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by Published on 2016-11-18 05:35 AM

New Card Reveal: Poisonous Swamp Ooze

Patch 7.1.5 - Private Groups
Patch 7.1.5 adds the ability to list private groups. Only friends and guild members of people already in this group will see it.

Patch 7.1.5 - WoW Token to Battle.Net Balance
Patch 7.1.5 adds strings that suggest players will be able to redeem WoW Tokens for Battle.Net balance. This would allow you to purchase character services, pets, mounts, and other things for Blizzard games. Keep in mind that there hasn't been any official announcement yet, though this was mentioned at BlizzCon as being something they wanted to do.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • TOKEN_COMPLETE_BALANCE_DESCRIPTION (New) - %s will be added to your Balance. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.
  • TOKEN_CONFIRM_BALANCE_DESCRIPTION (New) - %s will be added to your Balance.
  • TOKEN_CONSUMABLE_DESCRIPTION_30_DAYS_BALANCE (New) - Use: Adds 30 days of game time to your World of Warcraft account or %s to your Balance.
  • TOKEN_FILTER_LABEL - Game Time WoW Token
  • TOKEN_REDEEM_BALANCE_DESCRIPTION (New) - Add %s to your Balance?
  • TOKEN_REDEEM_BALANCE_ERROR_CAP_FORMAT (New) - |cffff2020You can't choose this option because your Balance (%s) is near or at the maximum.|r
  • TOKEN_REDEEM_BALANCE_FORMAT (New) - Current Balance: |cffffffff%s|r|nNew Balance: |cffffffff%s|r
  • TUTORIAL_TOKEN_GAME_TIME_STEP_2 - 2. Redeem it for 30 days of game|n time. game|ntime.
  • TUTORIAL_TOKEN_GAME_TIME_STEP_2_BALANCE (New) - 2. Redeem it for 30 days of game|ntime (or %s of Balance).

Chris Metzen Interview
Scott Johnson has a great interview with Chris Metzen about the events leading up to his retirement. A recap can't really do it justice, but we left some rough notes below to give you an idea of what was covered.

  • Leaving Blizzard was an incredibly difficult thing to do. Metzen had been there since he was a kid and it was his whole life, his identity, all consuming. Blizzard allowed him to realize all of the dreams he had when he was younger.
  • The years working on Titan were very frustrating.
  • There was lots of stress and fear. What if the next game or project isn't perfect? What if people hate it? What if he dishonors the company or himself by not performing well enough?
  • There was a vicious loop of performing well and then expectation to perform well for the next thing.
  • It doesn't matter if your game is a hit and people love your work, you have to outdo it the next time.
  • When the Titan project was cancelled, Metzen was at a very low place, very frustrated and unsure that he wanted to keep doing it.
  • After Titan the team came up with the Overwatch idea.
  • Metzen wasn't sure if he could be a Creative Director and leader, getting everyone fired up and held together.
  • In his mind he romanticized it as one last charge at the wall, motivated by his love for Blizzard and his friends.
  • He felt like his friends and Blizzard needed him, which is a very powerful emotion. He wanted to do right by all of his people.
  • Titan was so heartbreaking in many ways. Too many people were protecting their own visions and instincts for what it should be. People stopped communicating and developing together. The team fractured.
  • Overwatch was a gift and blessing. It reminded everyone of where they were strongest. The fact that it did well is just icing on the cake.
  • What Metzen will remember when he is 80 is the joy of getting to build Overwatch with that team and what it felt like to pull each other up again.
  • Metzen had wanted to do solo cinematics that could stand alone for years and being able to do so for Overwatch was very fun.
  • He started having panic attacks and anxiety during the year or two leading up to his retirement. He didn't know they were panic attacks originally and ended up in urgent care where they couldn't find anything wrong with him.
  • He is somewhat introverted and enjoys being in familiar and comfortable situations. He doesn't go out a lot and doesn't have a lot of friends outside of Blizzard after all of these years. He is doing better about that now, reaching out to people now that he has more energy to do so.
  • Metzen told his kids that they would go to BlizzCon for a few hours this year to see Weird Al. The panic started coming back right before BlizzCon, so he didn't go.
  • At one point he was in a state of constant panic for several days. His wife told him that it wasn't something he was just going to walk off and he went and got help. Deep down he knew he wanted to be done, but he didn't know how to accept it. He would have never let go of Blizzard or what he felt was his obligation to all of the people there if this hadn't happened.
  • Blizzard is a great group of people and they would be fine without him, he wouldn't be failing anyone by leaving. It's almost like he needed someone to tell him that he had done well and it is was okay to rest now.
  • Being home with his family has been amazing. The only thing he really misses is his friends.
  • There is action in the day as a creative leader, interacting with people you love to jam with on fun ideas. Then there is the part that is actually building it, having to account for all of the people and the project, the politics, being the boss, having the pressure of having lives and careers in your hands. He misses talking about cool ideas with friends.
  • Metzen may have work in the years to come, but struggles to imagine joining a corporation again or becoming a corporate officer again.
  • He will want to tell stories again, but in a far more limited capacity.
  • Maybe eventually he will work on something with Christie Golden.
  • Metzen doesn't want to leap back in to the creative arena before he is ready to do so. He needs to consider why he is doing it and only do it if it is because it brings him joy. If it is for any other reason, such as keeping his swords sharp, avoiding being forgotten, or proving that he still has it, then it would be a mistake to do it.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
12th Anniversary Event
We gave away a Molten Corgi (a pun on the name of the Molten Core raid) for logging in during the 10th anniversary. We received a lot of positive feedback about how cute the little pup was, so like most pet families in the game, a few more variants have been added.

So, for the 12th anniversary you have the option to buy another cute Corgi pup with the 200 Timewalking Badges you're given simply for logging in during the event. You can also get an extra 25 badges per day just by testing your lore knowledge via the daily quest which is available for the duration of the anniversary event.

Of course, should you prefer, you could instead spend those badges on previous anniversary items like the Inflatable Thunderfury (did someone say....?) or Van Cleef Costume.

