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Build Your Own Zombeasts! Try Our Deathstalker Rexxar Hero Power Simulator

Patch 7.3 - Mage Spell Animations
Mages are one of the classes that get new spell animations in Patch 7.3.

Tomb of Sargeras Progression
No new guilds have managed to defeat Fallen Avatar yet. Limit has decided to not continue the race for this tier.

Both Method and Exorsus have tweeted about the difficulty of the Kil'jaeden encounter. Method is also doing coverage of the race!

StarCrafts - Ep 21: Executive Decisions
Another episode of StarCrafts has been released.

Gamepedia - The Evolution of Warriors in World of Warcraft
Our friends over at Gamepedia have a nice article about the evolution of Warriors!

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ToS Progress, Patch 7.3 PTR - NPC Conversation Lines, Knights of the Frozen Throne

Patch 7.3 - Feral Druid Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Hi Cats,

We have a number of changes to Feral Druids coming soon. The general goals of these changes are:
  • 1. Reduce (but not necessarily displace entirely) the dominance of the big three complexifying and powerful talents: Savage Roar, Jagged Wounds, and Bloodtalons. Each of those talents is (on live) winning by a large margin in terms of throughput against other talents on their rows.
  • 2. Balance out the power level of the last 3 talent rows, allowing more talents builds to be viable.
  • 3. Increase the skill floor and reduce how punishing it can be to error when playing the rotation.
  • 4. Compensate for power-level-reductions of talents with baseline damage increase to the spec so that at the highest level, performance isn’t really affected, but the bottom of the spec is brought up.

The most major changes:

  • All damage done increased by 33%.
  • Jagged Wounds reduced to 20%. (down from 33%)
  • Savage Roar duration increased by 50% at all combo points. Damage bonus reduced to 15%. (down from 25%)
  • Bloodtalons damage bonus reduced to 25%. (down from 50%)

Looking back at the development of Feral Druid in Legion: when Savage Roar was moved from a baseline ability to the talent tree, in order to bring the power level of the ability closer to most talents (+25% damage to everything for a long duration is far stronger than most talents are), rather than reducing its damage bonus, its duration was significantly shortened instead. This contributed greatly to the overconstrained and overly punishing Feral rotation that you see on live today. Additionally, Jagged Wounds was added as a new talent, reducing the amount of free combo points Ferals had available to finishers such as Ferocious Bite (which was basically pushed out of the rotation entirely). Both talents probably would have been fine on their own, but taken together (because they were the strongest) at the live tuning values led to a more pressured Feral rotation than we felt was right.

Additionally, a few talents are being rearranged in the talent tree:

The primary gain here is moving Brutal Slash to a sort of multitarget/AOE lvl 90 talent row along with Sabertooth (which can be well-utilized in a sustained low-target situation), giving the lvl 90 row a solid talent for dungeons. For now, we want to go with an arrangement that keeps Jagged Wounds, Savage Roar, and Bloodtalons on separate rows so the current most common live build is still possible.

Other less major changes include quality of life and tuning adjustments to some talents to balance out the rows:

  • Prowl cooldown reduced to 6 sec (down from 10 sec) for all Druid specs.
  • Rebirth is castable in all forms, and consequently, is no longer affected by or consumes Predatory Swiftness.
  • Sabertooth damage bonus to Ferocious Bite increased to 20%.
  • Incarnation: King of the Jungle energy cost reduction reduced to 50% (down from 60%) and only allows the use of Prowl once. This it to balance out that talent row with the new Jagged Wounds and to reduce the frequency of Rake stuns in PvP while still allowing Incarnation to function as an effective Vanish.
  • Moment of Clarity now causes Omen of Clarity to trigger twice as often and increases the damage of the affected abilities by 25%. This is to better space out what is essentially a large energy proc and reduce slightly the impact that a single talent has on the resource income and pacing of the rotation.
  • Elune’s Guidance cooldown reduced to 30 sec (down from 45 sec) and combo points granted reduced to 5 + 5 over 5 seconds (down from 5 + 8 over 8 seconds).

Overall, with these changes, balance for the last 3 talent rows and consequently overall should be better in general. We expect the current most common build/playstyle of Jagged Wounds + Savage Roar + Bloodtalons to still remain one of the strongest builds, but it should no longer win by a huge margin over other competing talent builds and also should be a little less strenuous to play.

