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Innkeeper, the Hearthstone Digital Assistant, Now Supports Twitch Extensions!

Patch 7.3 Hotfixes - September 6
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Fel Lava on Argus will no longer damage pets.
  • The number of World Quests required to complete the Argussian Reach Emissary is reduced to 3 (was 4) until next week, when more Argussian Reach World Quests will become available.


Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • [Hotfix in testing] Fixed a bug preventing Starsurge from having visual or sound effects.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • [Hotfix in testing] Fixed a bug that made Void Eruption’s Vampiric Touch missile display incorrectly.

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Elemental Overloads should correctly hit if the target is behind the caster.

Dungeons and Raids
  • Humanoid mobs in low level dungeons should drop gold once again.

Pet Battles
  • Fixed a bug in which Gloamwing and Snozz counted for each other toward the Aquatic Assault achievement.

  • The objective requirement for the "Core Mechanics" World Quest has been reduced to 8 Crystalline Construct Cores (was 20).

Artifact Knowledge Weekly Increase Bug
Artifact Knowledge increasing on Monday was unintended. It should happen with the weekly reset going forward!

Argussian Reach Emissary Hotfix
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Noticed this myself as well - I've been actively doing every World Quest across Argus every day, and only have two Argrussian World Quests up now (one normal + one pet battle). I've sent an ask about this over to the development team, so I'll let you know when I hear something official.

I've also asked for clarification on the intent/rule behind "should there always be enough world quests up to immediately complete a new Emissary".

Edit: In the mean time, be patient, as I'm sure more will spawn through the day.

Thanks for your patience everyone - a hotfix is live as of about 15 minutes ago to require the Argussian Reach Emissary Quest to only require three World Quests to complete. There's currently an issue where the text will show as four needed, but it should complete at three.

This is being done temporarily, until next week, at which more Argussian Reach World Quests should be available and the Emissary Quest requirement for this faction will be reverted back to require four.

Even at three there are not enough up.
I'm seeing two on Mac'Aree and one in Krokuun currently, as of this writing.

Another issue is that some rare boss World Quests intentionally count for both Army of Light and Argussian Reach, but may only show one or the other at the moment, as the UI doesn't seem to want to support showing both. This is something we're looking into, but in the mean time I suggest trying some of the Army of Light rares and seeing if they count.

It's not intended that you would need to Pet Battle or turn in crafting materials to complete this Emissary.

North America Arena Championship Finals: Tune In!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
12 teams are competing, but only 4 can go to the world final at BlizzCon. Who will be there? The North America Arena World Championship is live 7-10 September on our Twitch channel. To keep up with the action, tune in to the broadcast each day at 12:00pm PDT, don’t miss out!

Here’s where to catch the action, Thursday-Sunday from 12:00pm PDT

If you need a quick reminder of what's been happening, watch the latest episode of Gladiator's Summit here.

Your Hosts

These are the faces (and voices) providing expert opinion, hype and point-by-point analysis.

Elliott 'Venruki’ Venczel

Jared ‘Vhell’ Coulston

Josh ‘Lore’ Allen

Sid ‘Supatease’ Compston

Rich Campbell

Jackson "Bajheera" Bliton

Good luck to all the teams, and see you on the stream at 12pm!

Gamescom - Seat of the Triumvirate Interview
Turps sat down with Morgan Day at Gamescom to talk about the Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon that releases next week.

Heroes of the Storm - Patch Notes and Kel'thuzad
The Kel'thuzad patch is now live and the final part of the behind the scenes series that focuses on Kel'thuzad is now live!

Overwatch Digital Comic - "Wasted Land"
A new Overwatch comic has been released!

by Published on 2017-09-06 03:39 AM

Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Copy Cat Cards

Patch 7.3 Hotfixes - September 5
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • A treasure hidden off the edge of the Antoran Wastes has now been moved on to the island.
  • The Paraxis now fires at player locations, allowing players to avoid the damage from the effect.


Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Feral
    • Thrash should now be able to proc Ashamane's Bite and Primal Fury without requiring the Tier 19 2-piece bonus.

  • Flight Master's Whistle should no longer go on cooldown if the cast is canceled.
  • Players should no longer be able to use high item level Holiday items at low levels.

Player versus Player
  • Players have a 30% reduced chance to Dodge and Parry attacks while in PvP situations (was 20%).
  • Stealth effects should no longer be removed when Dalaran Sewers starts.

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Unholy
    • Crypt Fever damage reduced by 25%.
    • PvP template Strength reduced by 2%.
  • Frost
    • PvP template Strength reduced by 3%.

Demon Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Havoc
    • PvP template Agility reduced by 3%.

