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Helltooth Lag Fixes, Reddit Q&A Recap, Barbarian Guides Thread, Kanai's Legendary Rolls

Nozdormu Jousting Bug has been Hotfixed, Hearthstone Loot Crate Goodies

Eternal Conflict Ending on Sep 8th, Hero League Changes, Sylvanas Hotfix Deployed, Epic Plays of the Week #44

Dragoncon 2015
This recap was moved to the latest news, along with updates.

Timewalking Reward Costs
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
They already tweeted a pretty stand-pat stance about this. Their claim is it's "meant to take dedication". I'm not expecting any type of change until after BlizzCon at the earliest.
One of the problems with Twitter as a medium is the lack of space for nuance. There are hundreds of mounts in WoW, and they are obtainable by a wide variety of different means. Some are simple to get, and cheaply bought off vendors; some require great feats of skill like Gladiator and current Mythic raid mounts; some require tremendous luck (e.g. the Elegon mount); and some require long-term effort (e.g. the Violet Proto-Drake from A Long Strange Trip, or Darkmoon Faire prizes).

Ultimately they are all cosmetic rewards, and Timewalking is designed to be an evergreen system that we will be expanding over the years. Unlike, say, a Tanaan rep mount that clearly was designed to be earned within the scope of this patch, there will be people doing Timewalking (especially as more dungeons, and more expansions' content get added) throughout the future of WoW, and this represents a long-term goal within that framework.

If you want to rush through dozens of Timewalking dungeons in a short timeframe to be one of the first to get the mount, and you'd find that experience satisfying, then by all means do so. But I certainly wouldn't say that's the intended approach here. The 500-Badge quest turn-in is a once-per-event thing (which we definitely could have made clearer), so if you want to take a more measured pace and just do the Timewalking quest each time the event comes around while you happen to otherwise actively be playing, you can get the mount with just a few total hours spent (though over a longer period of real time). It's up to you. In the meantime, there are other items (notably some great alt catch-up gear) available through the system, and those are much more attainably priced.

Accolade Trinkets and PvP Gearing
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We do not plan to put the random-stat Accolade trinkets on the vendors.

However, we did uncover a bug that was causing them to provide twice the secondary stat bonus than was intended. That bug was corrected in patch 6.2.2.

Frankly (speaking for myself as a player, and not for the development team), I'm not convinced that the Accolade trinkets are all they're cracked up to be.

The Wild Gladiator's Accolade of Dominance provides 403 Intellect and 403 Versatility in PvP combat. The Insignia provides 469 Versatility and a 20-second 1330 Intellect proc. In sustained combat, it tends to proc around every 60 seconds, giving it roughly a 33% uptime for an average benefit of ~440 Intellect.

Combine that with the fact that you have to actually be damaging someone for it to proc (which increases the effective uptime by cutting out sections where you're not hitting anyone) and the increased burst potential by allowing you to use your hardest-hitting abilities while it's active... and I'd argue that for the vast majority of players the proc trinket is easily better.

Granted, you might want a different secondary stat which isn't available on the Insignia. In that case I would argue that the difference between 469 Versatility and, lets say, 403 Mastery would be EXTREMELY minor at best.

I could also see an argument for those who are playing Humans, in which case you'd likely be comparing the Accolades to the Badges (the on-use trinkets) instead of the Insignias. As you can probably imagine, buffing Humans isn't exactly high on our priority list at the moment.

All that said, I won't pretend for a second that I'm the best Arena player, and these are obviously just my personal opinions. I'm just not seeing what makes the Accolade trinkets so incredibly attractive that they're absolutely mandatory to the point that it's worth doing content you don't enjoy for a chance to get hold of one.

I'm not really defending RNG PvP gearing, and I think the actions the development team has taken since 6.2 released speak pretty well to say that the devs aren't happy with the way it worked initially either. And I totally understand why it's frustrating that those actions aren't extending to the Accolade trinkets. All I'm saying is that, if you really don't like Ashran, just don't do it. There are other trinket options, and they're -- at worst -- still pretty good.

