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by Published on 2014-11-25 06:06 PM

Class Hotfixes Live
Class tuning changes went live today! More details are coming later today. More changes in the future are possible.

Artcraft - Blood Elf Update
The Blood Elf preview is finally here!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hello and welcome to the Blood Elf edition of Artcraft! We know that many of you have been waiting for this update, so I’ll just provide some quick background and then get straight into the imagery.

We’re aware that it’s not ideal to see a mix of older player character models next to newer player character models, especially when you happen to be a player of the Blood Elf variety—and we’re working as diligently to remedy that situation as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. We don’t have an exact ETA for when you’ll see these in-game, but we’re happy with the direction of this update with regards to the model and textures; we’re now focusing on model and texture variations, as well as rigging and animating. We’ve streamlined the process quite a bit, so hopefully (knock on wood) those things will go smoothly and we’ll be able to roll these out quickly.

Senior Artist Dusty Nolting is focusing on the female model—here are his thoughts:

The Horde has classically been about brutes, blood, and thunder. The Blood Elves bring a bit of subtlety to the Horde, and I think that was one of the most important aspects of the Blood Elves to maintain. For the female specifically, something we did often was move things around in small but deliberate increments, to make sure everything was just right. It’s the delicate details like her nose shape or fingertips that represent the most challenging parts of upgrading the female.

Senior Artist Joe Keller is focusing on the Blood Elf male model. Here’s what he had to say about his approach:

The male Blood Elf already has a lot of character with his easily recognizable pose and stylish hair. Our update just gives us a chance to define and focus on that. His anatomy, facial features, and hair will all get an update while still maintaining his iconic look, bringing him to the level of the other new character models.

Thank you for taking the time to check out where we are with these updates. We’re excited to get these models in the game, and are working hard to make that happen as quickly as possible—though as ever, quality is paramount, and presenting the best, most highly polished work we can will always come first.

Thank you, and Shorel’aran!
by Published on 2014-11-25 06:42 AM

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GvG Card Reveal: Whirling Zap-o-matic, Snowchugger, Gahz'rilla, Burly Rockjaw Trogg

New Skins! Winter Veil Jaina, Great-Father Rehgar, Betrayer Malfurion, Warden Tyrande

Pilgrim's Bounty 2014
Pilgrim's Bounty has a small update this year:

Blood Elf Model Preview Tuesday
It looks like the Blood Elf model preview is coming on Tuesday!

Mission Complete Addon
If you enjoy Breeze but want to click even less to go through completed missions, the Mission Complete addon will go through all of your missions and complete them as fast as possible, outputting the rewards to chat. A similar feature was also added to Master Plan yesterday.

Class Balance Changes
Blizzard let us know that class balance changes are coming, even for Shaman!
Originally Posted by Blizzard
We're aware that shaman DPS is low and are planning to buff it. (Source)

Re: class balance - yes, we're planning to make adjustments. Currently gathering data to help us make the right changes. Don't want to under/overdo changes and have to buff/nerf again after.
Honestly hope you aren't just relying on 5ms? Some classes look amazing in 5mans, but won't be margins ahead in raids.
Definitely not. We're looking forward to getting raid data.
PvE or PvP side ?
Both (Source)
Will the changes be prior or after initial progression though? choosing which spec to gear is kinda important.
Depends on what you're considering "initial progression." Likely to be after Normal raids open. Need that raid data. (Source)
Why do you need that data? You've got MC data, you've got simulations that you guys bragged on at BlizzCon.
A class can have amazing patchwerk DPS and completely suck on raid encounters with actual mechanics. MC data is a tool. Simulations are a tool. We'd like to make use of every tool available. (Source)

Now I have another question: are you saying that because you actually got updates on it or is it just to quell us?
They're still in testing and not yet ready to be communicated. Class tuning changes will only be included as a whole package after being tested. Posting half of it will invariably cause unneeded distress. Check back tomorrow. (Source)

Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixes - November 24
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
World Environment
  • [Requires a realm restart.] The time that corpses persist in the world has been restored back to their former durations.

Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios
  • Dungeons
    • [Requires a realm restart.] Resolved an issue where players were unable to queue through Dungeon Finder while in Warspear or Stormshield.
    • Upper Blackrock Spire
      • During the Commander Tharbek encounter, Black Iron Guards no longer join in the fight when he is at 10% health.
      • Commander Tharbek should no longer be using Iron Axe, Imbued Iron Axe, and Iron Reaver within 4 seconds of each other.
      • Orebender Gor'ashan's Electric Pulse should now correctly hit players that are standing on a Rune Conduit.
      • Son of the Beast's Fiery Trail should no longer persist and continue to damaging pets after being defeated.

