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Redesigned Firebird's, New PTR Build Tomorrow, Demon Hunter Feedback, INVIS vs Greater Rift 100

Curse of Naxxramas: Pricing Structure, Heroic Mode, Golden Cards, Music & Sound Info

This Week's Hero Rotation, Spectre Illidan & Kandy King Muradin Added to the Shop

Warlords of Draenor - Tier 17 Hunter Armor Sets
Today we are taking a look at the Tier 17 Hunter armor sets.

Warlords of Draenor changes things up slightly by using one set of art for Raid Finder, one set of art for Normal and Heroic, and one set of art for Mythic difficulty. You can find the Raid Finder armor sets in our Raid Finder armor sets preview.

Warlords of Draenor - Nighttime Changes
Mumper confirmed that Shadowmoon Valley operates on an accelerated day/night cycle today.

Warlords of Draenor Theorycraft Discussion
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Thanks for your answers. Sorry to lay the blood craze questions on thick, but...

Should an auto attack that causes two multistrikes result in a double application of blood craze (and thus heal for twice as much)? It seems to be doing that now. I'm not saying the behavior is wrong, just wondering if it's intended and thus probably won't change.

Also, I'm still seeing instances where a single multistrike event causes either 4 ticks or 5 ticks of healing. To clarify, this is without refreshes of the buff during its progress. The "lucky" 5-tick version heals for about 4.2% of max HP, the 4-tick version, about 3.3%. My main concern is with the variability in number of ticks. Perhaps some sort of timing/latency issue? Hard to model value of multistrike if the result can vary by 25%, with unclear rules governing the duration you actually get.

An auto attack that causes two multistrikes should indeed result in a double application of blood craze, and thus heal for twice as much. If you started with no Blood Craze, that'd result in a total of 6% (pre-resolve), spread out over 4 ticks, aka 1.5% per tick.

I'm not sure how a single multistrike could result in 4, let alone 5 ticks. I'll investigate that tomorrow.

Will you be adding a multistrike bit to all of the _MISSED combat log events for the cases where multistrikes are fully absorbed/immuned/evaded?

I do have one question in regard to Multistrike. I noticed this with Chi Explosion but I just now tested before the servers went down; but are any of the ticks from the DoT from Blackout Kick supposed to Multistrike? Currently the DoT will not Multistriking. The initial hit from Blackout Kick can Multistrike and the damage from the base hit plus the multistrike will go towards forming the DoT:

Base hits for 50k
Multistrike hits for 15k
Ticks from DoT hits for 3.9k = ((50k + 15k) * .3) / 5

That's working as intended. It doesn't double-dip.

Primal Tenacity and Resolve. You mentioned on Twitter that Resolve would affect PT, but it doesn't right now in Beta. Based on simming it definitely shouldn't, and PT might even need a nerf on top of that. I'm assuming that you changed your mind on Resolve affecting PT.
Correct on all counts.

Thrash impact crits are proccing Primal Fury (i.e. generating 5 additional Rage) per target hit. Intended? Note that this does not affect ticks.
We're going to change that. We had erred in the player's favor on that, but it's looking simply too strong to balance.
When you say change, I assume you mean make it so it can only proc off the primary target?

So, I'm hoping to get a better understanding of how diseases (Necrotic Plague especially) and the new Pestilence will fit into all DPS DK rotations. It's fairly straightforward for Blood, but I'd greatly appreciate if you could comment on some of the following cases:

Frost AoE without Necrotic Plague: Howling Blast will continue to cause Frost Fever. Blood Plague will be worth utilising on Single-Target for both specs, but what about AoE?
On Live, it's currently not worth spreading BP with Pestilence unless 10+ targets will survive all 30s of the diseases- will WoD feel similar?

Frost AoE with Necrotic Plague: Howling Blast will stack Necrotic Plague very quickly for AoE purposes; Pestilence shouldn't see any use in most circumstances.

Unholy AoE without Necrotic Plague: Since Pestilence is a central part of the AoE rotation, we'll be cloning diseases constantly. This will mean that, assuming long term sustained AoE without Festering Strike use, we'll need to eventually reapply diseases with Outbreak/PS and then restart the cycle. Since DoT snapshotting is gone though, this won't be a problem.

Unholy AoE with Necrotic Plague: Since Pestilence clones Necrotic Plague stacks as well, this means that longer duration NPs are preferred- even if they're at lower stacks. This has the potential to be incredibly powerful when spreading 15-stack NPs to new adds.
But what will this mean in cases where we lack an existing 15-stack of NP to spread (i.e. no boss to spread or let it jump off)? Will tick rates even out to the point where, even with its resetting mechanic, NP will still gain stacks fairly quickly? Or will it be optimal to wait till NP has "jumped" and stacked a little before Pestilencing? I know Mendenbarr's initial numbers suggested that waiting might be better in some cases, but just curious what the numbers look like on your end.

Also, completely separate question: Will Breath of Sindragosa interact with the Plaguebearer talent in any way? By this I mean will it add stacks of NP or extend disease duration?

I don't know the breakpoints that different rotations are worth using on, but in general terms...

Frost AoE without Necrotic Plague: Yes, you'll want to Pestilence once every ~30s to spread Blood Plague, but not spam Pestilence, since HB>Pest for AoE damage. Rest of your runes would goto HB, DnD, and PS.

Frost AoE with Necrotic Plague: Same, except without Pestilence.

Unholy AoE without Necrotic Plague: Correct.

Unholy AoE with Necrotic Plague: Finding the exactly optimal nuanced rotation for each specific starting case and target count is up to you, but generally... Your unholy runes going into PSs will help stack NP up faster, if you're spending BD/FD runes on Pestilence so NP is falling off. However, also worth considering is to mix FS and P at a rate such that NP never falls off. I suspect that that'll be optimal on some range of targets.

