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by Published on 2014-11-07 08:27 PM

Overwatch Unveiled
The Overwatch site is now online, so you can read about all of the heroes and watch some gameplay. You can talk about Overwatch in its new forum!
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • The game is set on Earth, 60 years in the future
  • Robots became very common in the future and they went crazy, attacking cities all over the world. The war that resulted against the robots was the Omnic (?) Crisis.
  • The strike team that took on the robots was Overwatch.
  • For the next 30 years after the war, Overwatch was a worldwide agency that displayed how great people could be when they came together, representing heroism and sacrifice.
  • In the last few years, Overwatch started to fall apart.

  • Chris Metzen is only doing one voice in this game.
  • Blizzard has been making competitive PvP games for a long time and this will be yet another.
  • Overwatch will have some dark gritty areas, but it will mostly be a world you will want to come back to.
  • The game is all about heroes.
  • The game will be accessible with non-twitch options.
  • You can do things other than put a crosshair over targets, as that is what drives people away from other shooters.
  • The game is less-lethal. You will die, but you should die less frequently than in current modern military shooters. With more time alive, you are able to do more interesting things and interact with your team more.
  • The teams are going to be 6v6, which is just big enough to make it fun.
  • There are Payload and Capture Point maps, no deathmatch mode.
  • The game is focused on Heroes, not classes. Each hero has a unique story.
  • There are 12 playable characters at Blizzcon, with many more to come.
  • Tracer has a ~10 meter teleport / blink that uses energy. Enough energy to do 3 blinks in a row.
  • Tracer has Recall, which puts her back where she was 3 seconds ago. This also includes health, ammo, and energy.
  • Lots of the story is going to take place outside of the game, unlike previous Blizzard games.
  • Regenerate ult by doing and taking damage.

Hero Roles
  • Offense - Scout, harass, press the objective, high damage. (Pharah, Reaper, Tracer, Hanzo)
  • Defense - Guard locations, create choke points, establish a front. (Widowmaker, Bastion, Torbjorn)
  • Tank - Protectors, high survivability, disruption, lead the charge, have armor to reduce damage. (Reinhardt, Winston)
  • Support - Heal, buff, utility. (Zenyatta, Mercy, Symmetra)

Maps and Game Modes
  • Exotic worldwide locations
  • Simple objectives
  • Encourage hero mobility
  • Team focus encounters
  • Temple of Anubis - At the base of a technological pyramid.
  • Hanamura - Temple grounds, homeland of Hanzo.
  • King's Row - 30 years ago there was a population of robots that lived below the streets. People were going to send an EMP underground to destroy them.
  • You can change to another hero every time you die.

  • They aren't talking about the cost yet, so no idea if it will be free to play, a one time purchase, or something else.
  • There are elements of Titan in Overwatch, both were Earth based, there were some shared ideas, but it is different from Titan.
  • There is no customization to the gameplay. Initially there was a robust customization system, but there are too many heroes to keep track of all of the customization that can be done. Customization works in Heroes of the Storm because it is a slower paced game.
  • Overwatch will be on PC, consoles are something they can look at in the future.
  • It is too early to talk about system requirements, but they should be reasonable, just like other Blizzard games.
  • The game will be balanced so that two of a hero on a team will be okay, but more than that will likely put you at a disadvantage.
  • They aren't ready to talk about skins, leveling, or achievement systems yet, but they are all good ideas.
  • There is party chat and team chat, with party chat being your group that you queued with. The team is also working on VO and chat communication.
  • There will be some kind of long term progression in the game.
  • The team is looking at outside Voice Chat options, as players prefer that over in game chat usually.

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The Opening Ceremony Has Started!
Log in to account management and opt in to Overwatch beta now! Overwatch's website is online and they are on Twitter and Youtube as well.

Update 2:50 PM EST: Opening Ceremony over.
Update 2:49 PM EST: Overwatch panels in the gap / Overwatch playable at Blizzcon!
Update 2:43 PM EST: Overwatch Beta - 2015
Update 2:42 PM EST: Overwatch - Team based action shooter. Approachable game for everyone.
Update 2:41 PM EST: Jeff Kaplan takes the stage.
Update 2:41 PM EST: Overwatch is set in the future, game coming sooner than you think
Update 2:40 PM EST: Overwatch confirmed!
Update 2:34 PM EST: Trailer playing
Update 2:33 PM EST: New Blizzard world after 17 years
Update 2:32 PM EST: Metzen took the stage to hype up the crowd
Update 2:25 PM EST: SC2: Legacy of the Void trailer playing - Archon Mode
Update 2:22 PM EST: Goblin vs Gnomes launches next month!
Update 2:21 PM EST: Hearthstone expansion - Goblin vs Gnomes - 120 cards, Explosive Sheep, Annoy-o-Tron.
Update 2:20 PM EST: Hearthstone - Android version in December
Update 2:16 PM EST: Heroes of the Storm closed beta Jan 13.
Update 2:15 PM EST: Heroes of the Storm trailer - Jaina, Thrall, New Battlegrounds, Ranked Play, New Skins, Lost Vikings.
Update 2:12 PM EST: New movie websites: Horde and Alliance.
Update 2:11 PM EST: Blizzcon will have a sneak peak of work in progress footage for the Warcraft movie.
Update 2:10 PM EST: The new Argi (Spacegoat) charity pet in December will be for Ebola relief with the Red Cross.
Update 2:09 PM EST: The documentary will be on the WoW site and Youtube channel if you miss it tomorrow.
Update 2:05 PM EST: Mike Morhaime is on stage
Update 2:00 PM EST: Warcraft recap video is playing

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ORIGIN PC Giveaway

Update 1:45 PM EST: Several mentions of the gap in the schedule and computers with blank screens during the Opening Ceremony pre-show.

Blizzcon Opening Ceremony in 1 Hour
Join us in the chat for the biggest viewing party and keep checking back as we update live with new information from the panels!

Blizzcon 2014 - Day 1 Schedule
Nothing has changed from the original day 1 schedule, so there is still a nice sized gap after the Opening Ceremony.

by Published on 2014-11-06 10:25 PM

Blizzcon 2014 - Day 0
Blizzcon is less than a day away and goody bags are out! If you haven't already grabbed one, be sure to pick up a Virtual Ticket to see the whole event and get some in-game goodies. If you aren't planning on watching with the Virtual Ticket, we will be providing live updates throughout the day, similar to last year.

Blizzcon 2014 - Goody Bag
Mur'ghoul, Pins, bouncy balls, and more in this year's goody bag!

BlizzCon 2014 Opening Ceremony and eSports – Free Live Streams
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
BlizzCon 2014 kicks off tomorrow, and you can watch the opening ceremony and all of the eSports tournament action streamed free at!

The opening ceremony is scheduled to begin on Friday, November 7 at 11 a.m. PT, and tournaments run throughout both days of the show across multiple channels—check out the BlizzCon schedule for details. You can also check out our BlizzCon Tournaments pages to find international partners covering the eSports action in your preferred language:

StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals
Hearthstone World Championship
World of Warcraft Arena World Championship
Heroes of the Storm Exhibition Tournament and BlizzCon Brawl

If you’re interested in even more BlizzCon coverage, including developer panels, exclusive interviews, the costume and talent contests with Chris Hardwick, the closing concert with Metallica, and more, you can still purchase a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. The Virtual Ticket gives you complete access to content on the Main Stage and Panel Stage channels, and also includes this year's in-game goodies for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. The Virtual Ticket also lets you watch on-demand replays of any coverage you might have missed.

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