (5 ranks available) - Your damage done by your Mind Flay and Mind Blast is increased by 2/4/6/8/10% if your target is afflicted by your Shadow Word: Pain, and increases your spell hit rating by an additional amount equal to 4/8/12/16/20% of your spirit.

Tier 11
  • Dispersion (1 rank available) - Requires 1 point in Vampiric Touch - Instant - 2 min cooldown - You disperse into pure Shadow energy, reducing all damage taken by 90%. You are unable to attack or cast spells, but you regenerate 6% mana every 1 second for 6 seconds. Dispersion can be cast while stunned, feared or silenced and clears all snare and movement impairing effects when cast, and makes you immune to them while dispersed.
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Vol’jin Calls for Zalazane's Fall
[blizzquote author=Zarhym source=]Not to be outdone by High Tinker Mekkatorque's showing of gnomish pride in calling for Operation: Gnomeregan to commence, High Chieftain Vol'jin of the Darkspear Tribe has announced his intention to see Witch Doctor Zalazane fall once and for all. With full backing from Thrall, the Darkspears have begun a series of ceremonies in Sen’jin Village while preparing to seize the Echo Isles and free them from the lingering dark voodoo of Zalazane's hexed followers.

We now bring you breaking reports of the Sen'jin ritualistic arrangements for seizing the Echo Isles -

Operation: Gnomeregan -[/blizzquote]

"Zalazane Must Fall!" Cries Vol'jin
[blizzquote author=Blizzard source=]Embedded on the coast of Durotar, the tiny troll Village of Sen'jin is bursting with recent activity. In what some claim is a retort to the overblown assertions of the vertically-challenged High Tinker Mekkatorque, Troll Chieftain Vol'jin has announced his intention to "honor de ancestors n' take back da 'omeland, mon." The call has been given, and the scattered Darkspear tribe has begun to gather at the once-sleepy location. Now the primal rhythm of beating drums and strange clouds of acrid smoke drift aloft deep into the night, arguably a sign of celebration and preparation for an impending offensive.

With the full support of Thrall and his counterparts, Vol'jin is calling upon all factions of the Horde to prepare for an assault on Echo Isles and the twisted witch doctor Zalazane. He will pay for his crimes against the Darkspears and the land bestowed upon them by Thrall! As explained by Vol'jin in the demand for Zalazane's fall today, honorable members of the Horde passing through the village proper -- whether they've never slain a boar in their lives or are the subject of every dragon's nightmare -- will be given a chance to help their upstanding troll brothers in what will surely be the most brutal of attacks. But first there must be preparation. With the Echo Isles on the line, no detail is too small, no spoken word too trivial. And for that reason the noted troll shaman, Vanira, will get adventurers started on the monumental tasks ahead.

Using sacred totemic rituals, Vanira needs frogs for her agenda. It is unclear of her exact intentions with these amphibious lurkers of Sen'jin, but there appears to be a bat handler standing by. Could it be that frogs will soon rain down from the heavens upon the Echo Isles? When asked for further comment, Vanira only remarked that she's seeking "da perfect spies." It seems war is sometimes won with even the most unlikely of arsenals. Spying on the enemy, however, is only the beginning. Vol'jin has spoken of a most-trusted trainer of reinforcements, Champion Uru'zin, who will guide new recruits of all ranges of experience into battle-hardened Darkspear warriors. "Trollin' for volunteers," as Vol'jin remarked, will be a key component to building a strike force capable of overthrowing Zalazane's hexed Darkspears.

Vol'jin argues that the spirits are on the side of his Darkspear tribe. Can animistic beliefs truly manifest into proven battle leverage against Zalazane? Perhaps only Vanira and her beguiled spies can answer this. But it is rumored that, long ago, a tribe of troll druids once called the Echo Isles home. If ever there was a time for good omens such as this, it is now. Only if the spirits truly are on the side of the son of Sen'jin, reportedly only a phenomenon that Witch Doctor Hez'tok can decipher, then the assault will commence! Those who assist Hez'tok in his ceremony will be adorned with Darkspear Pride, allowing adventurers the ability to take on the form of an elite Darkspear Warrior during battle. Wearing such battle garb is an honor to the ancestors of a people long persecuted and plagued by war between tribes.

Should the spirits give their blessing to Vol'jin, Champion Uru'zin will call for all seasoned veterans of the Horde levels 75-80 to aid in the attack. If "at last, everythin' be ready," as Vol'jin put it, his plan is to launch a full assault from the shores of Sen'jin village. Vol'jin exclaimed in his call for such an assault today, "come, now! Join in de liberation of de Echo Isles! Zalazane will fall!" He's gone so far as to offer a particularly rare Sen'jin Overcloak to those who help bring Zalazane down. Even still, sources report that this foe possesses powerful voodoo and black magic.

