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by Published on 2014-03-06 04:14 AM

Warlords of Draenor Gameplay Videos
It seems there were more gameplay videos at the recent press events!

Orc Character Creation

Hunter Talents

Dungeon Journal

Gameplay Videos (Playlist)

Connected Realms Update - 05/03 (EU)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The following realms are scheduled to be connected next:

English Realms
  • (PvP) Sunstrider and Shattered Halls/Balnazzar/Ahn'Qiraj/Trollbane/Talnivarr/Chromaggus/Boulderfist/Daggerspine/Laughing Skull
  • (PvP) Darksorrow and Genjuros
  • (RP) Moonglade and The Sha'tar

French Realms
  • (PvE) Elune and Varimathras
  • (PvE) Marécage de Zangar and Dalaran

Plans for these connections may change at any time. We’ll provide additional updates for future connections here as soon as we can.

To see a list of all realms connected so far, see our other forum post.

Free Character Migrations Available (EU)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
If you're on one of the source realms listed below, you can move your characters to one of the designated destination realms and avoid the queues—for free!

By initiating one of these transfers, you will be moving your character to a new realm and home. This is a one-time, one-way move. If you wish to move your character elsewhere, you will need to use the paid transfer service.

  • Silvermoon => Magtheridon / Azuremyst
  • Kazzak / Outland / Stormscale => Auchindoun

Please be aware that, due to the unpredictable nature of free transfers, we may close down any Free Character Migrations at any time and without warning if the target realm becomes full. If you plan to move with friends or your guild, we suggest that you coordinate the effort to reduce the chance of any stragglers being left behind.

Early closures aside, this set of Free Character Migrations will end on Tuesday, March 11

Begin a Free Character Migration now! We recommend reviewing the FAQ, as it details what is or isn't allowed for transferred characters.

Blizzard Holiday Gift
It looks like the people at Blizzard got their 2013 Holiday gifts in today! You can see it glowing here.

by Published on 2014-03-05 05:29 AM

[Updated] Patch 2.0.2 Now Live

Hearthstone Beta Test is Coming to an End

Warlords of Draenor Currencies
There were a few developer interviews at the recent press events, so today we are taking a look at an interview with Ion Hazzikostas from PCGamesN. This interview was short with some paraphrasing, so Bashiok provided some additional clarifications below.

  • Valor Points were previously used to offset bad luck in getting raid drops, but the bonus roll system now fills that role.
  • The bonus roll system might get a little bit smarter, with less of a chance to get duplicate loot
  • PvP currently has two currencies, and the team is trying to get rid of one of them. Randomly assigning PvP gear wouldn't make sense, but Conquest Points work well.

Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We're not quite ready yet to talk specifics, but the plan is not to just remove currencies, let bonus rolls stay as-is, and expect everything will work out fine. We're keenly aware of how gearing works in the game. I think the changes we have planned will assuage your fears once we are ready to lay it out.

(It's pretty cool. I think you'll like it.)

Until you are ready to talk about it, its doing you guys a disservice talking about half of the big picture. You're causing more chaos than anything. Im a normal/heroic player and I don't get to hung up on gear (Im used to RNG from D&D days), but as you can see, a lot of people get confused and frustrated at it.
Many people enjoy being upset and arguing about ifs, ands, or buts (or in the case of character models, actual butts).

A quiet and content forum is a sad and wanting thing.

I guess we're gonna have to agree to disagree there. When it comes to controversial changes, posting only the BAD half of the full picture just to get a (mostly negative) reaction is not the right way.

Want to get people talking? Post some of the stuff we can be HAPPY about. While we don't need to know everything all the time, getting only the bad side with none of the good doesn't do any favors to anyone either.