  • Miner's Coffee should no longer be incorrectly applying its speed buff outside of the Garrison's mine.
  • Swapblaster should no longer be incorrectly swapping locations with targets other than another party member.

Enchanting - Lack of Draenic Dust
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Please fix this profession. It is the only building in my garrison that sits with zero work being done.

Dust is far too rare, and much to valuable to use on work orders, when the daily cool downs are so important.

As a personal anecdote, my character's Enchanter's Study is experiencing a similar issue with a lack of work orders submitted when the other buildings are humming along with a constant stream of work orders. We feel that Enchanting Dust can be a bit too scarce to come by and are looking at ways to ease those supply concerns.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
81,000 Honor Points farmed and not a single Warforged Dagger are they even real? People have them...
Very rare (holinka)

Fan Art Update
The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with two new pieces of fan artwork.

by Published on 2014-11-24 03:45 AM

Update (3:00 PM EST): Shaman DPS buffs and more Draenic Dust are coming!
Update (1:30 PM EST): Blood Elf model preview coming Tuesday!

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GvG Card Reveal: "Snow Broken Bot"

Heroes Epic Plays of the Week #5

Blood Elf Model Preview
It looks like the Blood Elf model preview is coming on Tuesday!

Master Plan Addon
Today we are taking a look at some addons to make garrison mission management easier, starting with Master Plan.

  • Sorts the missions list so that missions that can be fully countered by idle followers are on top.
  • Shows the number of followers, number of bonus XP, and if each threat can be countered or not.
  • Mousing over a threat shows which followers can counter it. If a follower that can counter it is on a mission, the time until they are back is displayed.
  • The followers list displays how many followers you have that can counter each ability, allowing you to see which ones you are missing or have too many of at a glance.

Garrison Mission Manager Addon
Next up is the Garrison Mission Manager addon. This addon adds three buttons to the mission follower section screen, adding pre-defined groups that optimize for:

  • Success rate
  • Garrison resources
  • Bonus XP
  • Reduced mission duration

There are also several planned features listed that will make follower selection even easier. If you installed this addon previously, make sure it is up to date, as earlier versions had a significant performance issue.

Challenge Mode Exploits
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’re aware of some abuses and are addressing them. To be clear, anyone who finds external buffs that they can use to their advantage in Challenge Modes are going to at the very least have their times, achievements, and items stripped. It's not something anyone is going to get away with, and just isn't worth trying to.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Are Drov the Ruiner and Tarlna the Ageless already up on gorgrond?
As I mentioned in the Wednesday Q&A, Drov and Tarlna will begin to spawn once Highmaul is open. (WatcherDev)

New server matches have been pushed for Ashran in the NA/EU. You must leave/re-enter Ashran to see the effects. (holinka)

The blue PvP gear that drops from skirmishes & bg's has 660 ilvl while the one you can buy has 675, is this intended?
Yes (holinka)

this cross realm faction balancing we were told Ashran would have doesn't seem to work.
We'll be refining it over the next few weeks. Hard to anticipate server participation in advance. Also some bugs. (holinka)

BG rewarded drops have a change to be warforged, is this intended, hopeing conquest gear cant be warforged?
It is intended. Conquest gear cannot be warforged. Nice longtail bonus for the bg player. (holinka)

So is Azeroth Velen still alive?
yes! (DaveKosak)

Was Admrial Taylor killed just so the horde could get something for Nazgrim dying? Feels horrible to loose yet another ally hero.
We don't think about character deaths like that, rather do what fits and is meaningful for the story. (Muffinus)

Lore question, is Teron'Gor dead at the end of auchidoun? Cause, he just seems to fall off the edge like team rocket blasting off
The fact that we haven't found his body is disturbing. Stay tuned! (DaveKosak)

Can we get the rare spawns to drop garrison resources once a week after they're killed once? I'd love to have a reason to hunt
This is the intent behind the endgame rares, and there are many endgame POIs (Muffinus)

Can followers be rerolled with the training certificate and get the Bodyguard trait? I'd love to have a bodyguard Ziri'ak!
No, bodyguard is specific to a few followers, because it grants them person-specific abilities and bonuses. (Muffinus)