These changes should be available in an upcoming PTR build. As usual, we may make further adjustments – especially tuning – as PTR progresses. (Official Forums)

Feral Druid T21 Set Bonus
The current intention of the Feral 4 piece bonus is that you get a 100% free in every way (except a GCD) Ferocious Bite.

This may change as set bonuses go through some more iteration throughout the 7.3.0 development cycle.

Thank you for the feedback. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
by Published on 2017-07-07 04:30 PM

Tomb of Sargeras Progression
Exorsus has joined Method at 8/9 in Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. Method is also doing coverage of the race!

Patch 7.3 PTR - NPC Conversation Lines
The latest PTR build added some NPC conversation lines, so we've taken the time to organize them and add names. Spoilers ahead!
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Lothraxion's Reunion
Lothraxion: Turalyon! I am pleased you continue to thwart the Legion's best efforts to kill you.
Lothraxion: What of Alleria? Is she...
High Exarch Turalyon: The last time I saw her was on the Xenedar. She was still... under guard.
High Exarch Turalyon: Alleria's out there somewhere, old friend. I know it. And other survivors as well.
High Exarch Turalyon: But thousands of demons stand between us and our allies. We must thin the Legion's ranks to have any hope of reaching the Xenedar alive.
Lothraxion: Then that is what we will do, High Exarch.

Arator's Reunion
High Exarch Turalyon: Son, there is so much more we have to say, but our allies at the Xenedar will soon be overrun.
Alleria Windrunner: You must go to their aid, Turalyon. I will scout behind enemy lines and provide a distraction. We will return soon, Arator.
Arator the Redeemer: I... understand. Light be with you both.
Vereesa Windrunner: Stay safe. We will gather the others and prepare for the battle to come.

Arator the Redeemer: It pains me to see them go, Aunt Vereesa. I could not bear to lose them now, not after waiting all these years.
Vereesa Windrunner: Have patience, Arator. It may take time, but your family will be whole again. I know it.
Arator the Redeemer: No doubt my mother will soon ask about Sylvanas. What are you going to tell her?
Vereesa Windrunner: It is a conversation I know we must have, but the thought of it fills me with dread. How can I explain to Alleria what our sister has become? The truth will break her heart.

Khadgar's Reunion
Archmage Khadgar: It is good to see you again, my friends. When I couldn't find you after the devastation of Draenor, I wasn't sure what to think.
High Exarch Turalyon: We feared for you as well, Khadgar. But I think part of me knew it would take more than the explosion of a planet to slow you down.
Alleria Windrunner: Kurdran and Danath are safe as well?
Archmage Khadgar: Indeed, though I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. When this is all behind us, perhaps the Sons of Lothar should share a reunion feast!
High Exarch Turalyon: I agree. It's been a long time, but as I recall it was your turn to buy the drinks, Khadgar.
Archmage Khadgar: Well, I don't know about that...
Alleria Windrunner: Definitely your turn. Never question an elf's memory... even after a thousand years.

Varimathras taunts Alliance
Varimathras: So, your Alliance still endures. Longer than I expected, though she has already planted the seeds of its downfall. She is patient, that one.
Varimathras: When your thrones run red with betrayal... when your holy places burn and the shattered mask hangs above your hearth... only then you will know. And it will be too late.
Varimathras: It matters not. You are blind to the true darkness closing in around you.

Varimathras taunts Horde
Varimathras: So, she found me at last. Sent her underlings to finish the job.
Varimathras: Tell me, when she seized your throne of hides and bones, was your allegiance forced? No... I'd wager you surrendered it willingly... or were convinced you did.
Varimathras: It matters not. You are blind to the darkness in your midst.

