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by Published on 2017-06-13 03:08 AM

Destiny 2 Now Available for Pre-Purchase on Battle.Net
Destiny 2 releases on October 24, 2017 and you can get Beta Early Access if you pre-purchase the game. Amazon is also offering beta access.

by Published on 2017-06-12 06:50 PM

Patch 7.2.5 Live This Week
Patch 7.2.5 brings new legendary items, Mythic+ changes, Level 110 Heirlooms, Black Temple Timewalking, a Chromie scenario and more!

Official Notes
The official notes have been released and updated since we originally posted them.

Calculators Updated
All of the calculators have been updated to reflect changes coming in Patch 7.2.5.

New Loading Screen

New Maps

Legendary Item Upgrades
Patch 7.2.5 allows players to upgrade their legendary items to item level 970 after Tomb of Sargeras opens by completing another collection quest.

New Legendary Items
New legendary items have been added to the existing legendary item drop system, as well as legendary rings that grant a talent.

Mythic+ Changes
Mythic+ dungeons are getting some changes in Patch 7.2.5. You can read more about the reasons for these changes here.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Mythic Keystone enemy health and damage now increase by 10% per level (was 8% per level).
  • Mythic Keystones no longer deplete when used. They now downgrade by 1 level if a dungeon is not completed within the time limit.
  • The Mythic Keystone end-of-dungeon reward chest now contains a third item for the group when the dungeon is completed within the time limit.
  • In Mythic Keystone dungeons, beating the timer by a very large margin upgrades the Keystone by 2 or 3 levels instead of just 1, but no longer awards additional loot chests.
  • Clearing Mythic Keystone levels above 15 will have a chance of dropping additional items (roughly one extra item awarded per 3 difficulty levels beyond 15).

The Deaths of Chromie Scenario
Chromie needs your help to stop her death! In this solo scenario, you will defeat eight different attacks on Chromie throughout time before it is too late. Rewards include Timewarped Badges, the Timelord title, and transmog gear.

Black Temple Timewalking
During the Burning Crusade Timewalking week, you can head to Black Temple with a 10-30 player group to take on the bosses that drop item level 900 loot. The difficulty has been set a little bit below Normal difficulty and the raid will require a premade group.

Trial of Style
Trial of Style is a six player scenario that allows everyone to change their appearance and vote on the best appearances, rewarding the winners with Trial of Style Token that can be exchanged for transmog gear.

Heirloom Item Upgrades
You can purchase Level 110 Heirloom upgrades from the regular Heirloom vendors for 5000 gold (armor) and 7500 gold (weapons) each.

Level Type Name
110Other Weathered Heirloom Armor Casing
110Other Weathered Heirloom Scabbard

Heirloom Flight Path Unlocks
You can purchase toys that unlock faction specific flight paths for 10,000 gold each.

Level Type Name
1Junk Surviving Kalimdor
1Junk Walking Kalimdor with the Earthmother
1Junk The Azeroth Campaign
1Junk To Modernize the Provisioning of Azeroth

Auction House Dance Party
The Auction House Dance Party is a new micro-holiday! You can stand on the dance floor and dance, get teleported up to the stage, and grab the Happy Feet buff.

The Orgrimmar and Stormwind auction houses also had slight decoration tweaks

Darkmoon Faire - Blight Boar Band
In Patch 7.2.5, Blight Boar joins ETC in performing at the Darkmoon Faire. You can find them in a new cave off to the east of Darkmoon Isle.

AskMrRobot Updates
AskMrRobot has updated their simulator for Patch 7.2.5 and is in the process of updating gear information and stat weights. Check out their Global Network post to learn more about how you will never have to calculate stat weights again!

Class Changes
Patch 7.2.5 makes changes to many classes. Icy-Veins is currently updating their class guides!

Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon
Another pet battle dungeon joins the Wailing Critters pet battle dungeon in Patch 7.2.5. Head to Deadmines to beat the dungeon and pick up another Ultimate Battle-Training Stone and Manapoof Link: Westfall, as well as earn a currency used to purchase some pets.

New Battle Pets
Several new battle pets were added in Patch 7.2.5.

Pickpocketing Rewards
Patch 7.2.5 adds some new pickpocketing rewards for Rogues! Talk to Griftah in the Rogue Order Hall to start the quest line.


These are sold by Griftah in the Rogue Order Hall.