How is rune of cinderglacier intended to interact with diseases? Does it snapshot the benefit? Does it use charges to apply diseases?
Cinderglacier in general is still somewhat up in the air about how exactly it'll work. Ask again when you see changes to it.

Clarification: does this mean that Sacred Shield will eventually use the new HoT mechanics (getting one partial tick at the end that varies in size based on haste)? Because right now it's using the old ones, where it always grants an integer number of full ticks, and the tick time and overall duration change as you change haste.

Unrelated: Uther's Insight (the buff from Empowered Seals + Seal of Insight) seems to be double-dipping on Versatility.
All HoTs are. Bug. We'll fix it.

Is the current Haste rating-->% conversion set to where you want it to be?
No, I believe the next build will raise it to 100rating/%.

Is it intended that both the Tiger Strikes mechanic and the ReM/RSK reset mechanics with Multistrike can proc from themselves?
We're changing it so that it can't trigger back to back.

Will fight specific or quest abilities be able to multistrike? IE Scorpion or AIM from Paragons and similar things that give extra action buttons. What about damage procs like trinkets or weapon enchants or on use trinkets like the Mini Iron Star?
Technically, it depends upon the effect, but a guideline that we usually expect to follow is "If it can crit, it can multistrike" for these cases.

Could you explain the mechanics of Necrotic Plague in regards to its stacks? I noticed once I get it to 15 stacks, nothing seems to be able to refresh it or add any more stacks. Is that the intended mechanic of the ability or some sort of bug?
Yes. It has a 15 stack cap, and nothing can refresh it. Reapplications add a stack but do not refresh it.

Festering Strike is special in that it can extend it.

Beta Realm Maintenance - July 8th and 9th
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Unfortunately, it appears as though we'll have to extend this maintenance first thing overnight and into the morning, as we encountered some last minute issues preventing us from going live tonight.

Apologies for the extended downtime folks, I'll resume updating tomorrow morning once I know more.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Hey do you think you could look at Starfall and Rejuv? They could use a little graphical update.
They actually both have gotten tweaks since live. Don't intend to change them significantly. (Celestalon)
yeah, was just running some CMs and noticed rejuv ends abruptly and starfall could use a little polish. Nothing big.
Yep, Rejuv's ending is fixed now, and Starfall got a bit of polish. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Thank you Jon! I know it seems like a silly ability. But I think its a true staple of being a hunter. Exploring.
I looked into this recently. The tech involved in bringing Eyes of the Beast back would require extensive work. (Celestalon)

How exactly does LnL interact with BA Multistrikes again? I'm getting conflicting information from everywhere.
Each Multistrike grants 1 stack of LnL, which can stack up to 5. (Celestalon)
Okay, so it will *only* proc off multistrike then?
Yes. (Celestalon)
How long will charges last if not used right away?
15sec, currently. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Is the mirror image talent a placeholder? Are the rest too? Does anyone expect a mage not to take rune of power?
Are you saying they're imbalanced vs. rune currently, numbers-wise? Or there's something inherently wrong? (Muffinus)
rune > mirror image currently. Unless you're making every raid boss "everyone is moving and walking all the time 420 garalon"
Like > or like >> or >>> I need quantification here man. Science. Graduated cylinder. (Muffinus)
They scale with your Haste, Crit, Multistrike, Versatility, Spellpower. We haven't done tuning yet, to balance the row. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Any ETA on the Serpent Stance scaling issues? BotS ticks for 1k in serpent and 10k in crane.
Breath of the Serpent was accidentally set to scale with AP, not SP. Fixed that for the next next build. (Celestalon)

Is Chi Explosion replacing BoK intentional, in that case, is not having the BoK crit buff intentional w/ Chi Explosion?
Yes, no. And if you were hitting for 500k, it was probably against a low level target, where you get a damage multiplier. (Celestalon)
Is this the buff to help us solo old raid content?
Yes. (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
I recently noticed Holy Avenger no longer uses the Ashbringer model for your weapon. Bug or intended? I always loved the model.
Intended, for lore reasons. (Celestalon)
However, Seraphim does give you a really sweet-looking custom 2H hammer, or 1H hammer and shield. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Would it be possible for the shaman to talent into a permanent pet Earth(Tank) / Fire(Dps) ?
No, Shamans are not a pet class. Doesn't fit. (Celestalon)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Yup, that is also gone strangely. I might be able to understand Twilight Ward, but CoE and Command Demon are important
Command Demon is coming back. CoE is gone because that whole raid debuff is gone (replaced with a Multistrike buff). (Celestalon)

Is it possible to make offensive heal play viable again? Like when priests used to deal dmg from time to time to score a kill
In general I think healer damage is going to be higher relative to MoP. PvP Power reigned it in a bit. (holinka)

thoughts on changing gladiator gear to warlord gear? And start over with the names. Warlords Mutilator etc then Deadly and so on..
We have some plans in this regard (holinka)

Reputation / Questing
Sorry not a pvp Question, but does not answer me. Is WoD mob dmg tuned? Seems very low, no challenge at all atm. Thanks
Early quest content is tuned to be easy. Additionally, if you copied your character over, you'll be very overgeared. (Celestalon)

After playing The beta. Any chance could see some more npcs? It's feeling a bit underpopulated. Like guards and labourers
Lots of work being done on this now. (Muffinus)

Hey, I love how many followers I could get from exploring the world. Quite fun. I loved the choice of 1 out of 3 followers one too
Cool! Glad you had fun (Muffinus)
Would of loved to know their abilities before I made my choice.
Considering options, e.g. collect them all at max level. Regardless, you'll have a solid slew of abils/traits no matter what. (Muffinus)

Hearthstone Expansion Pricing Revealed
Blizzard revealed the price for the Naxxramas Hearthstone Expansion today! It will cost $20 (2800 gold) for the entire thing if you play Naxxramas during the first month, as the first wing is free, or $25 if you play after that.