Well, actually, good news doesn't really create much interest, if you want to dissect it. But that's beside the point. We're obviously not intentionally releasing bad or angering information to try to get people riled up. That'd be silly. We do want to try to manage expectations. Letting people know far in advance that currencies are being streamlined gets that into people's brain meats early, and gives it time to sink in so that when they start seeing or playing that change it ideally isn't jarring and upsetting at that moment.

My point was that people discussing a change they have partial information about, debating the specifics, and questioning what it means, are not necessarily negatives. In cases where those are becoming destructive we'll generally try to provide some guidance to at least direct it back to a constructive conversation.

Patch 5.4.7 - Battleground Honor Increases
It looks like we won't see those battleground honor increases this week.

Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - March 4
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Paragons of the Klaxxi
      • Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver’s Reave should now cancel properly if he's defeated while channeling the ability.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Twin Peaks and Warsong Gulch
    • Focused Assault debuff is now applied to flag carriers once both team’s flags have been picked up starting at the 1-minute mark (down from 3 minutes).

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
DPS Deltas
Wont begin to matter till you do heroics though, unless you basically straight stack your 25 man raid with ~17 shadow priests.
The thing about discussing "worst" vs. "best" dps these days is that the delta between worst and best is quite narrow, probably the narrowest that it's ever been. As others in this thread have pointed out, different classes tend to perform better or worse depending on the fight. Also, even classes that might not have the best single target damage can contribute in other ways. For example, Shadow Priests have multi-dotting potential, and provide some healing as well. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Non-Raiding Players
I don't think we really view the game as being for raiders or non-raiders. At this point raiding is a large piece of end-game progression for everyone, not just those with dedicated guilds and hours of dedicated raiding time. You can jump into raids quickly now, and finish individual wings within a short amount of time. That doesn't mean everyone has to do it of course, you can play however you like, but the accessibility of LFR and now Flex mean that if you're not seeing that content you are stopping short of big chunks of content that the game has to offer for you. It's available for everyone to enjoy in many different difficulties and modes of accessing it.

I guess my point is I wouldn't label yourself. You're a World of Warcraft player, not casual or hardcore, or a raider or a non-raider. Jump into content you think will be fun, and explore, and try new things.

The person who doesn't want to ever step into a raid, even LFR has long been treated with a neglect. Benign or not it's still neglect.
I would ask why they don't want to step into a raid, and work back from there. Like I said it's a part of the game for everyone. Someone choosing not to ever step into a raid is choosing to avoid a huge chunk of character progression that is purposely created to be accessible for everyone playing. Stopping short of level 90 would also result in fewer options and availability for character power improvements.

There are many ways to hit 90 - there is only two ways to experience raid content. Either being matched with a bunch of strangers, or having to find people who can play when you play.
As an MMO it's not cruel and unusual that many of the games primary systems expect people to play together. I understand that a lot of people like to essentially solo-play the game, but ... well I guess that's a discussion on what this game is and to what degree we support each playstyle, even if that playstyle is contrary to the game's genre. I don't think there are any easy answers there.

I will say that our intent with Warlords is to offer more outside of raiding at max level. That may not be craftable gear, but ideally it'll be compelling solo and dungeon content throughout the expansion for everyone, and even more so for those who choose not to raid. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
WoD Since hit/exp are gone, remove the parry (facing) penalty from melee to bring them closer to casters?
We're significantly reducing, but not completely removing it (except for tanks). We still want melee DPS behind the boss. (Celestalon)
Glancing blows do create variance between white vs yellow crit, but that just seems pointlessly complicated
We've effectively removed Glancing Blows. Won't happen except against +4 levels. (Celestalon)

Don't get why caster = guaranteed hit, whereas melee = glancing + parry potential. Just seems pointlessly uneven
We're effectively removing glancing, and you won't get parried from behind. (Celestalon)

Any current plans for order that player models (beyond dwarf / Orc) will be implemented? Also, they look fantastic so far!
Hard to say because we're working on a lot of them at the same time and its a fairly organic process. They're actually not "finished" when put up on Artcraft, just a point where I'm pleased with the current state and want to hear community thoughts (artofcgrobinson)
Can we expect them every month/fortnight then?
no, we're planning on releasing them whenever we have something to show (artofcgrobinson)

