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by Published on 2011-01-27 03:02 AM

Cataclysm Hotfixes - Updated Jan. 26
Hey look, it's another wave of live server hotfixes!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
January 19-26
  • Thunder Bluff reputation no longer increases further from Horde faction gains than other races, now correctly capping at Friendly.

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Enrage will now properly increase the amount of damage taken by the druid.
  • Force of Nature and Wild Mushroom can now be cast correctly even if the target is on a different height of terrain from the druid.

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • The bonus healing provided by Conviction now functions correctly when healing other players.
  • The passive healing bonus from Walk in the Light has been reduced to 10%, down from 15%. This change is to balance against the fix to Conviction, but still results in a small overall buff to paladin healing.

Priest (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Prayer of Mending is now properly reduced by healing reduction effects, such as Mortal Strike, Absolute Corruption, and Engulfing Darkness.

Rogue (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • The benefit of Executioner for Slice and Dice is now correctly removed from the rogue after switching talent specializations.

Dungeons & Raids
The Bastion of Twilight
  • Creatures leading up to Halfus are now immune to Mind Control.
  • The Waterlogged debuff now expires appropriately after a player is hit by Flame Torrent during the Ignacious encounter.
  • Terrastra will cast Quake regardless of whether Harden Skin is interrupted or not.
  • Twilight Sentries now have less health on 10-player Heroic difficulty than on 25-player Heroic difficulty.
    • Sinestra
    • Twilight Whelps are now immune to snares.
    • The spawn rate of Twilight Spitecallers has been slightly reduced on 25-player Heroic difficulty.
    • A death knight's diseases will no longer trigger the Twilight Spitecallers' Indomitable enrage.
    • It is no longer possible to target or attack a Twilight Spitecaller before it has entered the combat area.
    • Flame patches should properly spawn in front of the Twilight Eggs.

Blackwing Descent
  • The achievement criteria for Silence is Golden is now properly reset when entering combat with Atramedes.
  • Atramedes's health on Heroic difficulty has been reduced slightly.
  • Maloriak will no longer be interrupted while casting Release All Minions.
  • Maloriak's enrage timer was inconsistent between difficulties and has been updated. It is now 7 minutes for normal difficulty and 12 minutes for Heroic difficulty.

  • Glubtok's Fire and Frost Blossoms summoned during the encounter no longer grant experience or reputation.

Throne of the Four Winds
  • Al'Akir's Lightning Strike damage has been reduced on 25-player Heroic difficulty. In addition, its effect duration has been reduced to 16 seconds, down from 24 in both modes and difficulties.
  • Slipstreams can no longer be used during the Al'Akir encounter.
  • It is no longer possible to swap raid difficulty before the Conclave of Wind has fully respawned.
  • Gather Strength cast by Rohash is no longer affected by spell slowing effects, such as Curse of Tongues and Slow.

The Vortex Pinnacle
  • Bosses will no longer respawn after a soft reset if players already have a Heroic save.

  • Heroic set tokens have been moved to earlier bosses on 25-player Heroic difficulty (chest from Halfus, legs from Maloriak, gloves from Magmaw, helm from Nefarian, shoulder from Cho'gall).
  • Tokens for normal versions of the helm and shoulder set pieces (item level 359) now drop from Nefarian and Cho'gall on Heroic difficulty, as they are required to purchase the Heroic helm and shoulder pieces (item level 372). An additional change to this functionality is slated for patch 4.0.6.
  • Normal and Heroic versions of Earthen Handguards now have more Strength.
  • Normal and Heroic versions of Fall of Mortality can now proc the Grounded Soul effect correctly via heal-over-time spells.

Lunar Festival
  • Elder Rumblerock is now available during the quest "Assault on Dreadmaul Rock" for both the Horde and the Alliance.
  • Horde players now correctly gain 75 Bilgewater reputation as well when completing the Lunar Festival elder quests as part of the Horde reputation gain.