Or, you could simply hold onto the badges and put them toward something sold by the Timewalking vendors during a Timewalking Dungeon bonus week.

We've definitely heard that some people were disappointed by the Corgi, the cuteness isn't for everyone, and we'll forward that feedback on.

All that being said:

Happy 12th anniversary everyone! Thanks for being a part of the World of Warcraft! ❤️ (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 7.1.5 Class Changes
I did leave notes in multiple class forums that 7.1.5 is very much in flux, and that's basically what I did in the mage forum. These other comments came later in the day, near to when I was leaving the office, so I didn't have time to dive into conversations with Warlocks, for example.

We have notes for other specs that we will be sharing throughout the length of the 7.1.5 PTR, but we are not necessarily ready to talk about the state of every spec at this time - Fire is just in a more solid place. I do plan on sharing more 7.1.5 information today and tomorrow as stuff comes to me that is more set-in-stone. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Patch 7.1.5 Fire Changes
As a quick example of the "in flux" status of 7.1.5, we are currently testing a change to the Marquee Bindings that would bring the damage down to 250% instead of 200% (down from 300% on live).

With ice flows, that is reasonable[/i]
Noticed. I've passed the feedback along that Ice Flows is one of the the things that player's feel are hurting the spec. As said, we are still iterating, so I'll update you guys as things come to me. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
So, when will you guys increase the drop chance of the WW hidden artifact? No drop, running the scenario since launch
A future patch will add a form of bad luck prevention to this and similar "hidden" Artifact Appearances. (WarcraftDevs)

Kirin Tor WQs popped for EU this evening... without the emissary quest, intended? If not.. better keep the quests?
Intended, yes! Kirin Tor world quests may now appear without the Emissary being active. (WarcraftDevs)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
If it’s not problematic for you to do so, would you mind talking to us a bit about the original WoW Death Knight that you were part of designing in Wrath of the Lich King? I’m very curious about how it was built from the ground up, what sorts of challenges you faced and what it ended up becoming.
I could talk about this for days, probably. At the high level, there were a few goals:

1) Create another plate-using class with different abilities and feel than the warrior or paladin. Runes were already conceived before I joined the team as a way to avoid rage or mana (or energy). We hit upon diseases as the primary driver of the rotation: apply a disease, do damage, remove the disease with a finisher. Obviously the rotations have evolved enormously since then.

2) Experiment with having spec not strictly tied to role. We tried letting Blood, Frost and Unholy all tank and all DPS or PvP (with slightly different builds). This meant coming up with separate but ideally equal tanking cooldowns for example, and ideas such as Bladed Armor to let DKs benefit from the natural defenses on their DPs-oriented gear.

3) Deliver on expectations from Arthas and the Warcraft RTS about how a death knight would play. Example: Death and Decay was an iconic DK ability that WoW had given to the Warlocks. Pets felt like something we needed to deal with. Healing had to be really kit-appropriate.

4) Make a viable class. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it was a challenge back in the BC era. Early on, some of the hardcore raiders at Blizzard said they couldn’t fit a DK into their raid roster because the parties were so static (e.g. you need a shaman with the rouges for WF, so where was the DK going to fit?). This led to a lot of rethinking about raid buffs, including raid options for who brought what, party vs raid-wide buffs, and whether it was okay to have specs who were only useful for buffing.

5) Because I didn’t know the WoW spell system very well from a technical perspective, I came up with a lot of new ideas. The upside of this was that they were new idea that pushed the team a little to implement new things. The downside was that it caused a lot of bugs (particularly with Shadow of Death, or whatever the talent that let you come back to life). Even with the “hero class” concept, we know we had to present an argument to players over why they should pick the DK as their new main. We knew we had to do something different. Death Grip (which was mostly Xelnath) was key in this regard.

6) I think a lot of the DK success had to do with Acherus and the quest experience, which was mostly Afrasiabi. I helped with that, but I was more focused on abilities and talents. Just wanted to call that out.

7) It was also really important to me to involve the community. The only way I knew how to develop (from my decade working on Age of Empires) was to constantly ask players what was working and what needed work. The early DK community was awesome. They were overall really level-headed, open-minded and defaulted to trust, and I think this experience led to them feeling some level of ownership over the class rather than it strictly being something we passed down to them.

Some issues I am remembering (or misremembering):

There was a point where you could build a DK with something like 16 different diseases, which were all just generic, though there were abilities that scaled with disease count. Somewhere along the way we had the idea to just compress those down to two (Frost Fever and Blood Plague) and try and theme them more strongly.

We struggled a ton with Chains of Ice, since it was iconic, but also dropping speed so dramatically was really powerful in PvP, especially for a tanky melee class with a lot of ranged spells.

Originally, the intent was that Blood was the more melee focused and easy to play spec. Frost was more for min/maxxers who wanted to obsess over secondary stats, with a bit of casting thrown in. Unholy was originally more of a pet class (which was always super niche) and morphed into being more about spells and debuffing.

We spent way too much effort trying to make the DK-specific enchants a thing, but we never balanced them well, and there was just a right answer most of the time. Go figure. Maybe it was worth it for the flavor, but I am kind of skeptical. (Do these still exist in WoW? Not sure.)

I have mixed feeling about retreating from the idea that there was no dedicated tanking spec. I agreed with the decision (and might have suggested it for all I know), but a lot of that was because we were developing dual-spec at the same time, which made it much easier for someone to say swap to offtanking for just one fight. The class team was starting to feel like we were developing 6 specs of DK (Frost dps, Frost tank, etc.) and that is even ignoring things like DW vs 2H weapons, PvP and so on.

Wow, that was quite the text dump. I hadn’t thought about this in while. If I am misremembering things, I apologize. (Source)

BlizzCon Cosplay
There is a nice album of Blizzcon cosplay on the Eurobeat Kasumi Photography page. You can see Cynthia Hall (3rd Place) and Lynesta pictured below.