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Balance
    • Circadian Invocation will no longer keep the Druid and target in combat for an extended time.
  • Feral
    • Brutal Slash now deals 40% less damage in PvP situations.
    • PvP template Agility reduced by 3%.
    • PvP template Armor increased by 15%.
    • PvP template Versatility increased by 20%.
    • PvP template Stamina increased by 5%.
    • Feral Instinct increases damage you deal by 2.5% per rank in PvP situations (was 5%).

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Windwalker
    • Serenity increases your damage deal by 16% in PvP situations (was 22%).

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Holy
    • Avenging Crusader healing should now properly scale with Versatility.
  • Retribution
    • Templar's Verdict deals 7% less damage in PvP situations.
    • Divine Storm deals 7% less damage in PvP situations.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Subtlety
    • PvP template Agility reduced by 3%.
    • Symbols of Death increases your damage by 10% in PvP situations (was 15%).
    • Catlike Reflexes increases Dodge chance by 5% in PvP situations (was 20%).

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Arms
    • PvP template Strength reduced by 2%.

  • Endless Halls
    • Your camera should no longer occasionally flip around when moving between rooms in the Endless Halls.
    • You should no longer be able to get stuck on the objects in the middle of the Endless Halls rooms.

  • Commander's Downfall” and “Felfire Shattering” should no longer remove Army of the Light Reputation.
  • Players who are removed from the Lightforged Warframe during the quest "Lord of the Spire" will no longer be prematurely teleported back to Destiny Point.
  • Hadrox and Radix should now have an appropriate amount of health when engaged for “Slumbering Behemoths”.

Join The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race 2017!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Tespa is excited to announce The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race! On September 22, we’ll start a 7 week series of World of Warcraft ® Mythic Keystone dungeon races between teams competing for a share of $20,000 in scholarship prizing. Will your collegiate team on your campus have what it takes to take home the prize? Sign up now and start assembling your party!

Register Now

More Information
Group dungeons and the teamwork they involve are centerpieces of World of Warcraft. And with the Mythic Keystone system introduced in Legion™, players are encouraged to gather up four of their friends and take on even greater challenges! With each increasing level of Mythic difficulty, the health and damage of enemies increases, and at certain levels new modifiers are introduced that will require players to adapt, evolve, and work together to succeed.

The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race begins on September 22 and will conclude on November 12. All races will take place on the World of Warcraft event realms—players will choose their preferred classes from premade character templates with fixed item sets and Artifact levels. The tournament will play out across three separate phases at increasingly challenging Mythic levels in order to find the best adventurers Azeroth has to offer.

  • Preliminary Rounds: We’ll be running 3 preliminary rounds over 3 weeks in which teams will run a single Mythic Level dungeon for placement on a leaderboard.
  • Playoffs: The top 16 teams from the preliminaries will then be seeded into a double elimination, best-of-three bracket which will run until only four semifinalists remain.
  • Semifinals & Grand Finals: The four semifinalist teams will compete in a single-elimination semifinals and finals to see who takes home the top spot.

Tournament Schedule
  • Registrations Close - September 15
  • Preliminary Rounds - September 22-28, September 29-October 5, & October 6-12
  • Playoffs - October 15, 21, and 22
  • Semifinals & Grand Finals - November 12

$20,000 in scholarship prizing is ready to be claimed by the strongest collegiate Dungeon Race teams at our Grand Finals in December. Here’s the breakdown of the prize pool per team:

  • First Place: $2,000 per Player
  • Second Place: $1,000 per Player
  • Third & Fourth Place: $500 per Player

We’re looking forward to seeing another great round of World of Warcraft competition, and can’t wait to see students from across North America banding together against the Legion!

Register Now

Flying in Argus
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The zone is so drab and really feels like nothing more than broken shore 2.0...same atmosphere/scenery just with too much mob density.

We spent months earning pathfinder just to have flying removed yet again. This is going way too far blizzard, especially with the terrible terrain design on Argus. I hope blizzard will rethink their once again "no flying" debacle before they lose another drove of subscriptions in order to get their attention.

I think plenty of folks disagree with you on the first point, and Argus has been one of the best parts of Legion to me personally, but just to clarify on the second:

This is nothing new, and we don't have any plans to change this going forward. New zones added in patch content have never to my knowledge had flying allowed. Even when flying was introduced in 2.0, flying was not available on the Isle of Quel'danas when it released in 2.4. The same is true of Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle from 5.2 and 5.4. These zones have always been about exploration, with a bit of danger, and Argus fits quite nicely into that theme.

I can understand that you may have recently earned Pathfinder and want to fly, but no one is stopping you from flying anywhere you want over the Broken Isles - but this is Argus.