Preparations for Zalazane's fall are underway, but will it be enough to best this witch doctor? It's time, proud members of the Horde, to stand with your disaffected troll brethren and recognize the full might of the Darkspear tribe! [/blizzquote]

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MMO-Champion: The Cataclysm
Something is happening to MMO-Champion... Something catalysmic.

Very soon, we will be migrating the forums from SMF to vBulletin. This is going to be a very big update to the website and will require at minimum 10 hours of downtime to prepare for it. We're all working very hard on our end to get everything in place and ready for use, but there's some things that you can all do to pitch in and help us with the transition.

As I'm sure you have all previously read our rules regarding avatar filesizes, you will be happy to know we are now enforcing these rules in a manner that cannot be accidentally broken. After the migration avatars will be uploaded to MMO-Champions webserver, where it will verify the filesize and type. What this means is that if your avatar is too big, you can't use it. No more angry PMs from moderators telling you that you've broken a rule that you probably didn't know about.

The good aspect of this avatar change is that avatars will probably be a lot faster to load now than some random picture dump site you grabbed it from. You also won't run into your bandwidth limit on photobucket or the like within minutes now.

The bad thing, however, is that this requires a total wipe of all avatars. They will not be copied with the transfer. We're really sorry that we're unable to do this, but it would require incredible amounts of bandwidth, will slow down the transition process to a matter of days and will probably have us receive a lot of angry emails from webmasters all over the world wondering why we're downloading hundreds of images from them. We just can't do that. On this note, we ask you all to make sure you have a copy of your avatar URL saved somewhere so that you can reapply it later.

Nothing too drastic to report here, you'll be pleased to know. However, there's a slight tweak in how BBCode works in signatures so that people with custom font sizes will need to readjust their signatures post-migration. We'd recommend removing any custom size text before we migrate to save some time.

With the tweaks to the site design coming, quotes and blizzquotes may change in size. This can inadvertently cause your signature to go oversize and break the signature guidelines. We will not go crazy over any minor violations for breaking these guidelines so soon after the migration, however, so you will have a few days to readjust your signature as required.

Private Messages
We have hundreds of thousands of private messages stored in the database, most of which are not needed and stored only for archiving purposes by you guys (and girls). They take up a lot of time processing them for importing to vBulletin, so we have a request for all of you.

We really do not want to totally wipe private messages or not import them at all, but we do ask that anyone who has private messages that they do not need, please delete them from your inbox (don't forget to check your sent PMs too). There's a handy tool to delete old PMs but for some people we understand there may be one or two messages you just want to keep so it may not be advisable for all.

Please also note we are experiencing a little trouble perfectly importing all private messages and they may look slightly different or BBCode will not work for old messages. We're really sorry, but this can't be helped.

Custom Titles
Some users have custom titles. Just fun things given to them by admins that don't mean anything special other than just for giggles. These will not be imported to vBulletin and will be lost. Sorry!

Site Layout
We're not totally revamping the layout, but it's a close call! Unfortunately we have had a little difficulty with the site design on vBulletin and there may be a few quirks as we sort everything out post-migration, but please bear with us as we try our hardest to get it all fixed

Site Permalinks
Any links to topics, forums or users on the website might break. We're trying our hardest to make sure this won't happen and this is a very big priority for us, but we cannot guarantee everything will still link up fine. This is only a warning, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to help this.

Are available on demand. Please see your local witchdoctor for more information.
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Blizzard survey hints at extra character slots ... potentially
Earlier this week, a survey was sent to european players to gather data on ... tons of things related to WoW. Hidden among the general WoW questions was a fairly interesting one :

Apparently, Blizzard is seriously considering offering more character slots to players but you might have to pay for that. Just keep in mind that this is just a survey for the moment and it doesn't accurately reflect what we will or will not get in the future.

Access the Auction House From Almost Anywhere
The beta test has ended and the Auction House is now a premium feature.
[blizzquote author=Zarhym source=]So you're wondering how your auction for that rare blacksmithing pattern is going, but the game isn't installed on any computers around you. Well, starting right now, you can view the World of Warcraft Auction House from just about anywhere where you have an Internet connection, via the Armory website, the Mobile Armory app for iPhone® and iPod touch®, or the new Remote Auction House app for Android™. We're pleased to announce that with the new Auction House section of the Armory, World of Warcraft players are now able to browse their characters’ local Auction Houses with the same search functionality available in the game, as well as see the real-time status of each of their current bids and auctions:

In addition, with a paid subscription to the new World of Warcraft Remote service (, also launched today, you’ll be able to use the Armory website or mobile app to:

  • Post items for sale from your character’s bag, bank, or mailbox on your faction’s Auction House or the realm’s cross-faction Auction House.
  • Place bids or make buyout purchases on the Auction House.
  • Collect the gold earned from a successful auction or reclaim the gold from an unsuccessful bid.