Xalatah Blade of the Black Empire taunts Shadow Priests
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: Such potential here, but all of it wasted on a doomed crusade.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: Can you taste it on the air? The sweet nectar of madness? Mmm... this place is swollen with it.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: This one shows promise. The whispers lure her toward her fate.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: The caterpillar has become the butterfly. She is all but ours now.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: He flaunts his defiance of the shadows. Arrogance will be his undoing.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: Watch now as a weak mind gives way to darkness.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: While I relish a healthy lust for power, this one fumbles for it like an amateur.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: Now this is true beauty! At least one of the mortals in your midst can appreciate what it offers.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: So much effort, so much bluster, only to delay the inevitable victory of their betters.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: Imagine this machinery infused with our power. Interesting...
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: What a disappointment. He squandered his potential by backing the wrong side.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: These pretenders play at whispering madness. Amateurs! I should demonstrate proper technique.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: This one would make an excellent champion for our cause. Perhaps he can yet be turned.
Xal'atath Blade of the Black Empire: Long have we sought entry to this realm! To think we have a mortal to thank for giving us our foothold. Your service will be remembered!

Alleria uses the Void
Locus-Walker: I have something I want to show you, but we mustn't be seen. Follow.
Alleria Windrunner: Explain yourself first.
Locus-Walker: Such impatience. I believe you will find the answers you seek on the other side.

Locus-Walker: How industriously they work. A pity they will be overtaken.
Alleria Windrunner: I sense a little disappointment. Was I really your best student?

Locus-Walker: I had hoped to find at least one promising soul on this rock.
Alleria Windrunner: I have not turned away from that path. You know why I resisted.

Alleria Windrunner: I need to finish what I started, Locus-Walker.
Locus-Walker: Can you, though? With your... attachments?

Alleria Windrunner: Turalyon trusts me to make hard decisions, and I him.
Locus-Walker: I am not talking about trust.
Locus-Walker: How can you expect to embrace the Shadow with the Light shining so brightly at your side?
Alleria Windrunner: Without the Light there is no Shadow, teacher.

Locus-Walker: Well, Windrunner? What say you?
Alleria Windrunner: Show me the path. I am ready to walk it.
Locus-Walker: Right this way.

Locus-Walker: How do you feel?
Alleria Windrunner: My head is... swimming.
Locus-Walker: Remember... So long as your mind is your own, you command this power. It does not command you.
Alleria Windrunner: How did you do it by yourself?
Locus-Walker: Ah, well. Perhaps I will tell you one day.
Locus-Walker: Until then, I will be keeping an eye on your progress.

Alleria Windrunner: You should return to the Vindicaar and share what we have learned.
Alleria Windrunner: My path takes me into the Seat of the Triumvirate... to whatever fate awaits me there.
Alleria Windrunner: I am certain Velen will understand.

Further Alleria Dialogue
Alleria Windrunner: That thing... it's... calling to me!
Locus-Walker: Focus your mind. Remember your training.

Alleria Windrunner: Arator! Turalyon!?
Locus-Walker: The Void shows only half truths. Trust your instincts.

Alleria Windrunner: I can't-- I-- Argh!
Locus-Walker: Fight, curse you!

Alleria Windrunner: Begone, wretched darkness.
Locus-Walker: Be sure to collect our prize, fleshling. I will tend to Alleria.

Locus-Walker: The heart of a demigod. This is no mere token, Alleria.
Locus-Walker: Take it, and you will be one step closer to your destiny.
Alleria Windrunner: I understand. Thank you. Both of you.

Even More Alleria Dialogue
Alleria Windrunner: Such chaos... such anguish. I have never sensed anything like it before.
Locus-Walker: It is rare that a naaru falls into Void this way. The few cases I know of have occurred when mortals were involved. What fascinating implications...
Locus-Walker: Such musings can wait, though. This entity must die.

Alleria Windrunner: How did a being of the Light become a creature of Shadow?
Locus-Walker: The Void is a force of change... of transformation. Shadows are fluid, ever shifting.
Alleria Windrunner: I feel the fallen naaru's power. It beckons me.
Locus-Walker: You stand on the cusp of destiny, Alleria. There will be choices to make... and consequences to face.

Alleria Windrunner: Even defeated, the darkened naaru surges with power. I hear the shadows calling to me.
Locus-Walker: Claim its essence, Alleria Windrunner. Make its chaos your own.

Locus-Walker: You survived... interesting! How do you feel?
Alleria Windrunner: The voices are louder now. More insistent. But they do not control me.
Locus-Walker: You asked me to teach you to use the Void as a weapon. Now that weapon is you.
Alleria Windrunner: It seems my training is complete.
Locus-Walker: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We need to test the limits of this newfound power. Come.