If you're having trouble getting around Argus, you're probably not paying attention to the landscape. If you're dying in Fel flows, you're probably charging head first into them instead of leaping across the rocks floating about. If you're constantly being tagged by mobs, you're probably missing an easier way around the groups.

Argus isn't supposed to be a friendly and hospitable place, and I wouldn't bet my gold on a demon sitting down for tea with me any time soon. If you're having trouble and finding it difficult to get around and avoid pitfalls, then Argus is working as intended.

With all due respect you guys aren't understanding the issue. Before when new patch content was released without flying.... We had had flying since the moment we hit max level. so we actually got to enjoy is for quite awhile before ti was taken away.

Now, it's taken away very shortly after most people have earned it.... DOESN'T FEEL NEARLY AS GOOD'

I do understand the "issue" but we don't see it as an "issue". You're not on the Broken Isles anymore.

I think we'd probably try to avoid things like this being so close together in the future, but its just a symptom of timing as far as I'm aware.

Well, perhaps it's time for the development team to acknowledge that flight is actually part of the game and develop content with the idea that we can fly rather than take the mindset of "we don't like flight, so we're going to restrict it--even after making people jump through hoops and holding them back for nearly a year without it."

The genie is out of the bottle. The development team needs to open their minds to that idea rather than constantly look for ways to pull back from it.

I remember Lich King and the idea that we could fly early. And we flew. And we had fun. It was OK, really.

Why exactly do the developers feel that only by restricting flight can they give us new things?

We can say buzz phrases like "the genie is out of the bottle" all day, but it doesn't get us anywhere. I think it's been well acknowledged that we are still open to the idea of flight or we wouldn't have flight in any content at all, no? We've moved to meet the community in the middle - that's what Pathfinder has been about. Earn your wings: show you've achieved completion of the content overall and you can fly.

There's not really an attitude of 'close mindedness' on the topic from the development team, we've had plenty of positive discussions on the direction of flying overall. I do think, however, that there are folks in the community who are 'close minded' to entertaining an idea of "maybe you shouldn't be able to fly around and skip all the content when new areas are released".

I think these conversations need to be a two-way street, and the more we have everyone in the community calling the development team closed minded or pointing fingers, the further we get away from amicable understanding within the community. Of course I've always been happy to have those conversations, but whenever they start they very quickly dive into arguing instead of a discussion on the merits of each approach and that's really not something I want to be apart of.

I also don't think asking pointed, rhetorical questions is going to get us anywhere.

Tanaan. Wonder why you forgot about Tanaan.

Tanaan. The patch zone that allowed flying.
Tanaan, the MOST RECENT patch zone before Legion.
Tanaan, the patch zone from the only other expansion that made you earn Pathfinder to fly before this one.
Tanaan allowed flying because after you've waited over half a year to earn something, what you want is for it to be useful going forwards.

Tanaan was technically a part of the original overworld of Draenor. It wasn't added in a patch - a door was just opened via your shipyard in patch.

I don't think they're quite equitable for a number of reasons from how they are accessed, the number of zones, how invasions and world quests function, etc.

Uh, I hope you're saying with timing and not rolling back on content releasing faster.
Yeah, timing wise. I don't have answers in front of me, and it's just my personal opinion, but I think in terms of spacing the fact that flight landed really close to the launch of 7.3 was unfortunate timing.

I get why people are upset to have "just earned flying" and now its "taken away".

And how much of the terrain in Isle of Quel Denas was made to intentionally impede you? in Timeless Isle?
Well, Quel'Danas was pretty much an experiment of its time, but it did have a good bit of terrain to get around, especially for the dailies on the east side of the islands with the naga and such. Argus is massive compared to Quel'Danas, so most points comparing them are pretty moot.

I don't think the terrain was made to intentionally impede you by way of making you frustrated, as you can easily teleport to any subzone of all three zones, but rather it wants you to not charge head first into everything and actually explore. If that's how we wanted the game to be played, we'd probably just have a flat plane with a couple of trees here and there.

The most frustrating part of Argus for me has been the area between The Spirit Crucible and the entrance to Antorus in the Antoran Wastes with the demon camps, bridges, and Fel flows, but I found that I was always looking for a shortcut and jumping off ledges instead of taking the route that was laid in front of me. Once I stopped doing that and learned other paths to the areas, I was having a much better time.

Establishing a history of bad decisions doesn't make it right.
Your one-liner is nice and all, but I'd appreciate it if you could explain to me why those were "bad decisions" retrospectively.