EDIT: I should also mention again that I'm really only speaking on behalf of myself and the way I enjoy the game. Just trying to have a conversation here.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
If you talk about "bad people on the internet", what kind of people do you refer to? Those who are critical? Those who threaten?
Those who cross a line. No one minds critique. (holinka)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Hey GC, got any thoughts on Health of the Game vs Player enjoyment? I always feel bad about Cata heroic difficulty caving.
I could write volumes on this. Players respect sticking by your guns to an extent, but at some point it becomes out of touch. (OccupyGStreet)

Developer Communication
Is there substantial data to suggest that dev/player communication results in higher sales and retention?
No, I don't believe so, which is why it is so controversial inside studios, e.g. Valve doesn't seem to value it much. (OccupyGStreet)

miss the dev watercooler that blizz did to keep peeps informed. was concise and it came from one source. was that your idea?
I can't recall. I worked on it a lot with Bashiok and Zarhym. (OccupyGStreet)
Do you remember how many hours of discussion, drafting, revision and review went into each one, on average?
I tend to write very fast, which is why I can do all of this. (OccupyGStreet)
A blog might take 2 hours depending on topic. No idea on editing. (OccupyGStreet)

Poll - What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
The post covering rewards talked about the What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been achievement and mount, so we decided to see how active players are doing towards obtaining the Violet Proto-Drake. Only 15.8% of players have earned the achievement! Have you completed the achievement yet?

WildStar Free to Play Launches September 29
The new Free to Play version of the game, WildStar: Reloaded, is coming later this month!

by Published on 2015-09-03 05:48 AM

Reddit Q&A Round-up

Brawl: It's Raining Mana, Season Issues Update, CDC Finalist Voting, Headed to Legend S18

Rotation for Sept. 1, 2015, Upcoming Shop Sales, Kharazim Cost Reduction and Lore

Patch 6.2.2 - Timewarped Badge Rewards
The developers confirmed the mount is intended to take a long time to earn.

Patch 6.2.2 Hotfixes - September 2
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Raids and Dungeons
Siege of Orgrimmar
  • Spoils of Pandaria
    • Spoils of Pandaria can now be started by 1 player (down from 5) on Raid Finder difficulty.

  • Winning an Arena Skirmish match now award 40 Honor Points and 25 Conquest Points (up from 20 Honor Points). Skirmishes continue to award bonus Honor if a match goes on for an extended period of time.
  • [Hotfix in testing] Mercenary Mode is now only available to level-100 characters.

Bug Fixes
  • A number of Gnomish NPCs should no longer be unfashionably early in dressing up for Feast of Winter Veil.
  • Fixed an issue with a patch of ocean between Tanaan Jungle and Ashran that could cause characters to disconnect if they fly or swim over it.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Is timewarped gear ment to scale with your level? Warped gear i got at lv70, is still lv70 gear even tho i'm 100 now.
No, Timewarped gear scales to your current level when created, but remains fixed there. (WarcraftDevs)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Developer Communication
How about this question instead: "what can developers do if they actually care about engaging meaningfully with (at least some section) of their playerbase?"
Great question.

Let me say first that I don't want to come off across as the grandmaster of this shit. I make a ton of mistakes.

1) Don't come across as arrogant. This is really hard because you do want to come across as confident. Players don't want to hear that you really have no idea what you're doing. I try to couch things in terms of intentions or goals rather than promises or certainties. I try not to take myself too seriously.

2) Show empathy. Chances are the players are engaging because your game is important to them. Their idea or suggestion may be ridiculous. It might ruin the game. That doesn't matter. You still need to put yourself in their shoes and understand *why* they are saying what they are saying. This can be as simple as acknowledging that the player is upset. Being upset is a totally valid way for them to feel! Players are often better at detecting problems than they are at suggesting solutions. Try and understand the problems they are trying to solve. But at the same time, don't dismiss or belittle their suggestions, even if they aren't feasible.

3) Build trust. This can take a long time and unfortunately can erode quickly. But if you have a reputation then players will often forgive the mistakes that you are almost invariably going to make.

4) Be authentic. This is a great way to build trust. Be as honest as you can. Don't leak information or throw colleagues under the bus, but otherwise try and be transparent about your reasoning. Admitting mistakes here can help a lot.

5) Don't get sucked into arguments. Yeah, I know: sometimes people on the internet are wrong. But it's not your job to win arguments. It's your job to communicate with players. If something has gone back and forth a couple of times, it may be time to move on.

6) Stick to higher ground. This one is tough, but the fact is you are in a position of power since you are the one working on the game. If you pick on a player, even if they made an abusive comment and totally deserve it, you are going to come across as a bully. If you insult someone who insulted you, it's only your comment that will get quoted across the internet.