Monk Solo Kill - Horridon
Wannoob managed to kill Horridon on his own after 140 attempts. You can find more details in the video's description.

by Published on 2014-07-08 07:32 AM

Ausgamers UEE Hands-On, Multiboxing and D3, IGN Wiki Editing Contest, Greater Rift Ideas

Naxxramas Replayability, Top 5 Plays of the Week, This Week in Tournaments

Skin Spotlight: Demonic Tyrael

Warlords of Draenor - Blasted Lands Quests
After the most recent alpha build, the new Blasted Lands quests were active for some time. The Iron Horde have come through the red Dark Portal and taken over most of the Blasted Lands. Thrall, Khadgar, Vindicator Maraad, and other NPCs have set up small camps near the Dark Portal with a short quest line of standard kill, collect, and interact objectives.

At the end of the quest line, Thrall will assist you in killing the leader of this Iron Horde assault. Turning in the final quest currently plays the incorrect cinematic.

Warlords of Draenor - Orgrimmar Changes
Warlords of Draenor changes the guard in Orgrimmar once again! The Kor'kron Guard have been replaced by Troll, Tauren, and Orc guards. The Troll area of the city is now functional again and Xan'tish finally has his snakes back.

Warlords of Draenor Theorycraft Discussion
Originally Posted by Celestalon (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I was playing around with Devouring Plague and Multistrike tonight.
Changed Devouring Plague to just heal for 100% of its damage done, to solve this.

do you devs have additional factors in for things like incorrect items such as a warrior or paladin wearing cloth int gear so it doesn't count towards the item level
Not currently. Fighting low-level content in that manner is an inherently self-regulated form of gameplay. If you're willing to do silly stuff like that, you also would be willing to just buy high ilvl BoEs.

1. Thrash impact crits are proccing Primal Fury (i.e. generating 5 additional Rage) per target hit. Intended? Note that this does not affect ticks.
We're going to change that. We had erred in the player's favor on that, but it's looking simply too strong to balance.

2. Theck noted that Sacred Shield can Crit and MS. There was some question around whether or not T&C can do the same thing. I assume not.

I've also noticed some oddity with Sacred Shield tick amounts. (Full Post)
These are actually the same issue. Partial ticks in general are broken currently, and are doing the wrong amount of damage (usually 99.7% of a full tick or so)

Has the DR formula for Dodge / Parry from Agility / Strength respectively been posted? I don't remember seeing it anywhere.
It hasn't changed. I'd have to dig it up; I believe it's been fairly well documented elsewhere, hasn't it? If you can't find it, I can dig it up.

The latest Beta build has a new Multistrike passive for Unholy. Necrosis: Your Scourge Strike, Festering Strike, Plague Strike, Soul Reaper, and Pestilence multistrikes deal an additional (3% of Attack power) Shadow damage.

  • Multistrikes with the slated abilities (Soul Reaper, Scourge Strike, Plague Strike, Festering Strike and Pestilence) trigger the Necrosis event to occur.
  • Although triggered by mulstrikes from certain abilities, Necrosisis itself SEPARATE from the multistrikes that cause it. Its damage is in no way tied to the damage caused by those Multistrikes.
  • The shadow damage it deals can Multistrike on its own, can Critically hit and also benefits from the Dreadblade Mastery. The base damage dealt by the event is dependent on Attack Power.
  • Attacks with multiple components (Pestilence, Scourge Strike and Soul Reaper) have a chance to multistrike independently with each portion. Any of these multistrikes can trigger Necrosis

100% accurate.

Hoping for some clarification on Shadow Reflection intended behavior. (Full Post)
All of those are intended, with one exception. SV should work for its own Rupture; that's a bug that it's not working.

The FW one is unfortunately intended due to a technical reason, so we're just tuning around it.

Just confirming some of the interactions for the new Elemental Discharge mastery

Only the listed spells can proc charges (Chain Lightning, Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt for nature, Lava Beam, Flame Shock, Lava Burst for fire).
Charges can proc on multistrikes of the listed spells
Discharges can crit and multistrike, but will never proc charges as they are distinct spells which are not listed for Elemental Discharge

[edit]Brightleaf just confirmed that Discharges can multistrike, but it doesn't appear that multistrikes can proc charges. Forgot about double dipping so now it all makes sense.

All correct, counting the edit in this post. (Lightning Bolt multistrikes do not proc Lightning Charge). However, we're still considering revision to the Elemental Shaman mastery, FYI.

How much versatility rating is 1% increased damage?
At level 100: 130 Versatility Rating = +1% Dmg/Healing/Absorbs, -0.5% DmgTaken.

As an aside, is there any particular reason why mastery doesn't buff 5 mastery (550 rating)?
We don't use the term "Rating" in-game anymore, only under the hood and in talking to theorycrafters and experienced players. So when we say "5 Mastery" in-game, that refers to 5 Mastery Rating. For all of the other buffs, we can give the %. "5 Crit" means 5 Crit Rating, but "5% Crit" means 5% crit chance. However, that doesn't work for Mastery. I can't say "5% Mastery", since every spec's Mastery has a different conversion rate.

