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by Published on 2017-03-24 10:59 PM

Patch 7.2 Preparation, Character Services Sale, Blue Posts, PvP Title Cutoff, Key Art

Mythic Keystone Dungeons at 7.2 Launch
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With the release of Patch 7.2, we’re increasing the difficulty of (and rewards from) Mythic Keystone Dungeons. To help you prepare, we’d like to provide some clarity on what those changes entail.

After Patch 7.2 has been released, the minimum item level of the rewards found in the end-of-run chests will be as follows:

  • Mythic 2-3: 870
  • Mythic 4-5: 875
  • Mythic 6-7: 880
  • Mythic 8-9: 885
  • Mythic 10+: 890

(Note: bosses in Mythic Dungeons run with no Keystone active will drop item level 865 gear.)

The minimum item level of the rewards in the weekly Challenger’s Bounty chest (found in your Order Hall) will be based on the highest difficulty Mythic Keystone dungeon you cleared that week, as follows:

  • Mythic 2: 875
  • Mythic 3: 880
  • Mythic 4: 885
  • Mythic 5: 890
  • Mythic 6: 890
  • Mythic 7: 895
  • Mythic 8: 895
  • Mythic 9: 900
  • Mythic 10+: 905

So, if you clear a Mythic dungeon using a level 6 Keystone after the patch is released, you’ll see gear of at least item level 880 at the end of the run, and will get a piece of gear with an item level of at least 890 in your weekly chest. Keep in mind that the difficulty of the dungeons themselves is increasing to match these rewards.

As we transition from Patch 7.1.5 to Patch 7.2, you’ll get a lower-level Keystone with the reset this week than you may otherwise be expecting. This is due to the increase in difficulty of these dungeons in Patch 7.2. For example, if you completed a level 9 Keystone in patch 7.1.5 and then were given the usual level 6 Keystone next week, that’d actually be an increase in difficulty. To avoid this, we’re making these adjustments for this week only to reduce the level of Keystone you receive based on what you’ve completed this week:

  • Mythic 2-8: level 2 Keystone
  • Mythic 9-10: level 3
  • Mythic 11: level 4
  • Mythic 12: level 5
  • Mythic 13-14: level 6
  • Mythic 15: level 7

(each difficulty level above 15 increases next week’s Keystone level by 1)

As to the gear you’ll find in your weekly chest, its item level will still be based on the highest dungeon you complete this week, but the rewards will be based on the new 7.2 scaling. To put it more directly: completing a Keystone dungeon of difficulty 10 or higher this week will result in a reward with a minimum item level of 905 in your next weekly chest, which is the current maximum reward in Patch 7.2.

We hope this helps clear the air on what you can expect from Mythic Keystone dungeons next week, as well as what you’ll find waiting for you in your Challenger’s Bounty chest. Good luck!

Could you clarify whether this starts on Tuesday (eg. no point in pushing a +15 key this week if +10 is the cap again) or the Tuesday after?
This coming Tuesday, the 28th.

Patch 7.2 - Pet Battle Dungeon
Patch 7.2 adds the first pet battle dungeon, a solo scenario entitled Wailing Critters.

  • The scenario takes place inside Wailing Caverns.
  • It challenges players to complete eleven pet battles, including a final battle versus a Legendary foe.
  • All enemies are Level 25 pets of increasing quality that are classified as either Elite or Boss.
  • There are two different scenarios: a one-time scenario and a weekly challenge scenario.

One-Time Scenario
  • Requires Level 110 and one Level 25 pet, but it's recommended you have at least three max level pets.
  • Pets can be healed and revived between battles.

Weekly Challenge Scenario

  • Requires Level 110 and at least fifteen Level 25 pets.
  • Pets cannot be healed or revived between battles.

One-Time Scenario

Weekly Challenge Scenario

Preparing for the Dungeon
  • Once inside the scenario, you cannot leave or you'll have to start over.
  • The scenario is somewhat time-consuming, so be prepared to spend at least a half hour inside.
  • Most battles are against Beast type pets, so Mechanical pets will have a clear advantage.
  • You should bring an Aquatic pet for the final boss, Budding Everliving Spore, due to his Elemental type.