7) Be transparent about the process. You don't want to convey that your opinion is set in stone, but you also don't want to suggest that it's up to player vote (unless it is). The way I try and describe it is that developers want to make informed decisions. The players provide the information, but the development team makes the final call.

8) Don't get addicted. This is a mistake I see a lot of developers make who are new to community interaction, and no doubt I did it myself on my first job. Having players hang on your every word can be exciting. Making someone happy by promising a change can be rewarding. Just be careful. It's easy to over-promise. It's easy to neglect your day-to-day responsibilities by trying to be too responsive to player engagement. Players would rather have you for a year than every hour for only a week.

Road to BlizzCon – Watch the Americas Regionals Live September 12–13
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Eight teams have qualified for the 2015 World of Warcraft Arena Americas Regionals tournament—one from Latin America, one from Australia and New Zealand, and six from North America. On September 12 and 13, three of those teams will advance to the WoW Arena World Championship at BlizzCon 2015 . . . and five will be heading back home.

You’ll be able to watch the carnage unfold live on on September 12 and 13 at 12 p.m. PT—but in the meantime, let’s meet the contenders who’ve risen through the ranks over the past few months

Guild Wars 2 - Base Game Free to Play
ArenaNet made the base Guild Wars 2 game free to play over the weekend! You will still need to purchase the new Heart of Thorns expansion if you want to play the new content, but you can still play the base game for free without purchasing it. You can see the different account restrictions in the official FAQ.

by Published on 2015-09-02 12:37 AM

Reddit Q&A Round-up

September Ranked Card Back - Exodar's Exodus

Placement & Ranking Changes, Americas Championship and Giveaways, Fails of the Week

Patch 6.2.2 Downtime
It looks like the team has managed to speed up the patching process, with Patch 6.2.2 requiring less than 2 hours of downtime in the US and less than 1 hour in the EU!

Timewalking Rewards
The Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking event is live! You can purchase rewards from Auzin in the center of Dalaran.

Users are reporting that bosses drop 5 x Timewarped Badge per boss, with 10 from the final boss, and 10 for completing a random dungeon. The Frigid Timewarped Prism drops once during the event, allowing you to complete The Unstable Prism for an additional 500 Timewarped Badge.

This means that players that do 5 Timewalker Dungeons during the event for A Frozen Path Through Time will earn ~675 Timewarped Badge (~35 per dungeon + 500 from the weekly quest).

Patch 6.2.2 Hotfixes - September 1
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Creatures and NPCs

Raids and Dungeons
Hellfire Citadel
  • Gorefiend
    • Players that perish to Digest or suffer fatal damage while in Gorefiend's stomach should now be able to be seen and resurrected once their bodies have teleported back out.
  • Fel Lord Zakuun
    • The Befouled debuff should now clear immediately when Foul Explosion is triggered.
    • [Requires a realm restart] Exhausted Soul should now be correctly removed from players at the end of the encounter.
  • Archimonde
    • Archimonde's Source of Chaos ability should no longer be summoned without having a target on Mythic difficulty.
    • Raid Finder Difficulty Changes
      • Doomfire Spirits now produce Doomfire patches at a reduced rate on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Doomfire Spirit health has been reduced by 30% on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Archimonde's Shadowfel Burst now only knocks the primary target of the ability into the air on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • On Raid Finder difficulty, if less than 7 players enter the Twisting Nether while there are more than 7 players alive in the encounter, additional players will be pulled into the Nether based on role.
      • Shadowed Netherwalker health has been reduced by 20% on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Infernal Doombringer no longer cast Eternal Flame and take 45 seconds to reach full energy (up from 30 seconds) on Raid Finder difficulty.

  • Battle Fatigue should now be correctly applied to player pets in a PvP environment.
  • Players placed into the opposite faction in a Rated Battleground should now be able to receive the quest, Battle Hardened.
  • Fixed an issue where players can carry the incorrect faction flag in an Arena Skirmish.

  • Mercenary Mode should now be correctly enabled for the faction with the longer queue times.

  • Aviana's Feather should no longer incorrectly require the character to have obtained Draenor Pathfinding in order to function on Draenor.
  • Felfume Cloth Armor 4-piece set bonus for damage dealers should no longer incorrectly trigger from Polymorph.
  • Tiny Abomination in a Jar no longer incorrectly has a chance to trigger from extra Blade Flurry hits.