The current mana costs of "efficiency spells" and base regen at level 100 do not appear to at all be lining up with the design goal Celestalon explained in the active mana regen removal post. If I understand correctly, efficient heals are supposed to be mana positive, and you are supposed to be gaining back mana while using them, and you can then dump off excess mana in exchange for burst and using "throughput" spells. Currently, almost all of the efficient spells are actually severely mana negative.

These mana costs are fairly comparable across all classes. The mana costs on all healing spells, or at least those intended to be efficient seem to be upwards of 40% higher than they would need to be to even be mana neutral let alone mana positive. Is this intended, or are the mana costs currently way off?

There's a difference between spamming your efficient direct heal, and doing an efficient rotation. There are things like Holy Shock and HoPo spenders for Paladins, etc. For Druids, there's just Lifebloom in that regard. It's possible that it's mistuned, but we're not seeing Druids having mana problems in internal testing. In particular, we're concerned that Wild Growth is too much throughput, since it can be made free with Omen of Clarity, making AoE healing feel too reliant on OoC.

Quick clarification about multistrike and absorb interactions. As I reported earlier, in my tests with Sacred Shield, I observed the following numeric results (expressed in normalized form).... (Full Post)

This raises a few questions
1) Is this intended, or is it a bug?
2) If it is not a bug, then are crit modifiers applied in the obvious way (i.e. crit_mod would become 1.02)?
3) If it is a bug, and for damage and healing spells in general, do crit modifier bonuses apply to the multistrikes (I assume the answer to this is yes, but may as well ask)?
4) Is this crit/ms behavior intended for all absorbs in the game now, or is it just Sacred Shield?

1) Intended due to technical necessity. Absorbs (or rather, aura applications in general) cannot actually multistrike; we just simulate multistrikes by varying the amount of the absorb, based on your multistrike chance. Same as how Crit has been for Discipline on PW:s for a while now.
2) Yes. Crit multipliers should apply identically to how they do for an actual crit heal.
3) n/a?
4) It's not a blanket thing, no. Just on a few that we want to not decrease in value as your crit/multistrike go up. The full list of affected spells right now is Sacred Shield, Power Word: Shield, and Clarity of Will. Spirit Shell also accounts for Multistrike and Crit but it averages them out, no random chance (not that that really matters right now, since we've removed Spirit Shell, but just FYI in case it were to return in the future or something).

gainst the clump of 3 target dummies in shattrath, I'm either seeing 3, 3+3, or 3+3+3 chain lightning events (counting multistrikes). Seems to imply that multistrike roll(s) are done on spell cast rather than
This is actually only the case for Chain Lightning; we custom did how Multistrike works for Chain Lightning, in order to make it feel the same as Elemental Overload did. Here's the logic, in case it's not obvious: On cast, roll multistrike chance once. Instead of multistriking, cast that many copies of a second Chain Lightning Multistrike spell (different spellID) at a random target that was hit by the initial Chain Lightning (random target selection per cast; could be different targets for each of the two multistrikes).

In regards to responsiveness change and hunter traps. Other than the change with removal of arming time is the removal of the batches every 400ms the only thing influencing the more responsive traps? I haven't had the chance to get into any pve or pvp with fast moving units on beta to check, but currently on live anything moving above a certain speed simply would not trigger a trap (even well after the arming time had come and gone). Guessing this has something to do with these batch processes and the location check attached to traps. Did traps get further changes to fix those issues or did the arming time in addition to the 400ms removal lead to the incredibly responsive traps we are seeing on beta?
More than that. Traps have used this extremely archaic system for hit detection which was literally 13 years old and only use for Hunter Traps.... until now. Now they use the same, responsive system for hit detection as most other responsive area effects (everything from Void Zones to Rings of Peace).

Quick clarification needed. For mastery, the tooltip always rounds down to the closest percent. Is this just a tooltip display rounding? I did some tests with BM and if I didn't round down I would get slightly off numbers, but it's possible I was doing something else wrong.
In *most* cases the rounding is just a tooltip display thing. However, there *are* a couple rare cases where it is actually rounded, one way or another. Master of Beasts was one of those cases, I believe. However, I don't believe it needed to be. Just fixed it to not be rounded. Give it a try in a few builds. In general, assume that Mastery effects are not rounded, and if you ever find that they are, report that as a bug. There may be one or two cases where we have to round it for some reason, but we can evaluate that then.

Protection warrior blood craze seems to be behaving strangely, here are some questions.
I think most of your questions can be summed up by saying: It's a rolling periodic effect, just like Ignite (for example). The total healing amount should match the total expected healing amount. It's still a periodic though, and so refreshing it results in an extra tick. See if that explains all of your questions, and lemme know if anything is still unclear.

However, one thing is a bug: Blood Craze itself multistriking. It should not be able to. Fixed for next next build. That actually may have been re-triggering itself, even, not sure.

6: In battle/gladiator stance you lose the unwavering sentinel +15% HP buff. Is that intended? On live the HP is retained in battle stance, but is it different now so that gladiator DPS warriors don't benefit from the HP?
Yes, Unwavering Sentinel is intentionally Defensive Stance only. I'll update its tooltip to reflect that.

7: Impending victory seems to be healing for something like 21-22% of max HP, either in defensive stance or gladiator (lower HP) stance. Why is this different than tooltip 25%?
Bug. It was doing 20%. (And you were seeing a bit more due to Resolve, I'm guessing. Resolve should affect it).

Any updates on doom snapshotting? Currently, it is not snapshotting anything, whether it be the damage bonus from meta, or the mastery increase from dark soul, as shown below:
Just haven't gotten to it yet.

1: Will multistrikes attempt to proc from attacks that miss/parry/dodge?

1) Looks like they currently do, but shouldn't. (Or, alternatively, the Multistrikes should be able to miss). Will solve that and report back with which way we decided to go.

