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by Published on 2024-06-18 07:06 PM

The Accessories Pack - New Toy and Transmog Bundle
A new bundle featuring 3 toys and Dragonflight expansion transmog is now available on the shop through July 1, 2024.

The Accessories Pack includes the following collectibles:

by Published on 2024-06-18 06:38 PM

The Frenemies Pack - New Bundle Available on the Shop
A new bundle "The Frenemies Pack" is available on the Shop through July 1, 2024.

The Frenemies Pack includes the following mounts and pets:
  • Sunwarmed Furline
  • Luminous Starseeker
  • Mystic Runesaber
  • Shu-zen
  • Wen Lo
  • Vulpine Familiar
  • Alterac Brew Pup
  • Brightpaw
  • Cinder Kitten
  • Shadow
  • Twilight

by Published on 2024-06-17 05:06 PM

When the Forces of Evil Rise, Season 11: Super Mega Ultrawatch is Here!

Warcraft Short Story: "The Lilac and the Stone"
Interested in the other stories in the Warcraft Universe? Check out our Warcraft Literature Chronology!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Queen Regent Moira Thaurissan is exhausted. Her son, Dagran II, is rapidly coming of age and stands to inherit leadership of both the Dark Iron and Bronzebeard Clans. But Dagran is bookish and odd: He would easily choose the company of his library over leadership. Can Moira inspire her son to take up his birthright, or will her fears for his future—and the future of the clans—prove true?

Among all the great craggy, unfeeling boulders of our people, Dagran was always my flower.

For all the good it ever did him. Or me.

Few can imagine what it costs a gentle soul to grow up a dwarf. It may even be worse than to come into this world saddled with the soul of a daughter instead of a son. That one singular roll of the bones determined much of my life before my fist first found my mother’s braid. My body robbed me blind with its first breath: it was a girl’s, and therefore not what my father wanted.

I am Moira Thaurissan, daughter of Magni Bronzebeard and his bride Eimear, princess of Ironforge, widow to the Dark Iron Emperor, mother to his heir Dagran II, and I have been angry since I was old enough to walk the path set before me. Sometimes, I think my anger will outlive me. That they will close up the earth over my body, and long after I am forgotten, some brutal, black hardened jewel left from my rot will work its way up out of the moss, hissing and spitting and still scalding hot. Maybe they will use it to warm a village somewhere. An eternity of cozy hearths and ready stews fueled by this bitter fury I carried but could never fully satisfy. I like the idea of that.

For a long time, I wore my anger on my chest, glinting like one of the gems on that shield they can’t stop squabbling over. As if it could shield me, as if it could shield anyone. But in time I learned that anger shown is anger wasted. It only puts others on guard, makes them fearful or defiant, pushes them to dig into defensive positions, fuels rumors of madness and whispers of revolt, and blunts its own edge as even fear fades with overuse. So I learned to make that shield gem inside myself, pushing the rage deep down into the caverns of my heart, compressing it into a crusted geode of pain, all so that my husband’s people might like me a bit better. All my mistakes have come from that horrid boiling crushed place inside me. Sometimes . . . I wonder who I might have been without it.

by Published on 2024-06-14 05:19 PM

This Week in WoW - June 14, 2024
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft news from the last week!

World of Warcraft®: The War Within™ Goes Live August 26!

Help defend Azeroth from the shadows below when World of Warcraft: The War Within™ launches on August 26 at 3:00 p.m. PDT worldwide. Heed the call and take your place in the opening chapter of the Worldsoul Saga™, a thrilling trilogy that begins in the depths of Khaz Algar.

Rally together to battle against malevolent forces and lurking perils. Traverse through four expansive new zones, take on dangerous dungeons and raids, uncover the secrets within Delves alongside an NPC companion— either alone or with friends—, and unlock the Earthen, a new playable race, discover new Hero Talents, embrace the Warbands system, and more!

Follow along on the official World of Warcraft news site for all the latest developments as we journey through the week together.

Xbox Podcast: The War Within Deep Dive

To celebrate the August 26 release date of The War Within, official Xbox Podcast host Malik Prince teamed up with World of Warcraft community manager and WoWCast host Bethany Stout to interview World of Warcraft Executive Producer Holly Longdale and Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and learn more about the upcoming expansion, and why now is a perfect moment to jump into the game for the very first time.

Watch the full interview!

Purchase the Welcome to Azeroth Bundle

Spread the word and bring old friends and new to Azeroth where they can embark on an epic journey into Azeroth and enjoy all the latest content with the Welcome to Azeroth Bundle available through June 23.

Purchasers get everything needed to start their adventure—including the critically acclaimed World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion.