Consider adding these pets to your team:

Getting to the Dungeon

Dungeon Stages
  • Each battle will require you to defeat three pets.
  • The primary pet will always be accompanied by two Common-quality pets randomly selected from the Deviate pets battled in Stage 1.
  • Stage 1 - Defeat Deviate Smallclaw (Beast, Common), Deviate Chomper (Aquatic, Common), Deviate Flapper (Flying, Common), and their teams.
  • Stage 2 - Defeat the Son of Skum (Beast, Epic, Elite) and his team.
  • Stage 3 - Defeat Phyxia, Dreadcoil, Vilefang (Beast, Uncommon, Elite) and their teams.
  • Stage 4 - Defeat Hiss (Beast, Epic, Boss) and his team.
  • Stage 5 - Defeat the two Growing Ectoplasms (Magic, Rare, Elite) and their teams.
  • Stage 6 - Talk to the Shadowy Figure found sleeping to the right of the final boss.
  • Stage 7 - Defeat the Budding Everliving Spore (Elemental, Legendary, Boss). His Acid Rain + Dreadful Breath combination will do a high amount of damage if the fight goes on too long. Acid Rain will also cause Aquatic abilities to do more damage, so with a quality Aquatic pet you’ll be able to dispatch him relatively quickly.
  • With the successful defeat of the Budding Everliving Spore, return to Muyani to turn in the quest and receive your reward: Ultimate Battle Training Stone.
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HCT Bahamas: Live Un'Goro Card Reveals

Patch 7.2 Preparation
Patch 7.2 is just around the corner, so we’ve put together this list of things players might want to complete before the patch goes live this Tuesday.

Table of Contents

Get Your Artifact Weapon to at Least 35 Traits
Patch 7.2 introduces reworks to the existing Artifact Weapon system:
  • Once you’ve earned 35 traits in your Artifact Weapons, you’ll be eligible for a new questline to empower your weapon.
  • Once completed, you'll be able to spend Artifact Power on new Empowered traits, new ranks for existing traits, and a new Infinite trait, which features 50 ranks.
  • Players who have put Artifact Power into their weapons beyond 35 traits will have all of this AP refunded and be able to allocate it to new traits.
  • Previously earned Artifact Power items will not be usable on the empowered Artifact Weapon, so don't stockpile your AP tokens.

Cap Your Artifact Knowledge

Complete Order Hall Class Campaign
  • To continue with your order hall campaign in 7.2, you must have completed all currently available order hall quests.
  • In 7.2, players can earn a new champion, class-specific achievements, and the achievement Champions of Legionfall
  • Completion of the order hall class campaign awards your class-specific flying mount. You can check them out here.

Collect 25,000 Order Resources for New Order Hall Research
  • If you haven’t already been stockpiling Order Resources, you’ll want to start farming in order to purchase the two new order hall upgrades.
  • The first upgrade (tier 7) costs 10,000 x Order Resources and takes one day to research.
  • The second (tier 8) costs 15,000 x Order Resources and research completion will take 5 days.
  • You’ll also need Order Resources for purchasing new artifact knowledge ranks (which now caps at 50).

Earn the Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One Achievement
  • Complete the first Broken Isles Pathfinder achievement so you can work towards Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two once the patch is live.

As a recap, here’s what you’ll need to do to earn that first achievement:

Max Reputations to Exalted for the Paragon System
  • You're now able to keep earning reputation with a faction even after reaching Exalted.
  • For each 10,000 reputation earned past Exalted, you will earn a supply reward similar to those awarded by Emissary Quests.
  • These supply rewards have a chance to drop new, faction-exclusive mounts and toys.
  • After earning 10 of these rewards, you’ll earn the achievement Paragon of the Broken Isles.
  • You won’t be able to gain reputation from insignias earned from world quests, so there’s no point in holding onto those.

Here are the reward items you’ll have a chance to receive:

Level Class Hall Champions
  • Level all Class Hall Champions to 110 and cap their item level.
  • All Champions will now be able to reach Legendary quality, which unlocks a third equipment slot.
  • Once Legendary, Champions will not be able to earn any more experience.
  • You’ll be able to have one more active Champion, so make sure you have six Champions ready for missions.
  • Don’t forget that you can take Combat Ally Champions with you on world quests.

Gather Materials for New Crafted BoE Legendary Items

Sell Excess Gathered Materials Before Flying is Unlocked

Level Battle Pets
  • Patch 7.2 introduces the first Pet Battle Dungeon, Wailing Critters.
  • You’ll need to be level 110 and have one level 25 pet for the one-time scenario, but it's ideal to have three level 25 pets.
  • You’ll need 15 max level pets for the Pet Battle Challenge: Wailing Caverns weekly scenario.

Collect Transmog Items
  • Patch 7.2 adds a new “Sets” tab to the Appearances interface, so you can browse all item sets available to your character and see which items you are missing.
  • The interface will tell you where to get the items, so you can complete missing sets.
  • New achievements, such as Mogg-Saron and Sha of Fabulous, have been added for collecting PVE and PVP item sets.
  • Earning 10 of these achievements will earn you the character title, “Stylist,” awarded by Azeroth’s Next Top Model.

On Sale Now! World of Warcraft: Legion and Select Character Services
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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Character Services
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Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Patch 7.2 Key Points
Just to confirm a couple of points:

  • Release day in EU is indeed 29th March (hype!)
  • The Tomb of Sargeras raid will open at a later date.
  • Ahead of the Curve & Cutting Edge achievements for Helya and Gul'dan will be obtainable up until the Tomb of Sargeras raid opens.
  • The story trailer is cool, check it out!