Bug Fixes
  • The flight path offered by Tina Kelatara to take players from Warspear Outpost back to Stormshield Hold should no longer go through a wall.
  • [Hotfix in testing] Fixed an issue where Seer Kazal could sometimes not appear correctly in the Garrisons of new level 100 characters.


Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Mistweaver

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Discipline
    • Divine Aegis should no longer have its damage absorption reduced by an incorrect amount through Battle Fatigue.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Did they forget to buff Touch of the Grave? Its still doing the same amount of damage it was before the patch.
We'll look into it. (CM_Lore)

what's up with bladestorm? Animation is borked since 6.2.2. Dwarf. Spins once and then stops moving at all until it's complete.
Thanks, I'll pass it on. (CM_Lore)

why would you nerf anything when it comes to teams that qualified already on a different state of the game? makes no sens
As stated before, we will do what we feel is right for the game but try to accomodate timing when possible. (holinka)
Good players adapt and overcome to shifts in a game's meta. This is the nature of esports. (holinka)

to change the game a lot after the qualifiers for regionals,all the teams are locked and vulnerable to nerfs
I can't speak for other games. We are only concerned about doing what is best for World of Warcraft. (holinka)
Last year there was a new patch before regional's & I believe they played on the old? #Blizzcon
Incorrect. We stayed on Mists for Blizzcon. (holinka)
you are mistaking Regionals for Blizzcon. 6.0 came out after regionals, before Blizzcon. (holinka)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Developer Communication
but having something like that even once every few weeks makes a huge difference.
I don't know that I agree. On WoW, it might make the paladins happy but then the shaman wondered when it was "their turn." (OccupyGStreet)
I can see that issue. I'd still rather 'somebody' got a turn than nobody. My view may not be consistent with forums overall
If you have say 20 devs engaging it may not be an issue. (OccupyGStreet)
And I have been at two of the largest studios out there, which couldn't produce 20. But I can dream! (OccupyGStreet)

Poll - Flying Achievement
Now that flying is here, it is time to see how many of you are ready to fly! We last looked at this a few weeks ago and it was a pretty even split.

Stats on the overall number of players that have earned the achievement are coming within the next week or so.

Overwatch Beta - Still on Track for Fall 2015
There was some excitement recently after an email went out to contest winners about Overwatch beta, but Blizzard confirmed it isn't starting this week and is still on track for Fall 2015.

Dark Legacy Comics #502 - Worgen
DLC #502 has been released.

by Published on 2015-08-31 07:00 AM

Update (4:10 PM EDT): Replaced PTR Patch Notes with the finalized version.

Patch 6.2.2 Live This Week
This patch adds flying to Draenor, Mercenary Mode, legendary quest catch-up quests, Timewalking Rewards, art for upcoming mounts and pets, updates for Winter's Veil and Hallows End, and tooltip updates.

New Icons

If you have earned Draenor Pathfinder, you will finally be able to fly in Draenor! Don't forget to take your Soaring Skyterror out for a spin.

Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent Mount
A new achievement has been added for collecting 300 mounts, Lord of the Reins. Completing the achievement awards a mount, the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent.

Upcoming Mounts and Pets
Keep in mind that the art is going in with this patch, but many of these aren't going to be available for some time.

Legendary Quest Catch-Up
If you or your alts are still behind on the Legendary Quest, Patch 6.2.2 should help. In addition to the existing catch-up mechanics, you can trade Apexis Crystals each week for the legendary collection items.

Level Name Rewards Objective
Abrogator Arbitrator
Kluk'kluk wants you to bring him 14958 Apexis Crystals.
Work Work Stoppage
Bring 20000 Apexis Crystals to the Renegade Ironworker.

Mercenary Mode
If your faction has sufficiently long wait times, you can talk to a NPC in Ashran to queue as the opposite faction. When you enter the PvP instance, your race will be changed the one of the other faction. This should help to alleviate the long queue times.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Whenever your faction is experiencing a long wait time to get into Ashran or unrated Battlegrounds, agents of the enemy faction will appear in your base in Ashran (Stormshield for the Alliance, Warspear for the Horde). These agents will allow you to enter Ashran or Battlegrounds disguised as an enemy player, and actually fight as the opposite faction.

When you compete as a mercenary, you’ll still earn all the same rewards you would have by winning or losing as your own faction (with the exception of faction-specific achievements). You’ll also have your race automatically changed into one appropriate for the opposite faction while you’re still inside the Battleground or Ashran. Perhaps most importantly, however, you’ll experience much shorter queue times, as our matchmaking system will be able to fill up groups much quicker!