Final Boss #122
This week Preach, Ghost, and Nobbel talked about Legion and BlizzCon things!

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Update (8:30 PM EST): Added note about potential change to Marquee Bindings of the Sun King

New Card Reveal: Backstreet Leper

Patch 7.1.5 PTR - Class Changes
Keep in mind that the changes you saw yesterday in the first PTR build are not complete!

WoW's 12th Anniversary
WoW's 12th Anniversary went live today!

Level Type Name Cost
1Companion Pets Corgi Pup200 × 
1Holiday Exquisite Costume Set: "Edwin VanCleef"200 × 
1Other Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker50 × 
1Other Celebration Wand - Murloc25 × 
1Other Celebration Wand - Gnoll25 × 

Celebrating 12 Years of WoW!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The 12th anniversary celebration of World of Warcraft has begun! Log in between now and November 30 to earn the WoW’s 12th Anniversary achievement, then check your mail for a special Anniversary Gift Package.

This year’s package will include 200 Timewarped Badges, a Celebration Package item to increase experience and reputation gains from kills by 12% for 1 hour, and a “Letter from the Timewalkers” which will start a new quest that will lead you to either Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Questgivers Historian Llore and Historian Ju’pe will have a daily quest for players to earn additional Timewarped Badges by answering World of Warcraft trivia. If you’d like this year’s anniversary gift, the Corgi Pup, you can purchase it from them along with other additional anniversary goodies.

Thank you to all of the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance for your unfaltering dedication to Azeroth. Whether you are a clever night elf, a nimble gnome, a mystical troll, or a stalwart human, we appreciate your continued support, and we’re looking forward to sharing many more adventures with you for years to come.

World of Warcraft 12th Anniversary
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Happy 12 years of WoW and 22 years of Warcraft, everyone!

Hopefully by now you've picked up the Box in your mail, which will contain an item that will start a short questline, ending at a vendor who will sell you an adorable Corgi pup (sell is maybe not the right word, since you're given the currency for it from the Anniversary Box, and you should always #AdoptNotShop)!

If for some reason you'd rather not adopt a Corgi (who are very much in need good homes), you're welcome to save the tokens and put them towards rewards in any of the time Timewalking events - I'd recommend waiting for Mists of Pandaria TImewalking in 7.1.5 and putting it towards a new Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent mount!

Let's do our best to ignore trolls who will try to make a mountain out of our small anniversary celebration.

Thanks to our amazing and dedicated community for being with us and creating amazing memories over the last couple of decades.

As for the anniversary thingy it's absolute trash. It's my opinion.
As yes, the mysterious and "rare" shadowy Level 1 troll. A wonder to behold, I'm sure! Let's play nice, okay?

Patch 7.1 Hotfixes - November 15-16
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Displacement should now work for mages who know Arcane Momentum.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Weaponmaster no longer causes Goremaw's Bite to deal excessive damage when it activates.

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle buffs are no longer shared among multiple Shaman.


Return to Karazhan
  • Grouped players can now loot Little Red's Cape for "High Stress Hiatus".

Trial of Valor
  • There is now a portal to return to the start of the instance in Haustvald, and Odyn will teleport players out of the instance after Helya is defeated.
    • Helya
    • The difficulty of several aspects of the Helya encounter have been decreased on Raid Finder difficulty.
    • Resolved an issue where sometimes Bilewater Breath would cast while Helya is submerging.

  • Warriors on "Capturing the Gateway" who aren’t seeing the required missions should return to their Class Hall, abandon the quest, and then re-accept it from Odyn. You will receive credit for missions you already completed and the remaining missions will now be available.
  • The Burning Crusade quest "Blessing of Incineratus" can now be completed.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Borrowed Time and Muze’s Unwavering Will (legendary wrist item) now properly reduce the global cooldown of Smite, in addition to Smite’s cast time.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • The Warlock Glyph of the Observer should now summon an Observer that knows Devour Magic.

  • The weekly Grand Challenger’s Bounty now contains Item Level 885+ rewards for players who cleared a Mythic Keystone Level 12 or higher dungeon the prior week.

Return to Karazhan
  • Burning Bones should no longer sometimes inflict damage to the tank instead of the player with the debuff.

Player versus Player
  • End-of-match rewards from Rated Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds now get increased item level based on your current rating in that bracket, instead of your current item level.
    • Developers’ Notes: While the Weekly Quests for each bracket were giving rewards based on rating, the rewards given at the conclusion of a Rated Arena or Rated Battleground weren’t aligned with the challenge involved in earning a high rating. This change makes winning high-rated Arena or Rated Battleground matches more analogous to running repeated high-level Mythic Keystone dungeons.
  • Rated Battleground wins no longer have a guaranteed chance to reward an item.
    • Developers’ Notes: RBG wins would’ve been far too lucrative. We’re lowering the base chance of receiving an item, but also applying some aggressive bad luck protection. While you won’t earn an item from every single RBG win any more, they’ll still be very common, and far more valuable at higher ratings.

Artifact Power World Quest Exploit
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Of course no action will be taken.
Actually, we did just take action against players who went out of their way to take advantage of this bug. We had two main motivations: First, fairness to those who could have taken advantage of this exploit but chose not to; and second, setting/reinforcing a precedent that flagrant abuse of bugs for personal gain will be taken seriously. Even if you're not concerned with fair play on a community level, from a pure selfish perspective, you're better off not taking advantage of loopholes like these as it's very likely that you'll end up worse off than if you'd never done it at all.

Obviously, the existence of a bug like this is our fault. We should have caught this issue (which arose from a a conflict between two world quests, causing credit to not save properly) during testing. But the existence of our mistake doesn't excuse players' deliberate actions to take advantage of it.

Here's an awkward real-world analogy:

Let's say you're walking down the street one day, when you look down, and notice a crisp bank note being lifted by a gentle breeze around your feet. You look around, and no one is in sight. Well, guess it's your lucky day!

A few moments later, you come across two or three more bank notes. Definitely strange, and you're a bit suspicious because this obviously isn't normal, but they're just lying there. No one can really blame you if you pick them up, right?