  • The Stamina bonus from the Flask of Battle is the same as the Flask of Steelskin. Both are correctly giving 120 Stamina for alchemists who know the recipe.
  • Archaeology projects Twisted Ammonite Shells, Druid and Priest Statue Sets, Fierce Wolf Figurines, and Spidery Sundails now guarantee skill-ups all the way to 525.
  • Toughened Flesh now drops more frequently from associated creatures.
  • Making Kungaloosh no longer counts toward the guild achievement Set the Oven to Cataclysmic.

  • Rated Battlegrounds will no longer initiate a shutdown timer due to too few players being present.
by Published on 2011-01-26 03:06 AM

Patch 4.0.6 Build 13561 - Archaeology Grey Artifacts
The latest PTR build updated the sale prices of the artifacts once again and it's time to make something useful out of these stats! Below is a breakdown of all the junk artifacts, their total, and their average value for each race!

Things are surprisingly balanced and you will probably end up getting 140G/Hour from junk items if you get 7 artifacts/hour. However, it will be slightly different if you're farming Troll archaeology to get Zin'rokh apparently, I'm not sure if this is intended or not.

Dwarf Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Word of Empress ZoeDwarf375 10
Pipe of Franclorn ForgewrightDwarf20g10g
Silver Kris of KorlDwarf20 9
Warmaul of BurningeyeDwarf20 9
Spiked Gauntlets of AnvilrageDwarf20 9
Scepter of BronzebeardDwarf20 9
Dented Shield of Horuz KillcrowDwarf10 40
Scorched Staff of Shadow Priest AnundDwarf10 40
Scepter of Charlga RazorflankDwarf10 40
Mithril Chain of AngerforgeDwarf10 41
Skull Staff of ShadowforgeDwarf10 40
Notched Sword of Tunadil the RedeemerDwarf5 20
Bodacious Door KnockerDwarf5 20
Boot Heel with ScrollworkDwarf5 20
Golden Chamber PotDwarf5 20
Winged Helm of CorehammerDwarf5 20
Ironstar's Petrified ShieldDwarf5 20
Worn Hunting KnifeDwarf1 5
Wooden WhistleDwarf1 5
Bone Gaming DiceDwarf1 5
Belt Buckle with Anvilmar CrestDwarf1 5 50
Pewter Drinking CupDwarf1 10
Ceramic Funeral UrnDwarf1 10
Stone GryphonDwarf1 10
Silver Neck TorcDwarf1 11
Moltenfist's Jeweled GobletDwarf1 11
Dwarven Baby SocksDwarf1 5
Total 565 Average 20 90 / Artifact

Fossil Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Imprint of a Kraken TentacleFossil200 5
Proto-Drake SkeletonFossil20 5
Feathered Raptor ArmFossil10 40
Vicious Ancient FishFossil10 40
Devilsaur ToothFossil5 20
Insect in AmberFossil5 20
Ancient Shark JawsFossil5 20
Black TrilobiteFossil1 5
Beautiful Preserved FernFossil1 5
Twisted Ammonite ShellFossil1 10
Shard of Petrified WoodFossil1 5
Strange Velvet WormFossil1 10
Total 260 Average 21 66 / Artifact

Night Elf Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Silver Scroll CaseNight Elf200 90
Chest of Tiny Glass AnimalsNight Elf100 40
Carcanet of the Hundred MagiNight Elf20 90
Umbra CrescentNight Elf20 90
String of Small Pink PearlsNight Elf10 40
Scepter of XaviusNight Elf10 40
Kaldorei AmphoraNight Elf5 20
Hairpin of Silver and MalachiteNight Elf5 22
Delicate Music BoxNight Elf5 20
Cracked Crystal VialNight Elf5 40
Cloak Clasp with AntlersNight Elf3 10
Coin from Eldre'ThalasNight Elf2 10
Shattered GlaiveNight Elf2 10
Green Dragon RingNight Elf2 10
Scandalous Silk NightgownNight Elf1g5s
Highborne PyxisNight Elf1 5
Inlaid Ivory CombNight Elf1 5
Necklace with Elune PendantNight Elf1 5
Total 393 Average 21 83 / Artifact