Our goal with Mercenary Mode is to allow players who want to participate in Ashran or unrated Battlegrounds the ability to do so without having to wait through long queues, while still maintaining the spirit of the core Alliance vs Horde fantasy.

On racials: The current intention is that the system swaps your race entirely, including your racial ability. We recognize that that puts Humans in a weird spot, so we're looking into some options there that aren't "spend your Honor/Conquest on a Medallion."

Only the faction that is currently experiencing a long queue will have the option to act as a Mercenary, and only when those queues reach a certain point. In the current environment, we expect that to generally be Alliance. Since queues have to reach that threshold before Mercenary Mode becomes available, we don't anticipate an increase in Horde queue times.

Using the Mercenary Mode system is completely opt-in. It's important to us that if you don't choose to participate in Mercenary Mode, it doesn't affect you. Should you be grouped with players who are using the system, they will not be identified to you as mercenaries -- they'll look like just another player from your faction.

Similarly, it's important to note that these are not creating "mixed-faction" scenarios. There will be no Humans fighting alongside Orcs. Again, our intent is that you are completely unaware that the person next to you is secretly a Night Elf.

We don't consider Mercenary Mode to be a replacement for racial balance. We just also don't think that perfectly balanced racials would instantly resolve queue time issues. We also don't think that players should feel forced to faction transfer (potentially away from friends and guildmates) in order to experience reasonable queue times.

Can I queue with my friends that are on horde this way or no?
No. Again, it's only intended to alleviate queue times.

Timewalking Rewards
Patch 6.2.2 adds more rewards to Timewalking! You can see Cupri in Shattrath (Outland) to purchase these items for Timewarped Badge, rewarded from running Timewalking dungeons.

We know the current cost of most items, but haven't had another Timewalking weekend to see what the drop rate is. Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking is this weekend, so we will know soon!

Level Type Slot Spec Name Cost
80Mount Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger5000 × 
70Mount Reins of the Eclipse Dragonhawk5000 × 
Level Type Slot Spec Name Cost
90Consumable Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing750 × 
90Consumable Ancient Heirloom Scabbard900 × 
100Consumable Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing1000 × 
100Consumable Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard1200 × 
Level Type Slot Spec Name Cost
226NeckNeck Shard of the Crystal Forest??
213FingerFinger Signet of the Impregnable Fortress??
200TrinketTrinket Sundial of the Exiled35 × 
200TrinketTrinket Valor Medal of the First War35 × 
200TrinketTrinket Mirror of Truth35 × 
245TrinketTrinket Mark of Supremacy35 × 
110TrinketTrinket Emblem of Fury35 × 
110TrinketTrinket Icon of the Silver Crescent35 × 
110TrinketTrinket Bloodlust Brooch35 × 
226NeckNeckAll Strength Spiked Battleguard Choker??
245FingerFingerAll Strength Bloodshed Band??
110TrinketTrinketAll Strength Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 60135 × 
226NeckNeckHealer Frozen Tear of Elune??
213FingerFingerHealer Renewal of Life??
226NeckNeckAll Agility Broach of the Wailing Night??
213FingerFingerAll Agility Ring of Invincibility??
226NeckNeckAll Intellect Evoker's Charm??
213FingerFingerAll Intellect Band of Channeled Magic??
200TrinketTrinketAll Intellect The Egg of Mortal Essence35 × 
110TrinketTrinketAll Intellect Essence of the Martyr35 × 
110Off HandOff HandAll Intellect Talisman of Kalecgos25 × 
110BackBack Farstrider Defender's Cloak50 × 
136BackBackAll Strength Dory's Embrace50 × 
110BackBackHealer Bishop's Cloak50 × 
110BackBackAll Agility Blood Knight War Cloak50 × 
110ClothHeadAll Intellect Cowl of Naaru Blessings35 × 
264ClothChestAll Intellect Meteor Chaser's Raiment??
128ClothWaistAll Intellect Voodoo-Woven Belt35 × 
141ClothLegsAll Intellect Corrupted Soulcloth Pantaloons25 × 
213ClothFeetAll Intellect Xintor's Expeditionary Boots??
264ClothHandsAll Intellect Gloves of False Gestures??
110BackBackAll Intellect Shawl of Shifting Probabilities50 × 
110LeatherHead Mask of the Deceiver35 × 
264LeatherChest Shadow Seeker's Tunic??
141LeatherWaist Belt of the Silent Path35 × 
141LeatherLegs Trousers of the Scryers' Retainer25 × 
213LeatherFeet Boots of Captain Ellis??
264LeatherHands Cat Burglar's Grips??
110MailHead Storm Master's Helmet35 × 
264MailChest Longstrider's Vest??
141MailWaist Aftershock Waistguard35 × 
141MailLegs Rushing Storm Kilt25 × 
213MailFeet Pack-Ice Striders??
264MailHands Logsplitters??
110PlateHead Faceguard of Determination35 × 
264PlateChest Castle Breaker's Battleplate??
141PlateWaist Girdle of Seething Rage35 × 
141PlateLegs Legplates of Unending Fury25 × 
213PlateFeet Kyzoc's Ground Stompers??
264PlateHands Gauntlets of the Kraken??
110ShieldOff HandAll Strength Azure-Shield of Coldarra25 × 
110ShieldOff HandAll Intellect Mazthoril Honor Shield25 × 
146Two-handed AxeTwo HandAll Strength The Blade of Harbingers100 × 
146One-handed MaceOne HandAll Intellect Gavel of Naaru Blessings35 × 
115One-handed SwordOne HandAll Strength Sword of Unyielding Force35 × 
146StaffTwo HandAll Agility Staff of the Forest Lord100 × 
141StaffTwo HandAll Intellect Staff of the Soul-Eater100 × 
146Fist WeaponOne HandAll Agility Vanir's Fist of Brutality35 × 
146DaggerOne HandAll Agility The Mutilator35 × 
146DaggerOne HandAll Intellect Scryer's Blade of Focus35 × 
146CrossbowRangedAll Agility Crossbow of Relentless Strikes100 × 
Level Type Slot Spec Name Cost
65Junk Barrel of Fish25 × 
1Junk Crate of Meat25 × 
70Junk Bag of Fishing Treasures150 × 
70Junk Mark of the Ashtongue1250 × 
1Holiday Timeless Mirror500 × 