Follow-up testing to my previous question:

It looks like missed attacks are currently not proccing any multistrike rolls, while multistrikes from landed attacks are able to miss. This one-sided roll is punishing on auto-attacks. Shouldn't multistrikes be 2 completely independent rolls of the ability used?

Also, when you prevented missed attacks from proccing multistrikes, it looks like you forgot to extend that to avoided attacks as well, but that should be fine if you revert the missed multistrike change.

Way we're going to go with Multistrikes (it'll be a few builds before it gets working this way, FYI):

Missed/Dodged/Parried/Immuned/Evaded attacks cannot Multistrike. Multistrikes always hit.

Warlords of Draenor Beta - Dungeon Tuning
Originally Posted by Watcher (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I'd say that right now our Normal dungeons are harder than intended, with the exception of Bloodmaul Slag Mines which is in a pretty good place. We'll be opening Heroic dungeons for testing shortly, and there's a bit more room for the challenge and coordination you desire in that context.

Remember, these are Normal dungeons, which will gear players up for Raid Finder. When thinking about or giving feedback on whether they're "overtuned" or "just right" or the like, approach it from the perspective of how comfortable you'd feel doing the dungeon as a solo queuer with four random players on live servers. That's why we ask for feedback to be prefaced with information about the group makeup and background, because it's hard to overstate the difference between a LFG pick-up group and a group of 14/14H guildmates who are on Mumble.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
i cant seem to find icy talons (45% attack speed) anywhere but i can tell frost has it looking at attack speed. thoughts?
We're trying out hiding some passives that you don't need to know about for gameplay, to reduce spellbook clutter. (Celestalon)
i like seing everything cause i wanna know exactly how my spec is working. Just my grain of salt
We're planning to keep it documented somewhere out of game, at least. (Celestalon)
lol.. Passives u dont need to know about... If i dont need to know it, why dont you just remove it entirely?
What's the "worst idea yet" for you, may not be for many others. Something like increased attack speed doesn't... (Celestalon)
...matter to your ability to understand how to play, what buttons to use, etc. Just a feel/throughput difference. (Celestalon)
You're going to end up with new players not understanding why their other melee don't attack as fast.
That's indeed the risk. But, does that matter to the new player's ability to play/enjoy/group/etc? (Celestalon)
New players aren't failing to learn b/c too many tooltips, just not enough demonstration/application
You'd be surprised. Remember that not every player is your type of player. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Why Flurry change? Enh wasn't spammy and I don't want to play a spammy class.
It provides the option for haste to have a non-passive impact on your rotation. You could still avoid haste if you choose. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Explain gladiator stance in the context of Feral spec being forcibly slip into a DPS and Tanking spec please.
Just as with Feral/Guardian, you can't do both Gladiator/Tanking in the same fight. Same thing. (Celestalon)
with respect it's not, you made them 2 specs and now I can't DPS as guardian unless I respec, and have lost most cat skills
Right, which is the same deal as Prot. Perhaps you're missing that you can't swap in/out of Gladiator Stance in combat? (Celestalon)
and by all accounts gladiator stance is instant cast, a lot easier to switch roles with that then changing your whole spec.
Sure, it's instant vs cast time to switch. It's also a lot less of a change, far fewer abilities, powers, etc. Much more signif. (Celestalon)

Mostly concerned for casual guilds that don't do the weekly raid thing. Not really any income for them!
We want to increase gold income, in relative terms, from a variety of group activities (dungeons, etc.). (WatcherDev)

Will the testing for Heroic (due to flexing) occur similar to how LFR/Flex did for 6.0 while Mythic retains the set dates/times?
Normal and LFR will be more open-ended. Heroic and Mythic will have set times. (WatcherDev)

Hey you may have been asked this, but will there be an option to cap CQ points through playing only arena?
yes arena and RBG caps are the same (holinka)

maybe was answered but, in a pve server if i leave a finished battleground still pvp flagged for 5 min in wod?
We're considering changing that. (holinka)

Can the vicious saddle mounts b made account bound once learnt plz. The items r but not the mounts.
It's intentional. We want them to be a new goal each season. (holinka)
Why not add new mounts each season instead?
that's our hope but sometimes we don't have the resources (holinka)

Will we ever see the day that rating requirement is needed on certain gear other then a simple cosmetic.
Probably not. We didn't like the chicken & egg scenario it created at certain rating milestones (especially with weapons). (holinka)

US Connected Realms - Update 7/07
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As previously announced, we’ve been working toward connecting realms to increase the number of players on low-population realms. Here's a continuously updated list that contains currently planned connections, future plans, and completed realm connections, all in one convenient location.

*Please note this list does not encompass all potential future connections. Please check back for further updates.

Next Connections
We will be connecting the realms listed below on Thursday, July 10 during a scheduled maintenance beginning at 5 a.m. PDT through approximately 1:00 p.m. PDT. Once maintenance is finished, these realm connections will be complete.

  • Ysera and Durotan
  • Zuluhed and Andorhal, Scilla, and Ursin

We will be connecting the realms listed below on Thursday, July 17 during a scheduled maintenance beginning at 5 a.m. PDT through approximately 1:00 p.m. PDT. Once maintenance is finished, these realm connections will be complete.

  • Dawnbringer and Madoran
  • Deathwing and Executus, Kalecgos, and Shattered Halls

Future Connections
We do not have a date for the following realm connections, but will update this post when we do.

  • Gilneas and Elune
  • The Venture Co and Maelstrom
*Plans for these connections may change at any time, but we’ll provide additional updates on specific dates for future connections here as we can. Please note that as a part of the connection process realm times may change to match each other.