I suppose you can answer this, is it intentional that salvage yard level 3 keeps giving me level 20+ greens? If so that sucks D:
the salvage yard loot is SUPER ULTRA random. Level 3 will give you a better pool, but yeah, it contains... LOTS of things. LOTS. (Muffinus)
Sometimes I get nothing though... That makes me sad
You should always get something, though some things (like currency) may only appear in your chatbox. Not the case? (Muffinus)

DLC #466 - Whiners of Draenor
DLC #466 takes a look at the Whiners of Draenor!

by Published on 2014-11-22 08:03 AM

Ancient Items Chance, Identifying Ancients, Capicorp's "Icepick Assassin" Monk

Goblins vs Gnome Card Reveal: Foe Reaper 4000, Ancestor's Call

Nova Hero Spotlight & Guide, Into the Nexus #29

Molten Core Raid Finder - No Loot Lockout
If you want to endure repeated runs of Molten Core during the anniversary event, you are free to do so!

Personal Loot in Dungeons Restored
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Thanks for all the feedback on these changes. As a team, we do prefer personal loot as a solution for Dungeon Finder groups, which is why we modified and extended the system we’ve had in place for Raid Finder. We heard from sources both within our team and the community that the experience of defeating a boss and no ceremony beyond three gold on its corpse, or the possibility of finishing an entire dungeon without seeing any items, felt flat and even a bit broken. Based on those concerns, we decided to roll back a system that had been in place for a week to a system that had been in use for years, while we continued to polish and refine the personal loot system to deliver an optimal experience to players. However, we underestimated the impact and positive elements of personal loot, in terms of reducing contention and drama in random match made groups.

We now have a hotfix in the works that will do two things:
  • The default loot system for Dungeon Finder groups will once again be Personal, instead of Need Before Greed. Full premade groups that prefer the latter system will be able to select it manually, as always.
  • We're increasing loot yield from the final boss of each dungeon.
  • With Personal loot active, each player in a group will now always receive an item from the final boss.
  • With Need Before Greed active, the boss will now drop 3 items to be shared among the group as desired, up from 2 previously.

Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixes - November 21
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
  • Characters are now guaranteed to have level 90-94 Garrison Missions available if they have Followers in the level 90-94 range and level 95-99 Garrison Missions available if they have Followers in the level 95-99 range.
  • Work Orders should now also work with materials and reagents that are in the character's bank and reagent bank.
  • Temporarily disabled Ashran as a daily quest choice while we continue to troubleshoot issues with some of the daily quests being offered.
  • Followers
    • Leeroy Jenkins: Resolved an issue where characters that were dead or in Spirit of Redemption form when completing the achievement Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy...? may sometimes not receive Leeroy Jenkins as a follower.

  • Shadowmoon Valley
    • Assault on Darktide Roost: Increased the respawn rates of creatures and NPCs needed for the quest.
  • Gorgrond
    • Assault on the Pit: Blackrock Foundry Assaulted credit is no longer being awarded when using the Iron Troop Launcher.
    • Shredder vs. Saberon: Resolved an issue where characters that leave the quest area immediately after receiving credit may be unable to turn-in the quest.
  • Spires of Arak
    • Assault on Skettis: The debuff Infected Talons placed by various creatures in the area for this quest no longer stacks.
    • Bonus Objective: The Howling Crag: Defeating the ritualists Vile Siphonmaster, Crazed Obliterator, and Insane Nullifier now contributes credit towards completing the Pale Orcs Slain objective.
  • Legendary Ring Quest Line
    • Tarnished Bronze: Spirit of Kairozdormu's Time Bomb ability should no longer be hitting players that aren't in combat with him in a different phase.

World Environment
  • [Requires a realm restart.] Portals leading to the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands have been added next to Archmage Khadgar in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • Removed an erroneous treasure marker displayed by using the Spires of Arak Treasure Map for a Reagent Pouch that did not actually exist.

Creatures and NPCs
  • Increased the spawn rates for creatures and NPCs across a number of questing areas for level 100 daily quests.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of creatures and NPCs laying siege in the areas around Shattrath City.
  • Gruuk has moved to a new location where they can be seen by both Horde and Alliance players.
  • High Warlord Volrath and Grand Marshal Tremblade now only award 50 Honor for defeating them (down from 500).
  • Nagrand Prowler 's Leap for the Kill ability now has a shorter stun duration and smaller damage radius.
  • Nok-Karosh's drop, Garn Nighthowl now only allows players in a party or Raid to roll greed.

Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios
  • Molten Core
    • Players should no longer be incorrectly placed into a Molten Core where Ragnaros has already been defeated.
    • Shazzrah's area of effect damage has been reduced.
    • Firelord now uses the Lava Spawn ability less frequently.
    • Core Hound, Molten Destroyer, and Molten Giant's area-of-effect attacks now deals 50% less damage.
    • Core Hound, Molten Destroyer, Molten Giant, Lava Annihilator, and Lava Surger now have 30% less health.
    • In a departure from the original Molten Core, reduced aggro radius for most non-boss creatures from their original aggro radius from back in the day.
  • Dungeons
    • Reverted the change to the default loot mode for random matchmade groups in Dungeon Finder back to Personal loot.
      • In Personal loot, each player in the group will now always receive an item from the final dungeon boss.
      • In Need Before Greed, the dungeon boss will now drop 3 items to be shared among the group as desired, up from 2 previously.
      • Full premade groups queuing in Dungeon Finder now defaults to Need Before Greed and they can change the loot mode if they want.
    • Call to Arms for in-demand roles have been reeanabled for Dungeon Finder. Completing the dungeon awards a Satchel of Savage Mysteries with a chance to contain new treasures and it will always contain an Augment Rune, a tradeable item that provides a consumable buff that is ordinarily only available through Raid Finder.
    • An award of 50 Garrison Resources has been added for completing the first Random Warlords of Draenor Heroic Dungeon of the day.
    • Grimrail Depot
      • Railmaster Rocketspark's X21-01A Missile Barrage now deals 20% less damage.
    • Skyreach
      • Araknath: Rogues using Vanish should no longer cause Araknath to become non-interactive.
      • High Sage Viryx's Cast Down ability should no longer cause Druids to drop out of their shapeshifted form.
      • Solar Flares are now able to correctly Fixate on a target even while stunned.
    • The Everbloom
      • Putrid Pyromancer should no longer continue to track the player when using their Dragon's Breath ability.
    • Upper Blackrock Spire
      • Kyrak's Debilitating Fixation ability can now target players up to 50 yards away (up from 30 yards).
      • Ragewing the Untamed's indicator for Fire Storm should now correctly display the ability's area of effect.
      • Black Iron Leadbelcher should no longer incorrectly activate a Sentry Cannon while polymorphed or hexed.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Tarren Mill vs Southshore
    • Victory conditions are now for the first side to reach 300 points or the match results in a tie after 30 minutes.
    • Tarren Mill Deathguards and Alliance Guards now have more health.

  • Archeology
    • Moved some Archeology nodes in the area around Icewind Drifts in Frostfire Ridge to no longer be in inaccessible locations.

  • Epic quality Bind on Equip world drops are no longer eligible for a Need roll.
  • Many Warlords of Draenor trinkets received an adjustment to their stats to provide a bonus that's more appropriate for the trinket's item level.
  • Turbulent Cloak contained in Satchel of Helpful Goods should no longer result in creating an invalid item for Guardian Druids.

Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue that could cause characters to become stuck on a flight path.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Followers and Garrison Missions XP
The hotfix to increase the amount of lower level Garrison Missions being offered to players that have lower leveled Followers is now active.

The result of this change is that characters are now guaranteed to have level 90-94 Garrison Missions available if they have Followers in the level 90-94 range and level 95-99 Garrison Missions available if they have Followers in the level 95-99 range. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Game Time Being Applied
The 5 days of free game time mentioned in the letter from J. Allen Brack is on its way out. As a reminder this is for players in the Americas, Oceania, and Europe who had active subscriptions as of Friday, November 14. We expect the process to take a full day to apply to all accounts that met the requirement. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Teaching Followers New Traits
There's been some confusion regarding the various items you can use that allow you to change a trait on one of your Garrisons followers, so we wanted to clarify how these items work.

If you use an item such as the Supreme Manual of Dance or the Hearthstone Strategy Guide, the targeted follower will gain the trait associated with the on-use item, and lose a random trait which cannot be selected or changed after the fact. Currently, the tooltips for these items are not specific enough about the randomness associated with their outcome, and we're working on getting them adjusted.

So if you're now missing a follower with a specific trait you want or need, remember that you can level your Inn or Tavern to tier 2 to gain access to an NPC who will hunt down new followers. When one becomes available, you can then limit your search based on the traits you desire. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

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