Now, you turn the corner, and you see vast stacks of bank notes sitting on a pallet in the middle of the road. It seems like an unfortunate driver failed to properly secure the rear door of his armored truck, leading to this scene. But if you walked up and grabbed a large handful from the pile, would that be an entirely innocent act? Would you be surprised if a police officer who witnessed you do that thought otherwise?

Finally, if you were to fetch large garbage bags, and call up your friends and tell them to do the same, so you could load up as much of the cash as you all could carry.... Still entirely innocent? Sure, the driver made a big mistake in not locking the door, but would there be any surprise if you were tracked down based on CCTV footage and there were consequences for that act?

(Hey, I said it would be an awkward analogy.)

The account actions taken today were generally in direct proportion to the degree of abuse. Players who may have innocently repeated the quest just a few times were not actioned. But on the other end of the spectrum, some who managed to fit in literally hundreds of completions, forming groups to do so, received far more serious penalties.

We apologize for the existence of the bug in the first place, but once an issue like this is out in the wild, we need to act to preserve the spirit of fair play.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Legendary Item Level Hotfix
This is just a cache issue, your Legendary has been upgraded but it's still displaying the old tooltip locally.

Simply exit WoW, go to the WoW folder on your PC and delete the Cache folder. Then open WoW again and your tooltips should update to reflect the new values. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 7.1.5 - Prydaz Changes
The buff to the item coming in 7.1.5 is looking to make it one of the best tanking legendaries out there, so... soon™.

Well I'm sure glad I just got the best tanking trinket as a healer. Oh boy!As a healer, you may not want to use it but the stats could still be considered decent until you get a better slotted item. Survivability does help everyone, despite what some players may say - not every items can conform to simulations and discrepancies in logs while increasing flat-out throughput damage.

Wishing you luck on your next legendary (the mistweaver one coming in 7.1.5 looks to be pretty good)!

Its always "in a future patch, or it's coming. My question is: Why is it necessary to buff these legendary's, why were they put out in their crap state in the first place?
Not every legendary is meant to be on equal footing - sometimes they are meant to change a play style entirely, and sometimes not. Sometimes we miss the mark on them, as we have with the couple that have been buffed and nerfed.

WoW is a living game, things change over time. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Patch 7.1.5 Hunter Changes
Good to note that we are still iterating on 7.1.5, and we are by no means patch-complete at this point. We aren't ready to share our thoughts here until the changes are fully implemented and players can see them firsthand.

Datamining is not something you should be going by 100% when providing feedback.

Let's be a bit more decent with our conversation here. Forum/text coding has absolutely 0 to do with our game development.

From yesterday:
@WarcraftDevs:Class updates for Patch 7.1.5 are still in progress, with much more to come. Please keep that in mind if you're looking at datamining.

Yeah nah, heard that before. Remember that 7.1 talent swap change for Warlocks discussion you responded to, once, and never came back? Will believe it when we see it. Y'all got some work to do to regain our faith.There are (literally) hundreds of moving parts within the greater World of Warcraft machine. Gears don't always turn smoothly - sometimes they need a bit of a push and grease, and sometimes they have to be disassembled entirely which can takes time to retune and repair them.

Not to push off blame here, but there are times where we only have one thing to say on current iterations while we focus on future plans. This is rare and far between, but talent swapping is a good example of this. 7.1.5 is the current focus when it comes to class and talent changes. Let's get these changes out before we start throwing point feedback that ends up changing in a few days time. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Patch 7.1.5 Fire changes
As a long time fire mage player (among other classes, don't pigeonhole me ), I think it's very fair to say the spec needed some adjustments - that's something I've heard in Trade and Guild Chat since Legion day one (even the post above me is a player who boosted a mage for this reason).

While there are some (what I personally feel) valid concerns with how adjustments affect investment into Artifacts, our adjustments aren't of the caliber that should warrant "FIRE IS DEAD" being screamed from the mountaintops. We want players to play the spec they want, and not focus on switching in an out of the FotM every patch cycle.

Anyways, it's good to note that we are still iterating on 7.1.5, and we are by no means patch-complete at this point. We are not currently in a state where we are ready to share detailed thoughts on Fire until the changes are fully implemented.

Datamining is not always something you should be going by 100% when providing feedback - just something to keep in mind.

It's concerning that you are trying to justify nerfs with things you hear from guild chat and trade chat. Fact of the matter is, fire is just fine at the moment. It's not too strong, it's not too weak. Just fine. Every logging metric in the world corroborates this, the only people screaming fire is OP are daily dungeon heroes and trolls. Thanks for communicating at least.
There's really no difference between trying to justify nerfs with conversation on the forums than with chats with players in game than with players on Social Media. Every voice matters, and channel with a voice is just as valid as the next.

Nerfs aren't "justified" through conversation alone - in fact I think "justified" is a dangerous word to use here. The developers are looking at tons of information when they make these adjustments. I'm not saying conversation didn't impact changes at all (the previous were my notes, and I'm not a developer), but there are more than enough cases where people laugh and tell their fellow mages to be quiet or they will get them nerfed to cause a bit of an eyebrow raise for myself.

Ion went over why the Bracers are being changed during BlizzCon. You can find information on that elsewhere, as I don't have it readily available to repeat. But every pack should be what you consider "middle of the pack" in an ideal world. Raid vs Mythic environments adjust this, of course, but I don't see Fire falling off the deep end because of this.

In fact, with future secondary stat changes (talked about in the post BlizzCon Q&A) I think gear scaling will improve ten fold, and I foresee that these changes will actually be better long term.

Let's have a deeper discussion on this once 7.1.5 changes are finalized on the PTR, but I'll gather the feedback here for now and send it over.