So I hope moonkin is included in the model revamps, because its been a long time since bear and cat got theirs
I agree, unfortunately not part of PC revamp, but definitely on the radar. (artofcgrobinson)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
I fully trust the stuff you guys are talking about, but what about people that lock at 60,70,80 to do "current" old raids?
The squish will not make it harder for those either. (Celestalon)

I'm sure it's been covered somewhere, but are secondary stats set in stone, or random like tertiary?
Set in stone, other than the rare random suffix items that you occasionally find ("of the Beast", "of the Tiger", etc.) (Celestalon)

Proving Grounds
Will current proving ground rankings carry over to WoD, or will we need to do them again for heroic dungeons?
There will be new Proving Grounds achievements in Warlords. (Celestalon)
Interesting, does that mean new title and old ones/titles becoming Feat of strength?
Still determining those details, sorry. (Celestalon)

What do you think about rolling all hard CC into 1 DR, and becoming immune for 10s after being hit by 2?
I don't like it (holinka)
Do you think re-CCs immediately after trinket should be full or DR'd?
They should still be DR'd. We have a lot of Trinket like effects out there. Better to be consistent with DR system (holinka)

After Warlords release, will the Fire-Watcher's Oath's bloody coin gain be upped and last longer when Timeless is less visited?
The area will probably be CRZ'd and feel pretty full. Not sure what's been decided there though. (holinka)

Would you ever consider raising 2s MMR across the board? Tougher to get up than 3s, especially if you're not a "tier 1" 2's class.
We increased the scaling in 5.4 to be on par with 3s. I don't think we need to do it further. (holinka)
but then how come getting 2.2 in 2s is like 100 times harder than it is in 3s seems like your doing alot more games
More competition (holinka)

can I ask why blizzard doesn't do tourtments though out the season just fun ones like do? The people like then!
We work with partners like that want to run tournaments. Make sure to support them if you want to see more! (holinka)

50% Bonus XP In Diablo III – Limited Time Only
If you have put off leveling in Diablo III, now is a good time to pick that back up. You can earn an extra 50% experience from now until March 24th.

by Published on 2014-03-03 06:08 PM

Update 2: Celestalon added some more clarifications:
Originally Posted by Celestalon (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Regarding Berserking and Blood Fury, also remember that we’re reducing the amount of cooldown stacking in the game, and more importantly, removing DoT snapshotting. That is effectively a significant nerf to Berserking and Blood Fury, since you'll no longer be able to extend their benefit long past their intended duration. We expect that these changes will bring Trolls and Orcs in line with other races (but not underpowered, either).

Regarding Touch of Elune, we're making all secondary stats useful to everyone (aside from Spirit for non-healers and Bonus Armor for non-tanks), and more closely balancing their value. As others have pointed out, there are no more haste breakpoints, so this doesn’t imply any gear changes should be made based on time of day.

Additionally, we do still want there to be some difference and choice between the racial abilities, which does mean that players who want to min/max to that degree may still find more value in another race. We don’t feel the difference, even in a worst case scenario, is going to be large enough that someone who wants to play a Night Elf should feel like they're making the wrong choice, but players who are only interested in what they feel are the best racials for their class or spec will have other race options available.

Update: Celestalon clarified why no changes to Every Man for Himself are listed:
Originally Posted by Celestalon (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Unlike the other racials that provide some type of CC-dispel, Every Man For Himself actually replaces a CC-Break PvP trinket; it isn’t in addition to it. So what you gain with EMFH is actually a trinket slot. Thus its power is very much related to what trinkets there are available. We're still determining our plan for PvP trinket itemization, so haven't decided on what to do with EMFH quite yet. It’s quite strong, and we agree that it looks unfair from those patch notes; we just haven't decided what to do with it yet. So, don't take that list as a statement that EMFH won't be changing somehow.