Destiny Beta and The Dark Below
Destiny (Wiki) is a upcoming game with some MMO elements that is being created by Bungie and published by Activision Blizzard. It is currently only planned to launch on consoles. Today the beta dates for PS3/PS4 and Xbox were announced, July 17th and July 23rd respectively.

The first two expansions were also announced, with the first one being titled The Dark Below!

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This Week in Review - Popular Decks & News, Funny and Lucky Moments #52

Skin Spotlight: Spectre Illidan

Warlords of Draenor - Darker Nights
Mumper recently let us know that some work related to darker nights is underway, so we took a look at what nights look like in several parts of Draenor. These screenshots show the areas with bigger differences between night and day, so keep in mind many areas currently don't change much at all.

Warlords of Draenor - New Character Model Faces
We got some more updates this weekend from Chris Robinson on plans for new character models and faces.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
the new feral DoC... will we just receive healing from rejuv when put on someone else or will there be a buff gained when casted
You gain a Rejuv as well. (Celestalon)
Thanks and also will there be any snapshotting for feral bleeds with TF or bloodtalons, or is it entirely gone? Thanks
Those will explicitly snapshot. (Celestalon)
Ok, so pretty much just snapshotting bleeds from trinkets procs are gone?
Correct. (Celestalon)

This is a horrible change, please revert. There are loads of situations where I might choose "inappropriate one". How about RP?
Plan for travel form: one button does Aqua+Stag+Flight, baseline. Glyph splits it into Aqua+RideableStag and Flight. (Celestalon)
Seriously? I need to glyph out of that mess? ugh...
I'm guessing the 'mess' you're referring to is the bugs that there currently are with it. We'll fix those. (Celestalon)
in places where I can fly, I still don't always want flight form with no ground travel form available.
Then grats, your desire will be satisfied by this solution. (Celestalon)
I dont see why youre trying so hard to make it work as 1 button. Is it the end of the world if the forms are seperate?
Because constantly iterating and improving the game is what we strive to do. (Celestalon)
I'm not sure constantly iterating is something that's good to strive for, without the improvement part
Of course not. Change for change's sake is bad. However, it's sometimes hard for each individual to see improvement. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
clarification on pris crystal. manual target or auto redirect? concerns about clunkiness and/or movement fights?
It will automatically target it when you place it, but you can still swap targets off of it if you want. (Celestalon)

Ever thought about stacking pyroblasts, like arcane missiles or ice lances do already?
Yeah, but you kind of already get that with Heating Up, and stacking further would lose the gameplay of spending vs saving. (Celestalon)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
while DP is active. Also, it forces us to pick Solace /Insanity so we don't feel gimped while we mindflay.
It doesn't force you into that at all. MSpike still removes DoTs to ensure rotational variety. (Celestalon)
Don't find it odd while our "burst" window is up (DP) we are forced to use a weaker spell - MindFlay- instead of MSpike w/ CoP?
In a playstyle that otherwise has higher burst? No, not really. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Whirlwind as part of ST rotation just shows how little idea you have of what to do with warriors. No other class has AOE for ST.
Right, except for Arcane, Fire, Frost, Demo, DfA Rogues, Ferals, Enhance, Windwalkers, Frost DKs, T16 Rets, and all tanks. (Celestalon)
Fire? If you mean Ignite/Combustion spreads, I don't think splash dmg from ST spell = primarily AE spell.
Living Bomb / Unstable Fireball / Blast Wave. (Celestalon)
Ok, that's kinda my point: Fireball isn't primarily AE; Unstable is a bonus to it. Bomb, I'd agree. BW, worth using ST?
Absolutely. (Celestalon)

with the responsiveness change will we see more "twitch" mechanics in raids ie wrack, defile, interrupts on Maloriak?
I wouldn't say "more" - but dealing with the ones we do have will feel better. (WatcherDev)
I can't promise there won't still be that "but I was out of it on my screen, look at my corpse!" guy in your raid, though. (WatcherDev)

Agree with shared sets for pve and pvp but they should be different for the factions. I like glorious ones for ally
The plan is to color them different by faction (holinka)

So will there be lag problems with the Huge pvp zone and capital zones sharing the same area? We did shy from that in WOTLK
Ashran is on a different instance. The staging areas are on your home realm. (holinka)

Is Mekkatorque still going to be kind of "open beta" server, or you changed your mind?
We haven't changed our mind. It was always a second server for those with beta access. (holinka)
I mean, what about that PvP server, with broad access, for more precise testing purposes; still in plans?
that was never the plan. I think some people misinterpreted what we said about a separate PvP realm during beta. (holinka)

ever any talk about rated/queued 1v1s? Queue up just how you would 2s/3s/5s but you queue into just a duel?
.No plans for a 1v1 queue but one awesome change in Warlords for duelers is we can reset cooldowns at the start of a duel now! (holinka)

how will the new pvp toggle affect cross realm raid groups? I was thinking pvp player gets pulled to pve server how will that work?
it uses the host realms rules (holinka)

Will Skirmishes be available for lower levels aswell or just max?
the plan is lower level as well (holinka)

Reputation / Questing
I really feel the introductory Tanaan quest chain should be phased. Really breaks immersion, otherwise.
Phased, or instanced, where it's your own personal storyline? It's similar to the DK start experience, which had other players. (WatcherDev)

Weekly News Recap
It has been a busy week, so here is your chance to catch up on any news you may have missed!

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Wizard In-Depth Guide, Blue Posts, Optimizing Holy Shotgun

Naxxramas, the Floating Necropolis

Skin Spotlight: Kandy King Muradin

Warlords of Draenor - New Character Model Facial Variation
Chris Robinson gave us another update on the same face issue.