Kil’Jaeden introduces Sargeras
Kil’Jaeden: My people, I have called you here to share a revelation.
Kil’Jaeden: For so long, we eredar have been alone in the universe.
Kil’Jaeden: The beacon of our civilization shining bright... upon what we feared was an empty void.
Kil’Jaeden: We need not endure this solitude any longer.
Kil’Jaeden: The Triumvirate has received a visitor from another world!
Kil’Jaeden: He offers us power unlike any we have known before.
Kil’Jaeden: He has shown us the path to a new future.
Kil’Jaeden: In partnership with our new ally, the light of the eredar will shine bright across the cosmos!
Kil’Jaeden: I ask you, now, to raise your voices in praise. Praise Sargeras!

Velen Flees Argus
Chieftain Hatuun: Talgath has turned against us!
Prophet Velen: No... not you too, old friend...
Chieftain Hatuun: It cannot end like this. Take the others and go, Prophet. We will buy you time.
Prophet Velen: Hatuun, no! You do not have to do this!
Chieftain Hatuun: Please... keep my family safe.
Prophet Velen: K'ure! Help us!
Kil’Jaeden: I will hunt you across the stars, traitor! Even if it takes a thousand years!
Voice of Sargeras: Swear loyalty to me, pledge the hearts of your people to my cause. I will transform you, granting you knowledge beyond imagining and might beyond measure.
Voice of Sargeras: Together, we will become Legion, and defeat the hungering void that would consume us all.
Archimonde: It is little enough to ask, for what he offers us.
Kil’Jaeden: Such power... And he speaks the truth.

Prophet Velen: I had hoped the others would sense the darkness behind Sargeras's words. But they were blinded by their vanity... their hunger for power.
Prophet Velen: The ata'mal crystal soon showed me the horrible truth of what would come to pass if we accepted the titan's offer. We would be transformed not into wise leaders, but into hateful monsters.

Sargeras’ Bidding
Aggramar: What is your bidding, master?
Voice of Sargeras: The circle nears completion. The mortals must not disrupt the rebirth.
Aggramar: Those who will not serve shall be destroyed. It is the only way.
Voice of Sargeras: Become the instrument of my wrath once again, Aggramar. End this incursion of the Light.
Voice of Sargeras: The hour of rebirth draws near. Are the souls prepared?
Aggramar: Our kin still resist the true path, master. But they will soon be broken.
Voice of Sargeras: One still eludes us. Her essence is needed to ensure the victory of my crusade.
Aggramar: The Life-Binder will soon reveal herself. She will not escape me, master!
Voice of Sargeras: When my new Pantheon rises, no power in the universe will stand against the Legion!

When you click on Illidan too much
Illidan Stormrage: Your persistence is hardly surprising.
Illidan Stormrage: You are not prepared.
Illidan Stormrage: I will not be touched by rabble such as you.
Illidan Stormrage: YOU ARE NOT PRE-- What's that? Am I denying you something? Bah. You know nothing of true longing.

Alleria talks with Players
Alleria Windrunner: I will not be broken.
Player: What happened to you in the Seat of the Triumvirate?
Alleria Windrunner: As the naaru lay dying, L'ura's essence called to me. A being born of the Light had turned to shadow.
Alleria Windrunner: It was a familiar sensation.
Alleria Windrunner: The transformation you witnessed is under my control, to be used when I see fit. I am the same person I was... and yet, something more.
Alleria Windrunner: The use of such power makes some... uneasy. But shadow is a force to be harnessed, not feared.
Alleria Windrunner: As with any weapon, one must maintain constant control when wielding it.
Player: I see.

Alleria speaks to Hunters wielding her bow
Alleria Windrunner: I would have words with you, Huntmaster.
Alleria Windrunner: Vereesa told me you accompanied her on the mission to Niskara. That you risked your own life to rescue me, and prevented her from falling into the inquisitor's trap.
Alleria Windrunner: It is clear you wield Thas'dorah with skill and finesse. You bring honor to the bow, and to the memory of those who carried it before you.
Alleria Windrunner: There may come a day when I will have need of my family weapon once again. But for now, at least, I have a different path to follow.
Alleria Windrunner: Hold Thas'dorah proudly, champion. Know that you have proven worthy of it.