(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Estimated US Rating Cutoffs for Legion Season 2
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Over the last few PvP seasons, we’ve seen an increased request from the community for Blizzard to publish projected estimates of how much PvP rating a character will need in order to be awarded a title. We’ve been discussing the idea, and would like to give it a try.

IMPORTANT: What follows is purely an estimation based on current ladder rankings and participation. The final cutoffs will only be determined once Legion Season 2 has actually concluded, and have the potential to be significantly different than what is listed below due to a wide variety of factors. Meeting or exceeding one of these cutoffs does not in any way guarantee that you will receive that tier of rewards once the season has ended.

Estimated 3v3 Arena Cutoffs:
  • Fearless Gladiator (Horde): 2820
  • Fearless Gladiator (Alliance): 2780
  • Gladiator (Horde): 2570
  • Gladiator (Alliance): 2580
  • Duelist (Horde): 2170
  • Duelist (Alliance): 2170
  • Rival (Horde): 1920
  • Rival (Alliance): 1900
  • Challenger (Horde): 1640
  • Challenger (Alliance): 1630

Estimated Rated Battleground Cutoffs:
  • Hero of the Horde: 2500
  • Hero of the Alliance: 2530
  • Guardian of the Horde: 2190
  • Guardian of the Alliance: 2120
  • Defender of the Horde: 1910
  • Defender of the Alliance: 1870
  • Soldier of the Horde: 1670
  • Soldier of the Alliance: 1670

Remember, these are only a projection of what the final cutoffs could be based on current ladder standings.

These are not a guarantee of what will be finalized once the season has finished.

Estimated EU Rating Cutoffs for Legion Season 2
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Over the last few PvP seasons, we’ve seen an increased request from the community for Blizzard to publish projected estimates of how much PvP rating a character will need in order to be awarded a title. We’ve been discussing the idea, and would like to give it a try.

IMPORTANT: What follows is purely an estimation based on current ladder rankings and participation. The final cutoffs will only be determined once Legion Season 2 has actually concluded, and have the potential to be significantly different than what is listed below due to a wide variety of factors. Meeting or exceeding one of these cutoffs does not in any way guarantee that you will receive that tier of rewards once the season has ended.

Estimated 3v3 Arena Cutoffs:
  • Fearless Gladiator (Horde): 2860
  • Fearless Gladiator (Alliance): 2980
  • Gladiator (Horde): 2610
  • Gladiator (Alliance): 2740
  • Duelist (Horde): 2140
  • Duelist (Alliance): 2270
  • Rival (Horde): 1880
  • Rival (Alliance): 1970
  • Challenger (Horde): 1610
  • Challenger (Alliance): 1650

Estimated Rated Battleground Cutoffs:
  • Hero of the Horde: 2530
  • Hero of the Alliance: 2630
  • Guardian of the Horde: 2150
  • Guardian of the Alliance: 2280
  • Defender of the Horde: 1880
  • Defender of the Alliance: 1990
  • Soldier of the Horde: 1680
  • Soldier of the Alliance: 1710

Remember, these are only a projection of what the final cutoffs could be based on current ladder standings.

These are not a guarantee of what will be finalized once the season has finished.

Patch 7.2 - Key Art
The key art for Patch 7.2 has been released.

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Developer Q&A - Ryan Shwayder: Patch 7.2 Content

Patch 7.2 – The Tomb of Sargeras Trailer
Patch 7.2 will be here March 28! The PvP Season ends with the patch release. US and EU cutoffs have been posted.

by Published on 2017-03-23 05:51 PM

Price Changes for certain WoW EU Services on April 5

Developer Q&A - Ryan Shwayder: Patch 7.2 Content
Senior Game Designer Ryan Shwayder will be answering your Patch 7.2 content related questions.

Lessons Learned
  • The land mass of Timeless Isle was conducive to interesting boss fights.
  • The Broken Shore land mass is larger, so the rare elites will be up a little longer.

Broken Shore
  • A lot of the characters in Legion are characters we have encountered before.
  • There is plenty of content to do, it is presented in a way that is different than Suramar, a more organic and open world experience.

Legion Assaults
  • There are four zones under attack from the Legion.
  • Doing four world quests to defend against an assault is just the first part of the Legion invasion quests. There is a bigger Thundertotem defense part and a three person scenario.
  • You can do the world quests while you are still leveling as bonuses, but not the entire quest line.

Artifact Appearances
  • You can start working towards the new Artifact appearances when the patch releases.
  • You will need to unlock all of the original traits on your Artifact before you begin.
  • The entire region will contribute towards creating buildings, you will want the Mage Tower for the Artifact appearances.