Heart of the Valorous Returns for the Weekend
It looks like the Heart of the Valorous buff has returned for the weekend, both in the US and EU.

Beasts of the Savage Lands – Frostfire Ridge
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Arming yourself with knowledge is essential if you’re hoping to survive the savage world of Draenor. In this series, we’ll talk about the different creatures you may encounter as you explore this untamed world. While not comprehensive, this should give you an idea of what to expect as you prepare to face the challenges ahead. Here’s a look at some of the creatures that can be found in Frostfire Ridge:

Ancient creatures of molten stone, the magnaron are directly descended from the colossals who first shaped Draenor. There are few living today who can communicate with these enigmatic giants, and fewer still who understand their seemingly chaotic motivations. Among the roiling lava spouts of Frostfire Ridge, the magnaron carve fiery sigils into the earth and shape entire mountains to their needs. Magnaron have been known to both enslave and befriend elemental furies, and they are seldom alone. Approach with caution!

Ogres, gronn, and magnaron all share a common lineage, with the beastly ogron demonstrating the missing link between savage gronn and their smaller, more numerous children. They take in their surroundings with a single yellow eye—slow to blink and even slower to comprehend. Too idiotic to disobey orders, but big and dangerous enough to keep even unruly ogres in line, ogron serve as expendable muscle for ogre leaders from warlords all the way up to the emperor himself. Any champions seeking to overthrow ogres in power had best prepare to face down one or more ogron towering in their way.

The versatile, flying rylak have adapted to climates across Draenor, but their greatest density is in Frostfire Ridge. Here, warm volcanic stone ledges make for excellent nesting sites, while snowy featureless expanses serve as prime hunting grounds for these ferocious predators to seek flesh with their dual sets of eyes and nostrils. Their thick hides protect them from the elements, as well as from the arrows of frustrated hunters. Adventurers seeking to display a two-headed rylak trophy should remain wary of both sets of fangs . . . and those seeking to tame a new mount should consider the Iron Horde’s tendency to armor the largest rylaks and lead them into combat.

Only the hardiest can survive the unforgiving climate of Frostfire Ridge. Numbering among the natives are the sturdy frostwolves. The Frostwolf orc clan has taken these beasts as their symbol and namesake, and the orcs and their wolf companions fight and hunt together as an extended pack family.

Explorers in Frostfire Ridge should be wary of the frostwolf’s undomesticated cousin, the dangerous garn. These enormous beasts, twice the mass of an Azerothian bear, are identified by their massive jaws and jet-black fur. Even the Frostwolf orcs fear the unruly and wild garn.

There are still countless other dangerous creatures out there, all of them looking forward to their next adventurer-sized meal—so keep your eyes open and your weapons sharp. Do you have what it takes to survive in Draenor?

Warlords of Draenor - Upcoming Warrior Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
So, we don't often share our thoughts on upcoming changes this early, as plans can change very rapidly. Please keep in mind that none of the following is set in stone – it hasn't even been developed yet – and there’s any number of issues that could cause us to decide to take a different approach. That said, we definitely agree that Arms feels a bit empty at the moment, and want to fill it out a bit more, and we want to add some talent choices to both Arms and Fury that provide options for more involved gameplay. Here’s what we're thinking:

  • Rage generation increased by 20% for Arms.
  • Rend returns for Arms. Costs 10 Rage, deals damage over 18sec, with a burst of bleed damage at the end. Total damage is similar to a Mortal Strike.
  • Thunder Clap is usable in any stance. AoE damage and snares, 6sec cooldown. 30 Rage cost for Arms, free for Protection.
  • We’re replace the level 45 talent row (Staggering Shout / Piercing Howl / Disrupting Shout) with:
  • Varies by spec:
  • Arms – Taste for Blood: Passive. Rend ticks grant 3 Rage.
  • Fury – Furious Strikes: Passive. Reduces the cost of Wild Strike by 10 Rage.
  • Protection – Heavy Repercussions: Passive. Shield Slam deals 50% additional damage while Shield Block or Shield Charge is active.
  • Sudden Death: Passive. Auto attacks have a chance to trigger Sudden Death, making your next Execute free and usable on targets above 20% health.
  • Varies by spec:
  • Arms – Slam: Active ability. Costs 10 Rage. Deals 100% weapon damage. Each consecutive use increases Slam’s damage by 50% and Rage cost by 100%, stacking up to 2 times.
  • Fury – Unquenchable Thirst: Passive. Bloodthirst has no cooldown.
  • Protection – Unyielding Strikes: Passive. Devastate reduces the Rage cost of Heroic Strike by 6, stacking up to 5 times. Lasts 10 sec. No longer refreshes while at 5 stacks.

Again, this is all very much in the formative stages. Any or all of the above could end up changing in any number of ways. But we are listening, and are doing our best to make Warrior gameplay awesome in Warlords.

EDIT: As mentioned, lots of iteration on these early plans. Changed the +25% Rage gen to +20%, so that 3.6speed weapon swings generate an even 30 rage. Changed Slam's max stack count to 2, since Slamming at any point higher than that is a trap.

EDIT 2: Clarified that Heavy Repercussions does count Shield Charge as well.

(Finally, and this is mild, but the flavor names for skills/passives for warriors could stand to be a little bit cooler. "Unyielding Strikes" is up there with "Unwavering Sentinel" for being florid.)
"Hey guys, I'm ready to make that post about DPS Warrior plans, but we don't have a name for that idea we brainstormed an hour ago. Relentless something... Frequent attacks turn into Heroic Strike spam... Unyielding? Sure, Unyielding sounds good. Unyielding Strikes. *clicks Submit*"

The earlier we let you see into the design process, the more unpolished it will be. That said, I don't know that Unyielding Strikes is the worst name...