Xe'ra's Punishment
High Exarch Turalyon: I sense Xe'ra in the central chamber. Thank the Light! We are not too late.
Alleria Windrunner: And what then? I was locked in a cell for delving into the Void against her wishes. Will she make me a prisoner again? Or worse?
High Exarch Turalyon: Xe'ra will see that you risked your life to save her. Her faith in you will be restored--I know it!

The Crest of Knowledge
High Exarch Turalyon: Velen?
Prophet Velen: Forgive me, my son.
High Exarch Turalyon: Are you hurt?
Prophet Velen: I am unharmed.
Prophet Velen: Your arrival is timely. We must find the Crest of Knowledge before Talgath takes it beyond our reach.
High Exarch Turalyon: So he is here, then. I was afraid of this.

High Exarch Turalyon: We will escort Velen safely to the Crest.
High Exarch Turalyon: If you cover our retreat, we may just see this through.
High Exarch Turalyon: Lead the way, Prophet.
Prophet Velen: Make haste, my friends. Something dark and terrible stirs... and it is not Talgath.

Talgath: How unlike you, Velen, to stand your ground.
Talgath: A welcome change of pace, to be certain.
Prophet Velen: Talgath. We need not come to blows. I offer you one chance: Stand down.
Talgath: Still the pacifist, I see. Face me!

High Exarch Turalyon: We are with you, Velen.
Prophet Velen: Pheta thones gamera. Light, guide our path.

Talgath: Oh, how Kil'jaeden mourned for you! Do you know how deeply your departure wounded him?
Prophet Velen: I lost a beloved brother that day as well.

Talgath: You did not lose him. You gave it up--all of it! Your people, your planet... even your family!
Prophet Velen: I have not forgotten your betrayal!

Talgath: I only hoped they would give you a reason to stay. How cold of you, leaving without your mate and child.
Prophet Velen: Silence! You dare speak of them!
Talgath: Struck a nerve, did I?

Prophet Velen: This is your end. If there is a shred of goodness left in you, you will help us find the Crest of Knowledge.
Talgath: Hah! You are far too late. Nothing will escape the temple. Not even the Light itself.
Prophet Velen: I see. Safe journey, Talgath.

Prophet Velen: Come. I dare not tarry here.
High Exarch Turalyon: Talgath's last words... Not even the Light can escape. What did he mean?
Prophet Velen: The darkness that lingers in the temple... the shadow that looms over all of Mac'Aree... is L'ura.
High Exarch Turalyon: Impossible. She is a naaru! A being of the Light!
Prophet Velen: There is much Xe'ra did not want you to know.

Corrupted Titan
Aggramar: Mortals. I wasted millennia fighting to spare you from corruption. Until at last my eyes were opened to the truth.
Aggramar: You are the corruption. We will save the universe by wiping all memory of you from existence.
Aggramar: Soon comes the awakening of my brother, Argus. Together, our new Pantheon will join the master in breaking your fetid world. But you will not live to see it.

Silgyrn and Liadrin
Silgryn: In my entire lifetime, I never left the borders of Suramar. To see this place is to understand the fate that almost befell my people.
Lady Liadrin: And nearly mine as well. The sin'dorei also had a leader who struck a bargain with the Legion, poisoning us in the process.
Silgryn: An unbridled thirst for power is the most terrible corruption of all. How did your people find their path forward?
Lady Liadrin: We banded together to fight for our place on Azeroth. And we realized we needed allies to stand with us.
Silgryn: And has the Horde served that purpose for you?
Lady Liadrin: It has. Make no mistake, ours has not been an easy road, and we have struggled through dark times. But together we face a world that has often turned its back on us. Together, we find strength.
Silgryn: A valuable perspective, Lady Liadrin. You have given me much to ponder.

Magni Bronzebeard: The Life-Binder! Somehow, she's the key to Sargeras's plan.
Magni Bronzebeard: We must find her soul. I just don't know how.
Illidan Stormrage: Leave that to me.

Magni Bronzebeard: Champions! I heard a familiar voice callin', so I fought me way inside this accursed place.
Essence of Eonar: Champions, hear me. The Legion has breached my sanctuary, and my defenses will soon be overrun. Stand with me now, lest Sargeras claim his prize.
Magni Bronzebeard: It's Eonar, the Life-Binder! This portal leads ta her sanctuary. Go. I'll stay here and cover yer backs!