Thank you again for a quick response! Yesterday felt very grim, but after thinking about it, I have absolutely no reason to believe this iteration of the PTR is final (and I am one of the people who lived through the "jaw dropping damage" of Burning Crusade). I don't necessarily agree with the every voice matters, but, again, how do you weigh the voice of these opinions to what happens in practice? Mages aren't exactly crushing it in Emerald Nightmare or Trial of Valor, they have their strong fights and their weak fights, they aren't shadow priests. By every metric, they are just okay, middle of the pack. This is underscored by the fact that the legendary wrists are indeed too powerful and is largely what props up mage performance.

On a side note for the legendary wrists. I know they were slated for a nerf this patch. I get it, they absolutely were too strong. I would just like to bring up the fact that their current iteration on the ptr makes the proc useless. The nerf they received is incomparable to the nerfs other over the top legendaries received (unholy wrists, havoc ring, etc.), they are simply on a differing order of magnitude. As of right now, in a vacuum, the proc is almost not worth using. This is further exacerbated by the removal of ice floes, which, for all intents and purposes, makes what once was the BIS legendary for fire mages absolutely worthless. Now, it is possible there are further changes that mitigate this nerf (for example, making pyroblast only take 3 seconds to cast, as an example), but as of right now, the bracers are just a glorified stat stick in 7.1.5.
Appreciate the feedback on the bracers. I'm not sure of the state of the legendary item changes, they could very well be in flux, too. I've taken note that you guys are not so happy with the change, and I'll get that over the the development team to get some more appropriate feedback both ways.

As for the every voice matters thing, that is one of Blizzard's core values, and something we, as a company, hold very dearly. Every piece of feedback matters as much as the next - great ideas can come from anywhere. It is indeed difficult to weigh the conversation on both sides, but that's part of my job and so I take it seriously!

As a quick example of the "in flux" status of 7.1.5, we are currently testing a change to the Marquee Bindings of the Sun King that would bring the damage down to 250% instead of 200% (down from 300% on live).

Keep in mind that the PTR is NOT FINAL and we are still testing numerous changes to various specs and items.(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

BlizzCon 2016 Cosplay
Blizzard has a nice compilation of some of the cosplay at BlizzCon.

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New Mage Card Reveal: Kabal Lackey

World Boss - Humongris
Pocket Wizard is up this week, so you can head to Val'sharah to kill Humongris for a chance at item level 860 items and a Iron Relic.

Trial of Valor
Mythic and Raid Finder Trial of Valor open today! Check out the boss pages, short guides, and some lore behind the instance.

BlizzCon 2016 - Celestalon and Hamlet Interview
Slootbag had the opportunity to talk to Celestalon and Hamlet at BlizzCon.

  • Patch 7.0 made lots of changes to classes and the team knew it wouldn't all be perfect. Iteration is required to make things better.
  • Hibernate is one of the spells that may return.
  • Demonology and Survival are almost new specs in Legion after all of the changes.
  • This level of iteration on classes probably won't continue throughout the expansion. Things will smooth out over time.
  • Emerald Nightmare was not intended to be soul crushingly hard. Xavius was on the easy side, especially with Surrender to Madness.
  • The team hasn't made huge changes to Surrender to Madness because it is really good class fantasy and a lot of people love the gameplay.
  • For the most part, the team will be buffing the under performing talents. This might just be number tweaks, tweaks to the design, or even replacements. Number tweaks will be the most common, as they are the easiest.
  • Fire is on the very strong side, so they nerfed it a little bit. It is still a little strong, but there is no way to get it exactly in line with the other specs.
  • The team tries to avoid making class tuning changes for a few weeks after Mythic opens.
  • The first week that a raid is open provides lots of data used to adjust tuning.
  • Surrender to Madness is probably too strong. The team wants to find a way to fix it that doesn't negatively impact the average or high end player.
  • The team doesn't want to make underpowered specs more powerful than the other specs. The team wouldn't want to buff Arcane or Frost so much that players feel like they have to switch to Frost or Arcane. They would bring them up to just a few percent under Fire. This doesn't mean that if you look at logs you will see Fire and Frost equal. Most players already put most of their Artifact Power in Fire and have been gearing for Fire, so they aren't going to switch.
  • Survival was a new spec that started off on the weak side, so it didn't attract much attention or playtime. Groups also aren't sure why they would bring a Survival Hunter over the other two specs.
  • Traps are something you set out and then lure the target into. One idea is having traps that aren't triggered after a few seconds become empowered, so that when they are next triggered they are much stronger.
  • Elemental Shaman should have more balanced talents, allowing them to be more versatile.
  • Mages will get some new talents as some are going baseline.
  • Brewmasters are the most skill rewarding tank.
  • Balance Druids are on the weaker side, but aren't terrible. The gameplay is pretty solid, they just need some number tweaking.
  • Mythic+ dungeons are now an important part of class tuning. Previously tuning mostly focused on raids or PvP, with dungeons not getting much focus.
  • Tank damage is too high in dungeons but solving that is a challenge, as that is tied to their AoE damage.
  • There haven't been many changes to healers since Legion went live as the team is mostly happy with the balance.
  • Healer representation in dungeons and raids is good.
  • Discipline Priest is the hardest healing spec to play in high level dungeons. You really have to know the dungeon well and what is going to happen next. There is a community of players that finds it rewarding and really enjoys it.
  • The team would like to make Discipline easier to perform well with for players that aren't at the high end of the skill level, if it can be done without undermining the cool interactions that make the spec fun to play.
  • For the most part the team is happy with the diversity of tools that healers bring to dungeon groups.
  • People who are progressing at the edge of Mythic+ generally don't have the healer focusing much on DPS, as healing high end Mythic+ is hard and you need to spend all of your time healing. People have noticed that Holy Paladins can get pretty bursty because they can drop their damage in two GCDs with Judge and Shock. The team looked at this in beta and removed damage from Holy Paladin wings, as they don't want a healing spec to focus too much on contributing DPS at the expense of what healer gameplay is supposed to be. Healers doing DPS is intended for when you are doing content you can handle well and you have excess capacity.
  • Legion tried to help players that have been attached to a healing spec for a long time and doesn't want to feel forced to switch to another spec to quest or level. They won't kill things as fast as a DPS spec, but they will do it reasonably well.
  • Desperate Prayer will become baseline and a survivability talent will replace it.
  • Shadow Covenant didn't work out, so they will be trying a design that doesn't replace Power Word: Radiance.
  • There hasn't been a lot of stacking of healer specs in raid comps, there is lots of diversity.
  • There is a trend away from non-healers having healer strength cooldowns. If you look back to Mists of Pandaria, everyone in the raid had a strong raid cooldown, which drowned out the gameplay that the healers were supposed to be having.
  • Tranquility is intentionally weaker than it used to be in previous expansions. It isn't the reset button it used to be. The big healer cooldowns are there to help you catch up, not to do your job for you.
  • The team didn't want to change talents in the first month so that players could get used to the new playstyle before even more changes happened.
  • How much perception affects reality is one of the ongoing challenges. The goal you are trying to achieve is players looking at their options and seeing a compelling choice. Often players are undervaluing a talent, spec, or stat, so they make a small change in order to re-evaluate it.
  • The changes that happened to Outlaw in the first balancing pass on live were very minimal, mostly changes to two Artifact Traits. Nothing that could have caused a huge change to the DPS output. The changes caused players that were heavily fixating on Outlaw to start looking at Assassination.
  • Frost mage tuning was off at launch, but looking at logs and saying that it is 35% behind another spec is almost never actually the case. It is just a bias in perception that is driving what spec players play.
  • Marksmanship Hunters may get some talents moved to baseline skills in Patch 7.1.5. The goal is to avoid upending how you play the spec. The Patient Sniper row is a problem, as everyone feels like they need this talent for the spec to be viable and fun. The baseline gameplay may be changed to be inspired by Patient Sniper so that you don't need that talent for the same feeling.
  • There are some changes coming to Warlock talents for all specs in Patch 7.1.5. There are some new talents coming.
  • Affliction is tough, as the pace of combat in the game has gotten faster. Many years ago the focus of the spec was to put DoTs on multiple targets, but it has gotten harder for this to work in the modern game.
  • Drain Soul is going baseline, with a new single target focused talent that will replace it.
  • Frost and Arcane Mage have some talents that have been moved around and maybe some new talents.