New Items
This is only a small selection of the new items in the patch. For the full list of items coming in the patch, check out the 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 list on the PTR site.

Level Type Name
1Companion Pets A Tiny Infernal Collar
1Companion Pets Vibrating Arcane Crystal
1Companion Pets Warm Arcane Crystal
1Companion Pets Glittering Arcane Crystal
1Companion Pets Zeradar
1Companion Pets Brightpaw
1Companion Pets Nibbles
1Companion Pets Murkidan
1Companion Pets Grumpling
1Holiday Exquisite Costume Set: "Edwin VanCleef"
1Holiday Exquisite Costume Set: "Deathwing"
100Holiday Ever-Shifting Mirror
1Other Spike-Toed Booterang
80Other Grizzlesnout's Fang
1Other Anniversary Gift
1Other Ghoulish Guises
1Other Hallow's Glow
1Other Seer's Invitation
1Other Witch's Brew
1Other Creepy Crawlers
1Other Ball of Tangled Lights
1Other Imported Trees
1Other Little Helpers
1Other Festive Outfits
1Other Old Box of Decorations
1Other Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
1Other Snow Blower
1Other Sack of Spectral Spiders
100Other Coin of Many Faces
1Other A Tiny Scarecrow Costume
1Other "Merry Munchkin" Costume
40Mount Minion of Grumpus
20Mount Reins of the Illidari Felstalker
20Mount Grove Warden
80Mount Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger
70Mount Reins of the Eclipse Dragonhawk
600Trinket Mercenary's Medallion of Adaptation
1Consumable Sack of Spiders
40Item Enhancement Winter's Grasp

Official Patch Notes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Flying on Draenor
Flying has been enabled on Draenor for characters that have attained the account-wide achievement, Draenor Pathfinder.

PvP Mercenary Mode
Players are now able to act as a mercenary for the opposite faction in PvP whenever your faction is experiencing a long wait time to get into Ashran or unrated Battlegrounds. Agents of the enemy faction will appear at your base in Ashran (Stormshield for the Alliance, Warspear for the Horde) and allow you to enter Ashran or Battlegrounds disguised as an enemy player, and actually fight as the opposite faction.