WoWDB Addon Data Collection
Quickly populating the database with new additions is done with the help of many players. The more people that contribute data, the more accurate and quickly we can update the database.

To help out, just click here if you have the Twitch Desktop App already installed.

When you are playing the addon will gather data and save it. When you are done playing, Twitch will see the game close and upload the collected data from the addon.

New Icons

Misc Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Adventure Journal
  • Auction House Dance Party (New) - Description: "The main auction houses in Orgrimmar and Stormwind have been cleaned out and turned into Dance Parties for the day! Crowd on in and show some faction pride!"
  • Moonkin Festival (New) - Description: "A wonderful celebration of all things Moonkin is happening today in Moonglade. Stop by and see what you can learn!"
  • The Great Gnomeregan Run (New) - Description: "Join the Gnomes as they celebrate their unrelenting moxie! Race across the Eastern Kingdoms, from Gnomeregan down to Booty Bay!"
  • Thousand Boat Bash (New) - Description: "The citizens of Azeroth need a break. Let's go boating in Thousand Needles!"
  • Trial of Style (New) - Description: "Dust off those pauldrons and compete in a fashion competition of Azerothian proportions! Speak to a transmogrifier NPC in any major city to participate in the Trial of Style!"

  • The Deaths of Chromie (New) - Description: "Travel through time to help Chromie prevent her own assassination! Head to Wyrmrest Temple in Northrend to begin your adventure together." Item #151692.

Patch Features
  • Upgrade Legendary Items (New) - Description: "Work with Arcanomancer Vridiel to increase the power of your Legendary items." Item #151423.

Player vs Player
  • Brawl: Boss Fight Arena (New) - Description: "Your 5-man arena team gets a sixth addition in the form of a boss. Defeat the enemies first to win!" Item #147203.
  • Brawl: Deep Six (New) - Description: "Group size shrinks down to an intimate 6v6 in selected battlegrounds" Item #147203.
  • Brawl: Eye of the Horn (New) - Description: "No mount? No problem. Grab a goat and head into mounted combat." Item #147203.
  • Brawl: Hotmogu (New) - Description: "Kotmogu heats up with movement speed and the ability to pass the Orb to allies." Item #147203.
  • Brawl: Packed House (New) - Description: "Up to 30 players clash in this packed Arena match." Item #147203.

Character Titles
  • %s, Adventuring Instructor (New)
  • %s, the Tomb Raider (New)
  • Cruel Gladiator %s (New)
  • Ferocious Gladiator %s (New)
  • Timelord %s (New)

Currency Types
  • Coins of Air (New) - Evaporate into mist after a while. Max Quantity: 2000000.

  • Trial of Style Token (New) - Earned by participating in the Trial of Style. Can be exchanged for transmoggable gear in Dalaran. Max Quantity: 200.

Classic -> Alliance
  • Stormwind - One of the last bastions of human power, this Alliance capital is ruled by the prodigal king, Varian Wrynn. young but wise king, Anduin Wrynn.

  • Chromie (New) - Chronormu (Chromie for short) has always been one of the more active, approachable bronze dragons. Strengthening your bond with her will increase her power in the Deaths of Chromie scenario.

  • Auction House Dance Party (New) - The main auction houses in Orgrimmar and Stormwind have been cleaned out and turned into Dance Parties for the day! Crowd on in and show some faction pride!
  • Moonkin Festival (New) - A wonderful celebration of all things Moonkin is happening today in Moonglade. Stop by and see what you can learn!
  • PvP Brawl: Boss Fight Arena (New)
  • PvP Brawl: Deep Six (New)
  • PvP Brawl: Warsong Scramble (New)
  • The Great Gnomeregan Run (New) - Join the Gnomes as they celebrate their unrelenting moxie! Race across the Eastern Kingdoms, from Gnomeregan down to Booty Bay!

Item Name Descriptions
  • Obliterum: 8/10 - Name changed from "Obliterum: 8/8" to "Obliterum: 8/10".

Mail Templates
  • #422 (New) - Dearest $n, I look back upon our adventures together as if they happened yesterday. Several of my admirers informed me that you looked rather... sullen... when last we met. While I see no reason for such behavior when you had the pleasure of working with the world-renowned Johnny Awesome, I did feel a twang of... what was it... pity? Being as such, I felt it appropriate to send you this tip as a token of my appreciation for your efforts. Do people still tip? Listen, if people do NOT still tip, please return all attachments to me at once. I'm not made of money, you know. -Johnny

Map Areas
Azeroth's Warning Scenario
  • Hall of Communion (New) - Music: Zone_725_AzerothWarning_GeneralWalk.