For more information about the new Armory Auction House functionality and the subscription-based World of Warcraft Remote service, check out the Web Auction House FAQ ( and World of Warcraft Remote FAQ (

To download the free Mobile Armory app for iPhone and iPod touch, go here:

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Blue posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Existing Currencies/Badges in Cataclysm
We think it's fair to let you know what's going to happen to all of that old currency. It's not yet time for us to discuss that entire plan, but we'll do so in enough time for your to react.

Overall, you can expect that there won't be much motivation to hoard and even less to go out and farm old content in preparation for the Cataclysm launch.

We would definitely like to get some of that stuff out of your currency UI so you don't have to look at that lonely Badge of Justice for the rest of your character's career. (Source)

Masteries - Investing in multiple trees
Almost everyone at max level will want at least 51 / something / something to gain full benefit of their passive talent trees. A Shadow priest might be something like today's 14/0/57, (Maybe 21/0/55? Maybe 15/0/61?) because we're not giving them much reason so far to subspec Holy at all. A warlock or hunter at the moment (in Cataclysm) might choose a 51/10/15, meaning points in all 3 trees. This is all early though and sometimes players don't end up going with the builds we think they will and we want you to have more flexibility than you do today. (Source)

200% Spell Crit in Cataclysm
If so, does that mean smaller crits, or does that mean 200% spell crits baseline?
We're not sure yet. For the hybrid classes, having the 200% crits is a good way to distinguish the casters from the non-casters (jn terms of keeping healers or melee specs from doing quite so much damage with spells). For mages and locks there is less reason for them. (Source)

"Chaotic" world in Cataclysm
For all of the zones that take a turn for the worse, I would say there's an equal number of zones which improve in the chaos. Our goal is not to make the leveling experience dreary, or show you how much we can decimate familiar places. We want to add some vigor back into the old world in the wake of cataclysmic change.

[...] Just to clarify, in many cases there are different areas in each zone with different types of changes. So, maybe the Barrens has been ruptured in half and made a tumultuous place of battle between the Alliance and the Horde in the south, but there are areas of the Barrens that look more beautiful than ever before. The changes in cataclysm aren't being made to shift the scale toward ugly, unforgiving terrain. You'll find a multitude of differing environments within each zone, and within the overall world. (Source)

Armory: Guild Bank Logs Outdated
We are aware of an issue which exists presently on the World of Warcraft Armory site preventing guild bank logs from properly updating. We’re working to apply a fix for this issue and will provide an update when we have an estimated timeframe for resolution. (Source)

European Beta Guild Contest
This is pretty much the case; we'll just have to see. Obviously the EU has a lot more countries and laws to take into account. Anyhow, should we have any similar announcement to make, you won't have to ask here to find out about it. (Source)

Mage (Forums / Talent Calculator)
Arcane Missiles
The idea is to keep Arcane Missiles as a core mechanic that all mages want to use when it procs, but it's possible some spec may end up not using it if their other spells are propped up enough that you don't want to spend the cast time. We'll have to see when we get a little further in beta. (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Talent Calculator)
Warlocks in Cataclysm
Sorry, we just don't agree that that is a problem. It doesn't really matter if the talents are in a tree with a different name than your spec as along as the talents are useful, and those 15 certainly are.

To reiterate, we like Affliction using Shadow Bolt. We don't want Affliction to rely so much on Drain Soul because that feels a lot like a Shadow priest, and we don't like any class casting nothing but dots. So Shadow Bolt is sticking around. We also don't have a problem with Shadow Bolt being a Destruction spell and being buffed by the Destruction tree. Furthermore, we have no problem with Destro using something other than Shadow Bolt even though it's a Destruction spell. Finally, we don't mind that all of those talent points buff one spell. It's a really important spell! If you had to spend 15 points to buff a spell that was a trivial amount of your damage it would be a bigger deal, but then I'm fairly sure nobody would make that talent point investment in the first place.