Troll Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Tooth with Gold FillingTroll50 40
Bracelet of Jade and CoinsTroll25 22
Drakkari Sacrificial KnifeTroll10 40
Jade Asp with Ruby EyesTroll5 10
Eerie Smolderthorn IdolTroll5 10
Cinnabar BijouTroll5 10
Feathered Gold EarringTroll5g10s
Skull-Shaped PlanterTroll5 20
Gahz'rilla FigurineTroll5 20
Atal'ai ScepterTroll5 20
Zandalari Voodoo DollTroll1 5
Lizard Foot CharmTroll1 5
Fetish of Hir'eekTroll1 5 20
Fine Bloodscalp DinnerwareTroll1 5
Total 124 Average 8 85 / Artifact

Draenei Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Anklet with Golden BellsDraenei50 1
Fine Crystal CandelabraDraenei50 1 20
Carved Harp of Exotic WoodDraenei10 1
Strange Silver PaperweightDraenei10 1 10
Scepter of the NathrezimDraenei10 1
Baroque Sword ScabbardDraenei10 1
Dignified PortraitDraenei10 1
Plated Elekk GoadDraenei10 1
Total 160 Average 20 / Artifact

Orc Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Scepter of Nekros SkullcrusherOrc80 1
Maul of Stone Guard Mur'ogOrc50 1
Tiny Bronze ScorpionOrc25 1
Fierce Wolf FigurineOrc10 1
Fiendish WhipOrc10 1
Gray Candle StubOrc5 1
Tile of Glazed ClayOrc5 1
Skull Drinking CupOrc5 1
Rusted Steak KnifeOrc1 1
Total 191 Average 21 22 / Artifact

Nerubian Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Scepter of Nezar'AzretNerubian50 5
Infested Ruby RingNerubian20 5
Six-Clawed CorniceNerubian20 5
Viziers Scrawled StreamerNerubian10g5g
Spidery SundialNerubian10g5g
Ewer of Jormungar BloodNerubian10g5g
Gruesome Heart BoxNerubian7g3g 50s
Total 127 Average 18 14 / Artifact

Vrykul Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Intricate Treasure Chest KeyVrykul50 5
Fanged Cloak PinVrykul20 5
Thorned NecklaceVrykul10g5g
Flint StrikerVrykul5 5
Total 95 Average 19 / Artifact

Tol'vir Artifacts
ItemRaceBuild 13561Live Price
Cat Statue with Emerald EyesTol'vir100 90
Tiny Oasis MosaicTol'vir15g1g
Castle of SandTol'vir10 90
Soapstone Scarab NecklaceTol'vir10 90
Engraved Scimitar HiltTol'vir10 1
Sketch of a Desert PalaceTol'vir10 1
Mummified Organ (Canopic Jar)Tol'vir2g1g
Total 157 Average 22 43 / Artifact

Paragon clears the first tier of Cataclysm Raiding
I didn't have time to mention it because of the patch notes update recently but Paragon killed Al'akir in 25-Man Heroic Mode on Monday and officially cleared the first tier of Cataclysm raiding! Congratulations to them, see the statement and kill shot below!

From Paragon
This is it - Cataclysm's first tier of raiding has finally been finished. We are quite satisfied with how everything went, despite some setbacks along the way. Right now we are probably even happier to be able to soon go back to our 1 day/week raiding schedule after the merciless non-gated grind.

Al'Akir was a rather merciless boss overall. The difference on this particular boss is absolutely massive in 10-man compared to 25s due to the area scaling. Congratulations to Dream though for getting the world first in 10-man! Here's to hoping the 25-man version of Al'akir won't get hotfixed or nerfed too soon; everyone else should go through the same soul draining wipes that we had to endure.

Thanks to all Paragon members for giving their best and making it possible for us to perform as good as we've done. Also thanks to all the supporters and people who have travelled the journey with us. Thanks also go to Steelseries and ASUS. Most of all, thanks to Blizzard.

2200 Rating Weapon Availability
Originally Posted by Daxxarri (Blue Tracker)
As previously announced (, Conquest weapons requiring 2200 rating were to be made available today, January 25, but have been delayed. We currently plan to make the 2200 weapons available approximately two weeks after the release of patch 4.0.6.