Patch 7.1 Hotfixes - November 14
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Blood) The Hungering Maw now increases the player's Armor by 10%, then increases by 1% for every additional point put into the Infinite Progression Artifact Trait.

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Restoration) The legendary item Aman'Thul's Wisdom should now work correctly with Rejuvenation and Germination when cast on other players.

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Beast Mastery) Spiritbound now increases the player's damage, Hati's damage, and the player's pet damage by 5%, then increases by 0.5% for every additional point put into the Infinite Progression Artifact Trait.

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • The damage from Greater Blessing of Might will no longer be increased twice by some debuffs on the target.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Discipline) Forbidden Flame now increases the player's damage and healing by 4%, then increases by 0.4% for every additional point into the Infinite Progression Artifact Trait.
  • Shadow: Voidform’s Insanity drain now begins at 8 Insanity per second (down from 9), but will increase at a 10% faster rate
    • Developers’ Notes: We want to reduce the maximum amount of time that Surrender to Madness can be maintained, without significantly impacting Shadow otherwise. Our intent in this hotfix is that it’s still effective to use Surrender similarly to how it is currently used, but that its maximum potential in ideal situations is slightly less extreme.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Sweet Souls should no longer completely heal the Warlock when an ally uses a healthstone.

  • Hellfire Citadel
    • LFR Queuing for Archimonde’s Fall at the Black Gate now has Anetheron, Azgalor, Kaz’rogal, and Archimonde spawned once the queue pops.
  • Return to Karazhan
    • Fixed an issue which could cause Galindre to not reset properly on a failed attempt.
  • Trial of Valor
    • Helya
    • Anchor Slam should now inflict less damage to secondary targets on Normal difficulty.
    • Resolved an issue where Fury of the Maw would do drastically more damage than intended on targets recently wounded by an Orb of Corrosion.

  • All Legion Legendary items have had their item level increased by 15. This change will be applied retroactively.
  • All items from the Trial of Valor have had their base item level increased by 5. This change will be applied retroactively.
  • The damage from the equip effect of Choker of Barbed Reins should scale down in Timewalking dungeons.

Player versus Player
The following PvP adjustments will take place with the next realm maintenance.

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Frost) Strength reduced by 10%.
  • (Blood) Blood Boil now deals full damage in PvP (was reduced).
    • Developers’ Notes: Frost Death Knight damage continues to be higher than we’d like following the changes in Patch 7.1. For Blood, we no longer feel the damage reduction on Blood Boil is necessary. We plan to make a broader set of changes for them (and other tanks) in Patch 7.1.5.

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Feral) Rake now deals 20% less damage to players.
    • Developers’ Notes: We like that Feral Druids can apply a lot of spread pressure through their bleeds, but Rake’s damage feels out of line.

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Fire) Intellect increased by 10%.
    • Developers’ Notes: Fire Mages have simply fallen behind in terms of damage output, and we felt they needed an increase.

Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Holy) Mana regeneration has been reduced.
  • (Holy) Avenging Crusader now costs 110,000 mana.
    • Developers’ Notes: Holy Paladins are too mana efficient in current PvP gameplay. We’re reducing their overall regeneration, as well as adding a mana cost to Avenging Crusader, since it was essentially mana-free healing.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Feint reduces damage taken from player cast area-of-effect spells by 30% (was 50%).
  • (All specs) Stamina has been increased by 5%.
    • Developers’ Notes: Feint’s AoE damage reduction is intended to protect Rogues during dungeon and raid encounters, but many class abilities that feel like single target spells in PvP are treated as AoE effects (e.g. Lunar Strike, Ice Nova). This makes Rogues unintentionally resistant to those abilities. We’re reducing Feint’s AoE damage reduction in PvP, but increasing Stamina to compensate.