All of those arguments seem like they offend your logic or something, which isn't enough grounds for us to want to change it. Different classes work differently. Mages focus on a school of magic while warlocks focus more on a source of damage (dots, pets and nukes) but even in that case, that doesn't mean they focus on their damage source to an extent that the mage focuses on Fire, Frost or Arcane (and in Cataclysm all mages will care a lot about Arcane Missiles in any event). We are really trying to resist class homogenization and having talent trees constructed similarly for every class works against that goal. Not similar is fine. Not functional is not fine.

What does bother us is having to get both Affliction and Destruction versions of hit, threat reduction, pushback resistance and range in addition to the crit damage from Ruin. Our plan is to put generic (affects all spells) talents for hit and pushback resistance in the first tier of Demonology and then just make the spells longer range so there is no need for a range talent. We're getting rid of all threat reduction talents. With the extra Cataclysm talent points, you should have more than enough points to get some in Demo and Destro as Affliction, and in fact we're leaning towards warlocks being one of those classes that does invest a little in all three trees. (Though again, not to the extent that you have no flexibility.)

If you're one of those warlocks who just really, really wants Affliction or Shadow Bolt to work differently, well, you have my apologies. No doubt if you were in our shoes you might design different talent trees. I have tried to explain our choice for the design above.

Video Games Live Comes to PBS
[blizzquote author=Zarhym source=]If you love videogame music and the music of Blizzard Entertainment, then you’ll want to keep your eyes and ears glued to your local PBS station this summer. For the first time ever on television, PBS will feature a “Video Games Live” concert special which will include three pieces of Blizzard music for your enjoyment: StarCraft II – Wings of Liberty Main Theme, Lament of the Highborne (featuring Vangie Gunn), and the Warcraft Suite. For more information and to watch the teaser trailer, go here:[/blizzquote]

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by Published on 2010-06-07 11:18 PM

Update - Remote AH Beta Test just ended.

Remote Auction House Beta Test - Update 06/07
[blizzquote author=Bashiok source=]
The beta has ended and the Remote Auction House is now live! Thank you to everyone who participated in helping us test this new feature. For more information on how to obtain the app and subscribe to the service visit

Cataclysm Beta -- Guild Contest
[blizzquote author=Zarhym source=]If you think you and your guildmates have what it takes to make invaluable beta testers, take a stab at our Cataclysm Beta -- Guild Contest. All you need to do is tell us in a short essay why you and nine of your guildmates should be in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta test. We’ll be picking 100 winning submissions each week for five weeks, for a total of 5,000 beta keys at stake!

HTML Code:
<div style="width:70%;"><hr></hr></div>

For World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we’re looking for a healthy handful of guilds to join us in the beta test process. If you think your guild would supply the perfect candidates for testing the limits of Cataclysm's content and systems, tell us why!

4. Entry in the contest.
Beginning on the Commencement Date, you can enter the Contest by emailing a short essay (50 to 250 words) elaborating on why the World of Warcraft guild that the entrant is the guild master of should take part in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta Test to Your submission must be in English, and must be between 50 and 250 words in length to be considered for the Contest. You are limited to one (1) entry in the Contest. Any entries or submissions which depict or glorify overly graphic, lewd, obscene, vulgar or profane behavior, or which utilize lewd, obscene vulgar or profane language, either as part of the submission or as the name of the submission, will be disqualified at the sole discretion of Sponsor.

All you have to do is send an email to
HTML Code:
containing a short essay between 50 and 250 words explaining why we should bring you and nine of your guild mates on-board. We’ll be picking 100 winning submissions from eligible participants each week for five weeks beginning Monday, June 7th through Monday, July 12th.

Before entering the contest, be sure to read the full contest rules for details and eligibility.[/blizzquote]

Important - Adobe Flash Player Vulnerability
[blizzquote author=Lucytr source=]A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader/Acrobat 9.x, and could potentially be used to target World of Warcraft players and accounts. The newest available version of Adobe Flash 10.1, Release Candidate 7 (available at, does not appear to contain this vulnerability, and we recommend that everyone upgrade their Flash player as soon as possible. Earlier versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat, specifically version 8.x, do not appear to contain this vulnerability, either.

For more information, please visit

Get an Authenticator if you haven't got one already. Get your very own guard dog and secure your account at the same time. Visit for more info!

I would also like to add that this is NOT a virus. The only way to protect yourself from this kind of vulnerability is to keep your system up-to-date in all ways, including Flash. [/blizzquote]

Curse Client Google Ad Scam
A few months ago a couple of people got hacked because of malicious google ads redirecting to fake armory pages. (See this news)

The same problem is now affecting the client that many of you use to update and download addon.

Whenever you try to reach a popular WoW site (including mmo-champion) always type the URL in your browser's adress bar or bookmark it, don't click links from external websites or google them.

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