While competing as a mercenary, players will automatically have their race changed into one appropriate for the opposite faction. Players will still be able to earn all the same rewards as winning or losing as their original faction (with the exception of faction-specific achievements).

Raids and Dungeons
New Timewalking Rewards
  • Players now receive a Timewarped Badge when they complete a Timewalking dungeon. These badges can be redeemed at new vendors that appear during a Timewalking bonus event. The new vendors sell new toys, new mounts, heirloom and reputation tokens, in addition to gear that scales up to the character's level at the time of purchase.
Timewalking Loot Changes
  • Timewalking bosses who had unusual drops, such as Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake, now have a chance to drop those items when defeated while Timewalking.
Hellfire Citadel
  • Fixed an issue where players are not added back to the threat list after dropping out of combat and accepting a battle resurrection.
  • Fixed an issue where Hellfire Assault: Spoils of the Assault chest could incorrectly appear to be already open.
  • Fixed an issue where Tyrant Velhari could not be clicked on if there is an Ancient Enforcer, Ancient Harbinger, or Ancient Sovereign near her.
Dungeon Finder Changes
  • Completing additional Random Warlords of Draenor Heroic dungeon after the first one now awards 50 Garrison Resources (up from 0).

  • Ashran now has a deserter mechanic. Upon entering, players receive a 5-minute buff called Ashran Tour of Duty. If the player leaves an Ashran match before this buff expires, a 10-minute debuff called Recreant will be applied that prevents entry into another Ashran match.

Legendary Ring Quest Line
  • New weekly quests have been added to help players catch-up in earlier stages of the Legendary Ring Quest Line for Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.

Events and World Environment
Bonus Events
  • Bonus Events now begin earlier in the week on Wednesday. End date remains the same so there's now more time to complete the bonus event! Check the in-game calendar for new start times of each bonus event.
In-Game World Events
  • A number of improvements and new additions have been made to the Hallow's End and Feast of Winter Veil world events.
  • Interior of the Armory at Stormshield should now be correctly furnished.
  • Removed a stack of objects floating outside of the Armory at Stormshield.
Frostfire Ridge
  • Cartographers have been notified and corrected a spelling error on the world map.

Zones, Creatures, and NPCs
Tanaan Jungle
  • Soar above the skies of Nagrand and explore the outdoors version of Highmaul and battle with three new rare elite ogres for a chance at one of three arcane-infused Manafiend battle pets.
Shadowmoon Valley
Darkmoon Island
  • Darkmoon Rabbit should now correctly respect loot rules.

Toy Box

  • The maximum size of a mount is now capped at 150% of base size for cosmetic effects (up from 100%). Additionally, the minimum size of a mount is no longer capped.

  • Tooltips for items that have been empowered or created by Baleful tokens now have a Baleful and/or Empowered tag.
  • Baleful rings, neck trinkets, and cloaks should now always create an item that has Bonus Armor for Tanking loot specializations, and Spirit for Healing loot specializations.
  • Brazier of Awakening should no longer despawn at the end of a raid encounter without resurrecting a raid or party member.
  • Medallion of the Legion is now only usable on Draenor to ensure players receives the appropriate reputation bonus from having a Level 3 Trading Post.
  • Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent no longer has a reputation requirement with The August Celestials to learn.
  • Fixed an issue with Wild Gladiator's Insignia of Dominance's tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where Gladiator's Accolade trinkets that gave a bonus to a secondary stat were incorrectly providing double the stated amount.

  • A new events coordinator can now be found in level 3 garrisons. Visit the coordinator during Hallow’s End or Feast of Winter Veil to obtain garrison decorations that are usable all year round!
  • Pallas Apex Predator trait should now correctly counter Aberrations or Furies on garrison missions.
Shipyard and Naval Missions
  • Ship equipment items now have "Naval Equipment" in the item tooltip, enabling it to be searchable through the bag search UI.
  • Fixed an issue where completing a naval mission at the Naval Command Table did not cause the Garrison Report icon to stop blinking.

  • Target marker icons have been disabled in public chat channels.
  • There is now an option to disable Adventure Guide alerts in the Interface options menu, under display settings.