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Elemental) Stormkeeper now increases damage of Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Lava Beam by 100% against players (was 200%)
  • (Elemental) Intellect increased by 5%.
    • Developers' Notes: Stormkeeper is at the center of a combination of cooldowns and procs that can cause extraordinarily high damage in a very short time. We're reducing its impact but increasing Elemental's damage overall to compensate.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • (Affliction) Unstable Affliction's dispel damage has been doubled.
  • (Destruction) Chaos Bolt now deal an additional 35% damage against players (was 20%).
    • Developers’ Notes: Patch 7.1 changed the design of Unstable Affliction, and our initial tuning on the dispel damage was simply too low. For Destruction, we want spending Soul Shards on Chaos Bolt to feel rewarding when weighed against the alternatives.

  • The weekly event quest “The Very Best” should no longer be cleared from the quest log when logging in on a low-level character.
  • Kirin Tor world quests can now appear when the Kirin Tor emissary is not active.

  • Players no longer receive any sound following the Quick Join notifications when friends or guild members queue.

Weekly Event - Arena Skirmishes
Head over to Archmage Timear in Dalaran to pick up The Arena Calls, which rewards Artifact Power, Badge of Honor, and Champion's Strongbox.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Pet Battle World Quests
World Quests are aimed to provide a variety of content for a variety playstyles. This can range from your standard kill/collect quests, to more PvP orientated ones right through to Pet Battles or even the absolutely nuts one with squirrels in Val'Sharah...

If you don't enjoy doing a certain type of World Quest you can just leave them, focus on the ones you do enjoy and eventually the ones you've ignored will de-pop and new ones will cycle in.

Is the word "eventually" being adopted as blizzards new version of soon™ just with a more vague timeframe?

Until there are a decent amount of dailies the game can pull from a list people are being pushed into the ones they don't enjoy as much if they want to get the chest of RNG'd junk. Or for folk like myself who tend to skip the ones that give gold as a reward because we don't need more gold put into in an overinflated economy.

I used the word "eventually" because World Quests have variable durations. In most cases an Emissary Cache can be obtained without touching the PvP or Pet Battle World Quests.

What the map really needs is a filter so we can simply hide the PVP or pet ones that we have zero interest in. Although that seems a solution thats a bit too close to being soon™ over eventually™
The map lets you filter by reward types? PvP and Pet Battle World Quests also have different icons, so it's immediately obvious what type of World Quests they are. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
You know... since Baine has been afk for a very long time?
Baine will have his day in the sun. Eventually. (Alex_Afrasiabi)

Pets and Pet Battles
Ion clarified Battle Pet Dungeons a bit today by likening them to the Celestial Tourney. What would you want to see changed/improved? (Muffinus)

Making Murloc Costumes for BlizzCon 2016
Tested worked on building two Murlocs for the new Hearthstone expansion at BlizzCon.

by Published on 2016-11-14 02:26 AM

New Card Reveal: Madam Goya

BlizzCon Developer Interview
Vanion had the chance to talk to Matt Goss, a Lead Game Designer on WoW.

  • There is no cap on the number of legendary items you can obtain.
  • You can repeat the legendary item quest line to upgrade multiple legendary items.
  • Ahn'qiraj Remembrance Day lets your faction fly a flag in Silithus. It is region wide so it will be their first attempt to do a race between the two factions.
  • The team tries to make sure everyone can do all of the Brawler's Guild bosses. There aren't any bosses that require a healing or tank spec, as everyone can fall back to a DPS spec.
  • There won't be a new bonus roll currency for Nighthold.
  • Mythic+ dungeons will have the max item level rewarded increased when Nighthold comes out, similar to what was done for Trial of Valor.
  • The team is always looking for new Keystone affixes, but they are mostly happy with how they have turned out so far. Everyone has one that they hate!
  • The team isn't sure if you will need to get all 20 points in the final Artifact Trait before you can progress towards the new golden trait in Patch 7.2. Anyone who plays Legion shouldn't feel any regret on how they spent Artifact Power in Patch 7.2.
  • There are no plans to make it easier to switch specs and Artifact Weapons. Artifact Knowledge allows you to catch up fairly quickly.
  • The team doesn't just look at damage numbers when balancing tanks. They also have to look at utility, how much damage they take, how much healing they need to be viable, and more.
  • The choice in Patch 7.2 on what to build for the new base is region wide. The team will see how it works in playtesting. The world should feel cohesive.
  • New World Bosses will be added in the upcoming patches.
  • The team doesn't want to maintain multiple caps on how high items can randomly upgrade. When Patch 7.2 is released, everything will be able to upgrade to the new max item level.
  • Patch 7.2 will add better crafted gear, but they haven't decided if it will be through more Obliterum or a new system. Professions should stay relevant.
  • The team wanted to try the new Karazhan experience before they added a version you can queue for. There are still a lot of players that don't want to do Mythic dungeons or don't want to find the group to do it. These players should be able to experience Karazhan too.

BlizzCon 2016 - Blizzard Engineering Panel
Along with the WoW Engineering panel, there was also a Blizzard Engineering panel not on the stream on Day 1.

Heroes of the Storm
  • Heroes is a fun game to work on because the team likes to do the impossible.
  • The team was working on Cho'gall and someone came up with the idea for him to carry his horse.
  • Mounting assumes that you have a horse under you that is playing a running animation and the character model plays an animation in sync with that. This was very hard to change, especially with a week left before the BlizzCon build had to be finalized.
  • He ended up riding an invisible horse, playing a running animation, and had an added horse on his shoulder.
  • The team eventually went back and improved the mount code.
  • You can see this with Ragnaros, his trails are a custom special mount.