The decision to further delay availability of weapons requiring 2200 rating was not made lightly. Currently very few guilds are clearing PvE content that drops weapons of this caliber, which would make rated Battlegrounds and Arenas the primary source for top-tier weapons. We of course don’t want players who are pursuing PvE content to feel as though they must engage in heavy PvP to obtain these weapons in order to be competitive or successful.

We do have some plans to help avoid similar situations in the future, and we’ll share more details when they become available.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Price of Trade goods from Justice Vendors
They're definitely not cost effective and certainly not meant for everyone. Even still, there are scores of people out there with large excesses of Justice Points, with no need (or ability) to obtain more, and nothing to spend them on. This provides an excellent alternative for a select portion of players.

For everyone else who isn't concerned with the Justice Point cap or how to spend them, these vendors can be disregarded. They're not meant to replace the activity of farming for tradeskill materials for the general populace. (Source)

Enhanced Maps
We're definitely looking into ways to add more information about raid and dungeon bosses directly into the game client. For example, as discussed at BlizzCon 2010 in the Raids and Dungeons panel, we're already discussing the possibility of incorporating loot tables and boss abilities into zone maps. While "enhanced maps" are still in their formative stages, we love the idea of a player being able to access a variety of information about a specific boss -- including what it drops, what abilities it has, and maybe even some lore about who it is and why everyone in Azeroth wants to kill it -- just by opening her map and mousing over an icon.

This is all still on the horizon, of course, and would likely be something that's implemented in stages. Nevertheless, we agree that the game could provide better tools for players who are adapting to new content and are currently working to bridge that gap for the future (in a meaningful way that doesn't undermine or spoil the experience). (Source)

PvP Sets bonus nerf
Right now some hybrid classes benefit from wearing a pair of 2 piece set bonuses in PvP instead of their 4 piece bonus. We don't much like that behavior though, and we're going to eventually make the two bonuses exclusive so you can only ever have one 2 piece bonus at a time. We're not going to make that change in 4.0.6 as we realize some people have spent a lot of points to buy into the double-2 piece bonuses. However, it is likely we'll make the change at the start of the next PvP season. (Source)

Arena Weapons Availability
Sometimes, you have to make an unpopular decision, and you take a lot of heat for it. I understand that you guys aren't happy, and I'm sorry about that.

With regard to the weapon delay, as with any change which affects your gameplay, we always prefer to provide advance notice whenever possible, but in some situations it isn't an option. Unfortunately, this was one of those cases.

Some of you may recall that there were times in the past when it was common for the Arenas to be flooded by geared raiders actively engaging in arena matches exclusively to acquire weapons for the sake of defeating PvE content. That's not the intended design for arena rewards (that they be part of PvE progression), and that was a situation that we were hoping to avoid now. Raid content is very challenging currently, and as a direct result, there are fewer top tier weapons floating around. What we didn't want was a 'gold rush' on arenas, which would diffuse the competitive space there as well as give PvE focused players an undue advantage for raid content.

Ultimately, what we really want is parity in the availability of top end PvP and PvE weaponry. We want to see top end PvP and PvE items filtering into the player community at roughly the same time. This delay is an effort to achieve that aforementioned parity in this case. (Source)

Bilgewater Cartel/Gilneas reputation from Elders
Thanks for the reports! We've implemented a hotfix to correct this issue and ensure that Horde players receive reputation with Bilgewater Cartel when completing Lunar Festival coin quests. (Source)

Elders reputation cap
I spoke with our designers a bit more about the Lunar Festival coin quests and what caps, if any, are place on the reputation provided from them. At present, these quests should only provide reputation with Horde (Orgrimmar, Undercity, Darkspear, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon City, Bilgewater Cartel) and Alliance (Stormwind, Ironforge, Gnomeregan, Darnassus, Exodar, Gilneas) reputations up to 5999/6000 Friendly. This is indeed intended, as many of you have guessed, but we absolutely appreciate the feedback provided in this thread -- both in relation to the Lunar Festival and the reputation cap itself.