  • 60 Days of Game Time
  • Dragonflight expansion
  • Level 60 Character Boost

Unlock endless expeditions across a magical landscape and multiple games. Explore the Dragon Isles and unearth ancient mysteries to prepare for The War Within. Create a Timerunner character and earn mighty loot in World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria®. Witness Deathwing’s destruction and rise against impossible odds in Cataclysm Classic™. Take on new challenges from old foes within WoW® Classic: Season of Discovery and Hardcore realms.

Coming back from a break or needing some information on getting started in World of Warcraft? Enjoy some tips and advice in a quick video guide from Taliesin and Evitel!

In Development: Season of Discovery Phase 4

Season of Discovery Phase 4 is coming and with it, players will be able to level to 60, discover new class runes, enter the Molten Core raid dungeon to face Ragnaros, and more.

What’s in Store

We’re leveling up Season of Discovery Phase 4 with a variety of leveling changes, new rune discoveries, class adjustments, professions and reputations updates, dungeon updates, PvP Class Sets, updated events, raid content, world bosses, and more.

  • Level from 50 to 60
  • Updated Discoverer’s Delight buff
    • Level 1-50 150%
    • Level 50-60 50%
  • New Runes for each class to discover.
    • New Cloak rune slot
  • Utility Runes: These class agnostic utility runes will provide additional bonuses to a variety of skills such as additional bonuses to a variety of stats such as weapon skill, spell hit, and more.
    • New Ring rune slots
  • Class Adjustments: Many classes will experience changes such as select runes becoming baseline abilities and new runes will become available.
  • Profession and Reputation Updates: New and enhanced professions recipes for Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, Hydraxian Waterlords, and Timbermaw Hold.
  • Nightmare Incursions updated to daily quest hubs.
  • New Stranglethorn Vale and Blood Moon Rewards and Currency
  • Dungeon Updates: updated rewards and new dungeons available at level 60:
    • Blackrock Depths (2nd half)
    • Blackrock Spire
    • Dire Maul (3 wings)
    • Scholomance
    • Stratholme
  • PvP Class Sets for Rank 10

Molten Core Raid Dungeon

Experience Molten core as a 20-player dungeon with 10 classic bosses, revamped loot, redesigned Tier 1 sets, and more. Players will also be able to turn up the heat with a new variable difficulty mechanic. Don’t forget your fire resist gear! You are going to need it. We’ll be adding one more surprise to this classic raid dungeon for intrepid adventurer’s to discover.

World Bosses Updates

Experience Lord Kazzak and Azuregos as brand-new instanced versions of these encounters. These encounters can be experienced with up to 40 players but will be tuned as 20-player content.

Onyxia will also be adjusted to accommodate 40 or fewer players along with some additional loot adjustments.

We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks beyond this brief overview and have more in development for this phase we can’t wait for you to discover. Stay tuned to the official site for more information got a full phase 4 preview. We look forward to bringing this endgame experience for Season of Discovery to life.

Follow along on the official World of Warcraft news site for all the latest developments as we journey through the week together.
by Published on 2024-06-14 06:34 AM

John Hight Leaving Blizzard
John Hight (SVP and General Manager, Warcraft Franchise) announced today that he is leaving Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
After 12 incredible years at Blizzard, I’ve decided to step away & start a new quest.

It was a tough decision, but I feel like now is as good a time as any: Warcraft is in an amazing position as the universe turns 30.

I’ve been so honored to serve all of the heroes of Azeroth.

You are the most passionate, dedicated, and creative community in gaming. You are why I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating the best games possible. You have inspired me, challenged me, and made me a stronger developer.

I also want to share my immense gratitude and confidence in the teams & leaders supporting all the games across the Warcraft universe.

I know you’ll take WoW, Hearthstone, and Rumble to new heights, and I can’t wait to experience your vision alongside other players.

As for what’s next in my journey, I don’t have any specifics to share quite yet, but I am excited to explore new opportunities and challenges in the industry, and to continue making great games with talented people.

Thank you again for making these years so unforgettable, and I’ll still see you in Azeroth - now, as purely a player!

WoW Hotfixes - June 13, 2024
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Fixed an issue causing some achievement-related creatures to despawn in Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope.

Cataclysm Classic
  • Race change, faction change, and paid server transfer cooldowns reduced to 3 days (was 30 days).
  • Magmaw will no longer fall backwards during Impale, preventing players from doing damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Horde team was getting less resource points per tick with three locations captured in the Eye of the Storm, than the Alliance team would in the same situation.
  • Improved combat logging of certain effects.
  • Death Knight
    • Death Coil will no longer critically heal for 300% of the normal value, instead of the intended 200%.
  • Rogue
    • Vendetta no longer persists on the target when the Rogue specs out of the talent.

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