Legion Launch
  • About a year before Legion launch, a designer came to the team and pitched Khadgar casting a spell in Dalaran that would teleport everyone to the Broken Isles at the same time.
  • Teleporting the entire population of WoW at the same moment was a bit farfetched.
  • The team used the new Automation team to determine what they actually could do.
  • How many people could they teleport? What is the rate they could teleport people at? Could they really teleport everyone all at once?
  • After a lot of testing they determined how many people could be teleported at once and went back to design with the current implementation.
  • Players got a quest between 11:45 and midnight that allowed them to teleport over.
  • Historically there was a lot of lag and latency during the first couple days of an expansion launch.
  • An engineer suggested splitting up the world in a way that left it populated but also smooth, which was dynamic sharding.
  • It measures the population of players and creates a new shard when the population approaches a target that the team set.
  • This way you always feel like you are in a full world but don't have the bad experience that comes with an overpopulated world.
  • This tech was first seen during the Demon Invasions during the pre-expansion event.
  • During launch day everyone went to Dalaran and the sharding split up the population. All of the new Dalaran shards were spun up ahead of release so that everything was smooth.

Overwatch Play of the Game
  • The first implementation of Play of the Game in Overwatch Beta just looked at how well you were performing in regards to kills.
  • If you got a lot of kills in an eight second period you would win the Play of the Game.
  • The team originally also considered showing each player their own Play of the Game, but it felt cooler to watch the best Play of the Game.
  • The second iteration on this looked at actions players took that were not kills, such as saving another player's life or shutting down someone's ultimate.
  • Now the game also keeps track of interruptions to someone who is going to do something to your team.
  • For example, it will track how many people McCree has in his sight for the ultimate, so if you stop him from getting the kills the game knows and assigns a score based on the number of people you saved.
  • Each of the categories are weighted and the Play of the Game can now be something that isn't just a lot of kills.
  • The team is still iterating on the system and has plans for improvements, such as camera improvements and tweaking of existing categories.

  • Hearthstone went with Unity as their engine in the interest of speed. The server is a custom C++ program.
  • Designers script a card using their custom scripting system and all of that happens on the server side.
  • The server is where all of the rules exist, it just tells the client what happened.
  • With Yogg, secrets didn't work, choice cards didn't work, but they got far enough to get a feel for it. It then was tasked to a gameplay programmer to fix secrets. Fixing the rest of the things resulted in moving the card implementation into the C++ code rather than the scripting language used by designers.

  • The team looks for people that have actually finished a project, everyone can have a cool idea and start on it, but actually finishing is something special.
  • The other thing they look for is passion and how you demonstrate that passion. People that don't just do work for school, but instead work on something outside of that.
  • You can also target your projects towards the company or team you want to work for. This helps to show your passion and ability to complete things, as well as bringing your work to the attention of people actually working on the product.
  • One of the Hearthstone gameplay engineers applied to Blizzard with lots of Unity projects under his belt. He also played a lot of TCG games.

WoW Realms
  • Originally the realm itself would be responsible for running the instance servers.
  • Some realms are very populated and some are less populated, so when hardware was allocated in that way the high population realms were utilizing all of the hardware while lower population realms were sitting almost idle.
  • The team then took all of the instance servers and put them into a pool. This allowed the higher population realms to use more resources and the lower population realms weren't so idle. This took a lot of engineering effort.

Overwatch QA
  • The Overwatch has a QA team that sits on the same floor as the developers and all of the different engineering disciplines leverage that team.
  • The QA team will attend all of the meetings and design discussions so that they are aware of all of the changes coming.
  • When the team is implementing features, ideally the QA team is already ready with a test plan to make sure the feature is pretty close to bug free.
  • Occasionally there are some larger features that are too big for the internal QA team to test, so the team will ask if there are any QA people on other game teams that want to spend some time testing the new feature. One example of when this was done is the Halloween event.

Mobile Development
  • Originally there was a mobile team at Blizzard, separate from the Hearthstone team. They were working on things like the mobile armory. The Hearthstone team borrowed people to help get Hearthstone shippable and then kept them.
  • Eventually the mobile team got absorbed into Team 5.
  • The Legion Companion app was developed by some engineers on the WoW team using Unity. They consulted with the Hearthstone team a lot.
  • They abstracted out Battle.Net management code for Hearthstone so that it can be reused across multiple projects that are being worked on.

Open Source
  • Blizzard makes use of hundreds of open source projects.
  • They don't contribute as much as they probably could and that is something they are looking into.
  • You can find some things on their Github.

Hearthstone State
  • Hearthstone sends what happened in the game to the client, but it doesn't actually save this data anywhere, so the server can't replay what happened when you temporarily lose your network connection.
  • They could also do a better job of chunking up assets.
  • The team has spent time optimizing things on mobile, such as loading of XML files or the art assets. The server side doesn't do a great job of saving state.
  • There is just a current state that gets sent to the client when you reconnect.

  • The team pushed hard from the beginning of Overwatch to have automation be a big part of testing.
  • The team wanted to be able to reliably do things like stress testing things before they go live.
  • What happens when half a million players suddenly start playing? What happens when the servers are overloaded? What happens to game stability when new features are added?
  • It is hard to keep track of things that break that no one really tests. Automation was seen as the solution to many of these problems.
  • It has been really successful so far, allowing the team to stress test servers before they went live and test every single build.
  • The team uses headless clients to automate gameplay and ensure that a build is okay.
  • For WoW, the team has functional testing. People do black box testing that catches problems without automation.
  • WoW does have build verification testing.
  • If the client has performance problems, having a bot teleport around to measure framerate and find hot spots is helpful.
  • The team also did a full scale test for Legion launch, having lots of clients connecting to test things for launch.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
PSA: Underwater-only mounts should now move faster! (Muffinus)
As fast as Azure Water Striders? Because right now thats pretty much all anyone who isnt a DK is using. No alternatives. =/
they're not meant to be used as surface mounts (Muffinus)
I bought water walking potions just so I could not use my water strider
The idea that the water strider is so good that you can't use anything else is noted, no update tho. (Muffinus)

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BlizzCon Cosplay - Ragnaros
There was lots of great cosplay at BlizzCon, including this Ragnaros by Danielle Beaulieu. Ragnaros is coming to Heroes of the Storm along with Varian!

Dark Legacy Comics #559
DLC #559 has been released!

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