Yet its not a core game feature, its a convenient feature that saves time daily on an MMO. I never thought of it as a core feature, as the game doesnt REQUIRE us to have flying to progress anywhere. You can easily play the full game without flying, and you can play it with flying, that does not make it a core feature if you don't require it to finish the game.
This is semantics really but I'd agree that flying is not a core game feature. The community sees it as one for convenience, but in terms of design the game plays the same with and without, so it's pretty far from what I'd consider core.

> If that's how we wanted the game to be played, we'd probably just have a flat plane with a couple of trees here and there.

So Valley of the Four Winds/Tanaris/The Barrens/Desolace/Jade Forest? Can we have those back? Please? I'll trade a raid tier for well-designed zones again.

> but I'd appreciate it if you could explain to me why those were "bad decisions" retrospectively.
Can you adequately explain why pruning game features, making players earn them back, and then pruning them again before the expansion is over is considered a good decision?

In fact, should we start calling expansions contractions if they continually remove content?

I think I remember classic Desolace and Jade Forest very different from you.

I'm not going to acknowledge your second points, as I warned earlier in the thread: I also don't think asking pointed, rhetorical questions is going to get us anywhere.

Let's refrain from this if you want to have an engaging conversation.

> TBH if blizz made the whistle usable on argus to take you to the nearest port that'd be cool.

They did, but gated it behind a reputation.

I think that's a point of discussion that's of some worth here.

IMO anyone who quits because of no flying on Argus(and I doubt there will be many) was on their way out the door anyway. If you can't stand having to interact with the world, I don't see why play the game at all.

I'm very glad we're grounded on Argus because all flying really does is make the game feel small.

Some of us respect you Ornyx. Just because this isn't even worth your time with how 'stupid' some of these people are. I could've used a meaner word but its not worth it. I dont even understand how people seem to think flying is so important. Someone even said its a core feature, when 0% of the game require us to fly to complete it.

I don't think I'd go quite that far. There is a point to be made for flying, and I think it's become a huge part of the game for the community, so it is an important conversation for me. For example, I do think the timing here is what has made this stick out even more, with a lot of folks earning flying just a few weeks before heading to Argus.

Anyways, I just think we need to meet in the middle and be civil and not throw threats around and we can have good conversations to take to the development team.

You're a blizzard employee. You have to agree with everything they do, at least publicly here on the forums.
I don't have to agree with everything we do. I have a personal opinion that I've expressed many times about content throughout Legion and beyond.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Shado-Pan Showdown Broken?
We're aware of a couple of issues with the brawl and are currently working on a hotfix. The intention is that the brawl should not end when a team dies, but instead it should end when your team's or the opposing team's boss is killed.

Thanks for your patience here! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Gladiator's Summit Episode 2 - Watch Now!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Episode 2 is here! Watch the latest episode to keep up to date with everything that's happening in WoW esports. The new Gladiator's Summit series covers all you'll ever need to know about the WoW Arena Championship: latest information, inside scoops on regional and global championships, and more about the teams and players who clash on the world stage.

Get The Esports Lowdown
Want to know what’s happening when? This is the show to watch. Want to know how players prepare for battle, and how teams are formed? We’ve got it covered. Ever wondered why teams pick the combos they do? Now’s your chance to learn more. It’s a 360° WoW esports view, brought to you by our expert esports team.

What is the Gladiator’s Summit?
It’s a series of shows we’ll record throughout the season, released on our WoW YouTube channel. You can find out more about all our esports events, catch up with news and results, take a look at what’s coming up, and get genuine insider information on the talent, the tournaments, and the teams.

Where can I watch the Gladiator’s Summit?
All the latest episodes will be on our World of Warcraft YouTube channel. To find out when upcoming episodes will be available, head to our WoW esports site for all the latest news, and all upcoming esports events.

What will the episodes be about?
We’ll be talking about the recent North America cups, recapping the action and discussing how the finals will go. We’ll also take a look at the European cups, and look into teams, players, and epic moments. Information on later episodes can be found on our WoW esports site.

Who’s hosting the show?
All the action will be brought to you by two of our most popular and knowledgeable hosts: Jackson “Bajheera” Bliton and Elliott “Venruki” Venczel.

Where can I find out more?
Find out when the latest episode will be released on our dedicated WoW esports website.

World Boss - The Soultakers
This week the World Boss is The Soultakers! Players have a chance to win item level 860 loot and a Storm Relic. Death Knights also can get the hidden appearance for their Frost Spec.

Weekly Bonus Event - Arena Skirmishes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Sharpen your swords and reinforce your boards, because you’re called to the PvP Arena for the hectic mayhem of Skirmishes.