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Minor Glyph of Thrilling: When your Army of the Dead is summoned, /dance will cause them to do the Thriller routine. Can has?
That's been on my rainy-day list for a while. It'll probably be on that list for a while longer. (Celestalon)

Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Will LI for Feral's give us back moonfire or is it going to be changed? If yes can we use moonfire out of form?
Gives you Moonfire. Requires Cat. (Celestalon)
Literally "Moonfire" or going to reflavor?
Literally Moonfire. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Yeah, in between every quest mob that takes me down to 10% HP I will "conjure food" and eat for 20 sec.
If every quest mob is taking you down to 10% HP, you can spend those 20sec figuring out how to perform better. (Celestalon)
mechanics are during combat, and instant we have to sit down and eat AFTER, and if we die? Oh well, too bad your a mage.
Most of the self-sustainability stuff we've added or improved is for after combat. During combat, you should kill the enemy. (Celestalon)

Will we ever see petless Frost Mage?
No, Squirt is a core, iconic part of Frost Mages' kit. (Celestalon)

Fact is mages have 2 self-heals, Evocate (which sucks) and Temporal Shield.
Right, because Mages are about avoiding damage, not healing through it. (Celestalon)

Is Arcane Orb supposed to hit more than one per target?
We're trying "yes" for now. May be too strong. (Celestalon)

Will Arcane Blast's multistrike's hits grant Arcane Charges? And multstrike for arcane missles, will they proc for each wave?
No. Yes. (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Ret pali revamp incoming?
Nope. Ret just needs tweaks. (Celestalon)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
anymore plans to improve combo points? their UI is so archaic , would love something similar to holy power
Leaving it for now, to maintain consistency for existing Rogues. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
More or less done with Enhance? Seems pretty great to me.
More than less. (Celestalon)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Does it concern you that Destro does more dps than Demo, while being more simple to learn and master? Effort should be rewarded.
Yes. (Celestalon)

Any huge Warlock changes coming up, or are you guys satisfied with where we ended in Mists?
Tweaks coming, no major changes. (Celestalon)

At the end of WoD, I anticipate druid tanks that stack MS having over 1 mil health, if not far more. HP, high, dps, low
A) It'll be more than that. B) DPS Low? Huh? (Celestalon)
Why bother with an item squish if youre just going back to SOO numbers in WOD? Will you squish every expac?
Tank health is not the same as all numbers. (Celestalon)
will that be consistent or will DPS be lower relative to the tanks in WoD? (less than half? 1/4th?)
DPS will absolutely be lower health, relative to tanks. That's why I said that. (Celestalon)

Any chance flex raids go down to 5 people? Would like to play w/ 1 or 2 friends, but getting 7 good people to join us is tough.
In many cases, raid mechanics break down completely below a certain size. Group Finder in Warlords should help you find a few more (WatcherDev)

What about the information on battleground objectives being displayed on the map and such? That still in?
It did not make it for 6.0 unfortunately (holinka)

Related to my last tweet: holy moly the default arena frames are terrible. my friend, maybe an update in WoD for those?
Not at 6.0 but we'd like to build a complete UI solution for enemy frames in PvP. But it got cut for 6.0. (holinka)

I'd still like to know your position on abilities that really unbalance class vs class in PvP. Rock, Paper, Scissors isn't ideal
We want classes to have powerful and unique things about them whenever possible. We don't want to balance to mediocrity. (holinka)

if the mmr tanking issues are a side effect to the deserter fix can we expect it to be fixed properly to drop the way it used to?
No (holinka)

Why do this and dont just instead make normal pve - non elite pvp share same model.
It is a matter of how much content we can produce each tier. We've elected to do different models for elite. (holinka)

They must not have a lot of faith in Ashran WPVP if they’re going to force it by putting both capitals in it.
Not sure how we're forcing it on you. The capital hubs are just outside Ashran. You don't have to go there. (holinka)

Will there also be a way to get unflagged faster once you are flagged? Being flagged for 5 mins after leaving a BG feels pointless
There was a time when people would abuse those queues to escape world PvP confrontations. With the new rule, it may not be necessary (holinka)

do you have an opinion/goal for how long the average 2s/3s match should last?
5-10 minutes is a good goal (holinka)

Warlords of Draenor Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Siege of Orgrimmar Feedback Thread
Siege of Orgrimmar should be testable, including Mythic difficulty, and should be open throughout the Beta period. I'm definitely interested in hearing feedback about all difficulties. Please specify your group experience, which difficulty you did, and overall impressions like the above.

Abilities that felt wildly untuned or bugged are particularly worth noting.

In general, we're erring on the side of converted SoO feeling a bit easier than it does in 5.4. (That's part of why the Feats of Strength for clearing Siege will stop being available in 6.0, instead of when Draenor unlocks.) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Soloing old Raid Content
We'll make changes to older encounters if it's needed for players to retain the ability to solo raid content from previous expansions.

While you're at it, could you guys make it so we can do Thorim in Ulduar without having to be one of a few classes or really lucky/fast? And don't forget Dreamwalker from ICC!

We're making a change at some point in the future to some legacy raids that includes changing it so Thorim no longer spawns a deathball and reset when his arena is empty.

You can also skip Valithria if you're an engineer.
That fight will become optional, so non-healers can get past the fight.

That fight will become optional, so non-healers can get past the fight.
Great news EXCEPT for the fact that we still won't be able to farm her for transmog gear.[/i]
If you really want items off that encounter as a class that is unable to heal, make friends with a healer and ask them (nicely) to help out. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Dark Legacy Comics - #446
DLC #446 has been released.

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