Essence of Eonar: The tormented cries of the Pantheon ring out from deep within the core of Argus.
Essence of Eonar: If Sargeras breaks them as he did Aggramar, no power in this universe will stop him.
Essence of Eonar: Release them, champions, or your struggle will be for naught.

Magni Bronzebeard: The souls of the Pantheon are free, but they endured so much sufferin'. Let me bide with 'em fer a time. Offer a bit o' comfort.
Prophet Velen: Remain here, Magni. The rest of us will go on.
Illidan Stormrage: So close now to the end...

Magni’s Vision
Archmage Khadgar: Magni? Are you alright? Magni?
Magni Bronzebeard: A sword... in the darkness... sands... soaked in pain.
Magni Bronzebeard: The wound... burning... burning…
Magni Bronzebeard: He's fightin' through the pain... to let us see...
Magni Bronzebeard: The voice is alone... weak... but so beautiful!

Argus: Death! Death and pain!
Argus: Ended!
Argus: All life ends.
Argus: My torment... ends...
Argus: Is it... over?
Argus: Free... free...
Argus: End it all!
Argus: Know the darkness!
Argus: A merciful release!
Argus: The master demands your doom!
Argus: Master! I go to claim your prize!
Argus: No hope. Just pain. Only pain!

Antorus' Heart
Prophet Velen: This may be the one place in the universe sacred to the Legion. Demons would pluck out their eyes sooner than gaze upon it.
Illidan Stormrage: Who could ever imagine such a sacrifice?

Illidan Stormrage: The heart of Antorus lies before us. The power behind the Legion's infinite army.
Magni Bronzebeard: So much agony here... so many voices. It's... it's nearly overwhelmin'! But I can feel Eonar urgin' us forward.
Prophet Velen: At long last, the end is upon us. Press on, my friends.

The Burning Crusade
Magni Bronzebeard: The titans can sever that connection... but not here. They need ta bring the soul o' Argus ta their place o' power... the Seat o' the Pantheon.
Illidan Stormrage: Our victories mean nothing. So long as Sargeras has the soul of Argus to fuel his infinite army, Azeroth remains in grave peril.
Magni Bronzebeard: Their final act will harness the last o' Argus's power, to imprison Sargeras... once and for all.
Magni Bronzebeard: Heroes, I can signal the titans ta begin. Once they start their ritual... there's no turnin' back!
Magni Bronzebeard: The tortured soul of Argus has been put ta rest.
Illidan Stormrage: It matters not. We have lost. Look to the skies!
Prophet Velen: Sargeras will soon undo all we have fought for.
Voice of Amanthul: No.
Voice of Amanthul: We will use the last glimmer of Argus's power to bind him here. The Seat of the Pantheon shall become Sargeras's prison... and ours as well.
Prophet Velen: You would condemn yourselves to stop him?
Illidan Stormrage: Our world must survive... no matter the cost!
Voice of Amanthul: A sacrifice must be made.
Voice of Amanthul: Return home, children of Azeroth. Protect the final titan.
High Exarch Turalyon: Prophet... what happened out there?
Prophet Velen: Illidan serves as the Dark Titan's jailer. His sacrifice has ended the Legion. At long last, the Burning Crusade... is over.

Hearthstone - Knights of the Frozen Throne Expansion
Hearthstone is getting a new expansion in August, with 135 new cards, Death Knight versions of heroes, Lifesteal, Icecrown Citadel, and more!

by Published on 2017-07-06 09:57 PM

Patch 7.3 PTR - Build 24500

Season 11: Everything You Need to Know

Who's That Hero? It's Maiev Shadowsong!

Kul Tiras Armor Sets
The latest PTR build added an interesting armor set that is named Kul Tiras Quest. There are lots of interesting elements in the textures that make up the sets.

Tier 21 Armor Set - Rogue
You can see all of the Tier 21 armor sets here.

Rogue Mythic Tier 21 Armor Set Rogue Heroic Tier 21 Armor Set Rogue Normal Tier 21 Armor Set Rogue LFR Tier 21 Armor Set

Overwatch - Doomfist Update
Jeph from the Overwatch team is back with another Developer Update, finally talking about Doomfist!

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