Warlords of Draenor Racial Traits
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’re planning some changes to racial traits for Warlords of Draenor. We recently posted a Dev Watercooler (Pruning the Garden of War) that dives deeper into the philosophy behind these changes, and now we wanted to give you the full details of what’s coming.

In order to keep racials more in line with one another, we’ve decided to bring down a couple of high outliers, then establish a fair baseline and bring the other racials up to that. We’re accomplishing this by improving old passives, replacing obsolete ones, and adding a few new ones where necessary. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve much better parity among races.

There aren’t any current plans to change Pandaren or Worgen racials.

Blood Elf
  • Arcane Acuity is a new racial passive ability that increases Critical Strike chance by 1%.
  • Arcane Torrent now restores 20 Runic Power for Death Knights (up from 15 Runic Power), 1 Holy Power for Paladins, or 3% of Mana for Mage, Priest, Warlocks (up from 2% of Mana). Other aspects of the ability remain unchanged.

  • Heroic Presence has been redesigned. It no longer increases Hit by 1%, and instead increases Strength, Agility, and Intellect, scaling with character level.
  • Gift of the Naaru now heals for the same amount over 5 seconds (down from 15 seconds).

  • Crack Shot has been removed (was 1% Expertise with ranged weapons).
  • Mace Specialization (was 1% Expertise with maces) has been replaced with Might of the Mountain.
    • Might of the Mountain is a new racial passive ability that increases Critical Strike bonus damage and healing dealt by 2%.
  • Stoneform now also removes magic and curse effects in addition to poison, disease, and bleed effects, along with reducing damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. It remains unusable while CC'd.

  • Expansive Mind now increases maximum Mana, Energy, Rage, and Runic Power by 5% instead of only increasing maximum Mana.
  • Escape Artist’s cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute (down from 1.5 minutes).
  • Shortblade Specialization (was 1% Expertise with one-handed swords and daggers) has been replaced with Nimble Fingers.
    • Nimble Fingers is a new racial passive ability that increases Haste by 1%.

  • Time is Money now grants a 1% increase to Haste (up from only attack speed and spell haste).

  • Mace Specialization has been removed (was 1% Expertise with maces).
  • Sword Specialization has been removed (was 1% Expertise with swords).
  • The Human Spirit has been redesigned. It no longer increases Spirit by 3%, and instead now increases two secondary stats by an amount scaling with character level. You can choose which two secondary stats it increases. This has not yet been implemented.

Night Elf
  • Quickness now also increases movement speed by 2% in addition to increasing Dodge chance by 2%.
  • Touch of Elune is a new passive ability which increases Haste by 1% at night, and Critical Strike Chance by 1% during the day.

  • Axe Specialization has been removed (was 1% Expertise with axes).
  • Hardiness now reduces the duration of Stun effects by 10% (down from 15%).

  • Brawn is a new racial passive ability that increases Critical Strike bonus damage and healing done by 2%.
  • Endurance now increases Stamina by an amount scaling with character level, instead of increasing Base Health by 5%.

  • Berserking now increases Haste by 15% (down from 20%).
  • Beast Slaying now increases XP earned from killing Beasts by 20% instead of increasing damage dealt versus Beasts by 5%.
  • Dead Eye has been removed (was 1% Expertise with ranged weapons).

  • Will of the Forsaken’s cooldown has been increased to 3 minutes (up from 2 minutes).

Mists of Pandaria Digital Deluxe Edition Heading into the Blizzard Archive
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
In approximately one week (no sooner than March 10), the Mists of Pandaria Digital Deluxe edition will be earning a bit of much-deserved rest in the Blizzard Archive. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your standard edition for the in-game extras or contemplating coming back to the game to check out the latest content, you might want to consider snagging the Digital Deluxe Edition now before it heads into the vaults.

