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Blizzcon 2017 Recap
For all information regarding Blizzcon visit our Blizzcon 2017 Full Recap.

Release Date for Antorus: The Burning Throne Raid
Ashtag released a tweet stating the release date of the Antorus Raid will be on November 28th. This post was backed up by RhoWOW of Realm Maintenance who spoke to J. Allen Brack, executive producer, and confirmed the date.

Christie Golden's Before the Storm Novel Cover Art
Del Rey Books tweeted a photo for the cover art of Christie Golden's upcoming novel Before the Storm!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
BlizzCon 2017 World of Warcraft Day 2 Wrap-Up
Another epic BlizzCon has come to a close. Soon the buzz and hum around the Anaheim Convention Center will just be a fading memory, but oh, what memories have been made!

Inside the World of Warcraft

The Instance Live!–*Taking you inside World of Warcraft news and discussion, Scott Johnson of fan favorite podcast “The Instance” hosted a live panel* along with Instance regular Patrick Beja, and guests Pat Krane from Convert to Raid, and World of Warcraft’s own Art Director Chris Robinson.

The Art of World of Warcraft–*World of Warcraft artists provided an inside look* at character design, animation and world building, special effects including spells and all things that sparkle, environment design, dungeon art, and prop art within Battle for Azeroth. Each artist gave an inside look at their process for getting into the culture of the denizens within these new regions and creating the world that Azeroth’s Heroes will adventure through.

DesignCraft | Building Blocks for Level Design–*World of Warcraft designers provided a first-hand look *at the overall process for creating the environments and points of interest within Azeroth that bring the world to life.

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Q&A–*Focusing on the newly announced Battle for Azeroth expansion, player questions were gathered from BlizzCon 2017 attendees and community members from around the world to be answered live on the main stage. If you missed it, you can check out the coverage from Wowhead, or watch the VoD* on the BlizzCon site.

World of Warcraft Boss Design Workshop–*The WoW encounter team invited the community to peek behind the scenes at their roundtable, where they brainstormed and designed a new dungeon boss from scratch. What would normally take months, was condensed to just a short 60-minute window.

Taking Attendees into the Battle for Lordaeron

10,000 lucky BlizzCon attendees were randomly selected to have their character printed in 3D and join the fray as either one of the Horde or the Alliance in the Battle for Lordaeron Diorama. Attendees were able to visit the site here to see if they made it to the battleground.

Meet the World of Warcraft Arena 2017 World Champions: ABC!

12 teams from around the globe fought their way to BlizzCon 2017, but in the end, only one could claim the top prize and take home the trophy – and the cash. Congratulations go to ABC who defeated Panda Global to become the World of Warcraft Arena 2017 World Champions!

If you missed any of the matches, you can see them all on the site.

So Long and thanks for another great BlizzCon. We’ll see you in Azeroth!

*Virtual Ticket Required
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Blizzcon 2017 Recap
Lots of new info this year! Be sure to read each post, watch videos, and stay tuned for more information as we get it.