Darkmoon Faire
  • Darkmoon Island > Cauldron of Rock (New)

  • Winterspring > Caverns of Consumption (New)

Magister's Terrace
  • The Trial of Style (New)

The Deaths of Chromie
  • The Deaths of Chromie (New) - Music: Zone-Dragonblight.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > Azure Dragonshrine (New) - Music: Zone-NorthrenDarker.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > Dragonblight (New) - Music: Zone-Dragonblight.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > Emerald Dragonshrine (New) - Music: Zone-SholazarBasin.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > Mount Hyjal (New) - Music: Zone-MountHyjal.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > Obsidian Dragonshrine (New) - Music: Zone-NorthrenDarker.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > Ruby Dragonshrine (New) - Music: Zone-SholazarBasin.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > The Culling of Stratholme (New) - Music: Zone-StratholmePastIndoorsWalk.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > Well of Eternity (New) - Music: Zone-43-WellOfEternity-MannorothWalk.
  • The Deaths of Chromie > Western Plaguelands (New) - Music: Zone-Dragonblight.

Azeroth's Warning
  • Step 01: Speaking with the Speaker (New) - Find Magni.
  • Step 02: Dreams Beyond Dreams (New) - A number of invaders have appeared inside the facility, triggering its defenses. You will not be able to proceed without defeating them first.
  • Step 03: The Stuff of Nightmares (New) - The visions have overwhelmed the defenses. Reactivate the sentries and defeat any adversaries in order to proceed.
  • Step 04: Night Terror (New) - The defenses are active, but one final nightmare has appeared to block your path. It must be defeated.
  • Step 05: Dark Revelations (New) - Speak with Magni to hear Azeroth's warning.
  • Step 06: A Word of Warning (New) - Hear Azeroth's warning.

The Deadmines
  • Step 01: What Is All This Junk? (New) - Seems some left over parts have become sentient!
  • Step 02: Terrible Tunnel (New) - Clear the cave of cruel creatures.
  • Step 03: Worst. Guard. Ever. (New) - A tiny monkey guards the door.
  • Step 04: Outta My Way, You Oaf! (New) - The last remaining oaf in the Deadmines won't let you pass.
  • Step 05: Cannon Crazy (New) - Some of the critters have taken control of the cannons! Disable them quickly!
  • Step 06: Shadowy Figure (New) - Someone else is here! Confront them!
  • Step 07: The Soup's Gone Bad! (New) - Cookie's stew has been sitting out too long, and now it has a life of its own!

The Deaths of Chromie
  • Step 01: Looking for Leads (New) - Speak with the four Dragonflight ambassadors to look for clues.
  • Step 01: Only Fifteen Minutes (New) - Speak with Chromie and select her talents.
  • Step 01: The Attack Begins (New) - Speak with Chromie.
  • Step 02: Save Chromie (New) - Stop all attacks on Chromie.
  • Step 02: The First of Many (New) - Witness Chromie's demise.
  • Step 02: The Second of Many (New) - Witness Chromie's demise... again.
  • Step 03: With Time to Spare (New) - Return to present-day Wyrmrest.
  • Step 04: Savior of the Timeways (New) - Save Chromie within fifteen minutes.

The Trial of Style
  • Step 01: Before the Tournament (New) - Wait for the tournament to begin.
  • Step 02: Get Ready! (New) - Talk to the transmogrifiers and use the barber chairs to perfect your look. Don't forget to stick to the theme!
  • Step 03: The Trial of Style (New) - Vote for your favorite transmog. When you go on stage yourself, strike a pose and earn those votes!
  • Step 04: Collect Your Reward (New) - Collect your rewards!

Tomb of Sargeras
  • Step 01: The Gates of Hell - Name changed from "Step 01: The Tidestone's Rest" to "Step 01: The Gates of Hell".
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Build Tool Now Includes Necromancer and PTR Content

Hearthstone: Mulligans | Episode 4 - Art Gallery

Patch 7.2.5 Survival Guide - June 13th Release
Blizzard posted their survival guide video for Patch 7.2.5 tonight! The tweet also confirms that the patch is on track for a June 13th release.