For clarity, there was a separate issue that was preventing eligible Horde characters, regardless of their faction standing, from earning Bilgewater Cartel reputation when completing the Lunar Festival coin quests. Even if they were Neutral with Bilgewater, for example, they were not receiving the 75 reputation as intended. This has since been resolved with a hotfix and should be live on all realms. (Source)

Storing Tabards
This is something we've been looking into for a while, and we're confident that we'll be able to implement a feature sometime in the future that gives players a better storage solution for their tabards. We're not sure if that feature will be a cosmetic tab or a drop-down list similar to titles just yet, though; there's still several factors that we need to consider carefully (certain tabards have on-use abilities, for example, which makes storing them a bit more complicated) before we can settle on the best course of action.

A 75 slot tabard only bag and bank slot doesn't sound any more complicated than a 32 slot mining bag.
Is that really the most elegant solution, though? It might be quickest and simplest, but that doesn't mean there aren't better alternatives available. If we can implement a type of storage that's integrated into the character UI and doesn't take up extra bank space, then that would be ideal.

That option might not be technically possible due to the way some tabards work, but it's something we're investigating.

[...] We're not trying to over complicate the situation, but if we're looking at adding a new feature, we want to make sure it's meaningful and appropriate for the game in the long-term. (Or, you know, at least try to.)

Right now, we're considering a variety of options because we agree that tabard storage would be great, and some of those options extend beyond simply adding another bank slot -- not because they're complex, but because we believe they'll make the most sense and feel the best when you're in game. (Source)

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Right, kind of. We discovered that Conviction (which can give up to a 9% healing bonus) was broken. It affected paladin self heals, but not healing other targets. Since we think that paladin healing throughput is in an overall good place we didn't want a 9% bonus sticking around. So we fixed Conviction and reduced the Holy passive, Walk in the Light, from 15% to 10%. Which actually does end up with a net 4% gain overall, assuming Conviction has near 100% uptime, which isn't too unreasonable.

Since it was applied in a hotfix the Walk in the Light tooltip won't be updated until 4.0.6. (Source)
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Update - Obviously, the Alchemy stones are now unique equipped. I assumed people would just check the tooltip but I'd rather make sure it's veeery clear.
Update - 2200 Rating Weapon Availability

Update - Archaeology Grey Items Prices
The prices got changed again, Word of Empress Zoe is slightly less ridiculous and most of the prices have been increased again to compensate. (I didn't plan to post that so early, expect a better update in a few hours)

Update - Please see This post

Patch 4.0.6 - PTR Build 13561
A new PTR build will be deployed on test realms, most of these changes are probably already in the official notes but I'm sure there are a couple of new things too.

Important - For the first time in history, I decided to stop being stupid! Datamined info is now placed in MMO Champion quotes to help differentiate datamining from official information, and it only took me 4 years to do that! Feedback appreciated in comments.

Professions Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion


Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Death Knight (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Rejuvenation now costs 20% of base mana, up from 16% of base mana.

Item Set
  • Sudden Eclipse now restores 20 Solar or 13 Lunar Energy. Up from 5 Solar or 7 Lunar.

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Divine Light now costs 33% of bse mana, up from 30% of base mana.
  • Flash of Light now costs 30% of base mana, up from 27% of base mana.
  • Holy Light now costs 10% of base mana, up from 9% of bse mana.
  • Walk in the Light now increases the effectiveness of healing spells by 10%, down from 15%.

Priest (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Mind Blast base damage has been reduced by 21%. Now deals 1277 to 1349 Shadow damage, down from 1617 to 1709 Shadow damage.

Rogue (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Blade Flurry now reduces energy regeneration by 30%, up from 20%.

  • Executioner now increases the effectiveness of Slice and Dice by 20%, up from 16%. Each point of Mastery increases damage by an additional 2.5%, up from 2%.
  • Elusiveness now reduces the Cooldown of Cloak of Shadow by 20 sec, up from 15 sec.

Shaman (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

Warlock (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Pet Abilities

Warrior (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

by Published on 2011-01-24 08:52 PM

PTR 4.0.6 Patch Notes - January 24 Update
The PTR Patch 4.0.6 Patch Notes have been updated once again with a couple of interesting changes to dungeons and classes.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

  • The guild reward Armadillo Pup now requires revered faction instead of exalted.
  • The guild faction requirement on the Guild Herald has been lowered to Revered reputation.