Opening Ceremony

World of Warcraft

  • Battle for Azeroth Features Trailer
  • Battle for Azeroth Cinematic was released!
  • World of Warcraft: Classic Trailer
  • World of Warcraft - What's Next Panel Recap
    • Battle for Lordaeron kicks off expansion. Teldrassil is burned down by Horde.
    • New Alliance Continent: Kul Tiras
    • New Horde Continent: Zandalar
    • Epic "War Campaign" will tell the story and bring you to the other faction's continent at max level
    • World quests and emissaries are here to stay.
    • Zone scaling in the old world. Expansions now have level ranges that cap.
    • Heart of Azeroth is a new artifact neck that uses Azerite to power up itself and three armor slots.
    • Island Expeditions: 3-player scenarios
    • Warfronts: 20 man faction raids inspired by Warcraft RTS roots
    • Removal of PVP/PVE server rulesets. Personal choice toggle now.
    • 10 dungeons at launch
    • Ul'dir is the first raid.
    • Azshara is part of the story
  • Gameplay and Systems Deep Dive Panel Recap
    • Gain Azerite from playing the game
    • Island Expeditions are role agnostic and have dynamic replayability
    • New AI behaves unpredictably and makes strategic decisions
    • First Warfront is Stromgarde
    • WoW Communities are new social groups that help players of similar interests play together
  • Battle for Azeroth - Allied Races
    • Unlock 6 new race options via quest chains to fight for your faction
    • Alliance: Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarves
    • Horde: Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne, Zandalari Trolls
    • More coming after launch
  • Designcraft: Building Blocks of Level Design Panel Recap
    • Panel detailed the process of creating a zone in World of Warcraft
  • Art of World of Warcraft Panel Recap
    • New spell effects for Warlocks are on the way
    • Upright standing orcs are coming as well. Toggle between hunched and upright in the Barber Shop
    • New druid forms for Allied Races capable of being druids
  • Live Q & A with the Developers
    • Stat squish and item squish
    • Unique raid buffs are back and are class specific
    • Titanforging will continue, however, slots affected by the Heart of Azeroth can't warforge/titanforge.
    • More character customization options coming in expansion.
    • Jaina is not a villain, just flawed
    • Void Elves will switch into a void form in combat and have a more normal form when desired.
    • Timewalking will be expanded
    • Flying will unlock similar to Legion
    • The Legion legendary system is gone in Battle for Azeroth
    • Starting bag will increase in size if you have an authenticator attached to your account
    • Worgen/Goblin updates are on the way, but not for 8.0
    • Players get 6 new character slots per realm.
  • Boss Design Workshop Panel Recap
    • Watch the boss design team discuss mechanics of one of the new bosses in Battle for Azeroth
  • Shadow the Fox Plush announced for charity


  • Blizzardworld Map First Look Trailer
  • New Support Hero: Moira
    • Moira First Look Trailer
    • Biotic Grasp: Primary fire is Regeneration, which is a healing throughput. Controlled by a meter. Secondary fire is Decay, which does damage and fills the meter back up. Small amount of Leech
    • Fade (Shift): A small dash, making her invisible, which also grants movement speed
    • Biotic Orb (E): Pulls out two orbs, then the healing one can be activated by Primary fire, or damage orb by Secondary fire. This orb does AOE healing, bounces around, slows down when it is close to a friendly target
    • Coalescence (Q): Long range frontal beam that heals allies and damages enemies affected by it. This ultimate pierces barriers
  • Reinhardt Origin Story Cinematic: Honor and Glory
  • Overwatch - What's Next Panel Recap
    • Blizzardworld Map is a hybrid assault/payload map.
      • Coming to PTR soon and going live early next year
    • New skins coming soon in base lootboxes
      • Immortal Orisa
      • Magni Bronzebeard Torbjorn
      • Nova Widowmaker
      • Blackhand Doomfist
      • Barbarian Zarya
      • Butcher Roadhog
      • Crusader Reinhardt
      • Ecopoint Mei
  • Junkertown: The Plan - Creating a New Kind of Overwatch Animation Panel Recap
    • Cinematic team discusses what it takes to bring the Junkertown Cinematic to life.
  • Overwatch: Archives Panel Recap
    • Overwatch team discusses the behind the scenes making of Overwatch
  • Voices of Blizzard - United Nations of Overwatch Panel Recap
    • Overwatch voice actors interviewed on their characters


Heroes of the Storm

  • Dragons of the Nexus Cinematic was released.
  • Highlights Trailer shows off what is to come.
  • Alexstraza and Hanzo are the two new heroes coming to the Nexus.
  • Heroes of the Storm What's Next Panel Recap
    • Target frame is being added to game.
    • Heroes in Hiding: New way of showing heroes inside vehicles, Stitches Gorge, Zagara Maw, etc.
    • Blizzard voice chat is being added to game client.
    • Performance-based matchmaking is coming.
    • Camera improvements
    • Team is making stealth more manageable
    • The standalone tower in towns is being removed.
    • Certain map objectives will be pushed back to allow for longer laning phases.
  • Heroes of the Storm: Deep Dive Panel Recap
    • Alexstraza is a support hero.
    • Team wanted Alexstraza's dragon form to feel massive.
    • Alexstraza heals teammates and can rain fire down from above as a dragon.
    • Hanzo is an assassin hero.
    • Hanzo has a higher attack range but his attacks are slower.