Unholy Determination Feat of Strength Removed
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Unholy Determination Removed
This Feat of Strength wasn’t actually intended to go live. We’d decided some time ago that it didn’t really fit in line with our philosophies regarding achievements, particularly due to the non-repeatable nature of the Class Mount questline. Once 7.2.5 is released, it will no longer be granted, and will be removed from players who had already received it.

I can appreciate that no-one likes having something taken away from them. To try and clarify a little bit why we came to this decision; during the course of the PTR testing feedback from the community overwhelmingly pointed out that a missable achievement was both unfun for players that missed it, and unfun for players that felt compelled to slaughter innocent red dragons to achieve it.

I do also want to mention that, while the Feat of Strength will be removed, the special voice line from Bolvar will still play if players choose to follow this particular route.

Are you going to remove Black Harvest FoS too because you can no longer get it?
This isn't really an appropriate comparison.

The Breaker of the Black Harvest FoS was awarded to players who managed to earn green fire during Mists of Pandaria before the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch. Like all the other similar Feats of Strength, it is a reward for accomplishing such feats.

The Unholy Determination FoS which was awarded for doing an optional objective in the Death Knight Class Mount campaign was not supposed to go live (for the reasons already mentioned in this thread), it was a mistake that it did go live which is why it's now being removed.

The actual content will still remain in the game, the optional objective is still there and you will still get the additional dialogue if you choose to complete it. (Official Forums)

Unholy Determination FoS Removed in 7.2.5
Feedback from the community noted that a missable achievement was unfun for the players that missed it. While we've chosen to remove the Feats of Strength granted in the questlines overall, the voice line from Bolvar will still play if players do choose to go down this path as Death Knights.

As was alluded to, these Feats were not meant to go live, as we had previously decided that they were misaligned with our general look towards achievements, namely that they were unobtainable if missed in a non-repeatable quest area. Again, these will no longer be obtainable in 7.2.5, and for players who did obtain the achievement it will be removed. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Hidden Wyrmtongue Cache Campaign Quest Hotfix
Yep, to confirm this was indeed hotfixed to only require 5 caches. The ? above Khadgar's head will be grey but you should still be able to turn the quest in.

(As to the why: A client side patch is needed to update the quest text and the turn-in indicator.) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
7.2.5 Enhancement Class Discussion
It's ambiguous whether SS should attempt to proc Stormbringer once or twice. While we normally try to be generous with things that could go either way--one of the specific concerns driving the Enhancement changes in this patch is that Stormbringer's mechanics caused "feast-or-famine" proc outcomes. That is, because Stormstrike itself was one of the few spells that procced Stormbringer, a proc made more upcoming procs likely, and lack of a proc made upcoming procs less likely. This sort of positive feedback in a proc chance (essentially the opposite of bad luck protection) is something that should generally be avoided.

Stormstrike having twice the proc chance of any other button would have a similar concern. I understand that, viewed in isolation, adding it would be a welcome power increase--but that's neither here nor there. As always, the spec can be tuned with either proc mechanic, so the important question is what's better for pacing long-term. If it turns out more total DPS is needed (or even if, for example, more frequent procs would be an improvement), there are likely better ways to accomplish it.

If by happenstance some talent rows might be better balanced right now if we doubled Stormstrike's chance to proc Stormbringer (I assume this means L75 and/or L100), that's something to look into if needed. But similarly, it's not a good reason to make a change that has other ramifications longer-term. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blizzard at gamescom 2017
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Blizzard will be heading back to Cologne, Germany this summer for gamescom 2017! We’ll be putting on our best show yet from August 22-26, with lots of exciting activities, esports, and entertainment—including our famous dance and cosplay competitions.

Of course, visitors to the Blizzard booth will also be able to get some hands-on play time with all our games: Diablo III, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft.

We’ll reveal details on what we have in store for you as the event nears, and we look forward to seeing you at gamescom 2017!

DiabloFans - Build Tool Now Includes Necromancer and PTR Content
Check out DiabloFans for information on the Necromancer, now also including builds!

Overwatch - Double XP Weekend
Overwatch is having a double XP weekend from June 8 - 12!

FinalBossTV #142 - Blood Death Knights
FinalBossTV focused on Blood Death Knights this week!

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