If you already own the standard edition of Mists of Pandaria and are interested in upgrading, you can head over to your account management page to do so now. The Digital Deluxe edition might come back out of the archive in the future, but even the jinyu waterspeakers don’t know if or when.

The Digital Deluxe edition of Mists of Pandaria includes the Imperial Quilen Mount, the Lucky Quilen Cub pet, a Mists of Pandaria–themed Diablo III banner sigil and accent, and Horde- and Alliance-themed StarCraft II portraits. Learn more about the Digital Deluxe Edition here.
by Published on 2014-03-02 10:24 PM

Reaper of Souls Launch Party Invitations are Out!, Diablo III Originally Had Branching Storylines, Wizard and Barbarian Builds

Top 5 Plays of the Week, Weekly News Recap

Skin Previews: Bone Abathur and Char Abathur

Warlords of Draenor Developer Interviews
There were a few developer interviews at the recent press events, so today we are taking a look at interviews with Ion Hazzikostas from Yogscast.

Warlords of Draenor Starting Experience
  • Everyone will have a starting experience in Warlords of Draenor, which will take place before the gameplay in the recent videos.
  • The normal experience takes place at the Dark Portal, having you go through to stop the impending Iron Horde invasion. You aren't able to defeat the Iron Horde, but you do stop the imminent threat.
  • Characters that are boosted to Level 90 will have a slightly different experience, with most of the skills removed from their bars and then having abilities unlocked again as they play.

  • Garrisons should give you access to portions of other professions without making the people that actually have the profession useless.
  • The mounts in your garrison's stable will be mounts that you own, based on the ones that you use the most.
  • Garrisons have a new NPC AI system that allows NPCs to behave less like the scripted NPCs we have now.
    • For example, the Blacksmith could wake up and go to work, work at his forge and become thirsty, eventually taking a break and going to the tavern, and ten finally going back to the barracks to sleep.
    • This improved AI was made necessary when the team decided to allow players to select where they place buildings in their garrison, making it impossible to pre-script and pre-place all of the NPC interactions.
    • This system might be used with NPCs in cities and other places in the future.
  • The location of buildings in your garrison is mostly for personal choice, as the gameplay element of garrisons is selecting which buildings you want for your limited plots.
  • The team is aware of the problem with the farm in Mists of Pandaria and doesn't want players to feel the need to have garrisons on their alts just to funnel resources to their main.
  • Players will want to check in with their garrison once per play session, maybe when they log in or out. It won't be a place to idle like cities currently are, as there is no auction house or bank.

Raiding / Misc
  • There aren't any plans for Mythic only bosses in the Patch 6.0 raids, but there will be some Mythic only elements of the fights, similar to the extra phase on Heroic Garrosh. Mythic only bosses will continue to be added when they make sense.
  • Ra-den didn't work out as intended. The boss wasn't tested publicly to ensure it remained a surprise and Ion wasn't able to spend as much time as he would have liked watching the internal testing sessions. This resulted in some loopholes in the fight making it live and Ra-den being easier than intended.
  • The team is aware that the timeline in older content is a little bit inconsistent, but updating the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King content would take away from Warlords of Draenor development.

Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - February 28
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Dancing Rune Weapon's summoned rune weapon should no longer incorrectly cause NPC guards to attack the target instead of the Death Knight that summoned it.

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
  • Zen Pilgrimage: Return is no longer automatically removed from Monks that leave the Peak of Serenity.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Resolved a pathing issue with Intervene for Warriors with Glyph of the Watchful Eye equipped while in the Temple of Kotmogu.
  • Resolved a situation where players were able to retain the Readiness effect from trinkets without equipping them while in a Battleground.