Diablo III
  • No announcements at Blizzcon
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Blizzcon 2017 - Steve Burke Interview - World of Warcraft

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
We were able to sit down with Steve Burke, Senior Game Designer on World of Warcraft, for a quick interview! Here is a recap:

Classic Servers
Q: When did you decide that there was enough support to go ahead with classic WoW servers?
A: Internally it has always been a huge discussion. Obviously there is a lot of external desire as well. It's just a monumental task and so it's a matter of setting it up right.

Q: Will classic servers and the current game be bundled together? Are they using the same client and under your normal subscription?
A: These are fantastic questions that haven't been answered internally yet. Development is still super early and a lot of work needs to be done.

Q: Vanilla had a lot of mechanics/issues that might not be fun anymore. Are there any specific issues or mechanics you are looking at addressing in classic servers?
A: Team wants to keep the experience as close to Vanilla as possible, but it is also too early to answer.

Q: What thoughts/considerations have been taken into account for patching of the classic servers? Vanilla forever or slow expansion relaunches?
A: Another great question that has yet to be decided!

Battle for Azeroth
Q: Will the Heart of Azeroth be spec agnostic or will we have to put Azerite into all of our different specs much like the different artifact weapons in Legion?
A: The Heart of Azeroth is what unlocks the different abilities on three pieces of armor and so it is all tied to the neck piece which is used on all specs.

Q: Are spec specific legendaries continuing in Battle for Azeroth?
A: The Legion legendary system is being retired in a very epic way, but not something to be revealed yet. Team learned a lot from the system and liked a lot of aspects of it, however, they are not ready to reveal the future of acquiring legendaries.

Q: Will the current races in WoW receive unique Heritage Armor similar to the new Allied Races?
A: As of right now Heritage Armor is only for the Allied Races. The armor is also only wearable by the Allied Race it is designed for.

Q: How are rewards going to be done for Warfronts?
A: Safe to say Azerite will play a role in rewards, but the rest is still being ironed out.

Q: Will the new AI take place in dungeons as well?
A: Right now the AI is being focused in Islands and Warfronts.

Q: Are class specific buffs such as Mark of the Wild and Power Word: Fortitude returning?
A: As of right now these buffs are back in the playtest. Team always looks at classes and how to make them more flavorful and the class buffs fit that niche.

Q: Will max level content be added to the old word?
A: Team wants to focus max level content into the new continents. The great thing about this expansion is each faction has three leveling zones and then another three open up when max level is reached.

Q: So would a Horde 110 character just starting to level on Zandalar a few weeks into the expansion run into max level Alliance and vice versa?
A: Yes. The whole world is open to your character upon reaching max level.

Q: Will there be other options to unlock Allied Races?
A: Each Allied race has some prerequisite quest content required to unlock them. Also, Allied Races are allowed to be boosted to 110 once unlocked, but only physically leveling them from 20-120 gives you the Heritage Armor.

Q: Allied Races are set to start at level 20 when created. Where will they be placed in the world upon being created? Will they be in their respective zones?
A: The current plan is for the Allied Races to start in their faction's main hub when created.

Q: Will there be any new class/race combinations?
A: Nothing to announce on that, but not ruling it out. Team doesn't want every race able to be any class.

Q: Can you tell us about some of the racials for the other Allied Races?
A: They will all have unique racials but some aren't ready to be discussed yet.

Q: Any tinkering to be done to current racials?
A: Team isn't ruling it out, but nothing to discuss.

Q: Will the mission table/follower system carry forward into Battle for Azeroth?
A: The team likes the follower system and would like to move forward with it, but nothing to announce as of now.