Racial Abilities
Blood Elf
  • Arcane Torrent now has a reduced cooldown of 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes).
  • Rocket Barrage now has a 1.5-minute cooldown (down from 2 minutes).
  • Rocket Jump now has a 1.5-minute cooldown (down from 2 minutes).
  • Hardiness now reduces the duration of Stun effects by an additional 20% (up from 15%).
  • Da Voodoo Shuffle now reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 20% (up from 15%). Trolls still be flippin' out mon!
  • War Stomp now has a reduced cooldown of 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes), and cast time is no longer increased by damage (via spell pushback).
  • Touch of the Grave now scales its damage based on 50% of the character's Attack Power or Spell Power, whichever is greater.


Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • General
    • Thrash in Cat Form now deals 10% more damage.
  • Feral
    • Rake now deals 20% more damage. In PvP combat, Rake now deals 20% less damage.
    • Rip now deals 20% more damage. In PvP combat, Rip now deals 20% less damage.

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Please note that tooltip description for the following Monk abilities will be inaccurate. This will be corrected in a future patch.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Shadow
    • Devouring Plague now deals 10% more damage. In PvP combat, Devouring Plague now deals 10% less damage.
    • Mind Blast now deals 10% more damage. In PvP combat, Mind Blast now deals 10% less damage.
    • Mind Flay now deals 20% more damage.
    • Mind Spike now deals 10% more damage. In PvP combat, Mind Spike now deals 10% less damage.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • General
    • Corruption now deals 10% less damage in PvP combat.
  • Affliction

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

Achievement Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Children's Week
World Events

Darkmoon Faire
World Events
  • Darkmoon Race Enthusiast Successfully complete a Darkmoon Welcome to the Darkmoon Races or The Real Race with the Racing Strider. 5 points.

  • Draenor Pathfinder Complete the Draenor achievements listed below: Rewards: Soaring Skyterror (Draenor Flying in an upcoming patch). 25 points. Account Wide. and Draenor Flying. 25 points. Account Wide.
  • I Came, I Clawed, I Conquered Loot 500 Loot 5000 Blackfang Claws from saberon at Fang'rila in Tanaan Jungle. 10 points.

Feats of Strength

Hallow's End
World Events


  • Naval Mechanics Obtain all of the naval equpment blueprints listed below. 5 points.Account Wide.

Toy Box

Winter Veil
World Events
  • Iron Armada (New) Collect all five toys that are part of the Crashin' Thrashin' "Iron Armada" set. 10 points. Account Wide.

New Strings
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  • BLIZZARD_STORE_BOOST_UNREVOKED_CONSUMPTION - Your %s was used on %s on %s.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_CONFIRMATION_OTHER - Your purchase will be ready when processing has been completed.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_CONFIRMATION_OTHER_EUR - Your purchase will be ready when processing has been completed. |HurlIndex:21|h|cff006995Change your payment method|r|h
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_100_TOKEN_DESCRIPTION - Can be used on one character on your account.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_100_TOKEN_TITLE - Level 100 Character Boost
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_90_TOKEN_DESCRIPTION - Can be used on one character on your account.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_90_TOKEN_TITLE - Level 90 Character Boost
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_FREE_100_POPUP_DESCRIPTION - Thank you for joining us!|nHere is the boost that comes with your purchase of Legion.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_FREE_100_POPUP_TITLE - Level 100 Character Boost
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_FREE_90_POPUP_DESCRIPTION - Thank you for joining us!|nHere is the boost that comes with your purchase of Warlords of Draenor.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_FREE_90_POPUP_TITLE - Level 90 Character Boost
  • ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_MERCENARY - Cannot join as a group unless all the members of your party are flagged as a mercenary.
  • OPTION_TOOLTIP_SHOW_ADVENTURE_JOURNAL_ALERTS - Display alerts for new adventure opportunities
  • PRE_PURCHASE_EXPANSION - Pre-purchase Now
  • SHADER_MODEL_TO_BE_UNSUPPORTED - Warning: Your graphics card will not be supported in future versions of World of Warcraft, which will require a Shader Model 3 capable graphics card or better.
  • SHOW_ADVENTURE_JOURNAL_ALERTS - Show Adventure Journal Alerts
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_272 - You must be a Mercenary to use this trinket.
  • SPELL_FAILED_NOT_WHILE_MERCENARY - You can't do that while you are a mercenary
  • UPGRADE_FEATURE_16 - Master the new Demon Hunter Class
  • UPGRADE_FEATURE_17 - Battle to level 110 on the Broken Isles
  • UPGRADE_FEATURE_18 - Boost a character to level 100
  • WORLD_PVP_DESERTER - You cannot enter %s until your deserter debuff wears off.

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