Bug Fixes
  • Resolved a crash in the client that affected users running Windows XP: Service Pack 3.
  • Resolved a crash that could occur while loading into an area or instance.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
I can spec leeching&paralytic but only use 1, bad design or intended? (lock tal accounts for players taking link & sac)
We're OK with *occasionally* one talent making another talent a bad choice. (Celestalon)

Arcane Mages and Destruction Warlocks. Such mindless, spammy, 2-button specs. Really disheartening to watch, nevermind play.
If you think those specs are mindless 2-button rotations, you're not playing them even remotely to their fullest. (Celestalon)

Touch of the Grave doesn't act like other life steals in pvp, and mortal coil doesn't benefit from PVP power +healing. Intended?
Touch of the Grave I'm not sure; we'll be taking a close look at it following the racial changes.Mortal Coil sounds like a bug. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
think all the hunter specs are very similar and only few skills change. What about making BM Melee ? BM God Rexxar had axes, too
We definitely agree that the hunter specs feel the same, and are taking steps to address that. Not melee BM though. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Do you consider boss spinning / mob-ball movement to grab Gift of Ox legit concern, or just intended part of mastering spec?
Intended part of mastering the spec. (Celestalon)
The penalty for a brewmaster moving to grab orbs is inflicted on melee/raid rather than the brewmaster tho...
No it's not. If your Brewmaster is moving the boss, or cleaving the raid/melee, he's moving more than he needs to be. (Celestalon)

Is there a Cooldown on Chi Explosion?
No. (Celestalon)
Does it replace Blackout Kick? Purify still has a purpose but BoK seems redundant with Chi Explosion.
We're still debating that. The reason not to is if you want to sometimes pool 1 chi for emergencies, so not spend all at once. (Celestalon)
Now that I think about it, will it function with the 5th chi from Ascension?
If you cast Chi Explosion with 5 Chi, your explosion hits the whole server....or you're just left with 1 Chi. One of the two. (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Also! Speaking of, any word on Paladin changes/L100 abilities since Blizzcon?
We put Seal of Faith back on our Shelf of Ideas That Have Potential But Aren't Ready For Primetime Yet. (Celestalon)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
please tell me some of the upkeep is being rolled in for sub rogues. Between that and positioning, it drives me away!
Upkeep? The upkeep of keeping your poison up? o.O (Celestalon)
meaning both rupture and snd - I meant in general not related to the new talent.
Ohhhh, sorry, just assumed due to timing.Sub upkeep: That's the point of subtlety. Subtlety gameplay is defined by that. (Celestalon)
Interesting I feel like many players would say FW is sub's defining mechanic.
FW is just one of the things that Subtlety asks you to juggle. (Celestalon)

Horde pvp population: are you just going to let things continue to get worse? Tilting AV and IoC to favor Horde will not help.
We're very concerned about the imbalance and queue times. We have plans but expacs are often the time when people switch. (holinka)

FYI: 1. The ladder is used to calculate rating thresholds for granting titles. 2. We then give titles to people with appropriate rating. (holinka)
Step 1 didn't take low level characters into account. Step 2 accidentally gave titles to low level characters with correct rating. (holinka)
So removing rewards from low level characters doesn't mean more people will get rewards. (holinka)

Good thread about H:A map imbalance in Random Battlegrounds
Forgot to mention Twin Peaks is down hill when running the flag as Horde. Slowfall + speed boost.
pretty sure slow fall has a speed cap on it for just this reason (holinka)
Not in normals afaik.
RBG win rates are very close to 50/50 on all of these maps (no matter which faction plays Alliance or Horde). (holinka)
Thats not very telling? Your system is designed to adjust ratings until 50:50 is achieved.
No that just further proves the point. In RBGs, team skill is equal and map balance would be the only variable. (holinka)

Will PvE realms face PvP realms in Ashran since PvP realms are horde dominated and there won't be enough allies?
It's possible that this will happen in some cases. We'll try to minimize that crossover as much as possible. (holinka)

Fan Art Update
Blizzard has updated the art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

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