This Week: Arena Skirmishes
All week, from anywhere in Azeroth, open the Group Finder (default hotkey: i), select the Player vs. Player tab on the bottom of the window, and then under Arena Battles, choose either 2v2 or 3v3 and JOIN BATTLE. You’ll be matched up with teammates and provided with opponents to kill in the Arena.

Look for the following all week long:

  • Archmage Timear near Violet Hold in Dalaran has a quest for you.
    • Quest requirement: Win 10 Arena PvP Skirmishes
    • Reward: A PvP loot box
  • Passive buff: +50% honor gains from Skirmishes

If you’ve been looking to make some Honor gains, this is the week to do it!
by Published on 2017-09-05 04:28 AM

What Happened in Hearthstone? Taking a Look Back at August 28 - September 3

Artifact Knowledge Level 42
It seems that the weekly increase in Artifact Knowledge is not tied to the regular weekly reset, as it went live on Monday morning.

Invasion Points Unlock This Week
Invasion Points are public scenarios that require multiple players, with Greater Invasion Points requiring a raid to defeat bosses that drop item level 930 gear.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Week 1: Begin the invasion of Argus and embark on an epic storyline beginning in Krokuun. Team up with the Army of the Light and take the fight to the very heart of the Legion in the Antoran Wastes. Gain access to new World Quests and Emissaries on Argus.

Week 2: Finish the story of Krokuun and travel to the ruined draenei city of Mac’Aree. Gain access to Invasion Points and thwart the Burning Legion’s plans on other worlds. Additional World Quests in Mac’Aree are available along with access to Invasion Points.

Week 3: Finish the Shadows of Argus storyline, unlock all World Quests, and venture into the new dungeon, the Seat of the Triumvirate. Activate your Netherlight Crucible on the Vindicaar to begin forging Relics.

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
I stopped visiting the WoW forums a while back for reasons I no longer remember. I’ve started visiting them now and then, but it’s such a different feel. With the ability for everyone to upvote and downvote individual posts, there’s a very strong echo chamber in effect. There seem to be “acceptable” and “unacceptable” opinions to have regarding the game, flying, difficulty/reward structures, etc. It discourages the minority from posting. What’s the value in a forum rating system?
I’m not a fan of upvoting or downvoting, myself, even on our own forums. I think the intent is noble, of being able to bury spam or promote really insightful ideas, but what generally happens is you upvote things that agree with you and downvote things you don’t agree with, no matter how well structured their arguments are. (Source)

Dark Legacy Comics #597
DLC #597 has been released.

by Published on 2017-09-03 04:38 AM

Lucid Nightmare Mount Discovered
The Secret Finding Discord has discovered how to obtain the Lucid Nightmare mount!

  • This helpful guide has a script to check on your progress: /run local N,t,d={"DAL","ULD","AQ","DEEP","GNOMER","VAL","MAZE","MOUNT"},{47826,47837,47841,47850,47852,47863,47881,47885} for s,k in pairs(N)do d=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[s]) print(k,"=",d and "\124cFF00FF00" or "\124cFFFF0000NOT","DONE")end
  • Head to Dalaran and read the Inconspicuous Note on the table in Curiosities and Moore.
  • Go to Ulduar, kill XT, pull the lever on the pile of scrap in the northwest corner of the room.
  • Toggle on the lights to form a gear pattern. There two different images that may help.
  • Read the note that spawns after all of the lights are toggled.
  • Get to C'thun's room in AQ40 and instead of going in, take the path to the side. Click the Mind Larva to start a Bejeweled minigame. Keep playing until another note spawns.
  • Purchase or craft a Shadoweave Mask
  • Head to Deepholm, enter the cave, find the large rock with a fissure next to it, and drop down inside.
  • Click on the Dingy Plaque on the back of the chair.
  • Equip your Shadoweave Mask mask and click on the skull on the chair to spawn a new note.
  • Head to Gnomeregan to a room with 10 levers. Nightswifty once again has a helpful map. Set the consoles to 1222176597 and read the note that spawns.
  • Head to Val'Sharah (66, 36.5) and click on the Nightmare Tumor to start a minigame. Untangle all of the strands and read the note.
  • Head to the Tomb in Kun-Lai Summit at 53.4 49 and click on the Urn to start the Endless Halls maze.
  • Each room has a certain color torch, which you can interact with to get that color orb. Bring that orb to the same color rune to complete it. This must be done for all five colors.
  • The Lucid Nightmare Helper addon may be helpful for mapping your progress in the maze.
  • After completing all of the runes, read the final note.
  • Head to the entrance to the Karazhan Crypt at 39.85 73.6 in Deadwind Pass. Find the room with the large pile of bones and claim your mount!

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