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by Published on 2016-07-12 02:03 PM

Legion Beta Key Giveaway - Week 5: Warcraft GO

New Silence Penalty Coming to World of Warcraft
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
World of Warcraft offers many opportunities to engage with other players in a variety of ways and to help support positive experiences in these engagements we wanted to inform you of a new silence penalty we will be implementing with the pre-expansion patch for Legion. Depending on the type of report, players who are found to be abusive in chat or engage in inappropriate chat behaviors may be silenced from engaging in certain ways within the game.

The Silence Penalty
Following the Legion pre-expansion, any player who is reported multiple times under the Spam or Abusive Chat categories will, after investigation, receive an account-wide silence penalty. While this penalty is active, the silenced player will find that their ability to chat with others is greatly limited.

Silenced Players Are Unable to:
  • Talk in Instance Chat (Raid, Party, and Battlegrounds)
  • Talk in global channels that are auto joined (such as General or Trade)
  • Create Calendar Invites/Events
  • Send in-game mail
  • Send Party Invitations
  • Send War Game Invitations
  • Send Invitations to Duel
  • Update a Premade Group Listing
  • Create a New List for a Premade Group

Silenced Players Are Able to:
  • Whisper to friends (both WoW friends and Friends)
  • Reply to Whispers from Non-friends
  • Party/Raid Chat (with Invited Players)
  • Create Parties and Raids
  • Talk in Global Channels that have a moderator
  • Share Quests
  • Sign up for a pre-made group

The first time a player is silenced, their chat will be restricted for 24 hours. This duration will double for each silence penalty received after the first, and there is no maximum. This means that players who receive multiple silence penalties may find themselves unable to chat for a very, very long time.

Silenced players will be receiving a notification when attempting to send a message to a channel in which they have been restricted.

By using the in-game report tool to identify players who may be engaging in inappropriate interactions within the various channels, you’ll be helping create the type of community we all want to take part in.
by Published on 2016-07-12 09:44 AM

Week 5 - Warcraft GO

Blizzard has given us some beta keys to help you prepare for The Legion! This week you will need to travel around and catch em all take part in some pet battles to enter.

by Published on 2016-07-11 07:36 PM

Harbingers Teaser Trailer
Blizzard released a teaser for the upcoming Harbingers animated series.

Time's Running Out
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Burning Legion is approaching, and the clock is ticking on several activities and rewards in World of Warcraft. If you haven’t completed these challenges or collected these items yet, there’s still time for one final rally before these opportunities vanish from the face of Azeroth!

Before the Launch of Legion
With the arrival of the World of Warcraft: Legion pre-expansion patch, two time-limited Feats of Strength will no longer be obtainable—Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate, which charges heroes with defeating Archimonde on Heroic difficulty or higher, and Cutting Edge: The Black Gate, which challenges players to vanquish Archimonde on Mythic difficulty.

Also with the Legion pre-expansion patch, the Brawler’s Guild will be temporarily closing down, and Warlords of Draenor Challenge Modes will end. You’ll also no longer be able to start the quest line for your Legendary ring—and if you aren’t already on Chapter II or later, the quest will be removed from your quest log.

When Legion Arrives
When World of Warcraft: Legion goes live on August 30, the Legendary ring will become completely unavailable, any quest from the quest line will be removed from your quest log, and Crystallized Fel will no longer be obtainable.

As of the launch of the expansion, the Grove Warden moose mount will no longer be obtainable. However, players who have received their Remnant of Chaos by participating in a victory over Archimonde in the Hellfire Citadel on Heroic or Mythic difficulty but haven’t yet taken the Remnant to Moonglade will still be able to do so after the Legion launch.

On August 30, the Ironhoof Destroyer and Felsteel Annihilator mounts from Mythic Blackhand and Mythic Archimonde will no longer be guaranteed rewards—they will become rare drops instead.

Finally, Warlords of Draenor Mythic dungeon bosses currently have a chance to drop Heirloom trinkets that scale with you to level 110. These will no longer drop after the expansion launches on August 30:

If you haven’t yet accomplished all you’ve set out to do in Warlords of Draenor, now is the time to strike!

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