Class Mounts
  • You will need to be exalted with the new faction and finish the new campaign before you can unlock the new class mounts.
  • There is a weekly campaign quest for eleven weeks. There is a day delay for each week when it comes to catching up, so you will be able to catch up quickly.

Class Mounts
  • Every class has a specific fantasy, so there is some variation in the mounts and associated rewards.
  • Every class won't get a matching pet for their mount.
  • The team is trying to make everyone happy with the class mounts, but there won't be exact parity in the rewards for every class.

Class Fantasy and Defeating the Legion
  • All of the Class Orders have come together to defeat the Legion at this point.
  • The hub area on the Broken Shore has some class specific flavor with different NPCs in the area depending on your class.
  • A few weeks in to the campaign you will be able to go and recruit a new follower.
  • You can unlock class specific world quests, but they won't be up every day. These quests have a class specific fantasy.

  • It will probably take at least a few weeks to unlock flying.
  • You will need to wait for Week 2 for Assaults to start.
  • You will need to hit Revered with the new faction as well.
  • It probably won't take as long as it did to get flying in Warlords.

Solo Artifact Challenges and Appearances
  • Maybe a few people will be able to defeat it at Patch 7.2 launch, but not many.
  • Eventually it will get easier as you get more gear and new Artifact traits.
  • It will not be trivialized during Patch 7.2.
  • People internally have been comparing it to the Warlock Green Fire final encounter. It was very tough when it first released.
  • The new appearances are unlocked per spec.
  • There are seven different challenges, with each spec being assigned to one of them.
  • Once you have unlocked the new appearance you have demonstrated mastery of that spec.
  • After that you have to demonstrate being great in the context of PvP or raiding, unlocking the other color variations of that appearance.
  • The base appearance unlock is similar to the way the Balance of Power appearance works, which is intended to take the place of the legendary item quest lines from Mists of Pandaria and Warlords.
  • It is more than a DPS check, there are mechanics you need to respond to and skill you need to demonstrate. You won't be able to brute force this.
  • It isn't too expensive to attempt the encounter again while the Mage Tower is up.

Legionfall War Supplies
  • The War Supplies can only be used for buildings. The team didn't want you to choose between working on the buildings or getting a new Pepe.
  • You get a cache each time you contribute towards building one of the buildings.
  • There is no cap on contributing towards the buildings.

Broken Shore in Future Expansions
  • The team has talked about keeping this area functional in the future.
  • The team can tune the buildings to be easier to build later when everyone has moved on.
  • The players that want to go back and do this content should be able to.
  • The team can just stop the Legion from counterattacking the buildings and destroying them in the future if needed.
  • Each time you rebuild the buildings you get a different buff.

Broken Shore Buildings
  • When a building goes up, it will be destroyed in three days. There is a 24 hour cooldown before you can start building it again.
  • Sometimes there will be overlap between buildings being up, sometimes all three will be up at once.
  • Most people should be able to experience the content while the buildings are up.
  • The team is trying to keep content for every playstyle available at all times.
  • You will have something to do even if a building isn't up.

Artifact Traits
  • Your first new trait is damage and Stamina, you won't get weaker when you unlock the new traits.

  • Velen suffered an absolute tragedy and is at the Tomb of Sargeras to progress the story.
  • Velen is here to take the fight to Kil'jaeden, finally getting the opportunity for vengeance.
  • The Exodar has been crashed for a while, so he isn't going home anytime soon.

  • Jaina left the Council because she refuses to work with the Horde.
  • The Horde is still the bad guy to her, so the Horde and Alliance coming together to fight the Legion.
  • Her story isn't continuing in Patch 7.2.

Order Hall Research
  • When you unlock your final follower, you unlock the ability to do some more Order Hall research.
  • The final one only doubles AP from World Quests that give you AP. It won't make all World Quests give you AP.

Pet Battle Dungeon
  • If players like the new pet battle dungeon the team can make more, if not they will look elsewhere.

Follower Item Level
  • The item level cap on followers will be brought forward to 900 to keep them relevant and progress the system.

Alt Improvements
  • The Legion Invasion world quests are some extra experience.
  • Artifact Knowledge is being increased, so you can help your alts catch up.
  • The team has been making efforts to make things a little bit more alt friendly as the expansion goes on.
  • You shouldn't feel like you have to keep endlessly grinding Artifact Power for that final trait. Your time may be better spent playing your alt rather than plowing AP into this soft cap.
  • Upgraded heirlooms are coming later in the expansion.

  • Nightbane is not in Mythic+, so you can't get his loot.

New Relic Traits
  • You won't be able to get new relics before Tomb opens.
  • Future raids will no longer drop the non-throughout relics, so alternative means to acquire them will be added.

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