Q: How will flying work in Battle for Azeroth?
A: Team likes flying being something that takes time to unlock. They want to see that you completed the content before you can fly above it.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about the stat squish?
A: There is definitely another stat squish happening. Team wants numbers to be reasonable and work hard to make sure old content doesn't become hard to solo with the squish.

Q: Are you continuing with professions in Battle for Azeroth similar to how they were in Legion?
A: Can't say for sure, but team definitely wants there to be content for professions, but maybe not quite as many quests.

Q: Any changes to professions other than the typical new recipes and 100 skill points?
A: Definitely all that but also trying to tie some of the professions into the Heart of Azeroth system. No specifics yet.

Q: Will the team address faction imbalance on realms?
A: The new WPVP system will solve a lot of these issues as sharding technology will place you into shards with others who have opted into WPVP.

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BlizzCon 2017 - Voices of Blizzard - United Nations of Overwatch

Meet the Panel
  • Andrea Toyas - Senior Voice Casting and Voice Director
  • Darin De Paul - Reinhardt
  • Jonny Cruz - Lucio
  • Jen Cohn - Pharah
  • Aysha Selim - Ana
  • Chloe Hollings - Widowmaker
  • Sahr Ngaujah - Doomfist
  • Michael Chu - Lead Writer for Overwatch

New Cinematic
  • Took three session to record the voice, first of which was over 7 hours
  • Voice tries to capture the add real emotion to the characters
  • Reinhardt has a sad and heartbroken side, hidden behind his armor
  • This makes his joy so much more special, because he could have died during the fight in the short
  • Multiple layers and emotions add to the character,
  • It was not supposed to be Reinhardt who joined Overwatch, but his arrogance caused the death of someone close to him
  • The voice of Reinhardt is partially based on the father of Darin

  • Jonny Cruz was a camera actor, before becoming the voice of Lucio
  • Connecting to the character: altruism, mischief, playfulness
  • Lucio embodies the love, and joy of Overwatch

  • She first did voice acting for Voice of Warcraft
  • Jen always has to stand when recording
  • Pharah is a soulful character, and all her actions are motivated by a deeper passion
  • She was a character who always dreamed of becoming part of Overwatch
  • This dream was stopped in its tracks when Overwatch disbanded, but then she had a new chance during the call for heroes
  • The father of Pharah is hinted at in certain comics, and sprays in game

  • Ana brings a lot of diversity to the Overwatch team
  • Eisha in Arabic means Life
  • The letter that Ana wrote was very personal to her, because at this time her neice was in surgery
  • She is the embodiment of competence
  • Extremely self-aware, and this shows during her interactions with other characters

  • Widowmaker is all about loss, which she tries to shield
  • The character becomes a killer to feel alive
  • Even bad characters, have dynamic sides, making them the hero of their own story
  • The first ear, she wore very high heels to feel like the character
  • When recording voice, it has a major physical component
  • Intensely tragic character, and there is much more to come

  • When casting for an actor, Andrea listens for something specific that connects them to the character
  • Sahr was found through a political speech
  • This was his first time doing a voice for a video game
  • Doomfist is a character with charm, charisma, and personality
  • This character had to embody a lot of traits to make him a leader
  • There is a hidden intimidation
  • Sahr bases Doomfist on Charles Taylor, who is an infamous person in Liberia, exploiting others to further himself
  • Doomfist represents the natural and elemental power of the world

Q: What would your character do at the BlizzWorld?
A: Lucio: DJ, Reinhardt: say hello to children, Doomfist: figure out who is running it to make more money, Pharah: fly around to keep people safe.

Q: How do you make combat sounds sound real?
A: It takes physical movements to make the sound effects.

Q: How has your life changed after becoming the actors for these voices?
A: Jonny: It has been overwhelming, and the people is what make it so special. Chloe: Blizzcon is a conduit for love, which makes being an actor so much more special

Q: If you could add a voice line what would it be?
A: Widowmaker: I am the strongest woman in the world. Reinhardt: CANDY!

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