Dungeons & Raids
  • Level-85 dungeon bosses in Lost City of the Tol'Vir, Grim Batol, and Halls of Origination now drop 30 Justice Points each when killed.
  • The daily Random Dungeon reward on normal difficulty has been increased to 140 Justice Points, up from 70.
  • Players no longer need to discover Cataclysm dungeon entrances in order to access them via the Dungeon Finder.

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Rejuvenation is now trained at level 3, down from level 8. In addition, its mana cost is now 20% of base mana.

  • Moonkin Form now grants 15% damage reduction instead of increased armor. In addition, shapeshifting in or out of this form now breaks roots. Note this is not stated in the tooltip.

  • Blood in the Water: Timing on this effect has been improved so that Ferocious Bite will immediately refresh Rip, rather than be slightly delayed (which gave a chance for the Rip to expire despite being refreshed).

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Divine Light mana cost has been increased by approximately 10%.
  • Flash of Light mana cost has been increased by approximately 10%.
  • Holy Light mana cost has been increased by approximately 10%.
  • Lay on Hands now causes Forbearance on the target. It used to only cause it when cast on the paladin. This was an old design from when Divine Protection caused Forbearance and the paladin didn't want to prevent a tank from using their defensive cooldown.
  • Lay on Hands cannot be a critical effect and will not be affected by most abilities which modify healing (such as Beacon of Light). In addition, Lay on Hands is no longer on the global cooldown.


  • Eternal Glory: The chance to not consume Holy Power from this talent now also applies to not consuming the clearcasting effect generated by Divine Purpose.

Priest (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

Rogue (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Blade Flurry is now a toggle that can be turned off by pressing the button again. In addition, this ability no longer has a fixed duration, but will go on cooldown for 10 seconds after being canceled (similar to Stealth). In addition, Blade Flurry now reduces energy generation by 30% while active, up from 20%.

Shaman (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Healing Rain now has a 40-yard radius, up from 30, to be consistent with other shaman heals.


Warlock (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Devour (Felhunter) cooldown has been increased to 20 seconds, up from 8. Devour is no longer able to be auto-cast.

  • Soul Swap can no longer be dispelled (the aura given to the warlock between swapping).

Warrior (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

  • The PvP Balance druid 4-piece set bonus effect has been increased to 20 Solar Energy and 13 Lunar Energy, up from 5 and 13. The effect will also now be more intelligent at choosing whether to give the druid Lunar or Solar Energy (it checks the Balance Power to determine which to give depending on which energy is higher at the time).

Quests & Creatures
Tol Barad
  • Rusty Rifles will now spawn more frequently at Farson Keep.
  • Players should now always receive 6 daily quests in Tol Barad Peninsula as intended, rather than sometimes only getting 5.
by Published on 2011-01-24 09:14 AM

Archaeology in 4.0.6 - Grey items changes
If you've been going through the 4.0.6 Patch Notes you probably saw the following line.
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
  • The sell value of all common artifacts has been doubled, while a small subset of common artifacts have had their sell value increased far beyond that.
That change didn't seem important at first but it's actually more significant than you'd think for people who spend a lot of time hunting for artefacts.

Some of the grey/junk items you get from archaeology had their price considerably increased (up to 1000 gold) and if you have them in your bags it's probably a very good idea to wait for the patch before you sell them ... I'm sure you'd hate to lose 1000 gold (or more!) because of that, right?

As far as I know this change hasn't been hotfixed on live servers and you'll have to wait for the patch.

ItemOld PriceNew Price
Word of Empress Zoe10g1000g
Silver Kris of Korl9g180g
Scepter of NezarAzret5g100g
Fine Crystal Candelabra1g 20s72g
Infested Ruby Ring5g50g
Six-Clawed Cornice5g50g
Bodacious Door Knocker20s20g
Insect in Amber20s20g
Maul of Stone Guard Murog1g20g
Anklet with Golden Bells1g20g
Pipe of Franclorn Forgewright10g20g
Scepter of Bronzebeard9g19g
Warmaul of Burningeye9g18g
Spiked Gauntlets of Anvilrage9g18g
Gahzrilla Figurine20s12g
Intricate Treasure Chest Key5g10g
Flint Striker5g10g
Fanged Cloak Pin5g10g
Thorned Necklace5g10g
Proto-Drake Skeleton5g10g
Imprint of a Kraken Tentacle5g10g
Spidery Sundial5g10g
Ewer of Jormungar Blood5g10g
Viziers Scrawled Streamer5g10g
Chest of Tiny Glass Animals40s8g
Gruesome Heart Box3g 50s7g
Moltenfists Jeweled Goblet11s6g 30s
Jade Asp with Ruby Eyes10s6g
More ...
Black Trilobite5s3g
Strange Silver Paperweight1g 10s2g 10s
Mummified Organ1g2g
Tiny Bronze Scorpion1g2g
Gray Candle Stub1g2g
Rusted Steak Knife1g2g
Scepter of Nekros Skullcrusher1g2g
Fierce Wolf Figurine1g2g
Fiendish Whip1g2g
Tile of Glazed Clay1g2g
Skull Drinking Cup1g2g
Carved Harp of Exotic Wood1g2g
Scepter of the Nathrezim1g2g
Baroque Sword Scabbard1g2g
Dignified Portrait1g2g
Plated Elekk Goad1g2g
Tiny Oasis Mosaic1g2g
Engraved Scimitar Hilt1g2g
Sketch of a Desert Palace1g2g
Carcanet of the Hundred Magi90s1g 80s
Silver Scroll Case90s1g 80s
Umbra Crescent90s1g 80s
Castle of Sand90s1g 80s
Cat Statue with Emerald Eyes90s1g 80s
Soapstone Scarab Necklace90s1g 80s
Scandalous Silk Nightgown5s1g
Mithril Chain of Angerforge41s81s
Dented Shield of Horuz Killcrow40s80s
Scorched Staff of Shadow Priest Anund40s80s
Scepter of Charlga Razorflank40s80s
Skull Staff of Shadowforge40s80s
Tooth with Gold Filling40s80s
Drakkari Sacrificial Knife40s80s
String of Small Pink Pearls40s80s
Cracked Crystal Vial40s80s
Scepter of Xavius40s80s
Feathered Raptor Arm40s80s
Vicious Ancient Fish40s80s
Winged Helm of Corehammer20s50s
Bracelet of Jade and Coins22s44s
Hairpin of Silver and Malachite22s44s
Notched Sword of Tunadil the Redeemer20s40s
Boot Heel with Scrollwork20s40s
Golden Chamber Pot20s40s
Ironstars Petrified Shield20s40s
Skull-Shaped Planter20s40s
Atalai Scepter20s40s
Devilsaur Tooth20s40s
Kaldorei Amphora20s40s
Ancient Shark Jaws20s40s
Delicate Music Box20s40s
Silver Neck Torc11s21s
Cloak Clasp with Antlers10s20s
Pewter Drinking Cup10s20s
Ceramic Funeral Urn10s20s
Stone Gryphon10s20s
Feathered Gold Earring10s20s
Eerie Smolderthorn Idol10s20s
Cinnabar Bijou10s20s
Coin from EldreThalas10s20s
Shattered Glaive10s20s
Twisted Ammonite Shell10s20s
Green Dragon Ring10s20s
Strange Velvet Worm10s20s
Belt Buckle with Anvilmar Crest5s 50c10s 50c
Fetish of Hireek5s 20c10s 20c
Worn Hunting Knife5s10s
Wooden Whistle5s10s
Bone Gaming Dice5s10s
Zandalari Voodoo Doll5s10s
Lizard Foot Charm5s10s
Beautiful Preserved Fern5s10s
Highborne Pyxis5s10s
Inlaid Ivory Comb5s10s
Dwarven Baby Socks5s10s
Necklace with Elune Pendant5s10s
Shard of Petrified Wood5s10s
Fine Bloodscalp Dinnerware5s10s

Lady Sinestra vs. Method - World 2nd kill video
Method released a video of their World 2nd Lady Sinestra kill, I'm sure tons of people want to have a chance to get more information on the fight!

The MMO Report
It's monday, and it's time for your weekly MMO Report.

Dark Legacy Comic #273 and Teh Gladiators #204 are out!

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